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Funny Motivational Posters 4

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Condemmed Account (6 years ago)
1:26 yup shitting bricks rightnow.
Will Hoff (7 years ago)
Thumbs- oh wait that's a person. LMFAO
L0RDH00D (7 years ago)
Oh i would love to.
L0RDH00D (7 years ago)
@eyeofsithis more like crack...on crack
somthineyaknow (7 years ago)
short0stuff0celeste (7 years ago)
The mindf*ck for obama If you look at the kids head and where it is at, then obamas face...... connect the dots
GFHmicaella (7 years ago)
FLCL one is the best 1:16 completely agree, dont want it explained :D
Martin 'Qchaos' (7 years ago)
0:27 what does Liz Vicious doing in a youtube video ...
Revolver Ocelot (7 years ago)
So you were the one that took my name.......
BatmanNerd (7 years ago)
1:26 lol if you dont see it follow obamas arm. HAHA!
0:48 What in Heaven's name was that...?
Travis J Blues (7 years ago)
@Hurtydwarf Go look up the show and watch it through best way to learn WTF any of em are about...
Hurtydwarf (7 years ago)
can ANYONE explain FLCL? that show is so epic but so... dont even know...
Eclipseoraw (8 years ago)
ROFL!!! That last one was great! also at 1:08, Is that black person a guy or girls, I can barely tell lol...
Metatality (8 years ago)
I lost the game!
twistedanime1 (8 years ago)
@halossecrets1997 4chan is a website
halossecrets1997 (8 years ago)
what does 4 chan mean?
McGoaty (8 years ago)
omg, haha! the last one is bloomin' hilarious!! XD
Mara Costin (8 years ago)
0:16 i'm scared because i know every character from that pic :((
7Spriggan (8 years ago)
FLCL I don't want it explained. Even if you did, who could?
Olivier Ruscio (8 years ago)
Last pic is hilarious!!!
SonRyu (9 years ago)
Hah, Peter Griffin is watching Liz Vicious mastrubate. Looks like we share similar websites
youcomeupwithone (9 years ago)
for teh lulz and FLCL! fuck yeah
KingSparda (9 years ago)
Fooly Cooly
Lilia Liahov (9 years ago)
anime, when you'll see it you'll shit bricks
KingSparda (9 years ago)
an anime
KingSparda (9 years ago)
an anie

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