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Blind Commentary | МLР:FiМ | Equestria Girls

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Text Comments (245)
jacob green (1 month ago)
you think the talking dog would give it away
Tboy 817 (1 month ago)
Good to see a completely blind reaction to this movie
@46:25 Did you notice Derpy appearing again in the top corner of the room?
Elizabeth Davis (2 months ago)
I knew you weren't American couldn't say what country you were but I had a feeling Cadanian or British
Elizabeth Davis (2 months ago)
Pinkie is physic who else agrees
Elizabeth Davis (2 months ago)
I agree.....I hate high school and middle school and elementary....short story always bullied...not much this year I have a lot more friends(senior year))
Ethan Stephans (2 months ago)
I h ave seen much worse, this was cute
Nightingale Dreams (3 months ago)
DID ur brain double explode
Kenneth James (4 months ago)
How did pankie pie OMG she how did she omg lolol i like pankie pie wow is she a sycick or whatever lol she is so smart
Oof :P (9 months ago)
1:06:27 XDD
Danial Khan (11 months ago)
Is scootaloo an a boy in this world!?
Bing Francisco (11 months ago)
Mr. Carrot Cake and Mrs. Cup Cake (Chiffon Swirl)
Majesticwolf Aj (1 year ago)
U should react to a EG Legend Of Everfree. IT IS THE BEST EG EVER!
TogePikachu (1 year ago)
11:50 how am I JUST NOW noticing that when she puts her hand back in the portal, it shows up as a hoof.
Soksambath Sam (1 year ago)
is all Rarity think is the crown or what?
HowlingBansheeKing 33 (1 year ago)
demon shimmers voice sounds an awful lot like the voice of crysalis
Rosie Nature (1 year ago)
Pinkie look so cute in EGs
Harsh Saint cry (1 year ago)
Sunset shimmer is Voldemort
KilaWølfu (1 year ago)
I love the video when I watch it
Tavia Melody (1 year ago)
(1:01:22) I love how long it took them to notice.
Harper Tucker (1 year ago)
I have to admit, human Flash Sentry is really, really cute.
Harper Tucker (1 year ago)
Short skirts=ease of mobility.
Harper Tucker (1 year ago)
She's a magical princess from another dimension!
Harper Tucker (1 year ago)
Harper Tucker (1 year ago)
"No, she's pretty much spot-on." "Nope, she's pretty much spot-on." "Oh, fuck, Spike, I don't need this right now." BEST PART
Yoonmin Vkook (2 years ago)
how cant everyone hate this i mean it is because this movie is AWESOME
Fundamental gaming (2 years ago)
52:22 😂yesss just yes
Isabel Ray (2 years ago)
1:11:40 oh just you wait for the bloopers...just you wait...
Isabel Ray (2 years ago)
Pinkies hair styles: no. no. no. No. OH HELL NO!! XD Im dying! save me!!!!
Muffinsss (2 years ago)
+Subzero Mrs. Cake's first name is Cup, because you asked. Well, that's what it says in the Mlp books, but I don't think they've said it in an episode... I really like it because her name is Mrs. Cup Cake. Haha, get it? Okay, I'm done now. XD
lvivtotoro (2 years ago)
Technically anyone in the human world could grow ears (and wings)
lvivtotoro (2 years ago)
"Aww, that picture looks adorable. That one doesn't. THAT ONE SURE AS HELL DOESN'T! huohoh"
Floof Dwagon (2 years ago)
1:03:35 Yeah her plan really was ridiculous. They probably saved Sunset's life by keeping her from attempting that.
Naxi Gaming (2 years ago)
Duane Rose (2 years ago)
Pinkies Psychic
lapis lasuli (2 years ago)
stop talking
it's a reaction idiot, go watch the original movie
mad penguin (2 years ago)
did anyone else notice twilight was using her right hand to right with in this movie but in the third she used her left?
Raymond Brasuell (2 years ago)
Different Twilight.
Fundamental gaming (2 years ago)
The fuck I thought I was a nerd
Samantha Herren (2 years ago)
Oh my god... This gave some of the greatest laughs ever. To which I sounded like a walrus...
DinoViper (2 years ago)
I laughed at 56:35 to 57:02
the rainbow pegasister (2 years ago)
oh pinkie wait, you'll get your cannons in the 3rd movie
smol_heejun (2 years ago)
im rewatching this and i realized that there is a friendship game reference here when pinkie pie asked twilight if she had a twin sister..
smol_heejun (2 years ago)
this movie is yet another example why the royal guards are useless
mochichu _ (1 year ago)
Lilith Booth (2 years ago)
Your the only reactor I've seen that gets that Sunset threating the portal could work if she aimed for the frame. Good for you
Carrie Wilson (2 years ago)
+Lilith Booth Ikr, a lot of reactors miss that.
Loaf of Collin (2 years ago)
Oh, IT WAS SUCH A BIG DEAL! lololololololololol lol
the rainbow pegasister (2 years ago)
short skirts for doggy enjoyment
нσρє (2 years ago)
Before Sunset transformed and the blue ray/light surronded her, I could have sworn I saw her hold onto the crown tightly and look a little scared? Huh, I wonder why? Maybe the Transformation was Painful or she was just scared.. Eh, who knows. I just wanted to put that out there.
Duane Rose (2 years ago)
she wanted to be a powerful goddess not a monster she was scared that she was becoming just that.
Amy Yuan (2 years ago)
Please don't say anything.
Carrie Wilson (2 years ago)
+Amy Yuan Anything
TogePikachu (2 years ago)
I just about died at 51:01
Bloody Knife (4 months ago)
Looks like you could need a rest luckily I built a jacuzzi in Minecraft so relax like me
TheThirdWorld (3 years ago)
Celestia - Obi Wan Sunset Shimmer - Darth Vader Twilight - Luke
Raymond Brasuell (2 years ago)
That'd be one hell of a plot twist though.
globetrotteur (3 years ago)
+TheThirdWorld but sun,set shimmer are not the father of twilight
Razzlewolfflight (3 years ago)
The remix of the opening song, and the bits with the real ponies are the best parts of this movie. Despite her horrible cliched and ridiculous storyline, Sunset Shimmer is the only "new" character I like. Her design is awesome and she gets some pretty good character development in the next movie. I still wish she had come back to the pony dimension though. It would have made for a much better movie. Considering the estimated ages of the ponies (Rarity owns her own store for goodness' sake), putting them all in high school is ludicrous.
Nellie Collier (3 years ago)
WAIT the Pinkies can't be the same because at the end she tried to go through the portal and couldn't and was like "bummer" so they AREN'T the same! Maybe they did that just to show that.
Huski (3 years ago)
33:41 He knows everything.
afllive88to93 (3 years ago)
"She's naturally a person who just sits inside reading books" A bookworm.
Amy Walsh (3 years ago)
I love mlp equstria girls
420killme (3 years ago)
diamond tiara and sliver spoon was doing the handshake thingy
RosemarySherry (3 years ago)
When a pony turns into a princess, everything gets taller, to show superior-ness, yes, twily's horn got bigger :)
JashinGaming (3 years ago)
i don't know if you have noticed this yet but pay close attention at the guy dancing behind the cmc at 57:07 and at 1:08:39 there is a guy doing gangnam style in the background
Shipping Is Magic (3 years ago)
38:01 A little theory I have for that, Sunset surely got most of the students to do some "favors" for her, maybe she asked help from one of the "tekkies" to hack the accounts of the main 5 and sent those e-mails and texts. Just a little vague headcannon of mine.
DJack276 (3 years ago)
57:06 You see the chicken dance but not the gagngam style? XD I'd freek out if you hadn't seen it the second time!
Voltorb1993 (3 years ago)
I am pretty sure Spike humped Rarity's leg somewhere offscreen during this movie. :D
there will be a castle in season 4 but I will not tell you who own's it
Derpy gonna Derp (3 years ago)
BTW, when u watch the second movie, keep the credits rolling. There's something really funny at the end!
Derpy gonna Derp (3 years ago)
What's the remix in the beginning?
Red Runner (3 years ago)
Yes the leanth of the horn is how old they are
Sputnikmann (3 years ago)
You and Spike really do think alike don't you?
Crystalitar (3 years ago)
so.... you are Flash Sentry?
Crystalitar (3 years ago)
28:45 that vending machine has been suitably dubbed "Sweetie Bot" :p
Crystalitar (3 years ago)
+Christoph TSS i know, but it is no doubt a small reference to sweetie bot from that FIW :)
Christoph TSS (3 years ago)
I heard it as "Vendor Belle". "Sweetie Bot" is from FiW. 
Al Weighs Wright (3 years ago)
Fun fact: this movie has less songs in it than Magical Mystery Cure
Sora Lionheart (3 years ago)
I believe the advice was for rainbow rocks.
wratched (3 years ago)
Just realized that the soccer scene was a parody of this Nike commercial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkCyWOR5LTU
MusicChild 247 (3 years ago)
I saw rarity twerking
agsongsandstyle (3 years ago)
Now u have to do rainbow rocks by default
You Heard Nothing (3 years ago)
wow, you have been busy. 4 videos up? don't mind if i do. well, equestria girls. lezz do dis! 0:53 im glad of it! 57:07 the guy behind apple bloom is doing the gangnam style. didn't say much, but i was too enthralled with your reaction i suppose. i don't like brad because he is the typical high school crush, with no other characterization. flash century, no idea, because we see almost nothing of him.
Jesse Saunders (3 years ago)
Twilight gets a castle? Hmm... Nah
Jesse Saunders (3 years ago)
Trixey x Vending Machine is my OTP
Lord Apple (3 years ago)
Dear Lord its glorious. Good thing you liked it too, it will make the shorts and the "second one" a lot more enjoyable!
BlueBlazer (3 years ago)
A lot of people don't like this movie and they all have good reasons for it,this movie has problems,like a lot of them,but despite those I really really like it,I enjoy it so much.I like the designs of the human characters and the humanized ponies (except for AJ's skirt,she wouldn't wear something like that) and I really like the humor.The songs are great and Equestria Girls (the cafeteria song) is one of those songs I will never be able to forget. At any rate the 2nd movie is much better and I mean much much better,so you can look forward to it and until then I hope that you'll enjoy the 4th season (tbh I'm pretty much 100% sure you'll enjoy it)
afllive88to93 (3 years ago)
+Gabe Jones What's your opinion on it? ( I'm stalking you )
GJ301 (3 years ago)
+afllive88to93 Yeah
afllive88to93 (3 years ago)
+Gabe Jones Have you seen it yet?
GJ301 (3 years ago)
I have to agree. The first movie is honestly not as bad as everybody says it is. Sure it's not perfect, but it's still watchable in my opinion. The humanized designs of the characters are very creative, and the moral Celestia says at the end was one of the best ones the show has ever written. I haven't seen Rainbow Rocks yet, but if everyone says it's miles better than its predecessor, than I'm as eager to see it as I can be.
dag1984 (3 years ago)
+BlueBlazer On the topic of AJ's skirt maybe that's just school wear? She could just wear jeans at home when tending to her farm duties but wear a skirt at school.
Sweet Spark (3 years ago)
Those skirts are actually a very appropriate length, about the length of my school skirts. Also thank you for actually realising that Sunset was going to break the outside of the portal... Which might've made a black hole or something. "You can do a lot of things with fingers" That sounded wrong...
Mitchell Hennig (3 years ago)
This movie was ok...the second one rainbow rocks was SOOOO much better. I honestly really loved rainbow rocks...this one was...a bit mediocre. But RR is possibly in my top 10-15 movies.
dunia hazratzai (1 year ago)
but loe was better its so cool
Christoph TSS (3 years ago)
1:56 Starting right off with a Transformers reference. Dis gon b guuuuuuuud.  2:06 "TWILIGHT!!! WHY HAVEN'T I HAD ANY SCREEN TIME YET?!?!?"  2:50 *chuckles inwardly*  8:42 Wait for it...waaaait for iiiiit...  10:43 Any second now...  11:03 Aaaaand payoff!  21:18 Yeah, and here we have the one design in the movie I REALLY took issue with. I don't mind any of the other designs, but Granny Smith is just...no.  22:45 I'm surprised you didn't pick up on the Pinkie Sense reference.  26:20 A lot of people ask how in the world she was able to read that. The answer is simple: that's probably what her writing looked like when she first came to the human world.  29:10 And here we see Trixie using her only line to win the Best Line of the Movie Award.  30:00 See, this is what dealing with the Crusaders all day every (week)day has done to her.  30:42 When you think about it, it's kind of a miracle that YouTube's layout has stayed the same long enough for that joke to still be relevant. Also, I'd totally subscribe to the CMC's channel.  32:30 And here is the exact moment the Spike/Rarity ship officially becomes creepy. It's like a thousand fanfics cried out at once and were silenced.  34:35 I'm not sure it's official, but I've heard many people argue that Rarity's disguise was supposed to make Twilight look more like Tara Strong. I'd believe it.  34:44 Looks like it just sunk in.  35:28 All of modern politics in a nutshell.  41:10 Actually, her full name is Cupcake. Kind of weird that the last name is part of a word, but hey, who are we to judge? 41:37 And you have now officially been introduced to probably the most unfairly hated character in the entire franchise: Flash "Brad" Sentry. Seriously, this guy gets more hate than Diamond Tiara, and for infinitely more ridiculous reasons.  43:37 And then Daniel Ingram presented the catchiest song of all Faust-damn time.  44:40 Well, I do hope somebody picks up that phone...because *you bucking called it*!!!!!!  46:24 And that was the last time Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon were onscreen without making me want to punch them. Yeah, DT does look adorable in that scene. And that is something I never thought I'd say. (Actually, pony DT does have an interesting character design; it's just everything about her personality that I hate.)  46:46 Am I the only one who saw that and immediately thought of that scene from Hercules? I can imagine Sunset going "I have 12 hours to get more votes than this girl, or the entire plan I've been working on for 30 moons goes up in smoke...and YOU ARE WEARING HER MERCHANDISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  48:22 Yeah, that's probably one of the dumber things in the movie. Seriously, they took the photos on a cell phone, but they don't know what Photoshop is? I mean good lord, using MS Paint would have been a better plan!  50:33 My headcanon is that Pinkie Pie would have gone full-on Pinkamena if Applejack hadn't cut her off.  50:57 Pinkie Pie is, for this movie at least, best human.  51:12 Seriously, pause on Spike's face after he says that. You will laugh so hard.  54:40 How to trap an idiot: place a "No Entry" sign beside the inside of a closet door.  55:12 Actually, RD in the unfitting poofy dress was a callback to Season 1 Episode 10. Rewatch it if you don't remember what I'm talking about.  57:00 See, when people say Flash has no personality, I point to this scene. Just from that, I instantly like the guy. But then I guess I'm just an optimistic person.  1:01:46 AND THEN THERE WAS A DEMON ON MY LITTLE PONY  1:04:31 were doing it bro. WHERE MAKING THIS HAPPEN  1:06:55 Finally, someone who's not pissed off that her character got forgiven. Besides, I ASSURE you that you'll come to appreciate it in time. Just trust me on this one.  1:07:30 Aaaaaand now you're scarred for life.  1:08:31 It's worth noting that the dance Twilight is doing here is the same one she was doing at her birthday party in S2E09. The more you know.  1:10:45 Oh, here it comes again, aaaaaand...  1:11:00 Huh. Not quite as dramatic as I expected.  1:11:42 My theory is that a version of Pinkie Pie exists in every possible universe, and that they all share a single linked consciousness. Every Pinkie is the same Pinkie.  1:14:14 Okay, someone at Hasbro must have been in a mischievous mood: right next to the anti-piracy message they placed Derpy dancing with a muffin, thereby ensuring the scene would be pirated. 
HordeBrony furness (3 years ago)
WOW EQG and S4 Ep1 and Ep2  Best night EVER!!!   /)^3^(\
Subzero (3 years ago)
And I just recorded season 4 episode 3, will be up by late tonight, early tomorrow
Narrator007 (3 years ago)
Since my main comment was so long, I thought I should pick out just the questions I wanted you to answer and a couple of things you might want to comment on and put them in this smaller, easier to respond to comment: 1. 11:27 Twilight: "What does the rest of me look like?" SubZero: "Not bad, actually.  I mean..." Were you still trying to decide whether it would be considered weird to like Twi in that form? 2. 30:32 Cheerilee: "The school computers are for research purposes only!" SubZero: "That's not what I use 'em for." Care to elaborate? 3. 41:32 "I've gotta say, I didn't expect that one.  A love interest, huh?" It's even weirder when you realize that Flash's emblem and voice are similar to Shining Armor's cutie mark and voice.  You know, her brother. 4. 52:57 Have you ever known a girl who could make you feel that insufficient as a male? 5. 57:08 "Is she doing the chicken dance!?  Oh Scootaloo!" Not only that, Applebloom was doing something that looked like the Cabbage Patch and Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon were doing their Sugar Rump Lump. Also, please let me know if you were able to see my longer comment.  Google+ has been telling me that my longer comments had gotten blocked on a couple of occasions recently.
Subzero (3 years ago)
Yes they get blocked, but I always unblock them so don't worry
Narrator007 (3 years ago)
 Before starting on this comment, you might want to go grab a snack.  I'll wait. 1. 0:26 "Twilight and the mane six... all of them are girls, and they're in Equestria, so that's what my prediction of this movie is going to be." Hard to believe such a vague prediction could still be so wrong. :) 2. 1:52 "Pinkie Prime?  Alright." Hasbro owns Transformers too, so why not? 3. 3:22 "Her horn looks a little longer.  Or is that just me?" No, her horn actually *is* a little longer.  Let all the jokes about Twilight being hornier as a princess begin. 4. 3:31 "Spike looks tired." Probably because Twilight's been keeping up with a lot of late night pacing lately. 5. 4:00 Longer horn, unwanted wing extensions...  Poor Twilight is going to the butt of inappropriate jokes for quite some time. 6. 4:22 "Aw, this remix though!" Now you know why people only wanted to censor the intro and not remove it entirely. 7. 6:12 "I think it would be useful if your light was pointed up a bit more instead of at the floor." Maybe they've been trained to patrol with low-beams so they don't blind one of the princesses or a guest when coming around a corner. 8. 7:23 "What?  Magic mirror?  My brain is... just rebooting from the last thing I saw on this show." It wasn't at all prepared for what would happen next then, was it? 9. 8:45 "I love how all of them look up at her like 'omg, that horn is huuuuge!" Got a little horn envy there, Sub? 10. 10:15 "You *are* the princess of the night.  Can't you just kind of hold the moon down?" She would only be able to control the moon in her world, not in the other one. 11. 10:58 Meltdown in 3, 2, 1... And all the king's horses, and all the king's men, couldn't put SubZero back together again. 12. 11:27 Twilight: "What does the rest of me look like?" SubZero: "Not bad, actually.  I mean..." Were you still trying to decide whether it would be considered weird to like Twi in that form? 13. 12:23 "I wonder if Lyra's here.  Oh, she'd love this." Many fans were disappointed by the distinct lack of Lyra in this movie. 14. 13:15 "Of course the second thing that she would look at after her face would be her ass." Perhaps she just curious to see whether her skirt had cutie marks on both sides like her flanks did. 15. 13:35 "Ooh, I like your hair.  Reminds me of my OC kind of, actually." Not exactly the most popular character to compare your OC to.  Flash gets a lot of hate for being A) cliche and stereotypical, B) undeveloped, and C) a romantic interest for Twilight, destroying hundreds of headcanons. 16. 14:03 Was that guy just checking out Twilight's backside as he was walking by?  It sure looked like it. 17. 18:47 "Aww, that looks weird." Principal Celestia looks like she's suffering from a combination of an exotic disease and sleep deprivation. 18. 19:00 "Her voice... it's the same voice, but it sounds different." Perhaps just because it wouldn't be appropriate for a principal to have a motherly tone. 19. 19:38 Princess Kefka? 20. 20:49 "Oh!  Grab a hot dog.  You'll like it, Twilight." The way you said that, I couldn't help but picture you winking suggestively. 21. 21:36 When they were going through the groups, I noticed Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon just sitting by themselves behind the Rockers.  I guess Spoiled Rich Kids is a very exclusive group. 22. 22:26 "What?!  She just pulled a f#@$in' balloon off her dress?" In all possible universes, the rule still applies.  It's Pinkie Pie, don't question it. 23. 24:28 Human Applejack = best puppeteer since Discord 24. 27:05 My theory on the reason that Sunset Shimmer knew about the effects of alternate worlds on magical objects and Twilight didn't is that Sunset grew impatient with Celestia's teaching methods and started additional studies on her own.  That would be the "following her own path" that Celestia mentioned.  Sunset might have assumed that her successor would eventually do the same, and thus felt smugly superior when she learned that Twilight had not. 25. 29:58 Was that a variation of Cadance's relaxation technique that Cheerilee just used? 26. 30:32 Cheerilee: "The school computers are for research purposes only!" SubZero: "That's not what I use 'em for." Care to elaborate? 27. 30:38 YouTube is canon!  We're canon!! 28. 30:57 "Yeah, you guys are very well hidden." They didn't need to be.  You know how distracted Twilight can get when it comes to books and studying. 29. 32:06 "Would you like to vote for someone who sleeps in a library?" Can't be any worse than the people we've got now. 30. 33:19 Celestia: "Good morning students and happy Thursday." SubZero: "Happy Thursday...  That's just doesn't sound right." Probably because you were remembering this clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wxr2oTWshDg 31. 33:35 SubZero: "You made a list." Spike: "You made a list?  That's so unlike you!" SubZero: "Exactly!  How do you know my thoughts?" Remember Lesson Zero?  Pinkie Pie isn't the only fourth wall breaker around here. 32. 34:46 "Spike, down!"  Ooh, you're good. 33. 36:46 Applejack: "Get over it and move on!" Rarity: "You mean like how *you've* gotten over what happened with Rainbow Dash?" SubZero: "Uhhh..." That's not what she meant; get your mind out of the gutter. 34. 37:05 "Oh man, this is definitely a callback to..."  The Ticket Master. 35. 37:36 "It's gonna be so weird going back to ponies now.  I've become accustomed." One you go human, you never go... rainboomin'? 36. 38:33 "Why does every single one of them have to have miniskirts?" Except for Celestia and Luna.  They wear the pants in this school. 37. 39:23 "Aw, Twilight!  Just take it in the face like a... nevermind." That awkward moment when you realize just how wrongly your statement could be taken. 38. 41:00 "Oh hi, Mrs. Cake!  What's her first name?" Cup Cake.  Her husband is Carrot Cake, although Soundspeed just calls him Big Chin. 39. 41:32 "I've gotta say, I didn't expect that one.  A love interest, huh?" It's even weirder when you realize that Flash's emblem and voice are similar to Shining Armor's cutie mark and voice.  You know, her brother. 40. 43:16 "I see Vinyl, I see Trixie... I see Flash Sentry, I see Photo Finish, I do not see Derpy." 44:34 "I'm gonna constantly keep looking for either Derpy or..." Ask and ye shall receive. 41. 44:44 "Oh yeah, there's her eye color.  Everyone shut up about it." Lol, I bet that's exactly why they threw that in there. 42. 44:59 "Of course you'd be recording it." Wouldn't you? 43. 46:19 "Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon actually not being dicks for once.  I dare say they look adorable." Does that count as OOC?  Not sure. 44. 47:32 Vice Principal Luna looks like she's been holding her breath a little too long. 45. 49:55 "Ohh, that looks weird!  She looks like... lacking in detail." The animators put so much attention to detail into everything else, like facial expressions, hairstyles and backgrounds, that it's easy to forget how minimalist the pony body design itself is. 46. 50:39 Man do I wish you had the facecam for this moment. 47. 50:57 Rainbow: "I'm pretty sure that isn't... SubZero: "Naw, she's pretty much spot on." Spike: "Nope, she's pretty much spot on." Are you sure Cathy Weseluck isn't your biological mother? 48. 51:40 "There's probably only one Pinkie.  She just decides to go between worlds whenever she feels like it." I would be surprised if there aren't at least a couple of fanfics focused on this Multiverse Pinkie theory. 49. 52:24 This scene of how everyone catches their brooms is a great demonstration of their relative levels of athletic prowess in a nutshell. 50. 52:57 Have you ever known a girl who could make you feel that insufficient as a male? 51. 53:27 Some people think that that's Twist. 52. 54:44 "Why are you guys just hanging out in the f$#@in' closet?" The real question is why did they *stay* in there. 53. 55:09 That ridiculous outfit on Rainbow Dash had to be a callback to Rarity fitting Rainbow in another ridiculous outfit in Swarm of the Century ("Do you want to look nice for Princess Celestia or not?") 54. 55:16 "Of course it has to be a miniskirt." Rarity knows what the boys like. 55. 55:37 "So I'm guessing a Rarity/Spike thing can't actually happen in their world if the equivalent of dragon/pony is dog/human..." Honestly, I think the age difference is the bigger problem.  Spike was only just hatched when Twilight became Celestia's pupil.  And if dragons are longer-lived than ponies, then the effective age difference would be even greater. 56. 56:07 "Applejack has like the shortest skirt of all of them." Gotta show off them buckin' legs, right?  Or, whatever she uses them for in this world. 57. 56:50 "This is going to be very awkward when you leave, you know?" And even more awkward when she bumps into his pony form back home. 58. 57:08 "Is she doing the chicken dance!?  Oh Scootaloo!" Not only that, Applebloom was doing something that looked like the Cabbage Patch and Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon were doing their Sugar Rump Lump. 59. 58:30 Here comes the cavalry!  Figuratively speaking, for once. 60. 58:32 "Trixie!  What's up with you and the vending machine?" She's got a problem.  Girl just can't go two hours without her peanut butter fix. 61. 58:58 Sunset: "I'm not a monster, Twilight."  Yet. 62. 1:00:18 "Oh-ho!  Catfight.  ...Well I guess 80% of fights in this show are catfights I suppose." Depends on whether you considered those changelings female or gender neutral. 63. 1:01:29 Judging by the tears, Sunset's transformation was either a painful process or against her will.  Perhaps its similar to what happened to Luna when she became Nightmare Moon. 64. 1:02:45 Demon Shimmer is the envy of politicians everywhere. 65. 1:04:30 "We're not going anthro, are we?" Yes.  Yes, we are. 66. 1:05:00 "Oh, she's going to love those wings." From the moment she gets them, Rainbow hardly spends a moment on the ground until they disappear. 67. 1:05:45 Somehow, seeing Twilight talk while she has the glowing eyes makes it ten times creepier than when she just stares out blankly with them. 68. 1:06:24 "Off to jail you go." What, you don't think getting blasted to kingdom come by a rainbow-colored tornado was punishment enough? 69 (first time I ever got to use *that* number in a list). 1:06:48 "Maybe the elements do more to you than we think.  Maybe they make you see all your faults." Kind of like Yami's mind crush on Kaiba? 70. 1:07:14 Twilight: "I bet they can teach you." That was a nice touch to show the other five showing different levels of skepticism toward Sunset. 71. 1:07:34 "See, now (Celestia) sounds like herself!" I'm not sure if that was because she was taking on a more mentor-like role in that moment, or it was just Nicole Oliver accidentally slipping into her princess tone there.   That whole speech made it seem like this world's Celestia also knows more than she lets on, though. 72. 1:09:44 "Oh come on!  Fingers are awesome, you can do a lot of stuff with them.  A lot of stuff."   Wink. 73. 1:11:22 "What?  So now she has an actual love interest in the show." There are conflicting stories as to whether the events of Equestria Girls are canon to the main series. 74. 1:14:29 "Oop-- I did not want to replay the movie over.  Nope, stop playing!" Are you sure?  I wouldn't mind.  :) I loved this movie when I saw it, but I may have been biased by the fact that I saw it in a theatre.  It's definitely a greater experience watching this with a whole bunch of diehard fans live.  Hearing everyone's reactions to all the in-jokes and show references made it something special. (Dang, this comment was such a monster that it took me several minutes just to proofread it!)
drake king black heart (3 years ago)
my god this has to be the longest comments ever
Narrator007 (3 years ago)
I'm surprised you've been able to still get these videos out as quickly as you have with all these comments to read.  I guess you're not hurting for anything to do while waiting for videos to render.
Narrator007 (3 years ago)
One last thing I forgot to mention.  Sunset Shimmer was voiced by Rebecca Shoichet, who is the singing voice for Twilight Sparkle. Considering that, I was a little surprised we didn't get a villain song in this.
Subzero (3 years ago)
Holy fuck dude. I thought you were joking till I saw the Read more (233 lines) What the fuck man
EMan (3 years ago)
Flash Sentry: a.k.a Waifu Stealer/Brad Awesome commentary, you keep impressing me for how you noticing everything that takes us a while to find, thank you for doing these reactions still.
TPrower (3 years ago)
Ah, the uber-hyped Equestria Girls movie. It ranks about average with me. Mostly, my main problem was the pacing. It felt unnecessarily rushed, most likely from them having only 3 days to get the crown back, which I can understand. Still, I find the designs for the human versions pretty cute, but like you, I don't see why they all need to wear mini skirts. I expected Applejack to be more a jeans type, and Rainbow just wearing shorts or pants. Also, with Flash, I don't dislike him, but I'm not sure Twilight should have a love interest, especially one whose version she becomes smitten with isn't even from her own world.
Lucky Cat (3 years ago)
I am glad you enjoyed this movie well enough. I know it isn't the best movie ever, but I think it had its pros and was decent enough. However, everything ahead is amazing!!
TheMiddaydreamers (3 years ago)
Just in case no one has said this yet, the Equestria Girls movies are not really considered canon to the series. They've said that what happens in them will not affect the series. Also, the second movie is a lot better than this one. The songs in it are also some of the best in the entire mlp series too. Can't wait to see your reactions to season 4.
Sultan Manzoor (3 years ago)
dennis mcphearson (3 years ago)
1:06:53-1:07:00 so the elements are a non lethal version of Ghost Rider's penance stare?
Murkglow (3 years ago)
I'm with you on that ending there: I thought it was an alright movie and people generally overstate how "bad" it is.  It's a bit awkward at points (the high school, the love interest, the whole demon thing coming out of nowhere, ect...) but in the end it's a pretty standard concept (parallel universes) with the pony characters and those characters are good enough to carry it for a little while.  Now Equestria Girls 2, that's a very good movie and I look forward to your reaction to it (after the coming season of course).
kedke1 (3 years ago)
(this can be a spoiler, or not :P)  at 1:13:30 - are you sure you didn't got spoiled for season 4 ?
WolfpackAlpha1988 (3 years ago)
it's been a while since I watched this. still a decent movie. hurry with season 4 man, then rainbow rocks (way better than this one), and then you are ready for season 5! 
Galaxy Stars (3 years ago)
Fun facts: After watching this movie, I went out of my way to remake Twilight ' s fall formal dress along with the shoes, tail, horn, and wings and wore it on Halloween 2013 and I have picture proof. I also watched the cafeteria song dance moves and I now know how to dance just like they did in the movie. I'm pretty good at it. This movie made me realize how cool knee - high boots are and I have a pair of my own that I wear to school. I wrote an unfinished fanfic about me and my 5 other best friends (who act similar to the ponies in real life) going to Equestria and slowly becoming anthropods versions of the Mane 6, coming back to save the real world. It's called: Destinies Align. I'm never gonna post it.
I am so ready for season 4
Arseniy Bolshunov (3 years ago)
Let me introduce you. Flash Sentry, the most hateful nemesis of this fandom. Everyone hate him so much, for stealing waifu, interrupt shippings like Twilestia, TwiDash, Twinkie and other. If you say that you like him, probably some people will unsubscribe, others will flame in comment section etc.
pokeperson1000 (3 years ago)
why does everybody question why they believe twilight so quickly? Spike pretty much talked right in front of them. it's kind of hard not to believe her at that point.
Draco wolf (3 years ago)
Yes! Finally! Thank you!
Carrion Luggage (3 years ago)
You know, although the Rainbow rocks shorts were released after season 4, they don't actually contain any spoilers, so you could watch them alongside- see what the Equestria girls are up to while the ponies are doing their season 4 shenanigans.
Carrion Luggage (3 years ago)
+GoldenCupcake That sounds like the Ticket Master. The RR shorts had nothing to do with tickets, so I have no idea what you're talking about.
Carrion Luggage (3 years ago)
+GoldenCupcake I'm struggling to think of what you're referring to.
Andrew Scolak (3 years ago)
45:37 "I'm gonna be myself, no matter what I do!" So... When did that become the moral of this movie? That phrase has no place in the song.
Awesomo (3 years ago)
I'm sorry, but Flash has no personality. Plays electric guitar in a band, is awkward around girls yet super nice and understanding, drives a Mustang, he's practically every teenage male love interest in a high school movie. He's not even a little but freaked out by the fact that Twilight is a pony from another world, he's just like "Yeah, that's cool". It's clear he's just there to be the love interest and serve no purpose to the plot, nothing else. Hell, why do you even NEED to give the Mane Six love interests? They're perfectly strong independent female characters, they don't need a boy to look out for them. I wouldn't mind if they ended up getting love interests, but give them personalities. Don't have them just stare at the first guy they see, act uncharacteristically ditzy and shy, boom, it's true love at first sight. If there's one thing I don't think Meghan McCarthy is good at writing, it's romance.
tenofprime (3 years ago)
+Christoph TSS I would say being new to her human form could play into it to a degree, also given her personality I can see her not having ever had much interest in boys when she was a pony either because it would distract from her studies. Personally I like the idea of the mane 6 possibly getting some romantic plots, Flash did not get enough screen time to really tell how well it would have worked out there and the sad part is so many bronies went into instant hate mode on him. Giving them a love interest just to put one in is bad but some viewers forget that prohibiting one just because is equally bad for the story.
Christoph TSS (3 years ago)
On the other hand, he has about forty seconds of screen time. I can't imagine ANYONE developing a well-rounded character in that time frame. Also, my headcanon is that, since Flash was one of the first people she met while in her human body, Flash was sort of "imprinted" on her mind. 

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