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Motivational Posters (Extremely funny :D)

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Made by m4nze @ jsp, but all the pics comes from the jsp guys in this thread; http://forums.d2jsp.org/index.php?showtopic=13587517&f=135&st=320
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Text Comments (64)
Lee Hayden (3 years ago)
"team killers if you can't kill em join em" well just think about it if you kill a team killer then you are a team killer so you have to kill your self
Zach Schenfelt (3 years ago)
Just when I thought this was a good video they made a joke about abortion. Fuck you.
Zach Schenfelt (3 years ago)
Leftard baby killers go to hell
Cagnols (3 years ago)
Nothing else matter is the best part of the video.
Derpman Average Gamer (4 years ago)
3:59 "she" has a dick
Bill Salvey (4 years ago)
yes...we need to watch more volleyball and go to jail
Young Frankenstein (4 years ago)
+Bill Salvey Aha! Okay, now we're on the same page lol! 
Bill Salvey (4 years ago)
no,no,no, we will watch volley ball and get arrested for......public sex..(it was the only thing i could think of)
Young Frankenstein (4 years ago)
+Bill Salvey Going to jail for watching volleyball... it's not a thing.
thoha thohà (4 years ago)
Greattechno (4 years ago)
2:01 I love it!
Isabel James (4 years ago)
This video.  Clearly made by a white middle age male, or someone with a sense of humor.
Young Frankenstein (4 years ago)
+Isabel James Middle aged white males. They can't have a sense of humor.
Dopesauce42 (4 years ago)
Papoose is the shit and whoever thinks otherwise is ignorant or stupid.
Young Frankenstein (3 years ago)
+Dopesauce42 You seriously need to change your username to "Neverbeenlaidandpissedaboutit42". I don't know why you're getting so upset about the guy not liking baby Indians.
fugu pinkeye (3 years ago)
+Dopesauce42 Papoose is the shit and whoever thinks otherwise has a different opinion than me. -Fixed it for you, mouth breather. Feel free to walk on 2 legs now.
Young Frankenstein (4 years ago)
+Dopesauce42 I'll take ignorant for $400, Alex. (What the fuck is papoose?)
Skul304orBlockman01 (6 years ago)
joey143anna (6 years ago)
of course we do, the background video is black.
Hunter Jackson (7 years ago)
I'm 14 and I play world of Warcraft. Does that make me an old Virgin?! Oh crap!
Sean Carron (8 years ago)
OH MY GOD, ITS ALMA 0:23 if you get it like it
Sean Carron (8 years ago)
ha 0:32 that is funny because its true
Klokateer95 (8 years ago)
@Cal1c0cat it's nothing else matters, the original is by Metallica.
Oh Boy (8 years ago)
1:40...it can mean other ones:)..."people die if "somebody else" dies:))!"...i think that was the meaning....Or NOT:))!
HoshinoTama (8 years ago)
What is the song? I liked it.
King of Dongles (8 years ago)
If you really want to get your B's backwards, you can go to this one really cool website. I forgot its name, but it turns out like: d Isn't that epic!?!?!?
leviathan1173 (8 years ago)
"How do you get that backwards b?" I loled so hard.
thresholder1 (8 years ago)
@AmyxxC16 their is something outside the window
ILovetheYOUTUBYS (9 years ago)
I love haruhi
Dreemstate (9 years ago)
i still like the Homer one :P
Samaugsch (9 years ago)
I know. What a moran.
Andrew G. (9 years ago)
not bad with the exception of the song. no offence, but a great Metallica song was just destroyed.
scrappyd0g (9 years ago)
I was laughing so hard I was crying....incredible video.
Daniel Gonzalez (9 years ago)
she has a dick XD
HeavyMetalPootis (9 years ago)
steriotypical snd pregedus yet funny
ChefAid87 (9 years ago)
ahhaha the fred one is great
ChefAid87 (9 years ago)
suitability. XD
Lambo-chan (9 years ago)
Rap, for people who can't sing (joke)
Sming Smingness (9 years ago)
i dont get 4:00 ... explain please someone?
drac116 (9 years ago)
What's the song?
Josh Genis (10 years ago)
oh i see! omg that does look creepy
Preston Leighton (10 years ago)
this is sparta!!!!!
Lllusion Eks (10 years ago)
where did the legendary trap come from? a.k.a. "Sauce?"
Kitsune Aitsuki (10 years ago)
0x0 I saw the legendary trap..... oh lords....
Brett (10 years ago)
Generalizations. I can't stop laughing, its starting to hurt. Why does racism have to be so damn funny
danthemusclefiber (10 years ago)
0:28 there is a guy looking through the window!!!
Mike Muehlherr (10 years ago)
3:22 ftw
zeldaprime (10 years ago)
i dont understand 4:48
zeldaprime (10 years ago)
you simply listed things YOU noticed... there are OTHER ones...
zeldaprime (10 years ago)
i laughed so hard at 2:56
BronzeSpoon (10 years ago)
4:00 I see it do you? also *shudder shudder*
creylune (10 years ago)
love the 3:01 !!! its so funny!!!!!1
Shyam (10 years ago)
1:37 WIN!!!! 4:08 lmao 4:51 super-holy shit but whats with the remix of nothing else matters???
gtrdline (10 years ago)
There are a few things in common with all these poster vids...you guys like anime (a lot), anything Japanese, cats, Lord of the Rings, video games, Harry Potter and you guys don't like black people...they are just common denominators I noticed.
jmdh14 (10 years ago)
omg.... cupcakes! :D
duckmanham (10 years ago)
at 28 there's a face pressed up against the window.SPOOKY!
Simon Taylor (10 years ago)
you have got to be fucking kidding me with this song,
DrunkenDemon (10 years ago)
Well whoever did this song should be hmmm well the guy at the bottom said it .. should be shot
Chris Wellsman (10 years ago)
i officially love volleyball
pronemortalform92 (10 years ago)
Go the original forum link in the description, then you'll get it ;-)
Tori Severance (10 years ago)
*touches your castle*...hahaha wat you gonna do now
lazyboredom (10 years ago)
which one is the one with anime abortion?
Alexandros Stavrinou (11 years ago)
4:00 It never gets old...
ツツ (11 years ago)

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