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Making the SPIDER-MAN Mask! Movie Costume Replica

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Full detailed step-by-step guide to making the Raimi spiderman costume mask. I spent months gathering all the footage and put it all together in a 10 minute fast forward video. All secrets that took me 14 years to develop are revealed. Watch how the spiderman face shell is assembled in this video: https://youtu.be/5AEjO6lnaQc Watch a spider-man story video here: https://youtu.be/bl_QtMDSEhg The plaster spider-man head in the beginning of the video is 3D scanned, then the shape is duplicated in the form of a face shell design. The face shell is 3D printed at shapeways.com. You can get your own in my shop on: http://www.shapeways.com/shops/spideyplanet The spiderman fabric is printed digitally and the colors are enriched after with fabric dye. The webs are CNC milled and casted from urethane. The sides of the spiderman webs are painted dark gray afterwards. The webs are glued onto the fabric using Loctite 4861, which is a flexible super glue. The strip that goes on the inside of the face shell is used to keep the fabric in place. It is simply cut from foam rubber and provided with double sided carpet tape. SPIDEYPLANET.com youtube.com/SPIDEYPLANET shapeways.com/shops/SPIDEYPLANET facebook.com/SPIDEYPLANET instagram.com/SPIDEY.PLANET
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Text Comments (8610)
Jordi Fernandez (1 minute ago)
Damage (11 hours ago)
Pfft I can do better
ZillaFros (16 hours ago)
I somehow always find something fascinating about the rami’s spiderman suit sksksk
fafa 93 (16 hours ago)
Türkler toplansın
Ннхватает костюмчика
BornAsAGamer (1 day ago)
Now if you become the spiderman you just have to make the suit
Juallene Doggo (2 days ago)
How did you made the lens white?
Alpha Patriot (3 days ago)
How much for. The black suit
Kalyan Ram (3 days ago)
Hyper Rin (3 days ago)
Spiderman Spiderman does whatever a spider can
Valentino Pompa (3 days ago)
Sushama Kumbhare (3 days ago)
👏Hardwork man👏 this video 👍deserves a like👍 please like this👇 video if you are a big fan of Spidey 😘💖
Sharkyy .096 (4 days ago)
What bababhyabyhauhabhabh what the fuu
fatima bibi (5 days ago)
Elena Ferri (5 days ago)
Can you upload a video where you explain how to assemble the parts of the mask and how to sew them
AG_ from _83 (6 days ago)
I bet the costume people from the movie are thinking "shit. Why didn't we do this!?"
yung TGF (6 days ago)
Where do you buy the webs it is my life long dream to have this my self
Endang Supriyatna (6 days ago)
Electric_Raven (7 days ago)
COOL! Dude
Gosho. (8 days ago)
TENAI Workshop (9 days ago)
What's the name of that fabric?
Cwer 1112 (10 days ago)
Peter Smith (10 days ago)
maulana akbar Azhari (11 days ago)
Apakah dijual?
Ghost Gamers (11 days ago)
Ghost Gamers (11 days ago)
ClassyupdateTV (12 days ago)
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Jaqueline Leone (12 days ago)
É ce e o melhor vídeo do mundo
Jaqueline Leone (12 days ago)
E bom
virus qlim (12 days ago)
Uhh seriously dude...Guys this video deserves 1 billion views..💀💀
kamal hossain (12 days ago)
Nice work 🖒
Rozec6661 (13 days ago)
Peter Parker was able to build this at home... with a box of scraps!
Swami Nathan (13 days ago)
Super bro
oxXAaronXxo v. (14 days ago)
Ablen #
Llevaré 10 $$ :v
achraf Adam (14 days ago)
fuck you
Fonfo * (14 days ago)
Looks amazing
Assassin Initiate (15 days ago)
That glue won’t hold forever unfortunately after a while the webbing will come undone
Rubi Morales (15 days ago)
Make me one
Lara Spielberg (15 days ago)
Aff só queria comprar uma dessas
Oncan Ibrahim (15 days ago)
How much should I pay for the mask
Oscar Juy (16 days ago)
I cannot die without wearing one of those
Jose Crespo (16 days ago)
Full costume pleaseee
Rajajee Raja (16 days ago)
I want to buy this amazing mask
Playboi _yt (16 days ago)
Are you selling that?
David L. (16 days ago)
Haha, the eyes. Reminds me of my time making an ironman helmet. I spent so many weeks (and money) overheating my brain, thinking how I could replicate the real helmet's eyes and seeing through them at the same time. The whole thing took me four years of trial and error. Im so embarrased of the quality of the video... but there it goes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZ7Y2Od3n94&feature=youtu.be
Jsjshx Hxhsyshx (16 days ago)
Helal Olsun Çok Güzel Olmuş👍🏻
Fredy Vera (16 days ago)
M Boeke (16 days ago)
so. incredibly. impressed.
Ninja (16 days ago)
Just make a suit and your the next spiderman
Mindy Fox (16 days ago)
Can I buy that for a fear prise
Josiah Yates Brown (16 days ago)
Jasmin Erdbeerkäse (16 days ago)
Yeah sure, Petermade this at home
嘅屎忽老狒狒 (16 days ago)
WTF!😮😮😮 is so crazy!
sonic speed (17 days ago)
Honestly i would have just bought a mask from a halloween store. Im lazy
sonic speed (16 days ago)
@Santos Reyna true
Santos Reyna (16 days ago)
Wouldn't look as good as this tho
This is probably how peter actually made it lol
maxesteelrp esteel (17 days ago)
What is it that he throws in the bowl and sugar and red dye?
bendy 78605 (17 days ago)
Bro can you make me the black and the original for me im a 3rd grade lorg size
pablo brunengo (17 days ago)
menncan spiderman like si te gusta
FerrariDMC (17 days ago)
Make Venom.
worl boss (17 days ago)
Woww u really detailed when it comes to your work, all u missing is the powers, that the best I have seen so far
mark tu (17 days ago)
Go Spicy go~~~Oh NOOO~~ I mean Spidey.... 😂 😂 Go~ Spidey go~~~
Evergreen Star (17 days ago)
Это шедеврально!!!! ❤️
ASSASINKDOGG (18 days ago)
I'll take 12
pastor Free (18 days ago)
Eu quero uma dessa
Juanca escobar (18 days ago)
wow me encantó la máscara,de casualidad no la están vendiendo,pues ya que me interesa tener una de estas espectaculares máscaras
Logan Ainsworth (18 days ago)
ive always wanted this mask but i dont have the means to make it unfortunatly and i dont like buying the stuff online i prefer to make it all one day though i will make it
Alessandro Augusto (19 days ago)
Quanto posso te pagar pra fazer uma mascara assim mas todo preto parecendo Ninja????
ARIEL KUZEB (19 days ago)
how did the spider man manage to do all this to Aunt May discover?
beto25 ¡¡ (19 days ago)
Like :v
Khen Lian (19 days ago)
who else wished they had that?
Ratnakar Arumugam (19 days ago)
the ultimate classic mask!
john mcentee (19 days ago)
Spider man 2002 sirise
Rocio Morales (19 days ago)
Me gusto Mi gusto es tod
Artsigames (19 days ago)
I want one
Miku meow (19 days ago)
You really gotta wonder how Peter made this whilst living a hectic life in his run-down apartment.
Dio R (19 days ago)
omg i want so bad to wear that!!!
MCPM Official (19 days ago)
it prooved that peter make it at home
Edgar Mosqueda (20 days ago)
Amazing job! ☺
LJ Fitelson (20 days ago)
So how long does this take the times in the description are kinda confusing.
Meherrem Abbasov (20 days ago)
The guy who known as Sam Raimi took your design guys, he used it in his movie
YoMooniee (20 days ago)
*Marvel would like your location*
Kim Haney (20 days ago)
really cool suit were do u get it
Emo Parker (18 days ago)
Uhh. I made it.
Redthumb Gaming (20 days ago)
Yo start selling this shit
jordi mascaro pons (20 days ago)
Where can I buy?
James Hughes (20 days ago)
Dude - this is SERIOUS!! Is this a hobby for you, or are you actually in the business!?
Beryl Naiken (20 days ago)
who thinks he should make the full suit
Sean Animates (20 days ago)
Are you serious
Douglas Cunha (20 days ago)
my congrulations
Michael Arango (20 days ago)
I’ve been watching YouTube videos for over 11 years now, and I haw to say, this was one of the coolest and most satisfying videos I have ever seen. Absolutely astonishing
sheko siko (20 days ago)
Autocorrrect (20 days ago)
bro.... can i commission you to make one for me
sehat channel (21 days ago)
That is suit in 2002 (Tobey marguire)
Nova Jumper (21 days ago)
7:11 & 7:21 How did he get the mask to stick to the inside of the face shell?
SuperMarioGaming 345 (21 days ago)
Oh this is Sam Raimi version
민찬우 (22 days ago)
와 놀랍
Man I wish I was able to make one of these
Daniel Rodriguez (22 days ago)
Tenés mis respetos deberías de tener un lugar en donde enseñar a hacer xq tengo ganas de hacerla pero no puedo
Hammer (22 days ago)
aknyldrn (22 days ago)
And you're sure about the replica part?

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