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ALADDIN Trailer TEASER (2019) New Disney Movie

318 ratings | 21116 views
ALADDIN Trailer TEASER (2019) New Disney Movie © 2018 - Disney
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StopFear (2 days ago)
Oh, puh-lease. Did Alladin really need a live action movie? I am also very surprised that the CGI already looks bad in the teaser. You can tell these things when they preserve the dominant colors of surface and colors of lighting from the cartoon. They use it to hide behind "style" to push cheaper CGI at you. All that blue tint and everything on it just looks too unrealistic. To me at least its not something I want to se.e
Jade Pelayo (2 days ago)
Janu raadian (5 days ago)
I can't wait to see this movie on cinemas and INFLIXER soon, its gonna be a good upcoming American musical romantic fantasy adventure film.
J Morris (7 days ago)
Things should stay a cartoon..
MightiestArm (7 days ago)
Will Smith as the Genie...Ok I'll reserve judgement until I see anther trailer with him
Tommy Boman (7 days ago)
Androgynous Alladin will fall in love with "Jasmin", the transgender hairless son of the Sultan. And Alladins first wish will be to create a LGBT community wherein they can watch feminazi screenplays. Perhaps a cameo by Darth Kennedy?
bloodrunsclear (7 days ago)
What's the point...? The original movie was fine...
Relique Oz (7 days ago)
bloodrunsclear the point is $$
Sinapth (7 days ago)
Touch nothing but the lamp!
Krunoslav Stifter (7 days ago)
I just came to see if Disney made Aladdin transgender. lol
lennonscat (7 days ago)
Harshil OG Hip-Hop (7 days ago)
Princess jasmin better be hot af,
Breuz Garcia (7 days ago)
Who ask this?
Tomas Caetano (8 days ago)
This is going to suck.. not only is live action, nobody can replace robin Williams as genie.. the character was made/based on himself..
Creo que Will Smith hace de genio de la lámpara.
Nimai Barman (8 days ago)
Sunny Rastin (8 days ago)
What a waste teaser👎
ian brook (8 days ago)
Aladdin in arabic means' highness & glory of religion'.
Omg i cant wait for this movie!!!!!
Mary-T-Aten (8 days ago)
please be good! 😶
ORSILV (8 days ago)
Mc Jethro Pov Tee (8 days ago)
I'm not Muslim, but if the Sultan's line "Praise Allah" is not in the movie, then I would say bad move disney but what can I do.
NaBi The Rabbit (8 days ago)
Who the hell is going to be Genie? No one can replace Robin!
Milagros LeBron (7 days ago)
rushc5 (7 days ago)
Though he isn't on the same level, you'd think they'd have also brought back Gilbert Gotfried as Iago too.
Sharp Design (7 days ago)
Will Smith and he has had a sense of humor in acting. I think he has potential to be good.
Sebastian May (8 days ago)
That was exactly my thoughts when coming to the comments section lol
MrVonSchiller (8 days ago)
Will Smith
Jonathon Lawson (8 days ago)
That Friend like me remix...
Happy Singh (8 days ago)
Aladdin looks high af.

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