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Atomic Bomb Scene / Wolverine Saves Yashida | The Wolverine (2013) Movie Clip

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Wolverine Atomic Bomb Scene | The Wolverine (2013) Extended Cut Movie info: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1430132/ Buy it on Blu-ray: https://www.amazon.com/Wolverine-Blu-ray-DVD-Digital-UltraViolet/dp/B0090SI582 Starring: Hugh Jackman, Rila Fukushima, Tao Okamoto, Hiroyuki Sanada, Will Yun Lee, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Haruhiko Yamanouchi, Brian Tee, Famke Janssen TM & © Fox (2013) -------------------------------------------------- ► Twitter: https://twitter.com/filmicbox ► Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/filmicbox ► Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/filmicbox ► Google+: https://plus.google.com/109939716731213840534 -------------------------------------------------- Wolverine Atomic Bomb Full Scene 4K Ultra HD https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuGtSnFs0lbb7Loo0WeKmVQ
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Text Comments (3868)
Scopian01 (10 months ago)
Click here for Wolverine vs Silver Samurai: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxV9BM9Bg5o
Enrico Panebianco (16 days ago)
I think you're wrong, it's not Wolverine vs Silver Samurai, but Logan vs. T-1000 Terminator Silver Samurai, in the movie there is not even the shadow of the real Silver Samurai because in comic or cardboard comes from another universe. but the female character Spiral who was with the character Silver Samurai, does not tell you anything?.
Testor Trapzz (30 days ago)
I was Wolverine vs Silver Surfer.
권성준 (1 month ago)
FUCK Japan
Alex Perez (1 month ago)
Scopian01 O lloo.
James Redbull! (2 months ago)
Wolverine burned is scaring!!!!!!😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😂😂😂😂😂😂
Andrew Ryan (2 hours ago)
Where the fuck was the parachute on Fat Man (which was the name of the nuke dropped on Nagasaki) to slow its descent, so the B29 could get away from the blast zone in time?
Furkan Al (3 hours ago)
Adamantium's melting point = 1500 F Bomb's temperature reached approximately 10830 F I need an explanation from 20th Century Fox immediately
Shiz (6 hours ago)
strongest pants ever
Dj Metaljack (12 hours ago)
1:31 true. The first thing you’d feel being that close to an atomic blast would be the radiation passing through you at the speed of light.
Jeffrey Barbosa (22 hours ago)
Jenny Berger (2 days ago)
2:26 when you forgot to put sunscreen on
FurryEskimo (2 days ago)
Six things- 1. Why are there two planes? We sent one bomber, right? 2. Why is the bomber SO low?? 3. That explosion was so small.. right? The actual bomb disintegrated most of the city instantly. 4. Why are the alarms blaring? I heard they turned off the alarms, thinking the one plane was a scout. 5. Why are they killing themselves so soon?? They didn't know about/believe our weapons were so strong! 6. Why did he save the Japanese soldier? Most people at the time Hated the Japanese.
Salih Uzunoğlu (2 days ago)
Ulan kanal türk yorum yapanlar yabancı
Alkaf shaikh (2 days ago)
i have seen the half part
Alkaf shaikh (2 days ago)
have to download this movie
anil mankotia (2 days ago)
Japanese person be like fuck this nuclear bomb.. Let me save my self from this animal.. Lol
GLHF (3 days ago)
2:33 Нагиев!
angry aunty (3 days ago)
I'll lick wolverine's body if i were him.
Gökhan Aydın (3 days ago)
Ee radyasyondan nasıl kurtarmış? 🤣
Brado Mudo (3 days ago)
Meu deus ... que cena forte...
pete drucker (4 days ago)
2:28 he looks like a new version of fantastic four the thing 😂
PANDA (4 days ago)
Türk Yokmu Amk
Ahmet R. (2 days ago)
Olmaz olurmu Türkler heryerde.
rajat sharma (4 days ago)
in the last ...his exoressions though 😂😂😂
CORSAR (5 days ago)
А про лучевую заболевание не поразмыслили?
PixelHub HD (5 days ago)
His pants give him his regeneration powers 😂
Chino Mandez (5 days ago)
Uğur Demir (7 days ago)
Kill the millions without mercy. Then make a hollywood film and be real Hero. That paves the way.
DontTread0nMe (7 days ago)
Swords can't chip through barbed wires and chain like that
Fayaz Mohammed (8 days ago)
When u bath in hot shower @ 2.10
crujiente :D
One Buffalo (8 days ago)
and then he died fro radiation poisoning 1 day later.
FBI (8 days ago)
R.I.P Stan Lee
Starbeach (8 days ago)
its not logics the little boy bomb was not that powerfull
Jerry (9 days ago)
Wolverine never knows putting himself before the others....
Pretty sure he'd be blind, after that nuke went off.
Member Berries (9 days ago)
Do you think this is what also caused him to lose his healing factor bc all that radiation
Jamah Gaming (9 days ago)
Wait so these jappanese woosies captured the wolverine
CLOWNZ , (9 days ago)
Should just use flex tape
MASTER-OF- EVIL (9 days ago)
How did Logan climb out of that hole stop a Japanese guy from killing himself and back into the hole before the bomb hit them
Kennedy Obotseng (9 days ago)
We know it's a movie but the pants though..tough or what?
Anime Pro (9 days ago)
Harakiri!!! Japanese culture how I love it
E o short do wolverine não queima kkk
Chicken Gum (10 days ago)
People are forgetting it's a movie they shouldn't make everything to realistic
Hugh Tahoob (10 days ago)
When you're so hungover that you feel youll never get sober again.... 2:27 2:27
Gabriel Silva (10 days ago)
Parece o peter do teen wolf qnd morreu queimado
Steven Forman (11 days ago)
Thanks lots. :D
حويتم (11 days ago)
Fuck you American fuck you japan
حويتم (10 days ago)
Jesse fuck isis
Jesse (10 days ago)
Allahu ackbar BOOOOOOOM 👳‍♀️💣💣💣💣💥💥💥💥💥💥💥
FC BARÇA (11 days ago)
Logan runs slow ass hell
Mar Wth (11 days ago)
Can anyone explain why the japanese killed themself?
Я на данный момент беспокоился, будто в детстве!
Que Desmenteurs (12 days ago)
as dit nicolas c une ordure il a agit que par intérêt
Kemikazi __ (12 days ago)
"That was a b29 bub, there's no out running what's coming"
소세탁 (12 days ago)
근데 울버린도 모가지 잘려도 사냐
M Potter (13 days ago)
Wouldn’t the radiation kill the soldier
the bloody bunch (13 days ago)
yes, yes it would
tech man (13 days ago)
Wolverine was my best super hero.
Stone (14 days ago)
Where the fk did he just get a big ass metal shield from?
CubeLight Studios (1 day ago)
captain america gave him a vibranium shield
Emrys Lira (14 days ago)
i wanna se it
Andre Almeida (14 days ago)
So basically Wolverine became Joe Rogan
Henry wright (14 days ago)
It's funny how his trousers didn't burn lol. Do they regenerate as well.
emi habla (14 days ago)
Cuando vi la miniatura pense que era drax de guardianes de la galaxia
David Guativa (14 days ago)
Pyrnicious (14 days ago)
Man that player got a gunship and a tactical nuke.
Tristan Jones (14 days ago)
Wait so he went from fighting at D-Day to the pacific? And was captured and held to the point where they were dropping the atomic bombs. And he happened to be at Hiroshima/Nagasaki? Maybe this was explained in the comics
Agar Kraken (14 days ago)
You know it's so sad that this is a real thing that actually happened to them
ジャイルJ (14 days ago)
-PaaS-パース (14 days ago)
so cool
Wingedfury (14 days ago)
I’m pretty sure Yashida would have been fried by the radiation
C .I.A (15 days ago)
herobot12 h (15 days ago)
Better Put on your Sun protection
Hayden Hollingsworth (15 days ago)
Well take note kids all you need to survive a giant, nuclear plasma ball unscathed is a ditch and a iron slab. And here I though we'd all be in fucked.
foxboi unknown (15 days ago)
1:37 that moment when i punch the guy who took my food...
prabhath thota (15 days ago)
My all time favourite scene...
LOL8058 (15 days ago)
What happened whith thermal radiation??
Omar Ahmed (15 days ago)
Imagine the pain
Kamishininoyari (15 days ago)
Dude you ruined the ending with the selection of next videos!!
Xtrech (15 days ago)
U might wanna watch this:- https://www.popxo.com/2018/08/how-to-click-the-perfect-selfie/?track_code=gBGl9ty7RTQpgpLAFB&u_id=371884&ia=0
Jajang Sukmara (15 days ago)
Why do they even suicide??
GRAVYGUNDAM (16 days ago)
Those bombers didn't make it home.
Winter Haydn (16 days ago)
2 days later they both die from radiation poisoning.
Route 1 (16 days ago)
You could really hear his accent in the beginning!
Hazard Gaming (16 days ago)
They would’ve been dead from radiation
Mitt Roman Knee (15 days ago)
Hazard Gaming Not Logan
Roderick Molasar (16 days ago)
What about Bruce Banner's Ultra-Stretch pants as well?
Enrico Panebianco (16 days ago)
Al massimo dovrebbe intitolare il film 'Logan: l'immortale'.
Enrico Panebianco (16 days ago)
the title of this video and the movie are incorrect; it's not Wolverine save Yoshida, but Logan saves Yoshida / Logan (2013); it's not Wolverine..
Matthew Burns (16 days ago)
I am cooked
ET Gamer (16 days ago)
Cancer, it’s like dood... mans got cancer now. Never mind what happened to Logan, that Japanese soldier got cancer up the ass now.
Nuu Dee (16 days ago)
Carl Johnson (17 days ago)
So, Logan is the best No.1 history source.. he was join to the american civil war,world war 1,world war 2,asian-pacific war where he survives Nagasaki bomb,and Vietnam War ... Shit
steven Kennedy (17 days ago)
At 2:26 toasty!.
Chiraq G13 (17 days ago)
2:26 when you open the grill an the heat hits you
TheGaming2 Oof (17 days ago)
He’s body got rekt but he’s pants remained untouched
TheGaming2 Oof (17 days ago)
Umm he’s body got rely but how come he’s pants remained untouched? Bro
Comic Book Guy (15 days ago)
He is using the same pants brand as Hulk
tjs4 (17 days ago)
I want his super fireproof trouser.
Lekok (17 days ago)
Damn crazy he can heal burned tissue. His healing abilities are too op
sebastian 57 (17 days ago)
Mmm this movie was very interesting
Sonic Mendoza (17 days ago)
Gente les recomiendo el canal de shadownpower gente Deadpool vs shadown Go
Cosmic Storm Camper (17 days ago)
Lol!!! If this was X-24 he would have melt in seconds😂😂😂
The Green Lantern 007 (17 days ago)
Gergő Piroska (17 days ago)
That soldier would have been blinded instantly
NoVaKane (18 days ago)
Lol instant death from the stomach stab LOL
David Dupree (18 days ago)
Those are some strong pants! They stain-proof, rip-proof, and nuclear bomb-proof.
Leenuel Arnesto (18 days ago)
xxtravisxxify (18 days ago)
Oh hey, US threw an atomic bomb on innocent civilians back in decades... remember?
Tre Lane (18 days ago)
We all know a nuke would move way faster and instantly disintegrate them because in Hiroshima there were nothing but shadows of the people they were turned to ash

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