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PET SEMATARY Trailer (2019) Stephen King

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PET SEMATARY Trailer (2019) Stephen King © 2018 - Paramount Pictures
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Definitely top ten scary movie i was 9 or 10 ,and the movie made cry when the dad stabs Cage with the needle and he starts saying no fair no fair even tho he had too!!!! And is pretty cool the white kid the got hit by a bus now is a black kid I hope the use him because the was a great part of the the movie ok no more hints!!!! No John don't
J Bro (5 days ago)
I live right next to a huge woods in Massachusetts and I've actually never been up there. Even in the daytime they look scary.
Logan Lion (7 days ago)
It’s tough to scare me these days with current horror flicks but this seems to creep me the f out...So I’m in
Janu raadian (8 days ago)
I can't wait this movie on cinemas and also on inflixer too, I think this movie its gonna be a good upcoming American supernatural horror film soon.
Kieran McLaughlin (9 days ago)
Your imagination paints a far scarier picture - one of the reasons I live the book. The first movie was disappointing - remains to be seen whether this version captures the atmosphere of the book....
Katrina Miller (9 days ago)
Soooo I don't get this one.....is this just a haunting......the original is better with dead scary Gage
Jarred Harper (7 days ago)
Katrina Miller, it isn’t a haunting. This is just a teaser trailer, so it’s failrly vague. If I read correctly, the movie isn’t even completely done editing and such yet. This is still dead animals and dead Gage and Zelda and all that :)
KingD.O.E. (9 days ago)
Hope they don’t modernize it with iPhones and Facebook placements #StickToTheNovel
ForbiddenInfoRevealed (9 days ago)
Fk you. The original aged well. This looks good too. But still fk you
Kevin Wyatt (9 days ago)
Please don’t suck! Please don’t suck!
Kevin Wyatt (7 days ago)
Jarred Harper WutFace
Jarred Harper (7 days ago)
Kevin Wyatt It won’t suck, just slightly lick the tip.
What The F Blog (9 days ago)
Omg!!! This is one of my FAVORITE Stephen King book to movie adaptations!!!! I cant wait for this!!!:-) The scariest part of the original was when the old man had his ankles sliced open getting outta bed!!! :-/ For months Id jump a few feet away from the bed when I got up lol There was no way Id put my feet straight down where something under the bed could get them! :-) I LOVED THE ORIGINAL!!!
Vuelve un clasico de Stephen King.
Michael Ferguson (9 days ago)
Looks promising, good cast.
Dustin Gibbons (9 days ago)
Hoping we get Windigos this time
ClockWorthy __ (9 days ago)
Judd isn’t Australian this movies trash
Fell Gate (9 days ago)
I've just finished reading the novel! Coincidence
Roderick Maddox (9 days ago)
If Gage doesn't say "No fair no fair" I don't want to see it
Sharp Design (9 days ago)
What is funny is the ad for the movie popped up before I played the video.
Gustavo Figueroa (9 days ago)
lee mua nguyen (9 days ago)
I want to see it but i am too scared... the original still haunts my dreams and gives me nightmares. Every time i see a patch of woods i think of the movie and the book.
gamesNzombies (9 days ago)
hell yeah! looks WAY better than the original
gamesNzombies (9 days ago)
+ForbiddenInfoRevealed um ok? Thats an odd comment for me stating my fucking opinion?
ForbiddenInfoRevealed (9 days ago)
And you wonder why you flunked 3rd grade .. .
Red X (9 days ago)
Next you’ll say “I was only pretending to be retarded”
Y2Viral X7 (9 days ago)
Don't look NOTHING like the original!
StopFear (2 days ago)
That IS kind of the point they are trying to make. The movies based on a book, which then get a movie remake.
A.B.Almaraz (9 days ago)
but he probably is in rage cause he found the bodies of jud and rachel
JEN ESCO (9 days ago)
+A.B.Almaraz watch it again. The dad looks in a "rage" in a clip towards the end. the hand prints also look too high for a child.
A.B.Almaraz (9 days ago)
+JEN ESCO how did you jump,to,that???
A.B.Almaraz (9 days ago)
The original thing was the book tho. The first movie may be a classic, but surely could,have been waaaay better

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