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[Blind Reaction] Equestria Girls - CYOE Shorts 1-5

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Blind reaction to the Equestria Girls "Choose Your Own Ending" shorts 1-5: Fluttershy's Butterflies Text Support Stressed in Show Driving Miss Shimmer Rarity Investigates: The Case of the Bedazzled Boot COPYRIGHTS: FAIR USE, Title 17, US Code (Sections 107-118 of the copyright law): All media in this video is used for purpose of review & commentary under terms of fair use. All footage, music & images used belong to their respective companies.
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Text Comments (217)
Daniel Samuels (11 days ago)
25:57 Isn't that the limo from the 1st Equestria Girls movie?
Yuri Gaming (16 days ago)
david macias (25 days ago)
sunset at least it's a forward to it 😀
silly face (25 days ago)
zecoras driving lessons?
I ship rarity and And amethyst..
JJB gacha girls Baeza (2 months ago)
Anyone noticed the new intro No just me? Ok
Yeram Park (3 months ago)
You so funny
Roman Bukins (4 months ago)
Is this just me or EG Fluttershy looks a bit creepy...
Mikhail Victor Velez (4 months ago)
Watch putting your hoof down
aadiel louw (4 months ago)
captain planet refance
Eva Bergen (5 months ago)
“That should be illegal” 😂😂😂
Troller Gamer (5 months ago)
Hey guys!!! Remember rainbow rocks?
Karla mildes (5 months ago)
E.g. smurfvlogs changed his screen and everything so ... DONT CHANGE ANYTHING!!! Thank you
Puppygirl123 lets Go (5 months ago)
Whenever twilight climb the stairs it was a reference to rocky
Av Cakes (5 months ago)
cyndie26 (5 months ago)
33:41 I thought that Monty Python did a better job at breaking the fourth wall than Pinkie does, but it seems as though she can sometimes be just as hilarious. (I wonder whether she likes watching them...)
Richard Mahoney (6 months ago)
Rarity is stupid at emojis Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeereeeal stupid look at what movie I’m making 😪🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥
Wendy Master of magic (6 months ago)
Michael Lam (6 months ago)
32:15 Zecora probably taught Fluttershy to drive. She's the one that rocks the rhyming jive.
Bia rio (7 months ago)
All were awesome! But OMG Steven Universe vibes at the end
Sajeev Karunamoorthy (7 months ago)
This is so funny 😂😂😂😂😂
romanna dog (7 months ago)
18:06 what my mum says to me
The Mentflex44 (7 months ago)
Ooooooooh.I like Emoji Speak
The Mentflex44 (7 months ago)
Oh yeah, I had no Emoji in my tablet.:(
The Mentflex44 (7 months ago)
Again that mean. Repeat Episode, change Episoode. Cool.:-)
The Mentflex44 (7 months ago)
Sunset shimmer,you the Best !!
The Mentflex44 (7 months ago)
Apple geek your the BEST!!!!
ariel gang (7 months ago)
who knew she had a car
did anyone hear rarity saying to dance? XD
Anthony Kelly (7 months ago)
All we need is an APPLEJACK!! HAHAH XD
Cupcakezsprinkle aj (7 months ago)
I just skipped to the end of them
Cupcakezsprinkle aj (7 months ago)
It's been a while since I saw EG
that girl (7 months ago)
Uhm… So… No links in ths description? Where do I find the originals? If they are purchasable, links to the store pages would be nice… If they are a fan creation, or made freely available my Hasbro, links to the site I can watch them on would be great. If they are on Netflix, like 'Puss in Book', at least say so…
Zev (7 months ago)
What you TALK on the phone? I just yell at my lock screen.
Feathernote Productions (7 months ago)
QOTD: What is applegeek's favorite character? (Easy.)
Feathernote Productions (8 months ago)
I Love how sunset ALMOST went to her old self in these shorts... Its so nostaligic :D
Feathernote Productions (8 months ago)
THat moment where u get flashbacks to the first EQ movie when you see sunset glaring at snips and snails.. SO MANY MEMORIES!
unnero1 (8 months ago)
"Somebody's pilfered my bedazzled bootay !" How did this get past censors? :D
abandoned channel (8 months ago)
What video is it
Fluttershy is my favorite
Shadow Peace (8 months ago)
25:58 Rarity what a show off😒
Katie Smiles (8 months ago)
An apple jack. 😂😂😂😂 that killed me your reactions are great
i think that the animals unite might be a reference to skylander acadmady "Skylanders Unite"
Kevin Alaniz (8 months ago)
21:05 am I the only one to notice that sci twi has the same hair style from friendship games in this ending? She usually has a ponytail now.
How has discord not been introduced into the eg series yet?
Caron and Julie Seddens (8 months ago)
Applegeek I always watch your videos and it turns out to be the weirdest things ever sometimes
Caron and Julie Seddens (8 months ago)
Have you ever heard DJ speak before
James A Williams (8 months ago)
An Apple-jack.
Brian Shoubert (8 months ago)
Yay!!! I like CYOE Shorts! I enjoyed Applegeek's reaction to this EG shorts! )))
Casey Tian (8 months ago)
So far from what I've heard from Fluttershy was... 🐦🐷🐸🐣🐥🐒🐒🐒🐱🐈🦁🐯🐅🐆🐿️
I love older cars and trucks, I really like granysimths truck!!!!😎
George Harvey (8 months ago)
(Continued from my second comment.) 32:38-40:45 Rarity Investigates: The Case of the Bedazzled Boot. 32:41-32:48 Yep, Flash is in this play. And he's playing Twilight's husband. Awkward! 32:47 Nice boot. Looks like it's made of crystal. 32:49 "Cut"? The girl of many talents strikes again. It seems Sunset Shimmer is also the director here. 32:52 Snips and Snails claim props aren't they're job, but Sunset reminds them it's their only job. 33:03 That glare reminds me the days when Snips and Snails were Sunset Shimmer's lackeys. 33:05-33:07 Magic dancing boots? That reminds me of both Cinderella and the Red Shoes. 33:12-33:41 Rarity goes detective. And the animation goes noir-esque grey. 33:41-35:00 The Pinkie Pie Ending; where Rarity interrogates Pinkie Pie. 33:44 "Miss Pie." 33:45-33:47 I will admit, "Pinkie Pie" does sound more like a nickname in the human world. 33:49-33:54 Pinkie confesses? 33:57-34:01 Applegeek makes a good point, Rarity. 34:01-34:19 A funny exchange. 34:17-34:19 Pinkie confessed to cheer Rarity up. But it wasn't her. 34:28-34:44 Pinkie confesses to a different petty crime. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 34:42-34:50 Pinkie sees the missing boot. 34:50 And back to colour. 34:53-34:55 We don't want to hear it, Pinkie. 34:56 And back to black and white again. 35:21-35:26 Nope, it's Rarity each time. 35:26-36:28 Skip. 35:38-35:42 That's right, Applegeek. Bet you're glad you watched it in this order, huh? 36:28-38:00 The Trixie Ending; where Rarity interrogates Trixie - sort of. 36:30-36:58 Rarity and Trixie exchange thoughts, but not words. Also, their faces. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 36:45-36:51 Wait, did Trixie just read Rarity's mind there? 36:59-37:03 Applegeek's reaction. Also, I said it first Applegeek. 37:04-37:07 Rarity and Trixie sit in silence for almost three hours. 37:08-37:35 Rarity and Trixie exchange more thoughts. Also, their faces. 37:35 And back to colour. 37:37-37:44 Trixie finds a trail of crystal leading to the missing boot. 37:45 Hi Spike. 37:47-37:51 What?! 37:52-37:56 Rarity holds and cuddles Spike like a baby, and says she'll find a place for him in the play. 38:00 And back to black and white again. Plus, some final thoughts from Trixie, Rarity and Spike. 38:33-39:35 Skip. 39:35-40:45 The Applejack Ending; where Rarity interrogates Applejack. 39:35-39:47 Rarity decides to trust her instincts and investigate the costume rack. After Applejack told her that's where the boot last was. 39:50-40:02 Plot twist - Maud is the thief! Also, Snips and Snails creating thunder and lightning effects. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 40:02-40:10 Rarity gets overly dramatic and faints. 40:11-40:24 Maud explains her actions. It's rock-related of course. 40:28-40:42 A creepy dream sequence with Rarity and Maud hugging a giant amethyst (in colour). Also, Applegeek's reaction. In the order that was shown, I think my favourite endings were the Rainbow Dash Ending; the Sunset Shimmer Ending; the Fluttershy Ending; the Fluttershy Ending again; and the Trixie Ending. It was a bit tedious watching the openings over and over again - some video copies just show the three endings one after the other - but everything was still enjoyable. Let's move on the the next set.
George Harvey (8 months ago)
(Continued from my first comment.) 17:15-25:13 Stressed in Show. 17:18-17:28 Rehearsals. Also, it looks like Rarity did land the lead role. She certainly pulls off the accent well. 17:28-17:35 Twilight misses her cue. 17:41-17:51 Twilight stressing over all the duties she has. As usual. 17:42 Flash Century is in this play? 17:47 That line. 17:51 No Rainbow Dash, Twilight's just losing it again. 17:52 I said it first, Applegeek. 17:54-17:58 It is important to take breaks Twilight, no matter how busy you are. If you focus on work 24/7 you'll just produce sloppy results and it could make you sick with fear. Trust me, I know. 17:58-18:02 Rainbow Dash says it for me. 18:02 That look from Sunset Shimmer. 18:15-19:34 The Fluttershy Ending; where she gives Twilight a nature escape. 18:17-18:20 Twilight blindfolded. 18:22 Actually, skunks don't smell. It's just the liquid they spay. Any they don't spray you unless they feel provoked. 18:26-18:34 Fluttershy's muddy boots trigger one of Twilight's concerns about the play. 18:34-18:38 Applegeek makes a good point. Rarity is perfectly capable of designing boots herself. 18:36 Hi Angel Bunny. 18:43 That face. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 18:45 It should be illegal to be that cute? Also, Twilight hugging Angel. 18:46-18:54 Fluttershy triggers one of Twilight's concerns again. 18:50 Poor Angel. 18:55-18:59 Fluttershy uses her geode powers to summons all her animal friends for Twilight. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 18:59-19:06 Even saying "dazzled" sets her off. Also, I've seen the Avengers films, so I don't think it's that, Applegeek. 19:04-19:34 The animals help Twilight to relax. 19:07-19:23 A cute flower crown. 19:09-19:16 A woodpecker massage. 19:20 Twilight falls asleep. 19:27-19:34 Don't worry, they don't smell. 19:32 Twilight cuddles a skunk's tail. 19:46 Sam To? That's an odd name. 20:00-21:00 Skip. 21:00-22:12 The Rainbow Dash Ending; where she thinks keeping fit will clear Twilight's head. 21:04-21:07 Twilight getting her words mixed up. 21:06-21:08 Also, yes, Dash is technically cheating with her super speed. Didn't her friends teach her to use it in moderation before? 21:15 Sunset and Spike are joining in, too. 21:17-21:21 Lots of athletes wear them while practicing, Applegeek. Also, Badmintion. 21:23-21:28 Basketball. 21:28-21:33 Karate. 21:31 That face. 21:32 Ouch. 21:33-21:53 Twilight getting better at everything. And beating Rainbow Dash! 21:54-21:59 Oh right, of course she did. 22:12-22:12 Sunset and Spike are exhausted. 22:38-23:38 Skip. 22:51-22:55 Yes he is. I said it first, Applegeek. 23:15-23:17 Wow - you spoke almost as fast as Twilight there, Applegeek. 23:38-24:54 The Pinkie Ending; where she tries giving Twilight a fun time. 23:43-23:47 So did I. 23:45-23:45 No, bad idea, Pinkie. Applegeek's face tells me he agrees. 23:49-23:54 An apple face-mask? If Applejack really does those I'm intrigued. 23:54-23:57 Pinkie is stressed over there being too many options. 24:02 Pinkie causes Twilight to spill her drink on herself. 24:07-24:17 It's not a bad idea, I'll admit. But... 24:21-24:26 Twilight hiding from Pinkie. 24:26 She's in the locker, isn't she? 24:31 Called it. 24:33 Well of course Pinkie, it's her locker. 24:36-24:52 I get what the writer was doing here, but I don't think alternate stress is a cure for stress. 24:53 Pinkie almost blows Twilight off her feet with her voice. 25:19-32:13 Driving Miss Shimmer (apparently a play on Driving Miss Daisy). 25:22-25:38 You heard right. Sunset Shimmer, a former pony, is trying to get a driver's licence. I tell you, the realism in this series is unmatched. 25:27-25:33 Mr. Cranky Doodle? So he's a teacher and a driving instructor? Also, Appegeek's reaction. 25:46-25:49 I know, shocking right? We tend to forget these girls are old enough to drive. 25:52-25:54 That laugh. 25:52-27:31 The Rarity Ending; where she has Sunset practise is an interesting choice of car. 25:56 Yes it will. 25:57-26:10 A limo?! Really?! Rarity you're going a bit overboard. Driving one of those is a lot harder than driving a normal car. 26:15-26:35 Rarity gives Sunset advice. Too bad none of it is to do with actually driving. 26:38-26:52 Disco lights and music inside the limo. 26:39-26:44 Rarity dancing. 26:44-26:48 Exactly, Rarity. Listen to your friend. 26:52 Sunset tries driving the limo - which I'm sure is difficult given its length. 26:52-27:01 Sunset thinks Rarity is giving her driving instructions, when she's actually talking to the massage assistant. 26:56-26:59 I think she is. 27:01-27:09 Even I'm a bit frustrated with Rarity at this point. 27:05 Hi Cranky Doodle. 27:11-27:18 I was confused about that too until you explained it, Applegeek. I suppose it would look like a 'k', wouldn't it? Still, I don't think anyone calls it that. 27:12-27:18 Reverse parallel parking is tricky. I used to be an expert at it until I passed my driving test. 27:17 The way she smiles and says "done". 27:20-27:27 What do you know? I guess practising in a limo does have its benefits. Also, that was a funny way of putting it, Sunset. 27:31 That smile. 27:56-28:01 You'll see, Applegeek. 27:57-28:31 Skip. 28:31-29:50 The Applejack Ending; where she has Sunset learn to fix a tyre and be prepared for anything. 28:34-28:36 From the looks of it, very. 28:38 Hi Granny Smith. Also, Applegeek's face. 28:57-29:03 Mere moments after starting the car it bursts a tyre. 29:20-29:28 Oh I get it. "Get a jack." But not an Apple-Jack. 29:26 His tyre is flat too. What are the odds? 29:27 Applegeek's face. 29:29-29:35 Don't you mean: "we'll have to reschedule". She didn't 'fail' anything. 29:36-29:38 You said it for me, Applegeek. 29:43-30:07 Wait, I meant that as a joke earlier! Are you telling me she does get an Apple-Jack? Also, Applegeek's reaction. 30:14-30:48 Skip. 30:48 The Fluttershy Ending; where she teaches Sunset a catchy song. 30:50-30:54 Applegeek's reaction to Fluttershy's car. Also, Fluttershy's voice. 30:52 Hello kitty...no pun intended. 30:57 She has flowers in her car. 30:58-31:01 Sunset is all fired up. 30:59 I said it first, Applegeek. 31:01-31:18 A song to remember all your safety-checks. Sunset gets annoyed, however. 31:19-31:27 Sunset wants to know what they're learning first and dreads to find out Fluttershy has more rhymes for everything. 31:27 That face. 31:28 That face-plant on the car horn. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 31:47-31:55 Sunset ignores Applegeek's advice and remembers the songs to pass her safety checks. 31:57-32:05 Yeah, leave the rhymes to her, Cranky. 32:05 Which job? He has two remember? 32:05-32:10 Sunset can't stop rhyming. (Continued in my third comment.)
George Harvey (8 months ago)
I was wondering when you'd get to these. I'm glad you've finally reacted to them, not just because I get to watch them now, but because I get to give my highlights. I was tempted to do them on another reactor's channel, but you always give me more to talk about, Applegeek. My highlights are exclusive to you. Anyway, here there are: 1:26-9:43 Fluttershy's Butterflies. 1:40-1:42 As you'll soon see, Rarity is absolutely right. 1:52-1:58 Pinkie Pie terrifies Fluttershy. 1:58 That outline is hilarious - even if it's not original. 2:02 Hi Micro-chips and Vinyl Scratch. 2:03 Of course she'd have stage-fright. 2:17-2:25 Fluttershy wants to be in the play with everyone, but worries about auditioning on stage alone. 2:26-2:33 Applegeek gets it. 2:34-2:40 Rainbow Dash and Applejack competing again. 2:39 Hi again Vinyl Scratch. 2:40-2:43 Applegeek's reaction. 2:43-3:46 The Rainbow Dash Ending; where she has Fluttershy call a soccer match. 2:44 Don't be so sure, Applegeek. 2:49-2:54 Rainbow Dash asks Fluttershy if she's ready - she is not. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 2:50 That face. 2:52 Those eyes. 2:56 Fluttershy scared of a microphone. Also, that face. 3:03-3:11 Flutterhsy calls the match quietly and timidly. 3:12-3:17 Fluttershy gets worried over making a false call and almost backs out. 3:16 You bet she will. 3:18-3:21 Rainbow Dash shouts some words of encouragement. 3:23-3:33 Flutterhsy calls the match with more fire and passion. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 3:33-3:38 Her audition is just as passionate. 3:38 Hi again Vinyl Scratch. 3:40 Hi Miss Cheerilee. 3:42-3:46 That closing remark by Rainbow Dash. 4:12-5:27 Each version has the beginning footage attached to it? I'll just skip ahead whenever this happens. 5:27-5:33 That part was new. Also, Applejack thinks she's better as usual. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 5:35-6:53 The Applejack Ending; where she tells Fluttershy to imagine everyone as chickens. 5:35-5:43 Applegeek's reaction. 5:43-5:48 "A little cluck-cluck and it'll pluck you right up." Also, Applegeek's reaction. Also, Fluttershy's face. 5:46-5:53 I've heard something 'like' it, Applejack. Applegeek has too. And I think everyone does something 'like'. 5:52-5:57 Oh yeah, Fluttershy has the power to understand animals, doesn't she? 5:57 Applegeek goes chicken. 6:04 Hi Cheerilee, Sweetie-belle and...is that Derpy behind Sunset Shimmer? Also, what's with that gong sound effect? 6:05 Squee from Pinkie. 6:07 Applejack turns chicken. 6:15-6:20 Is it really just the one line they audition with? That seems pretty lacklustre. 6:24-6:26 Just wait, Applegeek. 6:25-6:41 Fluttershy reveals she didn't imagine everyone as chickens. She imaged them as Applejack. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 6:41-6:54 Applejack reveals she had a backup plan with real chickens. Also, Hi Big Mac. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 6:51 A chicken lays an egg on Big Mac's head. 7:12-7:17 Oh, you'll see. 7:19-8:42 Skip. 8:04-8:07 Nope. 8:33 It's funny you notice that now, Applegeek, because... 8:37-8:40 Yeah, that's true. 8:42-8:46 This part is different because now Fluttershy is noticing Vinyl in the background. Also, Rainbow Dash's face. 8:46-9:23 The Vinyl Scratch Ending; where she creates a full-blown light show to disguise Fluttershy's nerves. 8:47 Hi Cheerilee and the CMCs. 8:48-9:14 The most epic audition ever. Also Applegeek's reaction. 8:53 Hi Derpy. 9:01 The CMCs mouths drop. 9:07-9:14 Hologram Flutterhsy. 9:13-9:19 Agreed. And she still gets the part? Also, Applegeek's reaction. 9:17-9:23 Rainbow and AJ's faces. 9:19-9:36 Again, I agree. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 9:48-17:10 Text Support. 9:56-10:08 Pinkie created her own chemical formula which she uses as cupcake frosting. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 10:06-10:18 Sunset reveals that wasn't the assignment, but Pinkie did it anyway and got Snips and Snails covered. 10:18-10:36 Twilight gets a text from Timber Spruce, but has no idea what it says. And I don't blame her. I mean, who texts a whole conversation in just emojis?! Even Applegeek can't make sense of it. 10:33-10:36 That line. 10:36 Applegeek's reaction. 10:44-10:48 "Text-astrophe." Also, Applegeek's reaction. 10:45-12:10 The Rarity Ending; where we find out she's an expert in "text-slang". 10:52 Rarity's laugh/smile. 10:56-10:59 Twilight tries to ask something, but Rarity asks not to be disturbed - politely. 11:03 Twilight has no idea what Rarity just replied for her. 11:10-11:16 "Robot, shooting star, trophy"? Don't ask me, Rarity's the expert here. But apparently it was something witchy. 11:12 That smile. 11:13 That laugh. 11:18-11:22 Twilight makes a guess as to what the new text means. It's not a very good one. 11:24 "Fancy dress, anvil, high five, napkin"?! I'm completely lost. And so is Twilight. 11:28-11:30 Twilight is cut off by Rarity again. 11:33-11:37 She's just helping, Applegeek. 11:35 Twilight's face. 11:37-12:05 Rarity sends one more emoji text - "checkmark, checkmark, couple holding hands, sunshine, three balloons, spoon - then explains how "text-slang" works. 11:51-11:55 Actually no, that one's not so obvious Rarity. Applegeek agrees with me. Is it because Twilight is secluded most of the time? 11:57-12:00 Same for me, Applegeek. 12:07 That smile. 12:35-13:32 Skip. 13:32-14:20 The Fluttershy Ending; where she just tells Twilight to send a bunch of animal emojis for no reason. 13:35-13:43 That was hilarious, Applegeek. A Twitter joke. 13:45 Wait? Did she just say, 'See No Evil' monkeys?! 14:00 I know I've said the word a lot myself in these comments. But hearing someone else say "emoji" just reminds me of a certain Sony movie that should never be acknowledged. 14:01 Twilight's face. 14:01-14:04 She would indeed. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 14:03-14:06 That line. 14:09-14:14 Whoops, those emojis got the location of her date changed to the zoo. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 14:14 Twilight hugs Fluttershy. 14:16-14:25 You said it for me, Applegeek. 14:46-15:43 Skip. 15:43-16:28 The Sunset Shimmer Ending; where she points out you need to be direct sometimes. 15:44-15:54 Twilight makes a crazy-hilarious guess as to what the text means. 15:54-16:50 Sunset Shimmer's answer is the simplest but most effective. Just call Timber and ask what he means. 16:03 That's a wired profile picture. 16:04-16:18 Twilight freaks out when Sunset calls Timber on her phone. 16:08-16:12 You said it all for me, Applegeek. 16:23 Does it? 16:29-16:34 Twilight describes talking on the phone as if she were a caveman discovering fire. 16:35-16:40 So that's what the text meant all this time. 16:40-16:43 Applegeek's "ohhhhhhhh". 16:43-16:50 You said it all for me again, Applegeek. 16:52-16:59 I agree 100%. (Continued in my second comment.)
Shadow Peace (8 months ago)
19:42 Angel’s not a Devil he’s a Demon
Shadow Peace (8 months ago)
18:55 Reference to Avengers Assemble
Kito Brown (8 months ago)
3:32 is Hilarious to me!
Ugly-Duckling 123 (8 months ago)
There a new Equestria Girls mini movie out
Flashfire Wolf (8 months ago)
32:18 I always thought she got her lessons from Zecora or Dr. Suess XD
LegitLVBrony 2592 (8 months ago)
The only thing that could have beat Trixie and Maud was if Starlight Glimmer somehow made an appearance.
Jackie Gonzalez (8 months ago)
30:51 that voice and that face I killed me! XD
Seth Carlow (8 months ago)
Awesome Video. I hope you +Applegeek has a nice and Happy 4th of July. Looking forward to season 9. Tha tha tha tha tha tha tha tha tha tha tha tha that's all YouTube,Folks,Muggles,Earthlings,Equwstia,Pony and brony's (Bay-woop!) iris out fade out to black cut and print and that's a warp!
Relaxing And Meditation (8 months ago)
Applegeek could you react to A tale of one shadow It's amazing could you watch it!!!
Autum Breeze (8 months ago)
40:15 wrong show, Maud. And wrong gem
blaa6 (8 months ago)
I choose the following in order: Dash Sunset Dash + Sunset and Spike with Pinkie in second Tie Hard to decide. Trixie is great cause of Spike and Maud in AJs is great too.
Angela Perkins (8 months ago)
Did anyone else think of Loretta Lynn when Rarity said "Coal Miner's Daughter"? I wonder if that was intentional. 🎶🎵🎶
Marisa hamel (8 months ago)
Fluttershy's idea for relaxation perfect
Marisa hamel (8 months ago)
I like Rarities idea
Alysa Can'tSay (8 months ago)
And apple-jack lol
LegoScoutGirl Julianna (8 months ago)
React to Cuphead meets MLP
Cinnamon Sun (8 months ago)
Applegeek: That should be iilegal Nope that's Hasbro
What it so long to edit this 👍👍
jeremy chambers (8 months ago)
6:32 one of us!! one of us!! LOL!!!!!
Maddox Morton (8 months ago)
32:20 Or Zecora
Alexis Knight (8 months ago)
cmc face tho scootaloo: how ? Applebloom: what ? Sweetie belle when ? !!!😮😮😮 me:😂😂😂
Dennis Billington (8 months ago)
I find it surprising that Twilight didn't get sprayed by the skunks!
chosen8201 (8 months ago)
The text support made me feel old. I understood none of that.
Sweet Note (8 months ago)
I'm not any better off than you
Alfred Jose Pullicar (8 months ago)
Twilight did run the falling of the leaves marathon so maybe shes fit
Alex Nguyen (8 months ago)
32:22 I think she took driving lessons from Zecora (hence the rhyming) 😁
Kelpo Gaming (8 months ago)
14:08 since when did Timmy Turner attend CHS?
DrakeClawfang (8 months ago)
"There's a fine line between crazy and genius" - and Pinkie lives on it
Johnny Rocket2050 (8 months ago)
Applegeek: I don't speak emoji that well. Me: same here Applegeek.
Brony Mash (8 months ago)
Catkitty (8 months ago)
apple jack... It hurts so much... :'D
Chilly Fantasy (8 months ago)
Oh my god, so glad you're watching these😆
styphor (8 months ago)
Timber's text message translated: I'm free from work today, wanna go on a date?
Religious Prime (8 months ago)
When's the next episode of Friendship is Magic gonna come out? It's been like 2 weeks since the last one.
Michael McJunkin (8 months ago)
I know the CYOE isn't a voting but if it was, I would say: Fluttershy's Butterflies: Rainbow Dash's ending Text Support: Sunset Shimmer's ending Stressed in Show: Fluttershy's ending Driving Miss Shimmer: Rarity's ending Rarity Investigates: Trixie's ending
ParadoxBrony (8 months ago)
Sunset is a pony. Why does she need a license?
Michael McJunkin (8 months ago)
This really reminds me or the Spongebob “You Wish spectacular”
RPGFreak901 (8 months ago)
If you can parallel park a limo, you can parallel park any car!!!
Caitlin Arthur (8 months ago)
I don'y care what anyone say about Angel Bunny I still love him because he is my favorite pet.
Adnan Safdar (8 months ago)
Am i early?
Cam Miller (8 months ago)
Cranky: now it's time for Parallel parking where everyone fails. So don't expect to- (Sunset parallel parks like a boss) Sunset: done! Me: HA! And just like you never question Pinkie Pie, never doubt Sunset Shimmer lol!
Maximum dbz (8 months ago)
In the Rarity Investigates we see Flash,Twilight,Snips and Snails and Sunset. They all have something in common dealing with Sunset. Flash was her old boyfriend, Twilight was once her enemy and Snips and Snails were both her henchmen.
TheGoldenBunny (22 days ago)
Maximum dbz lol
Keaton Blanchard (8 months ago)
I have been saying this in every video to react to cupheand meets mlp
Edward256 (8 months ago)
Your providers should probably have cut the clips for you... If not made you a program that simulated the actual Choose Your Own Ending app. 6:30 Why did I suddenly think of a FlutterJack shipping happening there? 19:46 "Angel should not be allowed to be that cute, He's The Devil!" As if a Devil needed rules against such things. The fact that he just did this proves his devilish nature. ;) 32:00 Sometimes a nursery rhyme is the best way to learn. Get a catchy tune, a catchy phrase, repeat it enough times and the jobs a dance. Also, it would seem that there are some "correct" answers to these, at least in connection with the play.
MrBronyZebra (8 months ago)
36:36 Mantra
Feathernote Productions (8 months ago)
T-Sparks (8 months ago)
Good reaction you know I was mad I couldn't find the shorts to react to them but now I'm not these shorts were bad.
SirThomas theGood (8 months ago)
Hey Applegeek, have you tried re-uploading your reaction to Equestria Girls Forgotten Friendship Special?
I see all I catch (8 months ago)
Can you please fix Forgotten friendship?

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