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Kupla x j'san - Silver Lining

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💿 Listen on Spotify → https://spoti.fi/2NDvq04 🎼ChilledCow's Spotify playlists → https://spoti.fi/2NKocnb 👕 ChilledCow shop → http://bit.ly/chilledcowmerch 🎵 Kupla → https://soundcloud.com/kuplasound → https://open.spotify.com/artist/7daSp9zXk1dmqNxwKFkL35 → https://www.instagram.com/kuplasound/ 🎵 j'san → https://soundcloud.com/iamjsan → https://iamjsan.bandcamp.com/releases → https://open.spotify.com/artist/5iMUho98faEp2w6j5p44PH 🎨 Artwork by Atey Ghailan → https://www.instagram.com/snatti89 → https://www.artstation.com/artist/snatti → http://snatti89.deviantart.com/ 🎧 ChilledCow → http://bit.ly/chilledcowspotify → http://bit.ly/chilledcowfacebook → http://bit.ly/chilledcowtwitter → http://bit.ly/chilledcowsoundcloud ✔️ Copyright Free Playlist → https://goo.gl/QtsxQG 📝 Submissions → Artwork : [email protected] → Music : https://soundcloud.com/chilledcow ❌ Please, do not use this song without artist's permission
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Text Comments (149)
Brandon Perez (19 days ago)
xjus- (23 days ago)
Man kupla tocuh off jazz tracks really make any song hes in soothing
Balloflife12 s (27 days ago)
im still waiting for my silver lining
I have 4 o'clock in the morning, I did not sleep and I listen to music and relax (sorry if the translator incorrectly translated (I'm from Russia))
Himanshu Gupta (1 month ago)
can I use the Chilled cow's music in my videos? Please let me know that how can I take the permission from the artist ?
That depends on the song. Check in the description and his pinned comment if he wrote one. He has a copyright-free playlist as well with 20 songs so far.
Sophie Lee (1 month ago)
my kind of drugs.
Edgy Entertainment (1 month ago)
nice chill tunes man....
Gud Omer (1 month ago)
Uog Satot (1 month ago)
Воображение и атмосфера
R y a n R o m a n (1 month ago)
could chill all day to this np<3
guzman30 (1 month ago)
Does this song have lyrics or is it just the music?
Boom Baam (2 days ago)
that means it doesn't have lyric
Boom Baam (2 days ago)
It's a relax musis..you're stupid
Mc Z Official ツ (1 month ago)
Puedo usar el Beat y darte creditos??
Gini e (1 month ago)
El Señor T (1 month ago)
me llegan tarde tus notificaciones de vídeos :(
wan wan (1 month ago)
hit that like button 0.00
Diana Belle (1 month ago)
J’san is the best
Frau Anna (1 month ago)
manhunts in germany? https://youtu.be/PbP0k6T2yOc
Dislou 7 Gomez (1 month ago)
Gracias chill cow por existir.... Buenas música...
Selessin (1 month ago)
Love It 💜
SummerChild (1 month ago)
VQPower35 (1 month ago)
Włodek 1410 (1 month ago)
Graphic is always interesting and mysterious 👍
Włodek 1410 (1 month ago)
effect me (1 month ago)
you are beautiful
MR Mugen (1 month ago)
Yukiteru Amano (2 months ago)
Half of the meaning of my life.
Rigel (27 days ago)
You know what lofi reminds me of? A cold rainy night, sitting in a boot in a coffee shop, with the city lights shining thru the window, or simply be in japan Very chill
Citron rouge (2 months ago)
C'était intense !
Timerkhan Fattakhov (2 months ago)
Круто. Арт тоже пригодный
EquinoxVibe (2 months ago)
this is art
антон гаврин (2 months ago)
You know. Maybe instead of a static picture to do something moving. For example, like Trap Nation.
Ãdi Ç (2 months ago)
So relax
Onescán Punzadas (2 months ago)
Sam Winchester (2 months ago)
Most days work just sucks and having long hours doesn't help, at the end of the day this and laying out on Venice Beach really helps lol Thank you.
Madison Fritzsche (2 months ago)
My lofi vibes (2 months ago)
Love it😋
Nabla (2 months ago)
At night in a train with a headset with a rainy weather outside, this music couldn't be any better. Thanks chilledcow for sharing this ヽ(〃^▽^〃)ノ
Holly T (1 month ago)
Oh I wanna do that. Here is so warm and hot in SoCali. It's cooling down a bit . What train?
the 1st bam FRR (2 months ago)
This really made my day, thank you "death". I hope we see each other again ☺💕
David Yoon (2 months ago)
My god this is why i never can live without chilled cow i luuuuuuv ittttt ❤❤❤❤
TURTLE KING (2 months ago)
wear your heelies to escape your feelies
funtime freddy 701 (2 months ago)
i loves it
Chill 4 Real (2 months ago)
The rain sounds in the back are always chill
Kĭřăɱă Aɱνš (2 months ago)
like 1500
Eduardo Rodriguez (2 months ago)
Amazing as usual
TattleTail.Playz777 (2 months ago)
I’m a fan 👌🏻
Robin (2 months ago)
What anime is that from?
Kurls (2 months ago)
Raindrops are so calming to listen to. They have an almost hypnotic effect and I can feel myself relax and take slower, deeper breaths. Every cloud ☁
Donor Carrillo (2 months ago)
It's genial
LeMPLeke (2 months ago)
muito boa a vibe
SoraIdeso (2 months ago)
From what anime is the pic
SoraIdeso (2 months ago)
+Kyle thanks, the art reminded me of the song ibrahim : is anyone here , I'm sure the art of that is by this one too
Kyle (2 months ago)
Check the description, looks like original work.
TheMissTeah (2 months ago)
The art is always amazing
I log you (2 months ago)
소리 너무 좋다.. 빗소리까지 완벽..
Brap Pitt (2 months ago)
Very chilled, I like it. Wish it were longer. <3
DoN't LoOk aT mY nAmE (2 months ago)
Aesthetic Lover (2 months ago)
I'm sacred I'm gonna die as lonely as I feel right now
B. Jr. (1 month ago)
Would anyone like to sit on my face? I'm lonely
Bianca D (1 month ago)
Not sure who you are but I love you!
Tigerblade117 (2 months ago)
You aren't alone <3
J.r .l (2 months ago)
Thomas Rein (2 months ago)
Excuse me, i'm not English, and I hear or find in a lot of phrases: silver lining, what does this mean? Does this have another meaning?
Δrthur Rdgs (2 months ago)
+TheHoodyBadger That explains the song "everything will be ok" by gny. I don't speak English too, so thanks for the help.
TheHoodyBadger (2 months ago)
Silver lining is like the good thing that comes out of an otherwise bad situation. Example: I'm too sick to go to school today on the day of the test, but the silver lining is I have all day to catch up on some gaming.
Raza Sheik (2 months ago)
After a long hard day just stop thinking, watch the night sky from my window, and lose myself to the music
つめ (2 months ago)
Silver (2 months ago)
Love the song and the title
BLAQK! (2 months ago)
i loves this.
James Boyce (2 months ago)
Can you here that? Listen....
shalberus (2 months ago)
Is your name actually James Boyce or is that a reference to James Joyce? In either case cool haha
guy ziggy (2 months ago)
beautiful, very wide and spacey. thanks
EZY Skillz (2 months ago)
I love you bro <3 :D
Thug Yared (2 months ago)
I was Angry 5 minutes ago , now i'm not.
Jay Dream (2 months ago)
I know its hard and theres nothing that can be said to change that. You are not alone💙
Ох ты, вот это годнота!
Milk Sheik (25 days ago)
Did not expected the drop at 0:47, gave me shivers :3
Waffle Tea (2 months ago)
Eraycan Uçar (2 months ago)
I wanna marry with that song
Papa Anomaly (2 months ago)
Im at japan and the view and the song
Gijsi (2 months ago)
Been waiting for this to drop for a long time ... One of my all time favourite collabs, well done.
〘Von〙 (2 months ago)
Schwifty Vibes (2 months ago)
Had another very hard day at work, guys .. and this helps so much
Cookie Swirls (2 minutes ago)
Schwifty Vibes <33
King ant Vibes (2 months ago)
How can I start up a stream lo-fi music
Ned Flanders (2 months ago)
Kupla is great.
estrella recopilaciónes (2 months ago)
Super buen día 👍👍😎😎😎
J.r .l (2 months ago)
te amoooooooo gracias por subir tan buena musica
Mr. Everywhere (2 months ago)
Eljouw20 La Movie (2 months ago)
DonJuan19755 (2 months ago)
Like 👍😎
I.L.L.U.S.I.O.N.S (2 months ago)
mugen (2 months ago)
behind every silver lining there's a cloud
mugen (2 months ago)
+Lucy Li nope. it s a glenn gould quote :P
Lucy Li (2 months ago)
mug3n you mean behind every cloud there's a silver lining? :P
Pio Gameplays (2 months ago)
Like "sable"
Depth (2 months ago)
tuggie Uchiha (2 months ago)
l'Oppidum (2 months ago)
Vishal Farma (2 months ago)
R Ryan (2 months ago)
Peace (2 months ago)
Is currently 00.00 in here and is so quiet... Damn i love this world at night
Rigel (1 month ago)
Well if you live the big cities, and it is quiet and raining... Well maybe that just means it gets alot of bettet than only being at night
Baltariu Yonutz (1 month ago)
I hate car noises in the day.
J wilson (1 month ago)
Here I am in america, doesn't know a thing about military time
B. Jr. (1 month ago)
Sometimes when it's really peaceful I get so relaxed suddenly I have to make a shit
Włodek 1410 (1 month ago)
23:22 🇵🇱
Vega (2 months ago)
*People read comments to look for inspiration, good luck on whatever your studying for, you can do it!*
Angel Girl (2 months ago)
The first thing that came into my mind was, "Chilled Cow has some great music!" 😄💖
Hi There ツ (2 months ago)
uwu nice
TMSbox (2 months ago)
Love it
ChilledCheese (2 months ago)
The silver lining of my day is that ChilledCow uploaded! Love this
SummerChild (1 month ago)
Lov your vid too
ChilledCheese (2 months ago)
alan games bionic thanks so much <3
lil pump (2 months ago)
love you videos
Zac (2 months ago)
Consider this, the hint of the century.....
j'san. (2 months ago)
Strawberry Smoothie (2 months ago)
The best collab 😍
Jelmer Yedema (2 months ago)
Keep up the amazing work
yZeenN (2 months ago)
I love your musics (from Brazil)
FromThe Leaf (2 months ago)
Amazing as always. To this day i haven't heard a bad song/beat from you.
jimmy chong (2 months ago)

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