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Camp Lehigh Training Scenes | Captain America The First Avenger (2011) Movie Clip

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Camp Training Scene | Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) Movie info: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0458339/ Buy it on Blu-ray: https://www.amazon.com/Captain-America-First-Avenger-Blu-ray/dp/B00PCK4UD6 Starring: Chris Evans, Hayley Atwell, Tommy Lee Jones, Hugo Weaving, Sebastian Stan, Dominic Cooper, Stanley Tucci, Toby Jones, Neal McDonough, Derek Luke -------------------------------------------------- ► Twitter: https://twitter.com/filmicbox ► Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/filmicbox ► Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/filmicbox ► Google+: https://plus.google.com/109939716731213840534 ► Scopian01: https://goo.gl/j0WzB2 -------------------------------------------------- *** TM & © Marvel / Disney / Paramount (2011) Monetized by owner/s. Their ads Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No copyright infringement intended. *** Grenade Scene 4K Ultra HD https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuGtSnFs0lbb7Loo0WeKmVQ
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Text Comments (1076)
Warbring3r (1 year ago)
Subscribe to filmic box and leave a like, can you pin this comment pls?
GRAMPS (1 day ago)
Warbring3r kissass
Sidharth sanjeev (1 month ago)
Zenepl M&B (1 month ago)
The quality of the american soldiers in ww2 was actually Trash.
Marcus Ho (1 month ago)
Gaming Gurl (1 month ago)
Triune Blades (6 hours ago)
I love this scene.
Thor The God of Thunder (13 hours ago)
One of the most inspirational movies ever.
mstf-Z waytroz (3 days ago)
They can make this scene much much better.
Shoal Nervo (5 days ago)
Prepare for him to sacrifice himself in the Last Avenger sequel.
P0T4T0 _g4z3 (5 days ago)
Rest in peace Stan lee
West Bradley-Taubner (8 days ago)
goes from this runt to fighting red skull,loki, thor, arnim zola,winter soldier, baron strucker, ultron, crossbones, iron man, baron zemo, corvus glave, proxima midnight and fricking thanos w/ 5 infinity stones. bet that those other guys would wet themselves if they met the future cap.
Prince Damien FTM (8 days ago)
Look at him he's making me cry
David Goodwin (10 days ago)
Why wouldn't you just kick the grenade? 🤔
David Goodwin (10 days ago)
I would've ran over and snatched the flag off the ground 😂😂
David Goodwin (10 days ago)
Why Rodgers ass at everything 😂 like hes short hes not a dumbass
Batlos (10 days ago)
Steve rogers taught me being skinny doesnt matter. What truly matters is the size of your heart.
Sandouras (10 days ago)
This is why Captain America is so great in the movies and why Snyder's Murderman isnt. I never cared for Captain America until these couple of scenes made him one of my favourites. I'd follow this guy to WWII Germany and jump in front of a bullet for him.
Jonny Juicer (11 days ago)
Hey, remember when Cap was intelligent?
Venkat Vetri (11 days ago)
Tony will always rocks
DJ Chahal (13 days ago)
A true hero. When everyone ran, he stayed.
Muffin ASH (13 days ago)
Rodgers puts his life at risk to save everybody, and what does the general say? ............ *“He’s still skinny”*
Yeetza Pizza (14 days ago)
#teamcap for life
Lucille Adams (14 days ago)
1:55 (trying not to laugh)
Expose Him (14 days ago)
In the movie it starts at 32:28
Klein Holland (14 days ago)
I can't Believe Caps GF didn't get frozen With Him ☹️💔
Sukimon Lamare (15 days ago)
Love it 💕💞💝💗💜💙❤💪
Am Random Queen (17 days ago)
Smart ass!! Lol
TG Games 2018 (17 days ago)
1:46 Work smart not Hard
Randy Fernandez (18 days ago)
pull that grenade stunt in basic and the instructors will drill you a new one XD
titan mthem vines (18 days ago)
1:45 savage
jerry lim (19 days ago)
when ur in a sqaud in but everyone has IQ of 9 year olds everyone: GET DA FUCKING FLAG, FLAG! MA FLAG! NO MINE! you(Iq 400): *pulls pin out* mine.
omnivorous65 (19 days ago)
Why sacrifice yourself when it would be enough just to run for cover. In this instance the sacrifice was unnecessary, which makes this a case of bad judgment.
Indian By Heart (19 days ago)
Make me cry 😂😂😂😂
Frostvourne De Lima (21 days ago)
He looks like edward norton. :)
Veronica George (21 days ago)
I think Peggy likes Steve.
Rita Robles (21 days ago)
Nobody's got that flag in 17 years!
L. Lawliet (22 days ago)
0:11 'We have the best Man'
Mike (22 days ago)
So, steroids is the awnser.
工藤新一 (23 days ago)
Rachel Liu (23 days ago)
3:21 can someone explain what that flinch/spasm was?
ᄋ ᄋ (23 days ago)
3:19 What is he throwing away?a granade?
xboxjjkiller360 (24 days ago)
he just went to badass mode and just thinked outside of the box
rohith kinnera (24 days ago)
2:09 the smile on his face made my day😠😂😂😂
nb45001 (24 days ago)
I can imagine Hodge willingly joining HYDRA if he was given the super soldier serum.
Awesome vid'eos (25 days ago)
How Captain America become powerful https://youtu.be/sB1rmAUxkhs
000 Responses (25 days ago)
NoblePhantasmable (25 days ago)
Even before the super serum, rogers was already a hero
Agent Police Police (26 days ago)
I almost laughed when he said go away to the Grenada like this Steve: go away! Grenade: no
Boncheng Sangma (27 days ago)
Hero is someone who inspired n guided us. U don't need a cool suit n awesome body to be a hero, u need a heart n courage to be a hero. That's what Steve Rogers taught me. He inspired me, he guided me morally n he's my role model. I'm a fan of marvel because of Stark, but i love marvel because of Captain America. 😍
TONY STARK (27 days ago)
Hahahah very funny
Jacklyn Sun (28 days ago)
"Hes making me cry" lol
Dion St. Michael (28 days ago)
Has Tommy Lee Jones EVER not nailed his part?!
Atomic (28 days ago)
Steve kinda looks like me when I burn myself out instead of eating
FBI Nacional. (28 days ago)
Estos Subtítulos estan bien prrones xd
Evoxs Gaming (29 days ago)
Conclusion ..When you use brain in war...you can defeat enemy..
Wrestling Fury (29 days ago)
Prediction for Avengers 4 he goes back to the past after the events of the crash and returns to Peggy and lives his life from there
Wrestling Fury (29 days ago)
He was always willing to risk his life 😐👋
Max555 (29 days ago)
Nobody used their brains for that for 17 years
Cole Anguay (29 days ago)
“GRENADE!” *Rogers jumps* “MOVE!!!” *BOOM!* Blood splatters
Eu JingWei (30 days ago)
That boi would have found loot holes in war so dats why u choose that boi.
Emily Linn (30 days ago)
I love this scene so much bravery
Nico Lagyap (30 days ago)
*Heart of the Avengers*
ak. adsd (1 month ago)
Flag scene massive 😂
Alexander Gevurat (1 month ago)
I feel bad :(
Brian Griffin (1 month ago)
0:12 ,,What do we have here, a fucking comedian?Private Joker?"
lalo rios (1 month ago)
David Faulkner (1 month ago)
Who wants to have sex
Ben V (1 month ago)
I’m not ready for Avengers 4
RedHotGamer 745 (1 month ago)
Me in gym class 1:14
JuanTheCraft NIMEINDO (1 month ago)
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chicle1228 (1 month ago)
If that grenade was real, the whole MCU would have been very different
serbest meslek (1 month ago)
peggy çok güzel beeaağğğ
Nightcore Josh Nizo (1 month ago)
My chicken nugget dropped, get back I'll eat beyond the floor
Agung Hartadi (1 month ago)
He,s still skinny.. Like me..😎
Kevin Garcia (1 month ago)
1:52 a true hero❤️
金正恩正金 (1 month ago)
Dylan McNab (1 month ago)
The flag part is just Mulon
Duy Luong (1 month ago)
Best scene ever
Hakeemuddin Sk (1 month ago)
3:17 When my mom wakes me up early in the morning
TNTMasterClasher -Zayd (1 month ago)
At leat he’s not fat like me
He followed the rule... get the flag
Leia Bartlett (1 month ago)
Mulan could climb that shit no problem
X Kaisoku (1 month ago)
"He's still skinny"
Ahnaf Muttaki Sakib (1 month ago)
Jojo Chiu (1 month ago)
Bruh. I’ve seen 7 year old climb poles and these ppl can’t do it? Honestly I find it hard to believe lol
Genxtasy 99 (1 month ago)
can he do it after going through rigorous training and jogging God knows how long being tired and sore?
Kylin Burtrum (1 month ago)
What is this? MULAN?!
jhk0428 (1 month ago)
My favorite scene
Ken Lee (1 month ago)
We are going to win this war because we have the best... men Look at Steve Rogers, My God, why is he here?!
Jentserex 7000 (1 month ago)
Hey Its Jasmine (1 month ago)
Scott Kazmer (1 month ago)
I would be proud to have him in my fighting hole. Ooh rah!
Luke Cross (1 month ago)
What makes you so special? Nothing, I'm just a kid from Brooklyn
Monseigneur (1 month ago)
Thank for 8 years Roger
Becs Marlowe (1 month ago)
Seeing Rogers like that, it makes me wonder how much CGI was used on Chris Evans
EpicGamer Chris (1 month ago)
I subscribed to filmic box and this channle
Mila Burhanzai (1 month ago)
xBailz (1 month ago)
Were gonna win this war because we have the best men. Looks at Steve. Lmao
Logan Ali (1 month ago)
i'm sure this is how capt is going to go in infinity war 2
Blazt (1 month ago)
In April 2019, we will have to say goodbye to our Captain....even if he's a fictional character, he still inspired many to have a pure heart 😢
achmed johnson (1 month ago)
Who’s here after Chris Evans tweet ?
Loki Batman (23 days ago)
Trellie s.s. Rose Chris Evans tweet about he’s going leave as captain America after avengers 4
Trellie s.s. Rose (1 month ago)
What Tweet?
Don't don't you don't say goodbye cap.
m.v. pro (1 month ago)
Steve is me in p.e.🤦🏽‍♂️

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