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Mr Scruff - Producer Masterclass - Computer Music magazine 2008

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• Eclectic electronica/hip-hop producer Mr Scruff (aka Andy Carthy) builds a track from scratch (with a little help from collaborator Andy Kingslow) in this classic Producer Masterclass from 2008! • Get more Producer Masterclass videos with Computer Music magazine - there's one with every issue! • Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/computer.music.mag • Web: http://www.computermusic.co.uk • Twitter: http://twitter.com/computermusicuk
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Text Comments (92)
PP7628 (25 days ago)
16:27 Made me laugh. "Nasty distorted sound" and then instant feedback...
Siych (2 months ago)
They have such a cool studio vibe
Stu Budnik (2 months ago)
I like banging stuff roughly in time
kickdje (6 months ago)
Nice video,great humble guys ! But bad quality 480p...What is this synth at 28:00 ?
Andrew Kingslow (1 month ago)
its a Roland SH-5
Andrew Richards (1 year ago)
I love random banging!
digitaljosh (1 year ago)
27:39 add The AWESOME Synth!!!! Ya!!!! Nice!!!!
Jason Stoehr (1 year ago)
"You don't wanna completely smother the track in stapler noises" hahaha
Weathermann Ax (1 year ago)
The bass in this music kinda reminds me of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind".
treesapa (2 years ago)
I find it funny they use macs and windows comes with his music
Music Power (1 year ago)
treesap Because macs use all thier own part they are less prone to crash or lock up making them the go to operating environment. When you are in a commercial environment where every second counts you can't afford to have your computer acting up.
hevquip (3 years ago)
ommagod this is almost the perfect way to do music: have all the fun by making sounds & noises and then get someone else to do the boring, tedious shit like recording & sequencing...
lardosian (2 years ago)
+hevquip Most painfull part for me is arranging a track, always think the progression is too linear, a total head wreck.
tom j. (3 years ago)
Ninja Tuna.
MrLordofcoffee (3 years ago)
There are so many bald blokes in Manchester called Andy
Bald blokes with plenty of Rhythm regardless of the Andy name ... + don't forget a bald synth genius bloke named Vince . . . ^_^ No disrespect to all the bald blokes. You guys are talented as F!%^ . . . =D Really ♥ the sounds @ 31:05
TheFresh1979 (3 years ago)
Hey,mr Andy Kingslow, what is the model of your pants ? Levis nr ... ? I love your music ;)
Andrew Kingslow (3 years ago)
True religion my friend
Salvator (3 years ago)
which DAW ? 
Efydd (2 years ago)
+‫الحياة حلوة‬‎ أكل الخراء ويموت
Ryan Winklevoss (3 years ago)
Did you even watch the video, its Logic...
Erik S (3 years ago)
Anyone know if he's released this track he is making in this video? Eventually the name of it?
wrthls (2 months ago)
Aner ikke as tjommi
Machina Music (3 years ago)
Sound science. This is really interesting.
Fan de (3 years ago)
17.40 out of tune's good xD
Noel Watson (3 years ago)
easily the most entertaining one of these ive watched.. Not a preset in sight. 
Chris Beddows (4 years ago)
they have some GEAR!!!
phloem (4 years ago)
David Burke (4 years ago)
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David Burke (4 years ago)
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David Burke (4 years ago)
earth people to meet
David Burke (4 years ago)
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David Burke (4 years ago)
words to be populated
David Burke (4 years ago)
place ear phones in record what you hear bum bum bum bum
David Burke (4 years ago)
place throat mike
mekon92 (4 years ago)
inspiring stuff
griffineagle7 (4 years ago)
could you tell me what up to date soft ware for making my own sounds is please  >:-)
FARGO (4 years ago)
sounds like something Rolf Harris would make
El Gamerico (3 years ago)
+spazmonkey92 Have you guessed what it is yet? lol
FARGO (3 years ago)
Believe it or not he's Down the road from me i live in stafford lol
spazmonkey92 (3 years ago)
he won't be making shit from inside his jail cell... lol
90sFlav (4 years ago)
too expensive for me.. just like my 2K ! 
Bergan's Beats (4 years ago)
Got a couple of brews in so everybody's happy...lol.
tdubduders (4 years ago)
Midi those samples! arg!
thomas flores (4 years ago)
akwalek (4 years ago)
looked like you were drinking black coffee when it was on the desk. bloody outrageous!
eyekillu2 (4 years ago)
Wow that was amazing!!ive got many of mr Scruffs albums and they're amazing, I love their approach to music on this vid!!find a groove and fatten it out!!
fiddlestickz muzik (4 years ago)
what was the other synth that made the growling sounds they used..?
Andrew Kingslow (4 years ago)
Roland SH5
Turk (4 years ago)
nice bit of comedy :P
Jordis Tek (4 years ago)
Karl Pilkington with hair. 
lightswitchlarry (4 years ago)
oot of toon is gud
SubSculpter (4 years ago)
56 minutes of my time well spent, fukin brilliant tutorial. 
mosaï (4 years ago)
holy shit that rack
SailfishSoundSystem (1 year ago)
Stop looking at my mom!
adam frida (4 years ago)
andy looks fucking wired lol!
adam frida (4 years ago)
the assistant the one with glasses lol!
which one? :)
James Bullock (4 years ago)
Great vid! lovin your workflow, I'm off to sample the kettle. Seriously, I got this kettle and its gonna make a great bass track. You can mock me now.. 
Ward de jager (4 years ago)
  06:11  Anyone knows what's in the top right rack , next to the manley ?
Andrew Kingslow (4 years ago)
Oh and a master room spring verb
Andrew Kingslow (4 years ago)
Drawmer pre/comp 1960 i think. Korg ms2000 rack
Ben Tyreman (5 years ago)
this is how mr scruff makes tracks, I like his approach 
fanofheadroom1 (5 years ago)
itsinmynamechap (4 years ago)
fish, fish, fish, fish, fish
James Brown (5 years ago)
What a fookin legend!
MYEVILTWIIN (5 years ago)
need a bit of oil on the studio door ...but before you get the WD40 out stick a mic next to it and sample it !!
Faektr (5 years ago)
My mum is one of Mr scruff's best friends
itsinmynamechap (4 years ago)
+Love Castle ;D
Love Castle (4 years ago)
+itsinmynamechap 'kin lol
itsinmynamechap (4 years ago)
Look much like Mr Scruff do you?
Stephen dela Cruz (5 years ago)
Cool sampling! These guys are masters on sampling besides friggin' vinyl!
Sebastys (5 years ago)
Can you upload it again with better quality? Thanks
UrbanCrunkMovement (5 years ago)
It doesn't matter what software you use, all that matters is the final result.
Ilya Pasumanskiy (5 years ago)
"you don't want to completely smother the track with stapler noises" haha
saftpackerl (5 years ago)
That Stapler in that corridor sounds so nice! Love it! very creative... You can hear that real instruments are recorded here. and i would have loved to see a bit more of the playing and recording takesof the synths, the organ, the clavinet! The track is very unique, the only thing a find the Voyager Bass a little bit too off. I know that he was aiming for that anti quantize feel, but it sounded too much off, too lazy imho :)
Mac intoSser (5 years ago)
I also prefer 7+8 to 9 or even X.
Mac intoSser (5 years ago)
Hear, hear.
UGN Corporate (5 years ago)
Nice Vid what speaker monitors were u using in the studio M8?
Carters Geldoff (5 years ago)
I love how getting the kettle on is an integral part of the process haha. Nice vid.
Bob Ryszkiewicz (5 years ago)
It would have been fun to have Joe Meek teleported in so that he could have seen/heard the new technology. But somehow, I think his Spirit is in the room...
EEZAL (5 years ago)
My eyes literally lite up when I saw the title to this !!!! Love this guys tunes !!
salazam (5 years ago)
I too used to once deny the future of music. But honestly it makes it hella easier, especially with an interface like a launchpad or push.
Mocuischalom (5 years ago)
the human hability makes all the difference, shame the balance of camera
AN OUTLAW INLAW (5 years ago)
That outboard makes all the difference.
Ian Hobson (5 years ago)
holy shit i love mr. scruff
Andrew Kingslow (5 years ago)
Gefell M300's
Andrew Kingslow (5 years ago)
TBH it only took that long because i was explaining the process.
Herbie Wonder (5 years ago)
What mics did they use on the piano?
Bohemic Official (5 years ago)
Nice track. Can I listen to the full track somewhere ? anyone knows the title ( if it has one) ?
Bohemic Official (5 years ago)
@3:13 they would save a looooot of time if they used ableton.
Matías Giunta (5 years ago)
Really amazing!

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