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mystique shapeshifting (contains repeated slow motion because i love the effects)

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not every shapeshifting is here ok the reason why i added slow motion because i love how she shapeshifts (the "feathers" look really cool) Watch my new edit: https://youtu.be/YIy1mqTRa3U No slow motion this time! 😊
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RaggedyStar (1 month ago)
When she gets hit by the cure and turns human, why does her hair change color as well? Shouldn't it have stayed red, or is her red hair a part of her mutation, like the blue skin and scales/feathers?
Oren Boss (2 months ago)
I speak french
Duda Funchal (2 months ago)
Which movie is 2:59?
Joann Zivalich-Schutz (10 months ago)
Last one lol
Bell Clifford (11 months ago)
Technically Mystique is a life sized sequin flipper
Jocelyn Brewer (1 year ago)
Bobby Drake looks funny when it looks like he has Mystics body 🤣
Metal Glass (1 year ago)
1.14 ear rape
Luke Marsh (1 year ago)
mystique is so sexy
Why she no have nipples?
jnmks (1 year ago)
Watch my new edit: https://youtu.be/YIy1mqTRa3U No slow motion this time! 😊
def hardman (6 months ago)
0:17 - 0:24 that entrance should be for Halle Berry, very hot. She deserved that scene
The_Drop Bear (1 year ago)
def osod Exept that would make no sense
def hardman (1 year ago)
Lucas Masoch yes, i know. I'm just saying that scene (Transformation) will better to Halle Berry... In a Opinion..
Lucas Masoch (1 year ago)
def osod That's not Halle Berry, is Rebecca Romijn. Halle Berry plays Storm
Lashonda Salters (1 year ago)
I hate this shit 🖓
G i e g u e (1 year ago)
Which scene is from which?
mix videos (1 year ago)
YO UGLY MAMA (1 year ago)
I cant even understand this video
Edoardo Antignani (1 year ago)
Ghost Hunter (1 year ago)
Ohma ga how manny times dose she die
Jake Santoro (1 year ago)
so if she can create wolverines claws why does she never use that... moreover why doesn't she create other weapons..
felynecomrade (11 months ago)
A Boy Has No Name Keratin. And you said she can imitate powers. No she can't.
felynecomrade (11 months ago)
A Boy Has No Name Nope. She may have had claws, but I doubt they'd be able to cut through much, if anything at all. Certainly nothing like Wolverine's genuine adamantium claws. And yeah, she could imitate wings, but wouldn't be able to use them to fly. She doesn't gain the powers of the people she imitates. If she did, then why the hell wouldn't she just imitate Professor X and use his mind control to solve literally every problem she gets in?
felynecomrade (11 months ago)
She can only change/imitate appearance, not power.
Daniel Akinsola (1 year ago)
Jake Santoro Because they aren't real claws. Probably just flesh.
gamerbros (1 year ago)
Jake Santoro the claws created by her are fake and breaks easily.
Shitty Gaming (1 year ago)
you gotta admit mystique has nice tits
DrPROFESSOR2K05 (1 year ago)
ALYAX_Gam3playz (1 year ago)
I heard pussy 3:09
Divas Live (1 year ago)
Other than Rebecca, in my opinion, Charlize Theron can be considered as one of the best Mystique. She has the ability to fight with fierce, boldness, badass with class and grace at the same time, plus she acts very well. I've watched the "Atomic Blonde" and she did very well especially in her fighting scenes. she played it so tough and hard.
IslandGirl Studios (1 year ago)
Tony GR (1 year ago)
Está bien buena 😏
sad victoriam (1 year ago)
I’ll bet money that somebody get off to this somewhere.
Ernesto Flores Medina (1 year ago)
Parece una reptiliana
Anselmus Raveendra (1 year ago)
mystique is sexy
Joann Zivalich-Schutz (10 months ago)
Anselmus Raveendra I 2nd that
Erick Mtz01 (1 year ago)
i heard pussy 3:09
Markianooo (1 year ago)
Pewdiepie FDT hahaha😂👌
Erick Mtz01 (1 year ago)
ALYAX 3:19
ALYAX_Gam3playz (1 year ago)
XD dude I literally heard it to XDDDDDDDDD
Nathaniel Thomas (1 year ago)
Warum ist es auf Deutsch?
EiffelTower Baby (6 months ago)
Das ist francias
EiffelTower Baby (6 months ago)
Ellxø Lelørd (1 year ago)
0.35 do you guys see that it's riahanna
Anakin Skywalker (1 year ago)
slow mo yeah totally not pedo
Walker Tapner (1 year ago)
Man, does it have to be in spanish
Sam Rapley (1 year ago)
Walker Tapner *French.
Knight in Space (1 year ago)
If they ever made a Halo movie, I think Jennifer would make a great Cortana. Not because she played a blue Mystique, but her face and voice kind of remind me of her.
Knight in Space (1 year ago)
The_art-of_the-pan (1 year ago)
SpaceWolf OMG I'm not the only person that thought that yay
Lumi Vaudiel (1 year ago)
Rebecca ? The best, of course.
lemon ste (1 year ago)
whys is it all in french tho
I. comprened the french and english little because I am québécois
megaEJmasterful (1 year ago)
Yo I'm from Quebec too
Lilya Scarlet (1 year ago)
i really love the latest shapeshift animation as well, it looks so dynamic and awesome!
Dwayne Balitustus (2 years ago)
same i also LOVE the effects
xX Justin Xx (2 years ago)
Mystique is a lesbian in the comics, just a fun little tidbit.
Adrien 250 (2 years ago)
Alain Grigoryan (2 years ago)
French version spotted
Vegetarian Soylent-Green (3 months ago)
Bienvenue Professeur
Muhammed Maaz (1 year ago)
Alain Grigoryan 📵' ⚓
TheOuterLimits (2 years ago)
if I had one power (gravity) I WOULD rule the world.
iii ii (2 years ago)
Ahaha the power to defy logic
Brunette From Cali (2 years ago)
Who'd win a fight between her and black widow? My money's on Mystique
AS00400349 (2 years ago)
Black Widow would probably put up a good fight, but Mystique has the advantage of tricking her very easily and attacking her at any moment when she least expects it. She could take the guise of Tony Stark, Captain America, Nick Fury, etc. and before Black Widow knows it, she has a knife in her back. Granted, Black Widow also works for S.H.I.E.L.D, which has experience with these kind of things, so she might be able to detect a mutant and stop her in time; fighting-wise, though, I think both are around the same level, because both can single-handedly take out multiple people at once. However, if Black Widow didn't know who Mystique was, I think she'd be pretty well screwed; Mystique has the capability to destroy anyone's life that she wants, and if Black Widow were on her radar, she better make herself disappear before Mystique found her. In my opinion, at least
Justin Manangan (2 years ago)
bruh..... shes a friggin mutant
BladeGamingStation (2 years ago)
1:16 r.i.p my ears
Sabi Zepp (1 year ago)
BladeGamingStation me to
Keonta Cornelius (2 years ago)
Slushdog 101 (2 years ago)
I didn't know her and beast finally did it
Shinya Kogami (2 years ago)
Slushdog 101 they did not, he stopped before they got even started
Zaire I'll (2 years ago)
I got chills from the spike
Kyler Rogers (2 years ago)
That guy at 3:31 kinda looks like Richard Nixon because of his hair.
Andres Jaramillo (1 year ago)
Daniel plays (2 years ago)
Kyler Rogers
CageCat (2 years ago)
Kyler Rogers That IS Richard Nixon.
Ash Attack (2 years ago)
1:14 r.i.p. ears
Marcekino Loorz (1 year ago)
Marcelino López
Marcekino Loorz (1 year ago)
Marcekino Loorz (1 year ago)
Jmgjgdjd5 (1 year ago)
I've been on this video before and seen this comment every time and that part really didn't bother me. But now I probably had much volume from an earlier video and now my ears are dead.
Minna Mendoza (1 year ago)
Bruh I had my headphones at all the way!!!!!!!!!
You missed a couple
FitzerHack YT (7 months ago)
That guy you thought you knew once he said in the description he didnt include all of them
Jmgjgdjd5 (2 years ago)
I noticed that unlike Lawrence, Romijn doesn't have spikes when she transforms
Marcekino Loorz (1 year ago)
BetweenTwo Lungs (2 years ago)
I too like the newer effect it more detailed (look at the shot of her thumb when entering trasks vault) + the more feathers/scales add bulk and make it more beleivable when she transforms into a larger individual. With the older (2001) effect she just has that obsvious morph effect where (say she was turning into a larger man) she would just grow. The scale/feathers used there have no use, they just follow the transtion line. With the newer version you can track every scale as it is. I personally prefer the Makeup used in DoFP and Apocalypse; I enjoy the shade of blue + the pattern scale on her face more (I feel the earlier Mystique has just at tad to many scales). Additionally I like both actresses in the role. They are both performing two different verisions of the same character; with Rojim she is play essential the ruthless cold assasin which she does great at (being a model she is i perfect control of her body movements ), Lawrence is playing a more human Mystique
Thinh X N (2 years ago)
They upgraded the visual effects. The first X-men movie was made in 2000 whereas the next trilogy starts in 2011. I like the new transformation effect better, as it looks more realistic. Too bad the actress and the makeup wasn't as good.
Jan Kreft (2 years ago)
she did had this spikes but not as much as the newer versions
Reese Miller (2 years ago)
more flowery
S Sh (3 years ago)
Lol the last one
Harley Quinn (2 years ago)
Steph S lol yeah
Ekapong Srirojanant (3 years ago)
this is tottaly sexy
vawies (1 year ago)
straight outta anime town I see chill out dude
Jean Mikael (3 years ago)
i love it

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