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Beast and Mystique DELETED Scene - X-MEN Days of Future Past Rogue Cut

14362 ratings | 18437043 views
An intimate moment between MYSTIQUE and BEAST ! Beast and Mystique DELETED Scene X-MEN Days of Future Past Rogue Cut Release Date : on Blu-Ray & Digital HD July 14, 2015 © 2015 - 20TH CENTURY FOX ✓ Subscribe now to catch the best trailers and the latest HD official movie trailer, film clip, scene and video !
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Text Comments (774)
Lapis is the Best Gem (21 days ago)
Is it bad that I ship it?
kaptan teemo (28 days ago)
magic myth2 (1 month ago)
is beast in someway the same sort of mutant as mystigue?
Knuckles x Sonia (1 month ago)
Poor Jennifer, this scene is groos because Nicolas (beast) change Jennifer for Kristen Steward, they broke up for this but the contract forced the contact betewen this actors, Jennifer sufer so much for the bastard of Nicolas.
King khali 1738 (4 months ago)
Its not deleted i saw this scene in the actual movie its self when i was watching x men days of future past
Ray Rivera (4 months ago)
oh yeah, because this is what we all wanted from an x-men movie, a love scene between JL and nerd guy.
Chungus of Rivera (4 months ago)
Woulda hulk smash that ass
TheDash Fortnite (4 months ago)
Beast Is a real *Beast*
Jamila Bernard (4 months ago)
2005YOLO (5 months ago)
I guess you can say he was a..."beast"...
Clive Harrison Montes (5 months ago)
Youre a beast
NS# (5 months ago)
Been wondering where is Mystique vagina.🤔
FadedHawks (5 months ago)
Warning! Warning! Horde of horny 12 year olds incoming! Warning! Warning!
Robin Schicha (5 months ago)
I am glad they cut this out. Its not helping the story and feels more like Fanfiction. They clearly break Up in the First Movie.
Ima Cat (6 months ago)
Da fak
Carambola Kids Tv (6 months ago)
No deleted scenes. Is fan made.
Geo Boy (7 months ago)
Anyone here in 2018 hellooooo
Asian Guy (7 months ago)
Fucking furrys
Window cleaner (7 months ago)
Blue on blue
Window cleaner (7 months ago)
No thanks
yomama binfartin (7 months ago)
It went from freaky 😉 to freaky 😨
Marina Martinez Loyo (7 months ago)
Oooh oooh
Dave Christopher Rumambi (7 months ago)
So this the 'true' 'Blue Film'.
Gonzo González (7 months ago)
T3ddYB3AR 2k (7 months ago)
Glad this was cut. I don't know how it could of played into the film well.
DeadPool (8 months ago)
No doubt she is the biggest whore in x men series
NotSoPro Guy (8 months ago)
Btw that ass tho
NotSoPro Guy (8 months ago)
Not all superhero movies are for children
gokkusagi parlak betul (8 months ago)
Nasip oldu beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Hasan Akarsu (8 months ago)
Slm bayanlar amcik yalamak istiyrm opmek istiyrm arayin hadi 5416026104 aeayn mesaj atin
baran jiyan (9 months ago)
ByShoorty 2003 (9 months ago)
Eh algun español como se llama la pelicula en español
FullFilm Studios (10 months ago)
If I touched my girls ass like that, she'd say *Woah, back away from my ass. I'll give you this in a couple years.* Three years later *Woah, back away from my ass.*
priya chauhan (10 months ago)
Muhammad Siddiqui (10 months ago)
Skipped to the goodies
Lina Lyna (1 year ago)
yyyyy fuckkk
Kenya Lumar (1 year ago)
that sweet ass but show some booby's
Malyha Khakwani (1 year ago)
"what do you think?" Christine .. is that you ? 😂😂
Felix Santos (1 year ago)
why delete this part?
best friend squad (1 year ago)
Fuck you
Jeez that ass
The Wolverine (1 year ago)
0.21 That ass.
Roshdy Shohdy (1 year ago)
ايه القلت الادب دي ازي تيجبو كدهمش عيب
Vaneca Taylor (1 year ago)
Gross but cute
traneec pettyaX ?x (1 year ago)
Asana Hamdi (1 year ago)
الله كون أنه هاي البنيه اجكد حلوه هاي البوسه
Sad memories (10 months ago)
Asana Hamdi اوووف
Ayush Agarwal (1 year ago)
sexy delet
Anwar Mathada (1 year ago)
Dare Devil 37 (1 year ago)
well i supose they dont call it 'X' man for nothing.
ثائر دحدوح (1 year ago)
ثائر دحدوح (1 year ago)
hussian sadoon (1 year ago)
Memo Mcpe (1 year ago)
Avenger 12 (1 year ago)
0:08 is were they kiss
Shelby Ramirez (1 year ago)
Yamely Javier (1 year ago)
Maria Reyes (1 year ago)
my mom and DaD do that tee tims.
عير بكس امك
TheGaming Mine (1 year ago)
Do you want to have sex with me and hump
Strun_Tultun (1 year ago)
I'm sorry, I may be the only one, but I ship them so hard
This wasn't deleted I saw it in the movie
Alicia Ross (1 year ago)
0:20 I really enjoy it when they go into full detail with her shape shifting.
Alisha Khan (1 year ago)
I can't believe these 2 dated in actual life😂😭😩
XxmlgprooxX 1337 (1 year ago)
Woah there
Josy Carrera (1 year ago)
uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhmmmmm.... what. the. fuck.
buka masuk (1 year ago)
🇲 🇺 🇳 🇬 🇰 🇮 🇳
علي فلاح (1 year ago)
نقص شويه
Valentin Grandvaux (1 year ago)
blue mystique tes chaude tu peut me baiser
David Wynne (1 year ago)
Marty Mcfly (1 year ago)
why the many views?
Cem can (1 year ago)
kızlar varmı sikişmek isteyen sikim kalktı 05457942749
XxIz. GiMeS (1 year ago)
سكس فرنسي٣
Martin VR (1 year ago)
Get dat blue ass.
Noah88Chagrin (1 year ago)
Now find the blue two...
mei mei (1 year ago)
And their child is the flying blue thing (Nightcrawler??) that Raven saved inX-Men: Apocalypse. 🤣🤣
Mystique looks hot as that girl
Elizabeth H (1 year ago)
Elizabeth H (1 year ago)
El Kiznavier (1 year ago)
oh cow *_*
Rahul Rathod (1 year ago)
emavenger (1 year ago)
they're so bluetiful
ليلى💌🌟🌠 ليلى💌🌟🌠 ليلى💌🌟🌠 ليلى💌🌟🌠 ليلى💌🌟🌠 ليلى💌🌟🌠 ليلى💌🌟🌠
Aliyha Roberts (1 year ago)
mdmipm (1 year ago)
so beast is nightcrawlers dad? hahahah
Sadashiva Hulakund (1 year ago)
secretfate (1 year ago)
I am the one who touches the Blue, when reaching into Valhalla!
Eric Howlett (1 year ago)
La mutante y la bestia.
Erick Biersack (1 year ago)
Y así fue concebido nightcrawler :B
Ian Wang (1 year ago)
Nikema Johnson (1 year ago)
Mike Person (1 year ago)
If you were with mystique you wouldn't even have to cheat on her. Wait but she might do a loyalty test on you by turning into another girl and approach you😂😂😂. Damn that would be tricky
sfex9 (3 months ago)
Mike Person She pulled that shit on her daughter's boyfriend 😂
Lor TC (1 year ago)
Once Hank Goes Beast, his Stroke game multiplies to 10,000
ambika Gv (1 year ago)
ambika Gv (1 year ago)
King Vegeta (1 year ago)
best Sense ever
Changing faces G (1 year ago)
Then beast boy was born but turned green
k ಠ_ಠ (1 year ago)
Now IM mentally scarred

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