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Hank & Raven (Beast & Mystique) - X Men: First Class

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There's just so many relationships I love. . I like how the film is pushing for their relationship. They really would make a cute couple. It's quite sad how it ends for them though. Comment, rate, subscribe. Louise :)
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Tiana Sinadinovski (3 months ago)
This ain’t it chief magneto and mystique forever
Kyle Campbell (1 year ago)
1:11 blue balls
Whenever I see Hank I get energy
TeamCrossed Angel (2 years ago)
I love it I ship them!!!! 😱😱😱😏😏😏🙌🙌🙌😊😊😄😆😆. 👱x👨💙💙👍
Dora Delarca (3 years ago)
lau var (3 years ago)
Bronos X (3 years ago)
What is so attractive about this girl? I don't get it. Not only is she unattractive but her acting is unattractive as well. She makes Jessica Alba not so bad to watch to act anymore.
Markus Buhler (3 years ago)
I assume you were excited when you watched the rogue cut of days of future past, where they do get together?
Amiee Dawn (5 years ago)
Ughhh why does Erik have to ruin fucking everything.
Cata hula (4 years ago)
Hey, he literally shots her on purpose in Days of the future Past.  Then Hank rescues her.  X Men Days of Future Past cements my dislike and hatred for Erik.  UGH!  She just wanted someone to love her for who she is and not who she isn't, I think in DoFP Hank learned to except her for who she is but... then they ended it to soon, there wasn't even a kiss!!!  I just have to see the next one! :)
Tor Rose (5 years ago)
I love that they are together in real life. Makes me so happy :)
Dream Catcher (3 months ago)
Daniel Coleman I hope they are.
Daniel Coleman (7 months ago)
Tor Rose Are they still together in 2018
Grayson Grabner (5 years ago)
love it
febaebe (5 years ago)
i hope to see some chemistry in the coming movie days of future past too. they are so cute together.
TriantansFireblade (5 years ago)
Katniss+R confirmed!
ThrowbackStudioz (5 years ago)
yay x-men
Faby Leonardo (5 years ago)
I'm obsessed wit Jennifer Lawrence
IcyRose79 (6 years ago)
@L0vefreekzzz Uh, no. Just stop, fangirl, just stop.
Jade Bain (7 years ago)
So sweet but u belong with josh darling!
Dooley Doodley (7 years ago)
"I dont recommend this" hehehe awesome editting
Olivia Clark-Davis (7 years ago)
, im so happy they're a real life couple yaay .
rhona blances (7 years ago)
there together in real life! :D :)
Brady Chip (7 years ago)
I think they're planning to make a trilogy, so don't consider them finished yet!
Louise0606 (7 years ago)
@ivanoro10 Sofi Bonde - Fallout.
Ivan Flores (7 years ago)
name of the song? please
Sicklepop (7 years ago)
I always thought beast was kinda sexy in a weird way
WhiteWolf (7 years ago)
Hank is so rad when he becomes Beast....I finally liked him then!
ReduxEditor335 (7 years ago)
Nicholas Hoult is always getting all the ladies.... Thumbs up if u know what im talkin about.
Pinball Mosher (7 years ago)
@ellieg609 Eric should have waited to let Hank get the kiss before interrupting.
Pinball Mosher (7 years ago)
The reason they connected so well is because they were both timid due to there appearance. I like how she accepted it and then encouraged Hank to after his mutation matured. She was proud to be a mutant and told him to be too. What would of happened if she injected her-self with the drug Hank made? Who would Raven have choose to have a committed loving relationship with if she and Eric stayed with the X-Men?
XxBarbyChanxX (7 years ago)
@kimerald06 omg they are dating?? that's amazing!!
Alesandria Mentari (7 years ago)
Hank never looked better.
XxBarbyChanxX (7 years ago)
that was beautiful!! I love this couple, I hate what happens in the end :( Don't get me wrong, I like Raven and Erik too, but I was rooting for these two at first.

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