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Avengers face kang one more time.
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Hanna De (6 days ago)
Loki probably joined Thor and made out.
Black Hole (8 days ago)
Isn't this the Thor that killed the Avengers, became King of Asgard and then killed Galactus while defending an extinct Earth and then restored the planet with a nosebleed?
Jeffrey14 (17 days ago)
wat ep is this
James Kung (17 days ago)
Thought Thor was General Iroh from The Last Airbender
fuck you
Team Pro (17 days ago)
Give thor the stormbreaker
Paul O'Neal (18 days ago)
Couldn't Thor have told them about the Avengers?
Paul O'Neal (18 days ago)
Franklin Richards
Litten38 (18 days ago)
4:29 Omg he is a mortal though like wtf
Tijcho Braxhoofden (11 days ago)
Litten38 we know THATS not True cause Odin died
Litten38 (18 days ago)
Tijcho Braxhoofden but he said he was immortal and that’s no true I am triggered
Tijcho Braxhoofden (18 days ago)
God in the much he is like 1500+ years old
7:05 *doctor who theme starts to play*
Mayank s (18 days ago)
Sure thing baldy
zero one (18 days ago)
what Episode is this
Xx_MASTER_xX (19 days ago)
he's seriously filming from the tv?
LI BP (22 days ago)
If we’re going into future thor where’s his belly
Norman Piper (22 days ago)
4:28 ugh thor keep ya helmet on
leela balagangadharan (27 days ago)
It's not clear
Meet King (28 days ago)
That star and the forces of evil promo logo tho:)
Phoenix (29 days ago)
Who let this kid record the TV and upload it to YouTube?
Aldi Andalan (30 days ago)
If Cap left KANG in the Jurassic Period, will it create alternate reality in that universe where it still in Jurassic Period and will it disrupt or change their universe ?
adnaloy Alba (30 days ago)
Thor got some weight loss in 995 yrs
Antony Barnett (30 days ago)
Tony said he learned his lesson on that one when he picked up the arc reactor. Ahead of his time??? #endgame
Nocturna (1 month ago)
This show ain't all that bad.
Rex (1 month ago)
ningthou ningthoujam (1 month ago)
Is it just me or black widow completely useless starting from All MCU movies
Hector Urias (1 month ago)
kang sounds like sub zero from mkx😂😂
Marek Bortnowski (1 month ago)
you know that you can download videos from internet
Cokovenecek (1 month ago)
Cap is being voice acted by Roger Craig Smith in this video. Really nice.
Massacre f:4kÜ (1 month ago)
Hoàng Long Phan (1 month ago)
What is the name of this show, please?
Chris Putra (1 month ago)
Who here after end game
Itachi Uchiha (1 month ago)
All you idiots don't realise it, but this is filler because it's made by the Disney's writers
Bishnu Prasad (1 month ago)
Hey can you name the season and the episode?
Tengku Zulkifli (1 month ago)
Is a baby hold the camera?
Sam Widi Firmansyah (1 month ago)
Is that THOR or AVATAR ROKU ????
Rizwan Syed (1 month ago)
Hahahahaha: Sure thing baldy!
Geo Boy (1 month ago)
anyone here in 2019??
Geo Boy (1 month ago)
just whoaaaaaaaaaa
THE COLD SAMURAI (1 month ago)
Kang bich
FinnTheStarLord (1 month ago)
At least thor didn't get fat
Thicc Anime Girl (1 month ago)
abdul moiz (1 month ago)
Which avenger series is this ? Can anybody tell me the full name so i can download it. Thanks
abdul moiz (1 month ago)
@jeevan D. thanks dear
jeevan D. (1 month ago)
abdul moiz Avengers Assemble
Tomas Ibarra (1 month ago)
Doesnt hulk have immortality
HYPERION SELENIC (1 month ago)
Cause of the time traveling
HYPERION SELENIC (1 month ago)
What if kang is the next big villan in the MCU
Big Boss (1 month ago)
TG it’s not? I’m pretty sure they said it was in doctor strange
TG (1 month ago)
Considering the Multi-Verse is not a thing in the MCU anything is possible at this point, but yeah probably Kang Or Galactus
FIREHAWK (1 month ago)
HYPERION SELENIC it would be cool if it was either Kang or Galactus
gangster cat for life (1 month ago)
Star Vs the forces of evil?!
Luzon Archives (1 month ago)
Echon Vlogs (1 month ago)
this is how shitty marvel animations are?
Sudheendra Rao (1 month ago)
Take it easy grandpa😂😂
Pratheetha Sajeev (1 month ago)
Think about Thor, all his best friends are dead
Har-v Wf (1 month ago)
Imagine if Chris hamsworth’s last movie as Thor is where he’s old or he’s playing Odin instead of thor
unmistakable Ods (1 month ago)
Its tony's daughter
Francious Nogara (1 month ago)
So... Iron man will be alive next Avengers movie? If this will become their enemy??? Because they travel through time?
Nightmare (1 month ago)
This kang the conqueror in this episode is an embarrassment to the Kang we saw in the Avengers world mightiest heroes episode. They completely strip down this kang the conqueror and all of his weapons and things that he can do for this episode.
how is the cartoon called completely?
Antonio Riley (1 month ago)
Come on smh ever if its 1000 years into the future thor should still be young what kind of shit is this
Anime_fan kid (1 month ago)
Ok if they sent kang to jurrasic what happens when metor collides he move it with his mind and then boosh never happen metor never hit it he sent to the sun
Pinoy keyboard warrior (1 month ago)
Thor is badly bald
Sebastian Sebastian (1 month ago)
What is a TV or a theatre?
Supreme_Kingzz 2k19 (1 month ago)
Whoever made this episode didn’t read Hulk: The End comic
Winter Bucky (1 month ago)
Tony:Thank you me Even in hard times he never loses his sense of humor😭❤
Nashmann Jango (1 month ago)
Welcome to my world Thor ! Buy hair clipper and save fortune on hairdressers !!! 😁😂
Graphix Tutor (1 month ago)
i've seen that episode. i loved the thors hair part.
Independent Rider (1 month ago)
Did they beat thanos at that time?
ReaLife HD (1 month ago)
The Jurassic period? With a T-Rex? I like this show as much as the next person, but get this show some new writers.
Mehdi Ouabas (1 month ago)
1000 years to the future and they still didn't develop weapons that can penetrate vibraniem
TheOfficial Andru (2 months ago)
Alguien. Me puede esplicar
TheOfficial Andru (2 months ago)
De donde salio este capitulo
warren byrne (2 months ago)
Iron Master (2 months ago)
So a random teenage girl replaces Iron Man in 1000 years? Bullshit
Steven pillco (2 months ago)
Am I the only one who wants to see tony make an even greater armor than the omega armor
Jordy Mares (2 months ago)
In cartoons certain characters ain't like in the comics or movies because of writers producers contractual obligations. Pg. Pg 13. And channel company brand whatever. Plus if it's a kids show it's normal for them to water down characters like hulk being able to beat easily or making certain guys smarter. Or like the whole why is Thor old bs. Well like I said it's all part of the TV show not comics not movies. And etc. Plus it's non cannon. Plus it's makes it better for the kids otherwise it's be boring having hulk be able to beat everyone up or Thor same with him. This why they can have someone like Hawkeye fight with their or Spiderman get his ass kicked by a human or etc just for story entertainment not based on comic or mcu etc. Plus it's all money to marvel.
Jacob Chief (2 months ago)
its the most mindblowing and confusing video
Money and Music (2 months ago)
Holy fuck someone's desperate
My name is Steve Rogers (2 months ago)
What show and what year/series?
CuuM41 (3 months ago)
This version of Kang is such a weakling. I know that the heroes have to win at the end but you could at least give this guy a little bit of dignity at the end. Kang in the comics isn't just a genius scientist but also a pretty good fighter. You don't lead armies over thousands of planets without showing your might here and there in person. He bested Cap at least once in Battle in one of his story lines. This Kang is doomed to face the council of Kangs and just cry for mama before getting vaporised. KANG for MCU Phase 4. Somebody has to fill in for the soon to be dead mad titan.
VIP 102 (3 months ago)
This isn't sounds gay
ÒMÊGÂ GAMING (4 months ago)
Put back the helmet
Larry Fenderson (4 months ago)
At least Thor has the Uru arm!
offsage 70 (5 months ago)
This hulk is a bitch, wow dont even have a healing factor
Diego Borja (5 months ago)
I think it would be funny to see Thor and Logan manage life after the avengers and the xmen’s deaths, I feel Thor would be a massive dick and return to Asgard and explore the nine realms whilst leaving wolverine on earth and only Thor comes when he’s in need of desperate help 😂
chemical mike (5 months ago)
It was kind of cool to watch TV,rather than a video. Then again I suppose its a video of TV, but it was more authentic. We didn't have internet when I was a kid watching cartoons.
JimBob (5 months ago)
Really dude, recording a screen... Lame... Makes all the voices off.
Эндрю Галаш (5 months ago)
What season?
Young Money (6 months ago)
Nerd moment here... that wasn’t the JURASSIC period, Cap... that animal had 2 fingers, making it a Tyrannosaurid, more than likely a Tyrannosaurus Rex. That’s Cretaceous, buddy, about 65 million years ago. Common man, of ALL people, you should know your history.
Young Money (6 months ago)
Sugar Bunny69 Janice what? Why would I be addressing you? I was talking about the creators, man.
Sugar Bunny69 Janice (6 months ago)
Hey dude👋 who are you referring to ?!!! Are you addressing me ? Cause these are just cartoons and cap can't hear you...this is just to watch & have fun Not history 101 but thank you for watching💜 and all comments are welcome..so.any who if you think its wrong then,blame the writers 😂😆 seriously, hope you weren't addressing me cause I'm an actress , not the producer...but, you're welcome to subscribe...i would love if you bring that cool😎 info to others and keep the ball rolling😆 Got the guts to be an avenger ?!! Welcome Nerd moment here 👋
Ganesh Sahu (6 months ago)
Thor Hogan😆🤣
Sugar Bunny69 Janice (6 months ago)
..👋👈 so ya think you're funny !!?? ...well, guess what you're...😀😅😜 funny ! Cool bro...thank you for watching and double thanks for the cool and funny comparison Hope you became a sub and I ttyl 👋♥👍♥😆💯👯🎥🎬
Syed Pasha (7 months ago)
in Hindi plz
Sugar Bunny69 Janice (7 months ago)
Hello there👋 thank you for watching..i really appreciate it but I tried to make some of the episodes in Hindi and they got blocked. I'm not Indian and I'm really sorry but you seem to know English so please subscribe if you understand English...OK sweets ...I'm got all the new avengers episodes of Black Panther's quest and you'll enjoy them. Thank you, for your understanding,...hope i see you my friend !! Welcome 👍💕🙉💙🙌🎥🎬
Abdulbaqi Salami (7 months ago)
Isn’t Thor good and gods don’t age
Sugar Bunny69 Janice (7 months ago)
Hi there ! Yeah Thor is like a god but not quite !! Plp always ask me that question but Thor is not immortal ...they're born and they die like Odin said in Thor 2 I guessed his age and I got it right it was so cool...Thor is 1,500 years old and asgardians live almost 5,000 years so no, Thor could die like any other as guardian...thank you so much for watching 👍and for the most famous👏 question I get 😄 hope you became a subscriber and a friend so welcome 👊👈💙🎥🎬 ttyl 👋
Bryle Mitchel De Guzman (7 months ago)
It's funny how hulk has a super fast healing powers faster than wolverine but needs to get the first aid kit
Sugar Bunny69 Janice (7 months ago)
Hey you ! 👋 😀😄i know, right !! Hulk can take big harmful attacks and heals cuz he has a super speedy healing facto but here the writers and Disney agreed to demonstrate that they're really in the future and even the hulk can get treated with an advance aid kit ...you're right is funny and weird to the point of can the hulk die ...y'know...thank you for watching 👍and double thanks for your right comment💞 hope you became a sub and welcome 💪👯🐰🐾 ttyl 👋🎬🎥
Tedious Tabii (7 months ago)
This is gonna get copyrighted..
Sugar Bunny69 Janice (7 months ago)
Hi there and thank you for watching 👍and double thanks for your comment but this is not gonna get copyrights its been almost a year or less and is one of those videos that You Tube couldn't reach so thank you for your concern but its all right !! If it does... I'm glad for "the run for my money" as they say ...over a million views so im not super worry 👍👏 welcome here my friend and i hope you liked the video and thanks again 💕👍👯😄🎥🎬 ttyl 👋
Nathan Harris (8 months ago)
What episode is this from
Sugar Bunny69 Janice (8 months ago)
Hi there Nathan 👋 this episode is from Avengers assemble and is season 2 I think but I can't remember the # of EP. But, I can look it up on my notes and get back to you...deal ? 😀🐰🐾 I wanna thank you for watching and double thanks for the "famous" question👍💓i hope you became a subscriber and joined us👏i tty soon thanks Nate 🎥👊🎬
wudup famm (9 months ago)
1000 years in da future nigas still be rockin' da mullet wit da bald top
Sugar Bunny69 Janice (9 months ago)
😄😆😜😅 ya sure made me laugh niga ! Y' so funnyyyy I was sad but you put a smile on my face...thax !👍💕👈
wudup famm (9 months ago)
we wuz kang da conguaror
Sugar Bunny69 Janice (9 months ago)
@wudup famm you're hilarious 😆 sho thang bro ! Hope you sub...y' re sonthang else 😃😻👅
wudup famm (9 months ago)
Sugar Bunny69 Janice . sho' thaang sista'
Sugar Bunny69 Janice (9 months ago)
Wutt up niga !!? 😉😀 my brother writes like that...y'know wut I mean so you wuz watchin' my dope video...thanx and I like your comment ...so wut up dog ...I really thank you for watching. And for commenting 😀😄😆 seriously, thanks !! hope you sub to my CH. 👍Ttyl later bro👊💯🎥🎬👋
Sugar Bunny69 Janice (9 months ago)
Choco Marisa (1 year ago)
Hulk is savage at the end lol.
Sugar Bunny69 Janice (1 year ago)
Choco Marisa ..hi there👋 lol 😁😄i know, right !!! Hulk is funny in this episode. I mean he's always making jokes at the expense of Thor😜💪 that's why lots of us here like his ways in this 1 thank you for watching and double thanks for your funny observation on hulk😉💓😁 I sure hope you became a sub and by the way, Welcome choco Marisa !! 👍👌🐰😜🎥🎬
Black Cat (1 year ago)
Sugar Bunny69 Janice (1 year ago)
Black Cat...hi there👋 yeah, I know right !! 😄😁😁Thank you for watching and double thanks for your funny comment😉👍👈 I hope you b3cam3 a subscriber and a friend 👩👌my sister's username is cat eyeZ she's such show off ha, ha but i do like yours 👍💓anyway, what I really like is how you write is fun to read & cool 😎😄thanks again & Welcome here Black Cat 👋😜👯🎥🎬
Clorox Bleach (1 year ago)
How the hell hulk could get injured hulk could heal.
Sugar Bunny69 Janice (1 year ago)
Blackpowderkun ..hello there👋 thank you for watching and thanks a lot👍👊 for interacting with others, specially my pal "easy money..." He's all right and you're funny, I think ?? 😊Hulk's arm will never be deformed except in the comics or movies where everything weird can happen...lol😉im no t putting your comment down at all 💕👈i just think Disney wouldn't go for that, right ? Anyway, I thank you and welcon you to sub or stick around for a nice ride 🚘🚖 Welcome 'blackpowderkun'🎬🎥🎵🎸
Blackpowderkun (1 year ago)
EasyMoneySniper 6IX his arm probably healed deformed.
Sugar Bunny69 Janice (1 year ago)
EasyMoneySniper 6IX anytime ;)
Clorox Bleach (1 year ago)
Sugar Bunny69 Janice thx
Sugar Bunny69 Janice (1 year ago)
Hey you !👋 how's it going man !! I'm so glad you subscribed 👍👈but I'm more excited that you reply to me and let me know, cause that way, I can personally thank you and always remember you.👉💘 You're pretty cool 😎👌👦💋 Welcome easymoneysniper
worstragingdemon 2.0 (1 year ago)
Sugar Bunny69 Janice (1 year ago)
worstragingdemon 2.0 ..hey you👋 thank you for subscribing and say it to me in such a cool way. Yes, I guessed is You...😜👍😎
worstragingdemon 2.0 (1 year ago)
Sugar Bunny69 Janice guess what you got another subscriber
Sugar Bunny69 Janice (1 year ago)
worstragingdemon 2.0 ..lol😄 thanks for watching and double thanks for your comment. 👍All remarks and replies are welcome. 👌So, I hope you sub and take a ride with us....thanks a lot !! 👏🐰📹🎥🎬
JamesJimmyMac (1 year ago)
I guess Thor never saw Thor Ragnarok. Love the hair while you have it man.
Sugar Bunny69 Janice (1 year ago)
JamesJimmyMac..hi there, thank you for watching and double thanks for your funny remark 😀😁😂its really cool of you, hope you subscribed to my channel Oh BTW, I love your username ;)........welcome 👍👊
Anil Kumar (1 year ago)
Sugar Bunny69 Janice (1 year ago)
Anil Kumar ..hi there 👋 I just wanna say thank you for watching and thanks for your comment !! Idk what you really mean with your comment...I guess you're talking about copyrights but hey is cool 😎all comments are welcome and so are you !! Hope you sub so thank you Anil 😊😇🐰🐾🍠🍒
NOTORIOUS B.I.G (1 year ago)
Sugar Bunny69 Janice (1 year ago)
Phantom Assassin15 ...hi there👋 yeah, that's right it may be trash to you but it has over one million views so this trash is a goodie 😀😆😃😂😁jealous much !!! 😢
Riley Lynn (1 year ago)
5:35 execute order 66.
Sugar Bunny69 Janice (1 year ago)
Riley Lynn..hi there👋 thank you for watching and double thanks for your💄 comment...that's really the "serve" 📦📩I don't have many girls on my channel so, it would be cool 😎to have you on the team Riley Lynn and I also happen to like your name really ..no shit so if you subscribed thank you so much and if not you're still welcome and I appreciate you for watching & commented...😆🇺🔟♦♥♦‼❇🎒👜👗💰

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