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How to Exclude Schemas and Tables using Export and Import. /* Step By Step */

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Today I am showing you 1. How to perform Export and Import with Exclude Schemas and Tables in Oracle Datapump utility. When we take a Export Full database Backup but I don’t take a backup of Scott and System Schemas. That time we can use Exclude command. We can Export Scott Schema but exclude EMP , DEPT Tables. If the expdp exclude parameter is used directly from the command line (and  not in a parameter file (parfile)), the special characters (quote marks) in the exclude clause may need to be escaped with  backslash (\) character . Because of this, it is recommended that you always use a parameter file (parfile). In Windows we used round bracket ( ) in IN clouse. But In Linux, we used { } bracket. Exclude Schema: expdp system/admin directory=mydump FULL=Y dumpfile=full.dmp exclude=schema:\"=\'SCOTT\'\“ expdp system/admin directory=mydump FULL=Y dumpfile=full.dmp exclude=schema:\”In{\'SCOTT\‘,\’SYSTEM\’}\“ Exclude Tables: expdp system/admin directory=mydump schemas='SCOTT' dumpfile=scott.dmp exclude=table:\"=\'EMP\'\“ OR expdp system/admin directory=mydump dumpfile=scott.dmp schemas=‘SCOTT’ exclude=:\"IN {\’EMP\',\’ DEPT\‘}\“ It is very easy to understand.
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Bhushan Bondre (2 years ago)
Nice Parag

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