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Harrison Birtwistle at the BBC Music Magazine Awards 2012

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Following a tribute by Alfred Brendel, Harrison Birtwistle accepts the 2012 BBC Music Magazine Premiere Award for NMC's recording of three of his works: Night's Black Bird, The Shadow of Night and The Cry of Anubis, performed by The Halle Orchestra with Ryan Wigglesworth.
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Joseph Malcolm Dodd (5 years ago)
We were students together, in Manchester; I remember his fine performances of modern solo clarinet music, his friendship with Sandy Goehr. 59 years since we met! I went on to be an orchestral viola player, in England, then in Norway.
Mike Fuller (5 years ago)
I voted for Harrison Birtwistle as my favourite Britian in about 2001. Love the 'Night's Blackbird' CD!!!        Cheers -  Mike ( Fuller )

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