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Erik & Raven (Magneto & Mystique) - X Men: First Class

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I also liked this relationship from the film. Because I had watched the other films, I wondered how she did end up with Magneto. Comment, rate, subscribe. Louise :)
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Angela Manuel (1 month ago)
Why cant they have a movie of their own? Just the two of em
Kiane Everson (17 days ago)
+Angela Manuel YES. The Disney merge will take the X Men in different phase. I'm not interested in their vision. I look forward to other action movies coming out.
Angela Manuel (21 days ago)
+Kiane Everson i agree! It's just disappointing that they disregarded the old xmen films. But anyway, i would really love to see both actors be in another movie where they are couples. I just love how michael look at jen during interviews at comic con
Kiane Everson (22 days ago)
Yeah I know, but Dark Phoenix will be the last of the Fox X Men characters. Would love to see Fassbender and Lawrence in another movie together, where they're romantically involved. I love their chemistry.
Hannah. Ham Anh (1 year ago)
Charles and Raven, Erik and Raven, Charles and Erik, I’m confused
therii (2 years ago)
i ship it because of X Men.first class my heart was exploded if i saw the kiss scene i was screaming and omg i love they😍😍💘💘😭🔫
Kiane Everson (1 year ago)
I feel the same
Kiane Everson (1 year ago)
Kid Isak (2 years ago)
The song makes it so beautiful it makes u want to cry... but really it isnt like that XD
geek_kingdom_ (3 years ago)
do they just kiss or actually went all the way?? I never really had an answer for that.
Cailee Swallow (2 years ago)
It's implied in DOFP by Erik that they were lovers before he got arrested for JFK's assassination. When Charles asked him how she was, Erik's reply was, "She was... We were... I can see why she meant so much to you."
Tripti Thakur (3 years ago)
There is a love story in X Men... Between Charles & Erik. Any other love story, is PURE WISHFUL THINKING.
Tripti Thakur (2 years ago)
It wasn't as bad as it was made out to be.. Or maybe that's why I didn't find it as bad, lol.. But yep, there was some 'Mance of some kind at the end of it!
Splendid Beaked Man (3 years ago)
+Tripti Thakur i totally felt the bromance at the end of the shitty last movie. apocalypse
Burgundy (3 years ago)
Jordan Howe (3 years ago)
These two were my favorite thing from First Class; they were both so awesome and adorable together! It ticks me off to no end that Magneto turned into a back-stabbing jerk in Days of Future Past! Am I the only one who feels like this? I hope not; I ship these two so hard!
Ivana Djukic (25 days ago)
he thought if she dies he will save whole mutant world
Angela Manuel (3 years ago)
i ship them too
Joy Haswell (4 years ago)
When he says "Perfection", my heart flutters!!!
Kiane Everson (4 years ago)
They will build to a romance in the Apocalypse.  I can't wait. :)
H Mistry (2 years ago)
so I saw xmen: apocalypse. Didn't really get much Erik/Raven romance. looks like you were wrong. Infact... magneto got married to someone who wasn't raven and had a child with her instead! (in apocalypse)
Splendid Beaked Man (3 years ago)
+Kiane Everson seems not
Kiane Everson (3 years ago)
You don't know me, so I suggest you bounce and shut it.
cunty clair (3 years ago)
+Kiane Everson I wish you a life full of self love. Seems like you're going through a tough time.
Kiane Everson (3 years ago)
Dreaming doesn't make it real.  Pathetic ass. lol.
Kiane Everson (4 years ago)
They have breathtaking chemistry.    she doesn't have that with charles or hank.
Karen Gonzalez-Videla (4 years ago)
Beautiful tribute! I can't stop watching it! What is the song that plays along? I totally love it :) Thank you sooooooo much for posting this incredible tribute  :):):)
BlackHawke 18 (1 month ago)
Karen Gonzalez-Videla the song used is called shattered it’s by trading yesterday
Amy Mutha (4 years ago)
I was so sad that didn't have any romantic scenes in Days of Future past. They are my favorite Xmen couple.
Kiane Everson (4 years ago)
+Amy Mutha Magneto and Mystique shippers will be there for their romance in The Apocalypse.  :)
Kiane Everson (4 years ago)
+Karen Gonzalez-Videla They will build to a romance in The Apocalypse. :)
Kiane Everson (4 years ago)
+Amy Mutha   I'm with you. Though I take any scenes that brings them close. Like him coming to her aid, and them having feelings for each other.
Amy Mutha (4 years ago)
+Kiane Everson I hope they become kissing allies. ;)
Kiane Everson (4 years ago)
I heard they will become allies in The Apocalypse.
Kaylee Lahey (4 years ago)
I ship it
Tiana Sinadinovski (3 months ago)
Kaylee Lahey I feel you
Hashirama Senju (5 years ago)
Magneto belongs to only charles
try Moi (2 years ago)
Yes!!, even Raven approves in "Days of Future Past" when she tells the professor "He's all yours Charles" :)
Từ Huệ Anh Từ (4 years ago)
+Hashirama Senju the truth has been spoken bro :3
Deathscythe Cosplay (4 years ago)
NunyVanstta135 (5 years ago)
I don't think this film is related to the other films though.
Matt Tuthill (4 years ago)
It is
Jerza Stark (5 years ago)
this is truly amazing ! i love this pair and this video is AMAZING!
widoweddoll90 (5 years ago)
Magneto belongs to me :D
Kandace Eck (6 years ago)
Charles Xavier belongs with raven
Dagenspear (6 years ago)
He fueled her imbitterment towards society and distanced her from a sense of peace and understanding is what he really did.
McLarenMercedes (6 years ago)
Yeah, like 80 or something. Seriously speaking, did you ever see "Ian McKellen" as Magneto in the original X-men movies. That is old, not this.
pepe roni (6 years ago)
Holy fucking shit how many times do you have to fucking fade to black
husam ahmad (6 years ago)
i think she is fit and sexy but then again im blue aswell
FlashakaViolet (6 years ago)
She is beautiful even when blue and scaly :D
DarkBea (6 years ago)
*awwwwww* That was wonderful!!! <3
babylove8862 (6 years ago)
I love both of them as characters and they have a great chemistry :)
Heaven Vera (6 years ago)
Magneto is fuckin hooooot
Rinaveronica86 (6 years ago)
I like mistiqe
Chris Alvarez (6 years ago)
I like Magneto, Screw Xavier
DesdemonaXXdemona (7 years ago)
lol too funny
mrbrockpeters (7 years ago)
Magneto totally cockblocked beast and then took his woman.
Waleed Khan (7 years ago)
Nightcrawler: Why not look normal, like everyone else? Mystique: Because we shouldn't have to. Magneto is the reason she came to accept and love herself for what she was.
Majka Sinica (7 years ago)
Oh, there goes my ship.
Genkai (7 years ago)
I ship them quite hard. :)
Hantu (7 years ago)
I absolutely adore Michael Fassbender, he's my favourite actor, and Jennifer Lawrence is really great. I'd never even thought about this couple before the movie, now I love them. Beautiful song, and great video.
Jaquinta (7 years ago)
I felt like I was watching a preview for a totally different film XD
Steph Campbell (7 years ago)
This song so fits, i love it. 'And i've lost who i am, and i can't understand, why my heart is so broken, rejecting your love....' 'Who i am from the start, take me home to my heart, let me go and i'll run, i will not be silent...' I love this song <3 beautiful video. Wish they'd become something.
Pinball Mosher (7 years ago)
Eric, what a cockblocker!
xxTheSilentHeartxxx (7 years ago)
Oooh i did not notice at first that Magneto was the reason Mystique didn't kiss Beast. I love the part when he told her he wants the real her and she doesn't have to hide, then kisses her. That was sexy and romantic <3 He is very sweet for that.
AgatakomTrikru (7 years ago)
Nice video. Love this version of "Shattered" as well as the other.
SeriesDez (7 years ago)
Good job!
Louise0606 (7 years ago)
@JeffHtun Trading Yesterday - Shattered :)
MMIC 703 (7 years ago)
wats the name of this song? its so beautiful
katlikethatprodz (7 years ago)
wow love it^^ there are not enought vids out there with these two!!!!
TheTntgoesbang (7 years ago)
I love this vid good job! =D
Jack Trigonometry (7 years ago)
jenfirelight (7 years ago)

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