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How to add Hard Disks in Oracle VirtualBox

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We will learn how to add hard disks into an existing virtual machines. This is identical to adding hard disks to a physical machine and can be used for a variety of reasons: more data storage, better performance or increased reliability via RAID setup and others. Dynamic Storage Terms: http://www.avoiderrors.net/?p=4034
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Text Comments (32)
T.Watcher (1 month ago)
It wont let me hit Ok
1CanDo Roblox Residence (3 months ago)
did not work
AL Kwasar (5 months ago)
Didnt work for me, I can access the host ssd system drive C: but I cant see or use my 2TB D: drive that I installed Virtual Box on to and partitioned, the one I want to install games to!!
muhammad ahsan (5 months ago)
how to save folder
Fon Tain (6 months ago)
Can’t get this to work with macOS in VirtualBox. It immediately takes me to Disk Utility in macOS to initialize the disk but the disk isn’t there.. any ideas?
Fon Tain (3 months ago)
Kevin Ganser nah I ended up going the Hackintosh route, luckily my current PC Build was compatible and I’m very happy I went this route.
Kevin Ganser (3 months ago)
Same. No solution yet bruh?
TheRangeControl (9 months ago)
uggghhh... why no connection to something like ubuntu? If someone NEEDS windows, they can stay in windows. Not saying their needs aren't important, just less of an occurence than going from windows to linux... hell, even apple. :-/
CloudCube X (9 months ago)
What u need internet
Black Screen (1 year ago)
it didnt work
GoldNite (1 year ago)
didnt work
i did all of it but it did not work
Max (1 year ago)
So at the end like how do I set a location exactly?
Yandere Hóvi-chan (2 years ago)
it still cam't see it
xasaGaming (2 years ago)
Hoparduc Snowpanther no problem ;)
Yandere Hóvi-chan (2 years ago)
thank you for taking your time to write that but I already figured it out sorry thanks anyways :)
xasaGaming (2 years ago)
Captain here: If you can't see the Storage you add, do the following: 1. Right click "computer", select manage. 2. Select disk management, right click your newly added disk 3. Select "New Simple Volume" 4. Click Next > Next > Then you'll see "Assign the following drive letter" (select the any letter you like) > (Note: You'll need to uncheck the "Perform a quick format", so it will work) Next > Finish 5. Wait for the format to done loading 6. Your newly added disk is there for you to use, works every time i tried it. "Flies Away"
RockeyDAproductions (2 years ago)
boooo, this came up for "add physical drive in virtualbox" i did VBoxManage internalcommands createrawvmdk -filename "F:\Users\Administrator\VirtualBox VMs\Whistler\Disk6.vmdk" -rawdisk \\.\PhysicalDrive6 but and i see the drive but i cant format it. im trying to make my PC asist in the instlation of windows on a 4gb hdd for a 133mhz computer that is not stable enough to make it threw the restarts of installing windows.
RockeyDAproductions (2 years ago)
well, i tired moving hdd from usb ide adapter to my internal ide on my workstation and it seems to work now... so thats odd, my usb to ide treats drives just like internal ones, can even boot from it on modern computers.
Xx[Beat It]xX (2 years ago)
there' s no SATA controller
Xx[Beat It]xX (2 years ago)
there' s no SATA controller
FaiTh Anthony (2 years ago)
Thank you now i know the manage button!
Cyber Tech (3 years ago)
How can i delete the virtual disk and if i delete it can i get back the memory
CW S3vEN (2 months ago)
MY boi it is hard i spend 5 hours trying to recover them at last i did it but seriously i consider just restarting your whole virtual box
Albert Fifth (3 years ago)
I forget to use Disk Management so big Thanks !
AvoidErrors (3 years ago)
+Albert Fifth thank you
Ashish Kumawat (3 years ago)
How can I add Hard Disk Drive of Host Operating System. Please suggest me.
Adil (5 years ago)
Thank you
bemonolit (5 years ago)
can I add an other external hard drive using usb or other way
GardenBotanical (5 years ago)
concise and complete for the topic. You must be a top teacher or coach. Thanks for spending time to help.
Biyanka N. Perera. (6 years ago)
instructions are very clear, keep up the good work mate !!!
keeperofconundrums (6 years ago)
What if I want to use a real HDD, full RAW access?

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