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Funny Happy Birthday Olivia - Birthday Song

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Happy Birthday Song: http://HappyBirthdayPuppet.com Happy Birthday Olivia and Best Wishes on your Birthday! Be sure to check out Happy Birthday Puppet's other birthday videos. TAGS: happy birthday olivia, song happy birthday, funny birthday song, happy birthday puppet, happy birthday, happy birthday to you, happy birthday messages, happy birthday cards, happy birthday sms, happy birthday songs, happy birthday lyrics, happy birthday chords, happy birthday gif, happy birthday videos, happy birthday greetings, happy birthday pictures, happy birthday quotes, birthday greetings, free birthday cards, birthday ecards, happy bday, birthday, birthday song download, happy birthday quotes, happy birthday wishes, happy birthday youtube, happy birthday facebook, funny birthday song
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Text Comments (9)
Kenyoda Pullen (3 months ago)
My name is Olivia thanks for the song puppet lolo
Pearlie the octoling🐙 (11 months ago)
Me friend is name olivia
oh sisters yea (2 years ago)
thanks guys it accalluay my birthday
Happy Birthday Puppet (2 years ago)
+Olivia Karuri - Hope it was a great birthday!
Thank u so much... Love it. Blessings.
Dab on Em (2 years ago)
Their is too much Olivia's because my name is Olivia too
[BAD] Indy (1 year ago)
Dab on Em and the Olivia from Markipliers Your Welcome tour.
Shantal Roberts (1 year ago)
happy birthday
kitty girl (2 years ago)
stupid puppet...good song

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