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All Scenes Jean Grey (Animated) #2

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I made All Powers Scenes Of Jean Grey in Tv Series Animated, Wolverine and the X-Men (2009), The Super Hero Squad Show (2009), Marvel Anime: X-Men (2010) and Iron Man Armored Adventures (2010)!Tell me what you think of the character and what you think of the video! Appreciate! Who do you want video?? If you liked this video, comment here and like this video!
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Text Comments (43)
RDS o anjo solitário (20 days ago)
Good all scenes Luke cage
sergio reche gonzalez (20 days ago)
El Fénix e uno de los personajes de Marvel mas poderosamente omipresentemente de todos.
GRACJAN JĘDRYS (21 days ago)
All Scenes Wonder Woman #1
Fabian S (21 days ago)
What X-Men series is in @1:35 ?? Looks cool and looks like anime.
Music creator (21 days ago)
All scenes Clifford or marlize devoe
Redster11 Lew (21 days ago)
Devin Bennett (21 days ago)
All scenes Misty Knight
Joseph Precious (21 days ago)
Franck Class (21 days ago)
Why can't fox make this kind of Phoenix/Jean.? Why?
Its Emari (21 days ago)
Wolverine and The X Men Jean Grey had some amazing scenes. She deserved more screen time in that series.
Renan Ramalho (21 days ago)
makes the Ravena
Ale Play TV (21 days ago)
All scenes Psylocke ( animated )
Guilherme Gonçalves (22 days ago)
All scenes raven (teen titans and Live action)
Music creator (22 days ago)
All scenes wild dog
Music creator (22 days ago)
All scenes elongated man
Music creator (22 days ago)
All scenes earth x snart
Music creator (22 days ago)
All scenes spartan
Force Fields (22 days ago)
All scenes Invisible woman (animated) :(
Paulo Henrique (22 days ago)
All scenes catwman animated
phoenix risi (17 days ago)
Marvel girl,Jean Grey,Phoenix to Dark Phoenix she so awosome,
Daniel Mascarenha (22 days ago)
Sa ad (22 days ago)
All Scenes Colleen Wing #2 and All Scenes Raven (Teen Titans) pls
Torok Ferencz Feryy (22 days ago)
Next. All scenes hawkgirl (animated)
Jean Flores (22 days ago)
Tysm for this!!!😩👏🏼 Being the greatest once again. 💝💯
Lucila Viera (22 days ago)
All Scenes Melinda May #2 (AOS) All Scenes Jace Wayland (Shadowhuters) All Scenes Citizen Steel (LOT) All Scenes Coleen Wing #2 (Iron Fist) All Scenes Misty Knight (Iron Fist and Luke Cage) All Scenes Mon-El (Supergirl) All Scenes Kira Yukimura (Teen Wolf) All Scenes Alec Lightwood (Shadowhunters) All Scenes Tabitha (Gotham) All Scenes Barbara Kean (Gotham) All Scenes Batman (Gotham) Please?
Gonçalo Fuschhini (22 days ago)
All scenes Melinda may 2
Yociné (22 days ago)
Yeeeeees 😍😍😍😍👌, all scene raven and starfire animated pleaaaaase 🙏🙏🙏🙏
it's me (22 days ago)
Yes! Now all scenes martian manhunter please
Sanjuan Jesús (22 days ago)
All scenes storm (animated) All scenes Medusa (inhumans) All scenes crystal (inhumans) All scenes megan (Young justice) All scenes Raven (Teens Titans) All scenes Zatanna (young justice)
OceanOtter (22 days ago)
All scenes Emma Frost animated
Dakota Panthers (22 days ago)
Gwen Tennyson Is More Powerful In My Opinion but good video
Dakota Panthers (15 days ago)
JBaby Lucus she's a ANODITE she have powers that humans can cant comprehend mean she out smart anyone dont forget that Anodites have super human & Enchanted Intelligence.
Dakota Panthers (15 days ago)
JBaby Lucus and your wrong gwen can knock out powerful users too https://youtu.be/04puBRPLzd4
Dakota Panthers (15 days ago)
JBaby Lucus yea ok i still dont agree
JBaby Lucus (22 days ago)
+Dakota Panthers jean has knocked out powerful beings before with her tp and her tk can manipulate matter/energy at the atomic scale. This doesnt mean she can manipulate gwen's magic but it does mean that if gwen isn't careful jean could hurt her. As I stated if gwen doesnt have some seriously strong tp shields jean could knock her out. The phoenix is a multiversal entity that commands the very thing gwen is. Anodites are made of pure life energy, the phoenix consumes and is made of that.
Dakota Panthers (22 days ago)
JBaby Lucus i disagree because Gwen is a magic alien meaning she cast non verbal spells meaning any thing so Jean Grey is 1 or 2% lower than Gwen Tennyson Period!
Khánh Nguyễn (22 days ago)
Trong nhóm X Men không có Dị Nhân nào mạnh hơn Jean Grey, bả quá bá luôn....
Tiago Tosta (22 days ago)
All scenes Lorraine Broughton (Atomic Blonde) please VAIIIII POOOOOR FAVOOOOR
超漫 (22 days ago)
All Scenes Livewire (Animated) Mr.Freeze (Gotham) Solomon Grundy (Gotham) Deadpool #1&2 Firefist (Deadpool 2) Lydia Martin/Banshee (Teen Wolf) Kira Yukimura Katana Fight (Teen Wolf) Alec Lightwood (Shadowhunters) Jace Wayland (Shadowhunters) Overgirl (Earth-X) Dark Arrow (Earth-X) catwoman (2004) Electro (The Amazing Spider-Man 2) Grodd Gorilla (Animated) Ghost Rider (Ghost Rider 1&2)(Agents Of Shield) Hydro Man (Animated) Silver Banshee (Animated) Please
Marcus Muniz (22 days ago)
all scenes melinda may #2 black cat (animated) batwoman (animated)
All scenes enchantres squad suicid
Gonçalo Fuschhini (22 days ago)
All scenes vibe 2

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