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All Scenes Colleen Wing #2

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I made All Powers and Fights Scenes of Colleen Wing portrayed by Jessica Henwick in Iron Fist Season 2 (2018) scenes Marvel! Tell me what you think of the character and what you think of the video! Appreciate! Who do you want video?? If you liked this video, comment here and like this video!
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Text Comments (24)
Selma Carneiro (14 days ago)
ALL scenes medusa Inhumans please please
Emi CT (14 days ago)
You cut way too much You could fix that
Devin Bennett (15 days ago)
All scenes misty knifht
Kyle MacDonald (15 days ago)
Please please please do All Scenes Gwen Tennyson and could you please split them into different videos for each iteration, i.e: All Scenes Gwen Tennyson (Original Series /Classic) All Scenes Gwen Tennyson (Alien Force) All Scenes Gwen Tennyson (Ultimate Alien) All Scenes Gwen Tennyson (Omniverse) Thank you.
shadow x (15 days ago)
All Scenes John Wick catwoman (2004) Elektra (2003) (2005) Misty Knight Typhoid Mary Wasp Hawkeye John Kale Mike Banning ( Olympus has fallen and London has fallen) Melinda May # 2 Agent 33 Wonder Woman Lady sif lady Deathstrike carrie white Reign (World killers) Batgirl All Character from BOP tv series letty from fast and furious selene maggie rhee riley north Lorraine broughton katana (Suicide squad) trinity from the matrix the enchantress (Suicide squad) vanessa helsing wynonna earp
Theo Black (15 days ago)
Bo Dennis please
Force Fields (15 days ago)
All scenes Invisible Woman (animated)
Gonçalo Fuschhini (15 days ago)
All scenes Melinda may 2 and vibe 2
Yociné (15 days ago)
Colleeeeen😍😍😍😍😍👌😁😄, all scene typhoïde Mary, raven and starfire animated movies and series, all scene catwoman (2006 halle Berry) 🙏🙏😁😁
stanediting (15 days ago)
PLEASE do a scene pack of Misty Knight (from all shows she's in)! And of Walker (from iron fist)!
GRACJAN JĘDRYS (15 days ago)
All scenes Wonder Woman #1 Supergirl #2 - season 2 Supergirl #3 - season 3 Reign - Supergirl Pestilence - Supergirl Izzy Bowen - Flash Medusa - Inhumans Lydia Martin - Teen Wolf Malia Tate - Teen Wolf Kira Yukimura - Teen Wolf Cora Hale - Teen Wolf Kate Argent - Teen Wolf Victoria Argent - Teen Wolf Hayden Romero - Teen Wolf Erica Reyes - Teen Wolf Meredith Walker - Teen Wolf Evelyn Sharp - Arrow Shado - Arrow Golden Glider - Flash Alex Danvers - Supergirl Nebula #2 - Avengers Green Arrow #2 - season 2 Green Arrow #3 - season 3 Green Arrow #4 - season 4 Green Arrow #5 - season 5 Green Arrow #6 - season 6 Flash #1 - season 1 Flash #2 - season 2 Flash #4 - season 3 Flash#4 - season 4 Superman - Supergirl Mon -el - Supergirl The Guardian - Supergirl Martian Manhunter - Supergirl Wild Dog - Arrow Mr. Terrific - Arrow Vibe #2 - Flash Reverse Flash Zoom Savitar Elongnated Man Kid Flash Alchemy Heat Wave Firestorm Ronnie Raymond Firestorm Jefferson Jackson A.T.O.M Hawkman Citizen Steel Ghost Rider Black Bolt - Inhumans X - Men: Profesor X Wolverin Deadpool Beast Colossus Nightcrawler Banshee Angel/Archangel Warpath Avengers: Captain America Iron Man Thor Hawkeye Hulk Star Lord Quicksilver Spiderman Vision Black Panther Loki Drax Falcon Winter Soldier Wong Heimdall Groot Rocket Raccon Pepper Potts War Machine
KHÔI TRẦN HOÀNG (15 days ago)
ghost in ant man pls
Marcus Muniz (15 days ago)
all scenes melinda may #2 black cat (animated) batwoman (animated)
Lucila Viera (15 days ago)
All Scenes Misty Knight All Scenes Wasp Please?
David Morales (15 days ago)
Can you please do all scenes Phil Coulson? Thanks for making awesome videos!
Parris Summers (15 days ago)
Can we get misty knight?
James Official (15 days ago)
*Colleen Wing vs Elektra* *Who would win???*
Emi CT (14 days ago)
I'd say Elektra but now Colleen has the Iron Fist at full power, and she is a much smarter fighter than Danny ever was when he fought Elektra with it, so I think it could be a tie or either a hard win for Elektra
Kyle MacDonald (15 days ago)
+Alexandre Delbois hands down.
James Official (15 days ago)
+Alexandre Delbois True lol
Alexandre Delbois (15 days ago)
超漫 (15 days ago)
All Scenes Livewire (Animated) Mr.Freeze (Gotham) Solomon Grundy (Gotham) (Animated) Deadpool #1&2 Firefist (Deadpool 2) Lydia Martin/Banshee (Teen Wolf) Kira Yukimura Katana Fight (Teen Wolf) Alec Lightwood (Shadowhunters) Jace Wayland (Shadowhunters) Overgirl (Earth-X) Dark Arrow (Earth-X) catwoman (2004) Electro (The Amazing Spider-Man 2) Grodd Gorilla (Animated) Ghost Rider (Ghost Rider 1&2)(Agents Of Shield) Hydro Man (Animated) Silver Banshee (Animated) Please
All scenas hit girl

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