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Equestria Girls Spring Breakdown Villain’s Weakness

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Jesse Perez (3 months ago)
They should do either a time travel story base on my fan-fics or one about Sunset's parents.
Armando Diko (3 months ago)
Each Equestria Girls movie scales up and adds more action, magic, and "fantastic villain" than the last and Legend of evefree and Mirror Magic also did It,but Gloriosa and Juniper was antagonist. From the Forgotten Friendship adds less action,magic and more mundane trouble and the "mundane antagonist" have minor magical abilities but socialy strong(Erased Memory and create holograms of her vision perfect)
Novptimus Primal (3 months ago)
Maybe they could get a new villain in mlp eg but as a male and have a dark geode and he could be the strongest villain in mlp friendship is magic
Christian Galvan (3 months ago)
Lonely Fanboy48 exactly we need a male villain
Lonely Fanboy48 (3 months ago)
Nova Swordman good point since all the villains in EqG have been girls and not male.

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