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Funny DeMotivational Posters

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a collection of funny demotivational posters and pictures
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Text Comments (20)
I am confusion (3 years ago)
what is the name of the first song
Idol Cruisefix (4 years ago)
what is the last one? is that like an 18th century invite to a taboo party?
Idol Cruisefix (3 years ago)
+Krieg The Psycho   What does that have to do with a drink on the rocks?
Krieg The Psycho (3 years ago)
+Idol Cruisefix No Canada used playing cards as money
Idolcruisefix (4 years ago)
1:35 ...OGC is a brit government entity. bunch of wankers wankin it on our dime... I mean... farthing?
Chris Maher (4 years ago)
Jesus Condom, WTF?
PROTOBLUES90 (4 years ago)
No mine is last
AlChesoir (4 years ago)
at around the 2:46 mark I noticed a stupid fucking noise that made me think my bottle of oj fell over and I managed to give my self a fucking panic attack when it was perfectly fine and I couldn't find the source of the noise so who ever made this video, fuck you.
Kid Sheldon (3 years ago)
Well then.
Ellie B (5 years ago)
my fav was the first one
Ichigo Kurosaki (5 years ago)
My comment is last! HA!
Njtrio (5 years ago)
Tara Franklin (5 years ago)
The one about women drivers...that's awesome.
JuanElJalapeno (6 years ago)
4:16 Voldemort?
schmeissergod (6 years ago)
Clown attack! Holy shit hes got a gun!
WTFpoopstar (7 years ago)
2:41 litoris also means toilet in irish 4:38 hell yeah that it awesome!
frogjedi4 (9 years ago)
As an example I have a crappy 30 second fake news reel that has 90K views and a handful of complicated music videos and tributes with only 1k views or less (And they've been up for more than a year.).
frogjedi4 (9 years ago)
@caseyownsn00bs It doesn't suck tbh. That's why it still has only about 90 views. Just upload the crappiest video you can make and it will be in the hundred thousands within a year.
frogjedi4 (9 years ago)
The videos you expect to succeed always fail and the ones you expect to fail always succeed. Life's annoying that way.
L1LC0MPT0N (9 years ago)
first comment loser

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