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Wideawake: Logan Fights Droids and Meets Raven Darkholme (Mystique) (X-Men Origins: Wolverine Game)

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Raven Darkholme informed Logan that Victor Creed was working for Wideawake Project somewhere in Southwest United States. Project Wideawake was a covert operation designed to deal with the mutant threat. Wolverine got into hight-tech S.C.L. (Systemized Cybernetics Lab) facility. There he had to fight his way through lots of Enforcer Droids, more powerful Predator Units and soldiers with plasma rifles. Finally through a couple of teleports he managed to reach enormous underground factories where he met Mystique who was searching for John Wraith which was captured there earlier... "Wideawake" chapter. X-Men Origins: Wolverine PC Game. Gameplay on Normal. #CJakeWolverine #WolverineGame #JamesLoganHowlett #XMenOrigins #Logan #XMen #Wolverine #XMenOriginsWolverine #Mystique. ►Watch more Wolverine videos: http://bit.ly/cjakewolverine
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Lilian Woodcock (11 months ago)
I'm on level 34 now

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