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OC & Verde break down Indica – The Track

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We head to Manchester to link up with UK duo OC & Verde and watch them break down the creation of their latest dance floor weapon, Indica. Subscribe to Future Music magazine: http://bit.ly/FMUsubs Keep up with the latest from OC & Verde: https://soundcloud.com/ocandverde https://www.facebook.com/ocandverde/
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Text Comments (24)
Cameron Jack Music (2 months ago)
Does anyone know what the 'Satooloo' (no idea how its spelt) VST is that he talks about at 34 mins is, to generate random patterns? Tried searching but clearly i'm spelling it wrong.
Distinctive Dj (20 days ago)
Close enough haha https://www.xferrecords.com/products/cthulhu
John Deluxe (2 months ago)
Maasai Sampler? This bass is the same! And its great to watch that you can make a lot of good tracks when you have very good sounds! Congratulations for another great Tutorial! Thank You!
david dav (3 months ago)
very good Track
Southern Hemisphere (3 months ago)
This guy's voice is super dry. They need to stop using so many adjectives on one noun.
Critico de cinez (3 months ago)
Southern Hemisphere maybe with some verb like valhalla...
NeverNeverLand Records (3 months ago)
How did you find the vocal sample on youtube?
Reece Price (3 months ago)
Not only these lads are class but they don't mind giving back. They've put so many tutorials on producing their tracks on youtube in the past year or two. Give good info an always come across really well. Legends
Biuds_Mets_ oficial (3 months ago)
biuds sempre assistindo a future music hello
kAa FAa (3 months ago)
its progressive House ?
Durosai (3 months ago)
id say melodic techno
Royal RoCks (3 months ago)
hello boss i am from india and i make song my studio is in india and i want mastering the masterig mixing your songs if you want to give your contact number
Phinnix (3 months ago)
can someone chime in on this ... Wouldn't it be better and probably have a better result if they pitched down the vocal as an audio clips instead of using a plugin in real time?
Phinnix (3 months ago)
i understand what you mean... Honestly though, to me its more audio quality degredation than but at -4 semitones or +4 or 5 i guess the effect can be quiet minimal...
Oliver Quinlan (3 months ago)
Just different. Those pitch shifter plugins add some of their own vibe- phasey or chorusy. In some contexts they can sound rubbish, but in something very electronic sounding like this they could fit the vibe.
Bart F (3 months ago)
cool vid!! nice laidback lads
arhuse (3 months ago)
Thank you so much for this guys this track has literally been in every set of mine this month. Amazing tutorial so many useful tips.
30m3 (3 months ago)
Thanks for this Future Music.
Heathcliff (3 months ago)
The Toraiz is a very fun machine, a highly suggest it if you don't like using a DAW for arranging.
kAa FAa (3 months ago)
or maschine studio :o
Next Session (3 months ago)
Very good..!!
mrfleamino (3 months ago)
Nice one ,check my new music https://open.spotify.com/artist/79qQo4IkwXQcHx47CrO4u8?si=GyLCX33LRcqiVG2mhUPU9Q
Modmon ! (3 months ago)
I thought they was gonna be breaking up some weed
Paul Kruz Official (3 months ago)
First comment Yaay

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