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Editors - Magazine (Official Video)

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Taken from the new album 'Violence out 9th March. Pre-order here: http://smarturl.it/editors-violence Stream 'Magazine' here: http://smarturl.it/editors-magazine Video by Rahi Rezvani http://www.rahirezvani.com/ Connect with Editors: http://editorsofficial.com https://www.facebook.com/editorsmusic https://twitter.com/editorsofficial https://www.instagram.com/editorsofficial https://open.spotify.com/artist/6e9wIFWhBPHLE9bXK8gtBI
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Text Comments (565)
jamescooling (2 days ago)
Best album since the back room
dancing level Tom Smith, genius
Kelsey L (1 month ago)
Adriano Delgado (2 months ago)
Lelania Jade (2 months ago)
TheCalvatron (2 months ago)
This sounded phenomenal live last week at Birmingham!
david Ríos (2 months ago)
Nice... i see u guys in Pomona ,California... and recently i saw interpol in Losn angeles.. but seriously Editors had better material, better show.. ure the number one guys Editors¡¡
JOSEPH HEALEY (3 months ago)
Now talk the loudest, with a clenched fist!
Pamela Bertato (3 months ago)
Tanta tanta tanta tanta tanta roba caro Tom
Super Made (4 months ago)
Came for Tom's voice, stayed for his dancing
GameGamer (4 months ago)
I love you, Tom!
CheekyBastardEN (5 months ago)
Haha I laughed at "Like you're winning SMILE." Oh Tom lollol
Simon Noordman (5 months ago)
These people are here for you... Love it!
Sylvia Graulus (5 months ago)
Trop bon
Micha Mikhail (5 months ago)
Sounds too close to Depeche Mode
Empty Intentions (5 months ago)
Kings of Leon but more indie so... trash
Andrey Murr (5 months ago)
The most stylish band now
Lunartemis (6 months ago)
When I first heard this, I didn't really care for it. And then I stopped being a total moron. Now I can't stop dancing to it.
liamdave87 (6 months ago)
I love this Song ❤
mrZeffka (6 months ago)
Welcom to RUSSIA!!
David Corten (6 months ago)
what's with the lobsters?
lee wybrant (7 months ago)
Top album boys...…….see ya in Hyde Park
Doona Michelle (7 months ago)
Initially i thought INTERPOL....Not that there's a thing wrong with that! But wait don't ring now....it's The Editors ???????
kloklify (7 months ago)
mm macani
phil _ (7 months ago)
garbage. such a shame for a once good band. good for a tv advert though - sure they will get lots of offers.
Elliot Mosqueda (8 months ago)
I cant be the only one getting Dave Gahan vibes from Tom's mannerisms
interceptor (8 months ago)
No you are not.
Martin Lear (8 months ago)
been on tour with r.e.m in the early 2000's as paid off..got stipes moves going on..damn good band
Karine Pham-thi (8 months ago)
I went to see them last saturday in A Coruña and I was thrilled. The concert was excellent. Love you, guys!!!!
OSVA LAB (8 months ago)
Perfect. Thumbs up =b
Ben Hajioff (8 months ago)
if royalty was an addict.
Anselmo Echeverria (8 months ago)
"Cualquier tiempo pasado fue mejor", la frase se puede aplicar con justicia a Editors. La banda de Birmingham tuvo un papel destacado en el resurgir del pospunk, pero atrás quedan aquellos notables himnos que fueron "Lights", "Munich", "Blood" o "All Sparks". A pesar de todo, su tirón sigue funcionando, a partir de hoy nos visitan para presentar su nuevo disco "Violence", con casi todas las entradas agotadas en sus tres citas: jueves, 26 de abril Barcelona, Razzmatazz; 28 de abril de Coruña, Sala Pelícano y domingo 29 de abril Madrid, Sala La Riviera. Los británicos formaron el grupo en el 2002 al conocerse mientras estudiaban Tecnología de la música en la Universidad de Stafford, La buena acogida que tuvieron sus primeras actuaciones atrajo la atención de los sellos británicos y les llevó a sacar su primer álbum, "The Back Room", en 2005 donde se incluía los singles “Blood” o “Munich”, sus influencias se movían entre The Cure, Echo & the Bunnymen o Joy Division. Desde entonces se han mantenido fieles a un sonido de indie rock oscuro que derivó en un nuevo aire electrónico con "The Weight Of Yor Love", su disco de transición antes de su trabajo anterior "In Dream". Su sexto trabajo de estudio.“Violence” reincide en atmósferas tenebrosas y profundos ritmos con acierto en la combinación melódica-vocal con aires sintéticos, caso de "Magazine", pop brillante en "Hallelujah" que recuerda a Depeche Mode, la pegadiza “Cold” o ese épico “Darkness At The oor” sumamente inofensivo. Poco más a destacar, porque es un disco con más sombras que luces. Música independiente novedades.
Lu Kubin (8 months ago)
I see a young Dave Gahan i Tom and i like that so much.
Ol Shikari (8 months ago)
Fantastic song, fantastic music video 😍
J Torresr (8 months ago)
Muy Buena. :)
Zé Carrasqueira (9 months ago)
Very good variations..the back vocals..in the ear it stays..
Anthony Molliconi (9 months ago)
They never play in the United States anymore!
B T (9 months ago)
Love it !
mo hawkins (9 months ago)
Mans looks extra handsome in a suit
spbxl (9 months ago)
The Editors.... The band that sounds better live than their studio recordings :)
lee birbeck (9 months ago)
so good...
NarrowJester91 (9 months ago)
as a male dude, 26 meanwhile, i just can say: I LOVE Tom Smith for his physically expressions while singing. If u ask me, i'd say he dont plays a role for the band or is impaired by whatever, he just shows what h feels while singing and also have fun on stage. Watch them live!
Teacher Rivera (9 months ago)
Listen 0.75 speed
Angela P. (9 months ago)
Top top top ♡♡♡
Angela P. (9 months ago)
Top top top ♡♡♡
CheekyBastardEN (9 months ago)
Not bad. I miss An End Has A Start.
carmelo caramelo (9 months ago)
Good he´s a singer and not a proctologist, with those fingers and hands. lol!
Barry Rowlings (9 months ago)
Would love to have Tom Smiths hips
carmelo caramelo (9 months ago)
Is the secret in the suitcase a lobster?
Ash KillerstormUK (9 months ago)
great song shite video
Wessel Molenbroek (9 months ago)
Jan van der Wal (9 months ago)
When I shut my eyes I hear the reïncarnation of David Bowie. Amazing !
martadafka (9 months ago)
btw what's in the suitcase at the end, anyone?
martadafka (9 months ago)
god how I love this song. See you in Kraków next week :D
Masked Man (9 months ago)
Super music I love you Editors 😎😆😊😏
Dixxy (9 months ago)
1. THE BACK ROOM 2. AN END HAS A START 3. VIOLENCE 4. / 5. IN THIS LIGHT... / IN DREAM 6. THE WEIGHT OF YOUR LOVE (4. & 5. are kind of a tie... i really find it difficult to choose between the two) What bout you, guyZ ?
TheSporehacker (10 months ago)
Not bad, but it could have been better
TheWolfyBuilder (10 months ago)
Is it possible to favourite a video? Because this is my favourite song! This is genuinely amazing, both the song and music video are fantastic and it's obvious that a lot of work were put into both! Good job!
Nö Nix (10 months ago)
Say goodbye to everyone You have ever known You are not gonna see them Ever again. RIP EDITORS.
Marcelo Naranjo (10 months ago)
Its time to SOUTH AMERICA. Come to CHILE guys !!!
B 57 (10 months ago)
Saxamurai (10 months ago)
A masterpiece.
interceptor (10 months ago)
Actually one of the best around.
Todo sobre el nuevo disco de Editors en mi podcast: http://iradio.ucam.edu/programa/afi-t3-19-180313
lee birbeck (10 months ago)
Jesus....so good...
J S (10 months ago)
I'm sorry but this is not good. Sounds like all the other stuff the main stream calls "Indie". To me "The Back Room" was life changing...still one of my favorite albums (I also bought every cd single i could find to get the b-sides) and "An End is A Start" was also really really great. A little different than the previous. Since then every release has been dreadful, Just not the sound I was hoping for from this awesome band. (Not knocking pop synth, I love all that stuff) I understand "artists" need to evolve. But I don't have to like it. Another disappointment.
lost highway (10 months ago)
what a presence, what a voice!
Tom Reymenants (10 months ago)
Donnacha Mc Cormack (10 months ago)
What a song this is...most underrated band out there. Great to see them smashing this one
rebarbertaartje (10 months ago)
Tomorrow evening 12 mars 2018 editors in Sint-Truiden Academiezaal Plankstraat
Chris Campbell (10 months ago)
Felipe Sanlop (10 months ago)
Kojima bring me here
QuivianProductions (10 months ago)
Kojima brought me here.
Pan Jára (10 months ago)
cringe fest ..
Aleksandar Pikic (10 months ago)
Can't wait for your concert in Zagreb. See you.
Stephen Harrison (10 months ago)
Tom's fit oooo ooo ooooo
Iako Bei (10 months ago)
a review of their new album from a viewpoint of a musician :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DEyiGDRctI
Gunfrog (10 months ago)
Best Band big LIKE from me
HavershamJoe (10 months ago)
Fifa 19
Steve Rusnak (10 months ago)
Great song. I want to punch his face though
H. Heukland (10 months ago)
cheap video, only Tom is a gem
boxingday11 (10 months ago)
Just the BEST Of BRITISH music !
Skelton Knaggs (10 months ago)
One of the best bands to have come out of Brum in recent years
Roxane Meunier (10 months ago)
son totalement Bowie comme David Jones et en souvenir" Ducan"
Richard Harris (10 months ago)
Very catchy Theme of the song and Tom's moves inspired by Mr Gore & Mr Gahan I think
Giuliano Filipponi (10 months ago)
When he's under the red light, he reminds me of The Man Machine album cover by Kraftwerk
Ellie White (10 months ago)
What have I just listened to???? Just wow I am very glad I am awake at 1.16 am and that I randomly stumbled onto this :D wonderfully good. I absolutely adore this band and have done for well over a decade I actually have no words to describe just how much they mean to me. 'An end as a start' is the album I love the most and whist I appreciate that the band want to move on, grow and evolve 'an end has a start' was the album that I had on my mp3 player and listened to for non stop for months whilst sectioned in a psychiatric hospital after a breakdown with psychosis. It was an odd time to say the least but I think I can say this band has literally been with me through madness and back. I am a big fan and always will be regardless of music style change, album per-ordered <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Thank you guys.
Tony Fan (10 months ago)
Mohammed Imaduddin (10 months ago)
Editors and Franz Ferdinand have similar music styles in my opinion
Josh Wolf (10 months ago)
This song is phenomenal and may be one of my top 5 favorite editors songs just like that.
#RicsRants (10 months ago)
Christ almighty this is a return to form. Best thing in years. Missed you guys - you look like you're having fun again!
ThezealotBob (10 months ago)
Makes me think of j bernardt : calm down.
Bart Hendrix (10 months ago)
Sportpaleis 17/3 & Werchter Classic 14/7 !!!!
Brett Steffen (10 months ago)
So... 3:41 A briefcase full of lobsters?
Max Shadrin (10 months ago)
Such a great song! Massive and powerful!
Paul Bloor (10 months ago)
The synth-choir style effect on here was heavily used by Tangerine Dream nearly 20 years ago. Not a bad song though!
100100101 (10 months ago)
lol.... Color Me Badd.
MegaDan (10 months ago)
the moment at 00:29! imagine seeing that in a dark alley, i would shit myself
ludzikful (10 months ago)
usłyszę utwór pierwszy raz i wiem że będzie mi się podobać już zawsze, Editors nigdy nie zawodzą, uwielbiam ich! ☺
Patricia Claudia Fiori (10 months ago)
Love this band !!! Thanks !
Massive 2011 (11 months ago)
Probably the descendants of Depeche Mode Long life to Editors

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