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The Flash - Killer Frost's (Caitlin Snow) Powers

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lee mccormick (1 day ago)
Killer frost is a reptile cuz she is cold so she has cold blood
cup cake (2 days ago)
Ice man has left the chat
Mansib Ahasan (2 days ago)
The FLASH always win
Myarts Work (2 days ago)
Can she produce water ? Otherwise the amount of ice she produce makes no sense to me .
Myarts Work (2 days ago)
2:28 - frozone trick
Myarts Work (2 days ago)
Is hair supposed to turn Blond ?
laxman rawat (4 days ago)
Bhai full movie Dal do Hindi main
Shabul Sk (4 days ago)
Hindi movie all Flash
Winter Solstice (5 days ago)
“I’m sorry I thought touching without permission was what you wanted.” Killed frost a true feminist icon
Maya pori 2018 (6 days ago)
Red Devil (6 days ago)
Emma Frost + Ice Man
Trendy Golbin247 (7 days ago)
0:44 The cold doesn't bother me anyway 😂😂😂
Testor Trapzz (7 days ago)
Isn’t Flash strong enough to break the ice trail so she’d fall?
Where's Batman and Wonder Woman😛 if Flash can't even handle her
Derya Buku (9 days ago)
Amaya Kumar (11 days ago)
She is so beautiful....
Champai Gamer (12 days ago)
Movie name I want to download please any one tell
Mr.Think (8 days ago)
Oh ya true but it is a tv show
That Trash (8 days ago)
Mr.Think it's not a Netflix show
Mr.Think (9 days ago)
On Netflix
Mr.Think (9 days ago)
It’s a show called the flash
That Trash (10 days ago)
Champai Gamer retard
Nono Ami (12 days ago)
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Really ugly bad terrible
Ruby _ Plays 123 (14 days ago)
yu chao lin (14 days ago)
I like her powers but not use to be bad
XT99999. HD567 Ledesma (16 days ago)
Que Latpona4x?
sugar coat (16 days ago)
i just want killerfrost and black siren to have a team up episode .
Hạo Ca MUSIC (16 days ago)
Name movie please
اللي يحب فلم المتحولين لايك🤗🌷
Miss Menchen (21 days ago)
What kind of a city are they living? There's always no people on the streets!
Vikram Kullur (14 days ago)
Sr. Eobard Thawne (20 days ago)
Because they all runaway when they see meta humans and danger around, what is very common
kim jj chou (22 days ago)
Wats the song name in the club scene
R Games (21 days ago)
kim jj chou Vita's 7 element
Canal Tube (22 days ago)
Devoe powers
Athan Burnett (23 days ago)
Killer frost is bad ass
Reyazuddin Ansari (23 days ago)
In which episode this scene?
Sarfraz Alam (24 days ago)
which movie is this
Sr. Eobard Thawne (20 days ago)
The Flash. Its a TV Show
Tanu Rana (24 days ago)
She's the reason I love flash
Maahi raj bablu (24 days ago)
Very funny
Beauty Blink (26 days ago)
หนังเรื่องอะไรครับใครรู้รบกวนบอกที รึเป็นซีรีย์ มีพากไทยมั้ยครับ
I am detective (24 days ago)
I am detective (24 days ago)
เดอะ แฟลช เป็นซีรีส์
Sunshine (26 days ago)
Whatever you’re going through Elsa this isn’t the way.
Ily_k (27 days ago)
Who is this ugly pussyhole?
John Carl (28 days ago)
is that Draco Malfoy From Harry Potter? or Tom Felton! Please reply! i wanna know!
Sr. Eobard Thawne (12 days ago)
Samuel Asiimwe (27 days ago)
Alexus TM (28 days ago)
How the hell those ice bridges are floating in the air without any support underneath them?!
Aayla Secura (6 days ago)
Low budget cw that’s why
SoulTaker991 MLG (24 days ago)
Because CW that's why😂
What's your name? (27 days ago)
Because it's magic
Tendo 201 (28 days ago)
Maybe she can control the ice even detail just like Gray Fullbuster and other ice anime characters.🤔
Kai _ Demon (28 days ago)
Ashwni Kumar (28 days ago)
Jonathan Myers (29 days ago)
7:03 "Don't make me frosty! You wouldn't like me when I'm frosty!"
adamndirtyape (29 days ago)
This (0:05) reminds me of what it was like showering in my crappy first apartment - never any damn hot water.
Ambrus Raul (29 days ago)
Barry can run home to Iris as fast as he can but always runs towards Caitlin
Lý Thiên Vũ (29 days ago)
Flash so slow ?
Lord Voldemort (28 days ago)
At this moment yeah, he evolves every year in the series
Dazu (29 days ago)
She's the coolest
N Sh (1 month ago)
High heels on ice, ok
Sonario648 (12 hours ago)
Heels in general.
Jcdida 14 (1 month ago)
Why cant Flash just run faster to her and punch til shes knockout.. Shes too slow.. She can be handcuffed with that speed
Joe Siant (1 month ago)
Family zub zero, mortal kombat
kristine tantoco (1 month ago)
cold love life 😂😂😂 hot men cant get closer to the hole or otherwise they will find themselves penisless 😂😂😂
Misal Rana (1 month ago)
She looks like bebe rexha
Kapil Gurung (24 days ago)
Yes you are right an did you know who is beberexha
Juan Miguel Agustin (24 days ago)
There 's the transformation and the transformation being become a villain. There is a reaction between the mutant powers and conditional good or evil.
Zach Kabia (1 month ago)
Please explain to Me how The Flash isn’t able to catch up to Caitlin?
Myarts Work (2 days ago)
How is she able to make ice from thin air ... I understand water freezing up ... Even if it had water molecules it won't be enough to make that , and how can it support her weight ?
Gaming Ghoul (26 days ago)
He can’t run on her ice trails so he has to go up walls and the rode
Sa ad (28 days ago)
Flash has to run up buildings to get to Caitlin's level while Caitlin just goes where she wants to without using her enviorment
Ludwig Rutschig (1 month ago)
So cringe
Itachi Uchiha (1 month ago)
it freezes at 2:21 plz fix the problem and reupload
Sr. Eobard Thawne (12 days ago)
Itachi Uchiha Heh. Freezes.
solly x (1 month ago)
0:21 DRACO MALFOY!!!! <3 xD (Tom felton)
Giovane Faria (25 days ago)
El'li Zaethe (1 month ago)
This show has got to be the worst campy garbage I've ever seen.
Zach Kabia (1 month ago)
That Overhead shower water should have turned to glass that would have embedded itself in Caitlins face.
stupid SOMETHING (1 month ago)
barry can handle caitlin power that why he not scared about being a shield for people
YA NASTY!!!!! (1 month ago)
Her voice stays in the same tone which kind of annoys me a bit just my opinion.No hate towards the actor just saying.🙂
Letizia Roselli (5 days ago)
I think that her character's beautiful and her cloths are awsome but her acting is so terrible!!!! (That's just my opinion, no hate pls?)
I’m sorry but who’s the actor here? She’s an awsome actress
Letizia Roselli (5 days ago)
+Aayla Secura Thank you, I learned english for 2 years now and It's really fun. My mom even sayd that if i get the highest grade in my final exams at english I can study for 1 year in America, so I hope I will get better😀🙂😙
Aayla Secura (6 days ago)
Letizia Roselli it’s okay sorry didn’t know you were Italian you spelled character wrong but keep at it you will get better as you learn 👍
Letizia Roselli (6 days ago)
+Aayla Secura Sorry I'm italian, what did I wrote wrong, care to correct me pls🤔😅 (Sorry I don't know if what i just wrote is wrong either pls help?😅)
Aayla Secura (6 days ago)
Letizia Roselli just like your spelling and grammar
Truck My Ad (1 month ago)
they go great effects on this show. Good actors, but yes, some are bad. I like bad actors cuz they make it seem possible that any regular schmuck can be on a show.
هو و
Peter Salucci (1 month ago)
Truck My Ad Haha, at least we can look at it in a more positive view 😂
Greek Mythology (1 month ago)
Every comic book character has a weather ,snow ,or fire bitch or dude in every film think of something else
Alain Smith (1 month ago)
This actress is just so bad ! Her acting sucks
John Michael Ligtas (1 month ago)
If youre a true flash fan youd know by now that Danielle did a really great job with Killer Frost since her solo episode in season 3 was praised by critics
Alain Smith (1 month ago)
+Dakota Panthers no it is her they way she speaks the way she moves the way she acts is just terrible ! It feels like she's a talking doll
Dakota Panthers (1 month ago)
Its not her its the writers they can't be creative

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