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Lawn Business Software (Service Autopilot, Yardbook,, Quickbooks Self-Employed, FindLotSize)

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An overview of the software I've used in my business
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Imperial Services (2 days ago)
Yardbook here also. But like you just said doing invoices is so dam time consuming. I’m looking into SA also have you looked into the automations. That’s going to be a game changer
Dulin Cut & Trim (2 days ago)
Automations are pretty sick but they’d cost me an additional 100 per month and they aren’t worth that to me yet
Tony Falcone (20 days ago)
How are you getting around the limited categories with qb self-employed? I have been trying the software since I watched your other video. I'm thinking I may need to use the startup plan instead. Also, expenses are not categorized with credit cards.
Dulin Cut & Trim (18 days ago)
I dont know what I would use, I dont have to pay to dump
Tony Falcone (19 days ago)
+Dulin Cut & Trim what category are you using for dumping debris?
Dulin Cut & Trim (20 days ago)
Woah bro! Lol jk you probably did but it would’ve been the debit card connected to my biz account. I haven’t owned a credit card since 2013
Tony Falcone (20 days ago)
+Dulin Cut & Trim didn't I see you pay for mulch with a card? Not that I'm stalking you or anything.
Dulin Cut & Trim (20 days ago)
Yeah self employed is extremely limited as far as customization goes so if you can’t figure out a way(or don’t want to) make those categories work than you’ll have to upgrade your plan I guess. I don’t use any kind of credit in my biz, just the one account so I haven’t really needed that feature
Josue Solis (10 months ago)
Helpful video. Thank you.
Dulin Cut & Trim (10 months ago)
Glad it was useful for you
Pete Puebla (11 months ago)
As far as I know, QuickBooks Self Employed tracks mileage now.
Dulin Cut & Trim (11 months ago)
Been using quickbooks self employed for 3 years. It's got limitations but does what I need it to do so I'm not complaining.
Pete Puebla (11 months ago)
Dulin Cut & Trim how long have you been using it? How do you like it?
Dulin Cut & Trim (11 months ago)
Yeah I just use quickbooks for mileage now
Pete Puebla (11 months ago)
Good video BTW. #thumbsup
Pete Puebla (11 months ago)
I just started using QB. I should've used QB long ago when I first became self-employed.
Jeremy Desmond (11 months ago)
are you also excepting credit card payments through SA and what are the fees.......great video very informitive
Dulin Cut & Trim (11 months ago)
Thanks! Yes, we use Bluepay for cc processing and it fully integrates with Service Autopilot. We pay 25 per month for that plus whatever the processing percentage is. Can't remember what that number is off the top of my head
JP MD Landscaping (1 year ago)
I used Yardbook that is great an free and i m going to start using quickbook for tax purposes ,, how much for sq ft you charge ?? great video !!!
Yardbook for me. Once I'm able to Im starting to think SA might be the way to go. I think marketing and better (faster) equipment will have a better ROI at this point.
Shawn Dodd (1 year ago)
I love housecallpro
Eclipse Lawn Care (1 year ago)
Thanks for the insight on these software. I’m currently using yardbook a myself. Just subscribed to your channel.
Awesome video! Great information, thank you.
H Perk (1 year ago)
Good video. I've been in the lawn business since 1979, good info, I'll type more later. Thank you for making this video.
Ousama Abdu (1 year ago)
Great video my man, thanks for addressing the question I had before.

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