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CODE LYOKO - EP28 - Unchartered territory

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CODE LYOKO - EP28 - Unchartered territory While investigating the Hermitage, the house where Aelita has had visions, Jeremy discovers that it once belonged to a Mr. Franz Hopper, a former teacher at Kadic Academy. Even more interesting is the fact that there may be a connection between him, the factory and the Super-computer. Back at school, the other pupils are giving Aelita a hard time. In despair, she decides to run back to Lyoko – what a golden opportunity for XANA to kidnap her! While the gang is looking for Aelita, they discover that XANA has taken her to unknown sector -- Sector 5! The episode ends with our heroes saving Aelita from the grips of a new monster as it was trying to steal her memory! So who is Franz Hopper really? What will they find out in Sector 5? Why does XANA want Aelita’s memory? Our heroes must get to the bottom of these new mysteries!
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Text Comments (326)
Harvey Miantezila (1 day ago)
I feel Aelita. I had some similar problems, but it was in a mental hospital AND it had nothing to do with a vutral (excuse my spelling) world
Tim Oneal (9 days ago)
Star changing you name Elizabeth
Tim Oneal (3 days ago)
Star changing
Darth Vitiate (10 days ago)
I didn’t know anything about Carthage or the Punic Wars as a kid but now I know almost everything about it
EddieGamer 123?? (10 days ago)
Xana is trying to take out aleita's memories of ulrich,yumi,odd and jeremy
Matthew Kartanowicz (12 days ago)
12:05 For a moment, I thought Sissi said "Crap" :D
Game Face (16 days ago)
You know, Xana probably would’ve won if he’d just burned down that house...
Cloudkev SSBU (20 days ago)
Aelita needs a hug. I feel so bad for her.
CJ Allen (21 days ago)
I am not playing
Deonte Garnes (1 month ago)
They've finally found sector 5
schweenieboy (1 month ago)
In Other Words Go Straight To Sissi's Father.
Miguel Garcia (1 month ago)
23:08 Roast of the century.
Sinley Potier (1 month ago)
So at 13:20 Ulrich motorcycle could fly Watch how in a few episode it not gonna fly and I surprise that none of them got devirtualize At 21:46 pause and look at Ulrich teeth
Harvey Miantezila (1 month ago)
So this episode must have been where rule 34 reached a new level
EmeraldCrafts (2 months ago)
The Schyphozoa is where tentacle hentai was born
Pablo Hernandez (21 days ago)
Diamondfoxy 2006 (2 months ago)
[TeamNite] L1NER (2 months ago)
I forgot how savage these kids were lmao
Derrick Van-Wyk (2 months ago)
“Elizabeth, if you continue to disrupt the class, I warn you, I will send you to your father’s office.” Now wait a minute. The teacher asked Jeremie if he knew where Aelita was. Sissi knew so she simply chimed in. She really did nothing wrong there. I swear sometimes this girl is destroyed for no reason 😂
Tod Hannahs (3 months ago)
Tod Hi
ScarySara93 (3 months ago)
'Odd': "Yeah; and if you want, I'll teach you plenty of ways to tell Sissi to go to...." 'Me': " What was that 'Odd', where exactly should she go?" 😏
gotham hunters (3 months ago)
So is the squid thing xana or just another monster
KinjiroTheThunder (3 months ago)
gotham hunters just another
Anna bella (3 months ago)
ODD was a complete Savage in this episode, I love it.
Autom (3 months ago)
Ulrich was my first crush I ever had, in kindergarten I was smitten with this cartoon boy 😂
AJ The RPG gamer (2 months ago)
Willam was my first cartoon crush
Zosia Wieczorkowska (3 months ago)
I is only me or anyone else can't stop thinking who is paying for Aelita's school? Also for electricity usage in old, not working factory?
Not Royal Skyline (3 months ago)
I’ve been rewatching the whole thing and completely forgot about how they have recover what happened to alita, it’s funny how serious that outdo is compared to the rest of the show
I cried so much that aelita got treated so bad
MastaManKuKu (4 months ago)
I have been searching everywhere and cannot find the song that starts at 0:57 someone please help it gets stuck in my head all the time an I just want to listen to it without hearing mr puck getting chased by wolves
Cenedra Silva (4 months ago)
Wait..... Didn't Jim get fired?
Mark White (3 months ago)
They reversed time at the beginning of season 2 so everything that led to him discovering Lyoko (like him chasing Jeremy and causing him to break his ankle) didn’t happen.
MasterYumi (3 months ago)
Cenedra Silva Naw you’re good! There’s so much more to keep up with that I’m honestly not sure if he was or not. I do have kind of a vague memory of that 🤔. If that memory is right though then we’re both right ^_^
Cenedra Silva (3 months ago)
MasterYumi oh. My bad. Thx for the info 😁
MasterYumi (3 months ago)
Cenedra Silva If he ever was then he was rehired. He was even in Evolution.
McClellandClan (4 months ago)
Jellyfish looks so clean and creepy
abola1216 (4 months ago)
Omg sisi real name is alizbet
abola1216 (4 months ago)
Poor aelita
Abigail Stuckey (4 months ago)
Pablo Hernandez (21 days ago)
Ark Arky (4 months ago)
7:16 Did that guy just call Aelita a ho? XD lol
Hayllie Oulman (5 months ago)
Who else ships Xana and Odd?
Hayllie Oulman (5 months ago)
20:21 somebody in the sound department was having a laugh cuz that was definitely a fart sound
Walter Kovacs (5 months ago)
I must've accidentally walked into the girls bathroom about five times in high school and never got so much as a pat on the wrist.
Minnesotabro (5 months ago)
Wow I remember watching this all the time when i was in 2nd and 3rd grade. What a trip down memory lane. It's been 11 years and i still kind of remembered this episode
Flaming Red Phoenix (6 months ago)
Sissi get wreck/roasted by Aelita
riverhope42 (6 months ago)
*cackling of a rewatcher, knowing what it all means*
Diamond Robinson (6 months ago)
Sissi, you leave Aelita alone! She has done nothing to you!!!
Matthew Osman (6 months ago)
Sissy is such a cunt
Sade 2003 (6 months ago)
(Pause at 3:29) What the hell is up with that girl's face?
Miguel Reyes (7 months ago)
Haha 22:44 Odd Was Gonna Teach Aelita On How To Tell Her To Go To Hell And At 23:07 He Was Gonna Say You Bitch qx
Anton Fuchs (7 months ago)
jeez Jim just atoumatically has to be a dick
Joe Mueller (7 months ago)
Damn, sometimes I forget how fucking big the hornets are...
icypika (7 months ago)
Sissi is horibble
Rayla (7 months ago)
And Karma is best character in Ac.. thanks captain obvious
ItsDaKoolaidDude (7 months ago)
11:46 Whoa there, cameraman. Gettin too close to the forehead.
Rayla (7 months ago)
ItsDaKoolaidDude dem eyes though. she’s not called Eye-Lita for nothing. i’ll go now...
Powerpuff Katie (7 months ago)
I would tell those kids to fuck off if I was Aelita!
XANA Carnage (4 months ago)
I'd give all of them the finger lol
Noobyfools (7 months ago)
Everyone asks why did XANA bring Aeilta to sector 5, but if you stop and think about it,. he was simply trying to steal her memories. Nothing more nothing less
Izaiah Edmonds (7 months ago)
Back I was a kid I thought this show was so awesome . how cool would it be if u could go into a virtual world and fight monsters and save the real world
MasterYumi (3 months ago)
Well, VR is a pretty good step towards it 👍🏻 at least compared to what was possible when this show came out.
Izaiah Edmonds (6 months ago)
Daniel Ahn I would join xana and take over the world and find a way to kill xana and use lyoko as my owe. Playground
Soff Hannie (7 months ago)
Karma Akabane tbh same
Rayla (7 months ago)
as a kid i’ll say fuck humanity and join XANA. as an adult i’ll say fuck humanity and join XANA. is that a good thing or a bad thing this ideology didn’t change?
Native Wolves (8 months ago)
Poor aelita
Native Wolves (8 months ago)
Okami (8 months ago)
sissy got fucking destroyed
Cigar Ashtray (8 months ago)
Could anybody give me an idea about what is this food? 7:14
Rayla (7 months ago)
Cigar Ashtray something probably super disgusting.
Leel oo7 (8 months ago)
Welcome to level 2
Episode 28 The new sector
Cigar Ashtray (8 months ago)
Live_Ares (8 months ago)
i will bet any of you that Aelita is Franz Hoppers daughter
Pablo Hernandez (21 days ago)
Winner winner chicken dinner
abola1216 (4 months ago)
We know it was in evelotion
Live_Ares (7 months ago)
no... why?
Rayla (7 months ago)
ding ding you win... you win the You Pay Attention in English Class And Understand Context clues Award. ps. Does Capitalising Every Word Trigger You?
Infinity Percival (7 months ago)
You are correct. lol
Bethany Lawrence (8 months ago)
do you guys think, maybe that, lyoko is an x file, like the men who came after aelita's father were actually fbi agents
Rayla (7 months ago)
Bethany Lawrence it was agents of the french government so ya guess it would be the french fbi. although the military project was a joint un project so i guess the FBI would have jurisdiction here... and in the English Dub they make so they live in the us. by describing recent in show stuff congress is doing and wanting to go over sea’s in Europe for foreign classes.
Bethany Lawrence (7 months ago)
Karma Akabane perhaps the french equvillent of fbi agents idk
Rayla (7 months ago)
Bethany Lawrence this takes place in france... so It wasn’t the FBI that was after Hopper. why would the American Govement chase someone who ditched a project created by the French government?
Zacoria Loves Puppies (8 months ago)
Patrick Martin (8 months ago)
TANYA GARNETT (8 months ago)
Lol his bike can fly
EC _9700 (8 months ago)
Looking back at this again.... their foreheads are huuuuuuge
Maria Chavez (9 months ago)
Holy Fishpaste what is that!? Oh wait, it's just sissy.
I know how Aelita feels in this episode.
reilly angeline (9 months ago)
Felt so bad for aelita in this episode
Infinity Percival (8 months ago)
I'm pretty sure everyone does.
Alfarel R. Sy. (9 months ago)
seriously i've just realized how savage this guys lmao. never noticed that when i was 11
Sade 2003 (10 months ago)
Who else really wanted to pound Sissy in this episode?😡😡👿
KinjiroTheThunder (3 months ago)
Karma Akabane the bad kind of pounding
MasterYumi (3 months ago)
Yes, very much so 😡 I wanna slap her so hard all of her makeup falls off.
Rayla (6 months ago)
isn’t that illegal? i mean what if pounding her got her pregnant?
Infinity Percival (10 months ago)
Hell yeah, Sissi is a bitch.
TaraLee (10 months ago)
Poor Aelita!!! But she is just so cute!!!
Vigor The Sloth (1 month ago)
+Alan Walker 2.0 lol you aren't real?
Vigor The Sloth (1 month ago)
TaraLee q
riverhope42 (6 months ago)
ikr makes you wanna give the poor girl a hug
Kyle Torres (6 months ago)
You have the top comment on EVER one of these Code Lyoko Videos lol
theDmjtim (10 months ago)
Look at 23:55
Sayyidah Salmon (10 months ago)
I forgot about season two you know XD The soundtrack got better though, I LOVE the outro song
Penny Clarke (10 months ago)
Brilliant cartoon
Dreco Faria (10 months ago)
This just got 70x more interesting. Holy cow. O-o
Sketchy (the) Changeling (10 months ago)
The way you have to get to Sector 5 is such a troll move. You have to go to the furthest edge of a sector, only to have the transporter take you all the way to the opposite end towards the center of Lyoko.
Christian Lawson (2 months ago)
Nicolas Natanael (11 months ago)
This episode"s virtualization proccess is faster than season 1 :3 Edit: And they don't need to kill each other to devirtualize
Kayla Jones (11 months ago)
Sissi really does define the essence of bitchiness in this episode
Rayla (7 months ago)
i wonder why people defend her. ya she wants Ulrich to be nicer to her but do the french not teach the golden rule? do onto others as you want them to do unto you. meaning if you’re a bitch to someone they’re be a bitch to you.
Klonoa1211 (9 months ago)
Felesher Fisher amen.
Sade 2003 (10 months ago)
Kayla Jones true
Askari- XL (11 months ago)
‘Yeah you never, you just might sprout a brain’ -Aelita If this isn’t where my savagery came from I don’t know where else
SimplySarah (1 month ago)
Askari- XL my favorite comeback of hers is later on in the series when she says “sissy your head is so full of helium you can float to the top” 😂
xBwahx (1 year ago)
23:08 YASSSS Aelita and that flawless CLAP. 👏 BACK. 👏 Now that I'm older I'm seeing some of the things that made this show so awesome. One of the things being the character development. Aelita in this episode is just one of the small examples. Aelita realizes that you have to take the good of humanity with the bad. And at the end, instead of running away from it all, she decides to fight back by basically telling Sissy to fuck off.
Nicholas Brady (1 year ago)
Where did Talia go
Andre Chil (3 months ago)
Bruh who is Talia at this point
Sade 2003 (10 months ago)
Nicholas Brady the world will never know
Infinity Percival (1 year ago)
Good question.
Kurami Rocket (1 year ago)
I like Sissi because she's a complex character, but my god was she being a b**** this ep. No excuse for her behavior here
This was legit a wonderful episode to reintroduce people who like plot driven storylines. Of course, I would just start them at season 2 if they were familiar with Code Lyoko but weren't as into the characters themselves as I was.
Why is Franz so creepy? 😂
-:DonkLord:- (1 year ago)
What with the bike flying?
Rayla (7 months ago)
-:DonkLord:- it’s actually hovering,not flying.
David Coupel (1 year ago)
Charcoal Head (1 year ago)
22:19 Roll credits
Severed_wingsHQ (1 year ago)
am i the only one who just loves the outro in season 2
Infinity Percival (1 year ago)
No. :)
LovelyLies16 (1 year ago)
22:42 I never caught what he was possibly about to say as a kid! lol
pikachu the mouse (4 months ago)
LovelyLies16 I always thought odd was going to say go to tell
SmolAndrogChild (1 year ago)
Poor Aelita... I understand not fitting in. I just want to give her a hug. I would legit be her constant bodyguard.
mehmet gurdal (3 months ago)
MasterYumi lmao :D
MasterYumi (3 months ago)
I’d slap Sissi do hard all that makeup would fall of 😡
mehmet gurdal (5 months ago)
at forth grade i was had some problems with fitting in to my new school but after a month everything was just fine, i had great friends and a great teacher :D he was giving everything he got to made us like school, man those were the best years of my entire school life but i wasnt that lucky at 6th grade i was ended up in a dump
Rayla (7 months ago)
i was always the odd one out in school fortunately there were other kids similar to me and we all just hung out together. friends i made in kindergarten stayed with me till 10th grade. and every single one of them are giant Anime nerds. picked this show up just to make my friend shut up about it. now i’m getting my degree in computer science...
Powerpuff Katie (7 months ago)
SmolAndrogChild same if I was at the lunch line I would tell those kids to fuck off
TheShapeH31 (1 year ago)
*Sissi*: "Well Ulrich sweetie, she's going to have to learn how to adapt. It's a jungle out there!" *Odd*: "You can say that again! I'm looking at a big baboon right now!!" *Me*: I never noticed how savage these kids are when I was a kid!!!
ClodFillet (30 days ago)
Powerpuff Katie (7 months ago)
Yeah really
Artistic Neanderthal (7 months ago)
Yay decode talker.
Zacoria Loves Puppies (8 months ago)
TheShapeH31 lkr i was 6-8 when I watched this
MljGaming (9 months ago)
TheShapeH31 maaan odd and ulrich be killing me
Momo Kanjaki (1 year ago)
Sissi no doubt is jealous that Aelita is able to be welcomed in the group so easily, yet she still isn't able to after all of this time due to her not knowing how to rightfully approach the group.
Max The Brony (1 month ago)
+Warhawk0901 yes yes. Roast her more. It's funny
Positivity-Prevails (2 months ago)
I never thought of that!!!
Warhawk0901 (3 months ago)
Not mouthing off at them for no reason would be a start.
Bitty Bears (1 year ago)
They should've given Yumi and Aelita more moments in the series.
Daniel Davis (1 year ago)
Always loved this episode, the dumb little bitch got what she deserved for going there by herself.
Infinity Percival (1 year ago)
Cut her some slack would ya? Sometimes it’s hard to adjust to a new life. Plus it’s not like they knew about the Scyphozoa or Sector 5 anytime prior to this episode.
Jory Johnson (1 year ago)
23:03 OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! FUCKING WASTED, *BITCH*!!! Someone get Aelita some shades, she fucking earned those points!
My Afrifa (1 year ago)
The whauwannacallit with the creepers is like royalty, see the way the creepers back off when it comes. yumi has also been spending too much time with willam YEAH AELITA GIVE IT TO SISSI, SHOW HER WHO'S THE BO$$
Ensyna Medina (1 year ago)
I <3 Aelita's new style better than Season 1
Miguel Reyes (7 months ago)
Ensyna Medina It Was Only For 2 Episodes
Rey Delos Santos (1 year ago)
so it was xanas plan to use the blocks to drive aileta to the edge of the sector right? or did she just so happen to end up there and xana took advantage of it? or was it neither and my thoughts are both irrelevent and wrong?
Lorde Fan (1 year ago)
Maybe Frantz Hopper did it to save Aelita idk plot convience
Rey Delos Santos (1 year ago)
SiNKarnage lol thanks😂 sorry i just thought
SiNKarnage (1 year ago)
Pretty much option C
Austin Hale (1 year ago)
metroid Easter egg at 15:29.
byeout (1 year ago)
What annoyed me about the previous seasons is around 11:45 when Aelita would always be the damsel in distress. Always the victim. Always the one needing to be saved like a weak ass bitch and Jeremy not giving a fuck whether the others turned out safely just to protect her. Fucking retarded
Joseph Tafur (1 year ago)
first 2 seasons that's how she is but last 2 season is when she becomes a BADASS.
daniel poll (1 year ago)
To be fair, she would have died if her life points were reduced to zero, they come back.
Severed_wingsHQ (1 year ago)
fred and daphne
Vigor The Sloth (1 year ago)
livin to be fair she cant do much on Lyoko but yeah I understand the frustration
kaleb Powell (1 year ago)
livin Season one just so cliche up till the last 2 or 3 episodes. Glad season 2 fixed that by actually Introducing the story. This show got so much better with this season. Also with the higher quality animation lo
borger borger (1 year ago)
im betting yall 50 bucks someone is hiding tentacle hentai fanart of the schypozoa in their home
ZenoTech Tutorials (2 months ago)
Rule 34 my friend
Severed_wingsHQ (1 year ago)
im glad im not the only one who noticed that lmao especially when it grabs aelita if she had any other name it would be sex noise simulator
P1NK (1 year ago)
MysticMisty true 😂😂
Toastedbread (1 year ago)
guys I cant stop thinking about code lyoko
Jack Van Well (25 days ago)
Dang, must be XANAs doing
Max The Brony (1 month ago)
Boi stop describing me RN. I literally watch it when on break or on lunch. I'm tempted to find the Wii game so I can play it
AIDEN_ PEARCE (8 months ago)
Heh, your not the only one
Ceratoraptor (1 year ago)
And i can't stop dreaming about Code lyoko.
SiNKarnage (1 year ago)
I can't stop thinking about Lady Buns
☣ Alex ☣ (1 year ago)
23:08 Aelita is savage AF!

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