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Wii Shop Channel Music

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From Nintendo's Wii, the Wii shop channel's music.
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R.I.P Wii Shop
The dislikes are from PS3 and XBox 360 fans
David Holloway (6 hours ago)
Honestly, what a bop
arianna cruz (7 hours ago)
I just notice this came out a month before I was born...This is favorite song
DookNookPanic (8 hours ago)
AlEx NiNjA (8 hours ago)
I heard yanny
CoyDog790 (12 hours ago)
*as I say goodbye. I booted up the wiiShop with my friends for the last time ever and I got to hear this song* such times...
HorriblebooTM (13 hours ago)
0:04 “You do not kno da wae.” “Do you kno da wae?” I’m late but I couldn’t resist!
Sodasplash79 (13 hours ago)
RIP Wii Shop Channel
Franciscalls (13 hours ago)
Jeff Zhang (14 hours ago)
wow this video is over 12 years old. and the wii came out before this vid did im fucking old
Libby Edgarton (16 hours ago)
R.I.P. Wii Shop you will be missed. I am so sad they are getting rid of it... 😭
I Stole Your Memes (1 day ago)
It’s a shame that this is going to get shutdown soon It will be down on January 30th, 2019 Had some great memories going onto the channel and looking for games To find out more, goto https://en-americas-support.nintendo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/27560/~/wii-shop-channel-discontinuation-%28updated-26mar18%29
Jason, where are u going? -To the Wii Shop **Сomes to Wii Shop, hears this music** And no one has ever seen him again
Raion ɘȵ (1 day ago)
youtube algorithm: this is relevant content, lets recommend watching this
MA SQUAD96 (1 day ago)
Muy theme if i was in a game
K41 -Knex and More! (1 day ago)
This used to be amazing, and it still is! But now it makes me sad that the Wii Shop Channel is shutting down...
Micah Afshar (1 day ago)
Hi my name is fitz Welcome to the vid Hope you enjoy
Kyaw Thu (1 day ago)
Reminds me of the Krusty Krab commercial
The 8 Track Master (1 day ago)
Eishal Sadiq (1 day ago)
The Wii Shop is discontinuing in 12 days...what will be the point of living after this?
Runter Ranger (14 hours ago)
Jacob (1 day ago)
Cat Cattington (1 day ago)
Rest in peace Wii shop channel you will be greatly missed
Zaara Ali (1 day ago)
The Wii shop channel is something I never got to see, because I can't connect my Wii to Wifi, but I'll be sad to see it go! 😢 This music is so lively and fun. That makes me more sad.
FF Gaming (1 day ago)
*s̶l̶a̶z̶... Giofilms** ??
AB0R (1 day ago)
Hi my name is fitz Welcome to the vid I hope you enjoy
MatthewPlayz (2 days ago)
Too bad Wii shop is gonna be offline forever starting in January 30, 2019 :(
Beanie Queen (2 days ago)
When wait for your birthday but it takes so long.
Dino dog (2 days ago)
i did my homework listening to this XD
CM436 (2 days ago)
CM436 (2 days ago)
if anyone doesn't get it, it's a joke on how the wii shop is shutting down so we can't hear this music on our wii anymore
Enforced (2 days ago)
Fitz vids
ladonshot (2 days ago)
Y is this in my recommendation
Me,doing my homework
Bluue (2 days ago)
put it on x1.25 to experience the last lap in mario kart
Leo Swann (2 days ago)
Rip wii shop
Jreatscake (3 days ago)
absolute madlad
UnDiegoMas (3 days ago)
RIP Wii Shop, you will be forever in our hearts
Miguel Espinoza (3 days ago)
So relaxing
Tripping Azzi (3 days ago)
yo I love the user name
Galaxy Arts (3 days ago)
which is better? Q:Wii shop music.....or the Mii channel music? A: *b o t h*
clairox (3 days ago)
RIP Wii Store 😭😢
Jimmy Saville (3 days ago)
Kevin Medina Carbonó (3 days ago)
January 30th of 2019 will be the last time we could listen this masterpiece on our Wii :(
Ethan Man Playz (3 days ago)
RIP Wii Shop Channel, after 13 years you've made a n i c e m e m e
nintendo fanboy (3 days ago)
On the 30th the Wii shop closes good bye paper Mario sonic 3 and Mario 64 and punch out 😭😭😭😭
nintendo fanboy (3 days ago)
I know but still it's sad man 😥😥😥
Ethan Man Playz (3 days ago)
you can transfer the games over if you have enough wii points
geccome (3 days ago)
Play this at my funeral
Ashish Pujari (3 days ago)
Ringtone of this will be LIT
MasterYoshi 64 (3 days ago)
RIP Wii shop :(
Daniel Machado (3 days ago)
You are going to die in two weeks RIP
RIP 2019
Lennan Tuffy (4 days ago)
RIP in peace Wii shop, you will be missed.
Mclaren Senna (4 days ago)
r/softwaregore, r/whooosh, r/ihadastroke, r/notmyjob, r/etc
Miles Flaherty (4 days ago)
R.I.P Wii Shop Channel 2006-Jan. 30 2019 You Will Be Missed. Total Age: 11 Years, 32 Days
TheSkyrax 669 (4 days ago)
AlexMK (4 days ago)
can we get an f for the wii shop 2006-2019
Elichu (1 day ago)
Parker Brown (4 days ago)
the audio is quiet but is perfect for me because i'm in a library and do not have ear buds to listen to it
Jordan J (4 days ago)
fireredxy (4 days ago)
iOS GAMING 555 (4 days ago)
Scorting random planes XXL
Nesstalgia (4 days ago)
rip wii shop 2007-2019 that music takes me back
Silly Szili (4 days ago)
Callum Webster (4 days ago)
Fitz anyone
Crxzy' (4 days ago)
Wait, wrong music
AmaMarki (5 days ago)
i cry knowing that i never heard this song on my wii, because i couldnt connect to the internet when i was young, and i didnt have wifi intill i was 13 so i cry, then remember all the hours of fun and pain, sigh youll be missed wii
MkSMASH25 (4 days ago)
AmaMarki hahaha lol me! Jk but do it soon! the game was released in December already! Good luck!! :)
AmaMarki (4 days ago)
+MkSMASH25 then 80 years later ill be single popping to this music and playing smash on the wii
AmaMarki (4 days ago)
+MkSMASH25 yeah man haha will do
MkSMASH25 (4 days ago)
AmaMarki then 10 years later you’ll be like “I’m glad I played smash bro ultimate”
MkSMASH25 (4 days ago)
AmaMarki omg you need to catch up now... rip... well rn get the Nintendo switch and play smash ultimate it has like every song and stage from all the smash games so you can easily catch up with that game what you missed out
IDK Sound effects (5 days ago)
Goodbye Wii shop :,( Wii will miss U
dragonchaos98 98 (5 days ago)
Whenever I take I shit this song comes to my head
ultimatebman (5 days ago)
only 2 more weeks until this will be impossible to listen to officially
abc2390986 (4 days ago)
Well it is possible in smash bros
Psystep (5 days ago)
*Yep, there it this.. SMG4*
TomAss (5 days ago)
*never delete this*
Elvin1102 (5 days ago)
OonxzyHGz! ! (5 days ago)
Vicky Roessler (5 days ago)
0:00 Hi my name is fitz Welcome to the vid I Hope u enjoy
Screemu MSM (5 days ago)
I know this is a meme, but I actually really miss hearing this ...the most memiest nintendo console was my childhood
Greg JH (5 days ago)
Who's coming here because of listening Earth, Wii, and Fire video?
Hyperion (5 days ago)
Cleon Martins (5 days ago)
Oc optios
Cleon Martins (5 days ago)
The first time whein in hear its on roblox The Pizzeria Remastered OC
Vh 900 (5 days ago)
i love nintendo wii
Vh 900 (5 days ago)
o Love nintendo wii
Vh 900 (5 days ago)
i love nintendo wii
Dendi Puppy (5 days ago)
Hi fitz
This is the song i every vlog video i see on this site
January 30th is when it closes
Constantine T (6 days ago)
The Bored Magician (6 days ago)
Archer 777 (2 days ago)
Wii shop will forever live in our hearts rip 2006-2019
Igorr Ribei (6 days ago)
Vuk Andreas (6 days ago)
rest in peace
DELRIO SAVAGE (6 days ago)
😭😭😢😢😢 you will be missed
callumsarmy (6 days ago)
this will be elevator music for Nintendo land.
Jirø (6 days ago)
Some Random Weeb (6 days ago)
Every time i hear this song i am expecting a racist and offensive joke.
Some Random Weeb (6 days ago)
+bitchasshoeism WTF dude, i love Fitz's content
bitchasshoeism (6 days ago)
SJW cuck
岩JSS (7 days ago)
yo vengo por natalan alguien mas :v
The Power (7 days ago)
REALLY good drunk music btw
Toxic Seeker665 (7 days ago)
R.I.P Nintendo Wii shop
Golden Heart Films (7 days ago)
Nooooo!!! The Wii Shop channel is shutting down on the 30th!!!
Train Wreck (7 days ago)
This doo dio
TheChungus Amongus (7 days ago)
Haydee Camino (7 days ago)
Pranav Shridhar (7 days ago)

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