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Producer Masterclass | Creating Techno with Tom Hades | Part 1 of 2

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Watch Belgian techno maestro Tom Hades build a club-ready banger from scratch. For access to Part 2 of the video, plus the full track (Ableton Live project, stems and mastered track), buy Computer Music magazine issue 255: http://bit.ly/cm255 Follow Tom Hades online: • Twitter: twitter.com/tomhades • Facebook: facebook.com/tomhades.official • Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/tomhades • Instagram: instagram.com/tomhades • Mixcloud: mixcloud.com/tomhades Subscribe to Computer Music's YouTube channel for more artist videos and tutorials: http://bit.ly/cmsub Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/computer.music.mag Web: http://www.computermusic.co.uk Twitter: http://twitter.com/computermusicuk
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Text Comments (248)
Thomas Kirkman (1 day ago)
great video. thx! quick question - where did you get the studio table from? i'm looking for one that can house a full size electric piano and the one you have looks great
Jackson Powerz (7 days ago)
Computer Music logo is obscuring the screen so you cannot see which max audio effect he is using (which convolution pro preset) kinda frustrating
Andree Bohlin (9 days ago)
Holy shit, this has probably been the most helpful video I've ever seen on how techno is produced. I haven't even made it past the 15 min mark and I'm already overflowing with possibilities of playing around with sounds and rhythms. Thank you, seriously. I cannot stress this enough, you've completely changed the way I view music for the absolute better.
epiqetheoriginal (9 days ago)
did he say erection =.= 07:30
Petros Michalakopoulos (12 days ago)
I got the magazin but don't know how i can access the second part
D R Thorpe (16 days ago)
you are the coolest and most down to earth man in techno. thank god for people like you and joris voorn
Rum Trax (20 days ago)
Good video and nice explaining from Tom, thank you!
bigdirtystefan (22 days ago)
I recently watched his Point Blank ADE session. He's a great teacher and uses cool techniques to build inspiration. I really appreciate these videos!
David G.S. Triplett (10 days ago)
His ADE session was really nice. I love Tom's work because of it's simplicity. The deepest things in the universe are simple. He is very talented.
schipbreukeling (24 days ago)
@Computer music magazine: I like to see part two. On the website of zinio.com for the digital edition of the May 2018 CM is written: "Download does not include Producer Masterclass in-studio video". How do I get access to part 2?
Justin Marrone (25 days ago)
Tom Hades - "BLAST". Best fuckin techno track EVER.
Lothar Wieland (27 days ago)
excellent celebration of plugins.
Krystian Kash (29 days ago)
Tom best man and old good times with Bailey, Karakasis, Skaloumenos and more. Exactly 18, 19 years ago I started to listen to techno and that was techno of you. Whatever was released on vinyl. <3. This Times always stay good in my memory. Best greetz from poland !!!
Eres el mejor! mil gracias por compartir todos tus trucos con nosotros... y no le hagas caso a los envidiosos que quisieran producir como tú!
teasemepleaseme (1 month ago)
pure gold. thanks mr. hades
Gal Rauch (1 month ago)
thank you Elon musk!
Charles Andrew Moore (1 month ago)
This is very informative. Well done!
Bill Ben (1 month ago)
“Typical techno” - this thinking is cancer to techno. The notion of ‘typical’ sounds.
Martin Angelov (1 month ago)
I'd never trying to make music on abelton live, but after this I will... your techno tips can be very useful in experimental speedcore/ flashcore music wich I love... so I have some ideas in my head now and alot of entusiasm. Sorry for my english and Thank You!
VinceVega303 (1 month ago)
Incredible video. To the left of the Native Instruments Komplete Audio interface - What is the smaller silver / white control unit?
SDL (1 month ago)
i brought the magazine looking for the 2nd video but never managed to find it, did anyone else have this problem
Darcy de Joux (1 month ago)
This is awesome
Mercan Kinsey (1 month ago)
Se le na selena selena
Denis Voronov (1 month ago)
My respect to Tom for techno kick rumble idea, also need to try all this LFO tricks (specially shown on ADE masterclass)
THE DATA LORD (1 month ago)
Thanks for the studio setup idea. Looks great.
hulqen (1 month ago)
You had me at "techno rumble" :)
Chris es Human (1 month ago)
Gracias por la clase , saludos desde Mexico ...¡¡¡¡¡
PanalexMusic (1 month ago)
I find myself having a lot of phase cancellation problems with the "Convolution Reverb Kick Rumble"-Track, it clashes with my Kick and adding a Bassline is impossible. How would you EQ (or process) that Rumble so it doesn't clash with your Sub/Bass? I try removing Resonance at 130-160Hz (like -9db) but it still doesn't help a lot :(
PanalexMusic (1 month ago)
Tom Hades Tom Hades Much thanks I will try that! I‘m amazed by your workflow as well as the recently uploaded Masterclass at ADE. Thank you for sharing all this, it‘s incredibly helpful and interesting.
Tom Hades (1 month ago)
maybe try a plugin like TrackSpacer ... it might help to clear those frequencies dynamically when clashing ...
Vinnie D (2 months ago)
so much work to actually sounds like a washer lol
Josip Marketanović (2 months ago)
Thanks for the selfless explanation Tom Hades, I really appreciate it. Apart from the kick part I really liked the "Atmospheric Send Rack". This Master Class is game changer and pure techno in is best form. CM are sold out every copy say on their site,...where can we find part 2, does anybody knows?!
Michael (2 months ago)
How do I buy this issue? I tried but I keep getting the 'internal server error' message when I click on Digital cross-platform
Legitness (2 months ago)
Tom Hades - Tom Hades 😂
chris maister (2 months ago)
Hi there, I would appreciate if someone could help me to my following question regarding track's key. I've seen the video and I noticed that he does not mention anything about the key of the track. So I was wondering is it due to the fact that it is a just rough tutorial and therefore not worth to mention it or it is not so important for an electronic track. Btw, as many guys already said, thank u very much for your effort and time for this video.
chris maister (27 days ago)
+NoSleepVideos Thanks for your response. So, I was wondering why he was looking to find the key of the seq in the beginning of the video? I mean what's the point since it is not a melodic track.?
NoSleepVideos (1 month ago)
It may not really have a dominant key as with a lot of techno tracks it’s difficult to decipher a dominant key especially if it’s not particularly melodic
Tee Man (2 months ago)
Thanks for all the tips and techniques!
Tommy Mai (2 months ago)
Repsect to Tom hades for doing this. Not many producers go on here and explain in detail of the process. His process is seriously computer music, zero human but hey it doesnt matter how you get the job done..as long as its done..
reimanfredi (16 days ago)
+Vandor Be carefull please!!! My first "Love Parade" was in 1991 in Berlin and there was no PC with all the virtual stuff existing and the sound was ..... WOW .....!!! Yeeeesss you can!!!! What he is explaining is too long and made de vid boring ... Experiment with the stuff you have and you can get out a good result
Vandor (21 days ago)
Tommy Mai How do you make Techno without any Kind of Computers? I mean Even analog synths have algorithms and stuff
Maalik Rahim (3 months ago)
this is dope I like it!!! sub? 🤨
Pieter Hermans (3 months ago)
Hello Tom. In order to fill up the kick, is it not better as a standard procedure for myself to start with the kick, then make the techno rumble, and then process a tom to fill it up completely? Would you suggest any other sound to fill up the kick?
Tom Hades (1 month ago)
that is a method too ... it depends on how it sounds & feels ...
Joshua Music (4 months ago)
Has anyone found part 2?
Tom Hades (3 months ago)
i'm sure you will find it somewhere :)
Joshua Music (4 months ago)
Oh dang, I thought it was an oldie post. I'm on it! You're a great teacher, Tom. Thanks for doing this. Unfortunately, since it's out of stock and the digital version doesn't include your session. Oh fudge. So, still looking for a way to get my hands on it.
Tom Hades (4 months ago)
it is part of the physical/digital copy of the magazine :)
Marco Leptik (4 months ago)
Lots of tips in this movie, thanks for that and for your music also :)
Tom Hades (4 months ago)
thanks ! :)
Ohstirfry (4 months ago)
I use Ableton auto pan for side chain now. no routing needed just reverse ramp 1/4 note, and make sure the phase is the same on bothsides
Tom Hades (4 months ago)
very good idea too ! tried that one some time ago and it is effective too :)
red 19 (4 months ago)
One of the greatest producers ive been listening to.
Tom Hades (4 months ago)
thanks !! :)
Challis (4 months ago)
Thanks Tom - great stuff! Like all experts you make it look easy.
Tom Hades (4 months ago)
haha ! but eventually it will become easy ... just keep on producing every day ! :)
Ken Peel (5 months ago)
Really enjoyed this and appreciated it. Learned a lot. Bought the mag for part 2!
Tom Hades (5 months ago)
super ! good to hear !!
bcnstrct (5 months ago)
Solid tutorial ,many thanks . It was great to see and learn how you recreate and your resampled edits .
Tom Hades (5 months ago)
nice !! :) thanks !
Simon Harris (5 months ago)
it sounds like it's been recorded through a sock and the mic is in another room - shame, please can you re-do it?
Tom Hades (5 months ago)
unfortenately it is what it is now ... maybe next time ! :)
Omer Mesci (5 months ago)
Why would you not use any of the hardware synths at the back instead of VST plug ins?
Tom Hades (5 months ago)
i can do it without too but it is a tips & tricks thing for a big branch of people ... so also beginners :)
Omer Mesci (5 months ago)
Also that many years making music and having a studio like this, I'd expect you could be able to build chords on a melody without using a Scale plug in. Music is music, notes are notes, making techno doesn't mean you don't have to know music theory. I'm not a hater, just being honest. There are some great tips you're giving out there for sure. I like the kick design.
SuperDigitalMe (5 months ago)
Dat is Chinees voor mij waar leer je alles over die enveloppes side chain en die andere termen?
Tom Hades (5 months ago)
dat vind je wel overal wat ! :)
wowerman (5 months ago)
Good tips but why audio was not recorded from interface??why
Tom Hades (5 months ago)
it was actually but i think something went wrong there ... next time hopefully will be better !
Jan Kreischer (5 months ago)
I am a complete beginner, so sorry for my question. The software you are using for it is Ableton Live, right?
Tom Hades (5 months ago)
yes it is :)
RiZLA (5 months ago)
Threads is still epic 🇳🇱
Tom Hades (5 months ago)
thanks !
no vnm (5 months ago)
Link is not working
Jim Stam (5 months ago)
eu jajoooooooh????????!!!!!!!!
Mark Molina (6 months ago)
Helped me a lot! Thanks Tom.
Tom Hades (5 months ago)
Urban Man (6 months ago)
Grrrrrrrreat video!
Tom Hades (5 months ago)
thanks !
tosspot1305 (6 months ago)
So the digital releases of the magazine dont even include the 2nd part to this.. RIP
tosspot1305 (6 months ago)
ok so why does it say that it doesn't in the play store? I quote "Please note: Our Google Play edition does not include the DVD but DOES INCLUDE the full software, samples and tutorial files to download. Download does not include Producer Masterclass in-studio video." A little misleading I feel...
Computer Music Magazine (6 months ago)
Yes, it does.
Tommy Mai (6 months ago)
This is some futuristic shit.
Tom Hades (5 months ago)
hahaha :)
Wouter Peeters (6 months ago)
Tom Hades (5 months ago)
straffen toebak eh ! :p
Matthew Flanagan (7 months ago)
I really like this guy! Loved the video!
Tom Hades (5 months ago)
thanks man !
Itzy Fuziaky (7 months ago)
richtig nices video hat mir viele möglichkeiten gezeigt die mir fremd waren oder relativ unbekannt Thanks a lot
Tom Hades (5 months ago)
pleasure !!
ASvD Records (7 months ago)
That Seq32 is a M4L midi device, looks so sweet, but it doesn't exist..
Tom Hades (7 months ago)
sure it does :) check some comments below... i've posted the link :)
dr0nerino FPV (7 months ago)
why is he making an audio track out of the 909 kick instead of pulling those effects directly on the channel he had before? can someone explain?
Tom Hades (7 months ago)
it is just a way of working ... not particular a necessary go to thing ...
Paul Ashely (7 months ago)
Hi Tom ! Can u tell me how you fix the phase problems?
Tom Hades (7 months ago)
sure i can :) phasing problems occur mostly in the lower frequencies... by removing the side signals from those frequencies will solve already a big part... another trick is to visually align waves so that the phasing gets solved...
MichnaOfficial (7 months ago)
nice what kind of SMPTE sync is he using?
Tom Hades (7 months ago)
in this video : none :)
djdonovan (7 months ago)
Been following Tom for a while now and really appreciate seeing the process firsthand. A lot of subtle things to observe. Getting 80% there can seem easy, but that last 20% is where the subtlety of the art form comes in (and is most time consuming). I'd love to send you some tracks Tom!
Tom Hades (7 months ago)
thanks man !
good buddy (7 months ago)
straight up computer music
Tom Hades (7 months ago)
Ad Last (7 months ago)
Bedankt voor alle info.
Brian Bryo (7 months ago)
Really no direct audio?????
Tom Hades (7 months ago)
it seems something went a bit wrong there :)
Dj Stacity Gareth (7 months ago)
Thank you Tom this tutorial was just what I was looking for I was taught production but I couldn’t find any really good tutorials for techno especially in the sound I’m looking for . This is ideal and have learnt so much from this and I loved the introduction into the plugins too . Im now a big fan I bought Arturia V collection and Mbassador and LFO and Scalor . I love your latest EP .
RicoH (7 months ago)
where i process the inital sound?
RicoH (7 months ago)
In the video there was a inicial kick right, before adding FX to the kick how do I creat it ?? Without kick2 from sonic
Tom Hades (7 months ago)
not sure what you mean ?
omnivorace (7 months ago)
I would prefer to know since the begining that the scond part of the video was with the mag...
U4IK Music (7 months ago)
awesome video :)
Tom Hades (7 months ago)
thanks !
cool video !
Tom Hades (7 months ago)
thanks !
Ade Naas (8 months ago)
This is definitely the best pro Techno tutorial I've seen on YouTube !! Tom even asks himself questions related to what he's explaining and then answers his own questions... = brilliant! Totally brilliant!! I got some new techniques from this vid even though I'm using FL Studio.... Tom would you recommend FL Studio for making techno I use it but only ever seen Hip Hop producers using it?
Pär Emanuelsson (27 days ago)
Ilario Alacante uses FL Studio as far as i Know
Aristotl3 (1 month ago)
Ade Naas you can make music on anything. A lot of hits have been made on FL. The daw doesn’t matter, it’s more about how well you’ve learned it.
housebrigade (2 months ago)
Try bitwig
Tom Hades (8 months ago)
thanks ! for me all music software nowadays is soo much grown that i think it doesn't make any difference what choice you make ! :)
retop56 (8 months ago)
Great teacher and seems like a nice guy!
Tom Hades (8 months ago)
thanks ! :)
Jacob Ham (8 months ago)
just great
Tom Hades (8 months ago)
thanks !
jared ham (8 months ago)
Tom Hades (8 months ago)
maybe ... a tiny tiny little one :)
TRAC ATAK (8 months ago)
the first 4 minutes you have explained everything i've been trying to learn for a looooong time... you're awesome...thanks man... can't wait to discover your music now too
TRAC ATAK (8 months ago)
Thanks Tom! Loving the music and I'm studying this tutorial like people studied the Zapruder film... lol...day and night.. thanks so much Tom .. you're awesome
Tom Hades (8 months ago)
this is the real me ! :) and thanks for the kind words & offer ! let's see if i visit your state once if we can get something arranged ! :) for now : enjoy the music !! :)
TRAC ATAK (8 months ago)
Idk if this is the real Tom Hades or his Label/ people but I am like your newest biggest fan . I’m from Nyc but live near Disney world in Orlando FL now if you ever visit here I will find a way to repay you for this amazing knowledge and all the great free content you’ve spend your time on with I know is worth more than money (time) . Thanks man
Tom Hades (8 months ago)
good to hear that it helped !
Elektronische Musik (8 months ago)
Tom Hades (8 months ago)
thanks !
KEON __ (8 months ago)
Can anyone explain how you access 2nd part on an iMac? I have subscribed to monthly subscription but cannot find 2nd part.. even on fileso?
tosspot1305 (6 months ago)
the digital versions dont contain it...what a load of bullshit
Jon Damon (8 months ago)
all that hardware and..........
Jon Damon (8 months ago)
Yes balance. Thank you for your time and knowledge.
Tom Hades (8 months ago)
yes, i know ! but sometimes in the box, sometimes out the box, sometimes a nice hybrid setup ! :)
Victor Alvar (8 months ago)
someone knows the name of the maxforlive lfo ?
Edu Ardo (9 months ago)
Great vid Tom !, thanks for sharing. Why are you using studio one ? for mastering ?
Edu Ardo (8 months ago)
Got it, thnx, I heard good things about Studio One regarding sounding.
Tom Hades (8 months ago)
i just like to switch to another daw for the sake of a mental switch too --> first the production part and then the mixing & mastering thing ! :) but yes, i do like the sound of Studio One for this ! :)
KEON __ (9 months ago)
Cool man .... Very cool Tom Hades .. :)
Tom Hades (9 months ago)
thanks !
HY Roh (9 months ago)
it's like a magic happening in front of me...
Tom Hades (9 months ago)
haha! :)
Rafa Lucas (9 months ago)
What is the step sequencer for the max4live? Thanks
K G (9 months ago)
Thank you!! I think I was the only one who doesn´t see thee stepseq !
Rafa Lucas (9 months ago)
Tom Hades thanks, but there aren’t this step sequencer in the page, hy-seq16x3 is the only sequencer..!!!
Tom Hades (9 months ago)
Peter Tomkins (9 months ago)
hi Tom, what is the Max 4 live sequencer called? I cant seem to find it anywhere
Tom Hades (9 months ago)
Agent Orange [DJ] (9 months ago)
Wicked Tutorial Tom! Great tips in here!
Tom Hades (9 months ago)
thanks !
Hades081107 (9 months ago)
it's probably a better idea if you use the zoom display function next time, so we get a closer view on what happens in the FX down there. Especially with bigger screens, Live just shows you more of the middle part, and doesn't get any closer on the instrument or FX racks. I remember years ago trying out a tv screen in a store to use with Live, but as soon as I realized Live wouldn't show me the FX lane any closer, I lost interest. But of course, that was before they had the zoom display option. Zoom display is great when you work with bigger screens.
Tom Hades (9 months ago)
good idea ! but it will be for the Computer Music guys ! :)
moro k (9 months ago)
i wish he would ve touched any of that analog gear in the back..what a waste :(
Tom Hades (9 months ago)
well ... it was a "in the box" tutorial as intended for a "computer music" tutorial :) but i feel you ! :)
sjcongo (9 months ago)
Amatoxin303 (9 months ago)
Hi Tom. I see you have both a Push 2 & a Maschine Studio. Would you recommend using both or should I just stick with my Push 2?
Tom Hades (9 months ago)
i use both but i use Maschine Studio for the Maschine software only ... Push 2 is really for everything else :)
808 J (9 months ago)
Very dark style. Like the open 909 pattern.
Tom Hades (9 months ago)
thanks !
Vintsent (9 months ago)
Belgian finest
Tom Hades (9 months ago)
John (9 months ago)
Thanks Tom, easily the best tutorial I have seen for any form of electronic music. Really makes me want to go back to software.
Tom Hades (9 months ago)
Thanks John.
dj Royal Tee (9 months ago)
Drinking game... Shot for every "eventually"....and go! :) #djrtnyc
dj Royal Tee (9 months ago)
inf0tr8r...it's all in jest ftr I know 2 fluently and am learning a 3rd :)
dj Royal Tee (9 months ago)
absolutely...Love that !! Keep the vids comin..awsome job :)
inf0tr8r (9 months ago)
for sure, those who comment like this barely know one language :D
Tom Hades (9 months ago)
haha ! you gotta love it ! speaking your non native language and seeing that you make stupid mistakes :) but hey, i try ... that is what counts no ? :)
dj Royal Tee (9 months ago)
Haaa..love it!........eventually!
jepper de pep (9 months ago)
Long story short : Put a 909 in a sampler and add muddy reverb and pingpong delay. Loop it for about 8 minutes and play with the highpass filter. Done
David G.S. Triplett (10 days ago)
+royal fire ooohhh sick burn on jepper! Way to go Tom, love it. Keep making fire. We <3 you
royal fire (30 days ago)
yep ..only one thing you are missing TALENT simplicity can be beautiful complexity can be overrated and unnecessary beauty in the eyes of the beholder
Edu Ardo (9 months ago)
Oh yeah!, I've seen those 10 sec vids showing how to produce techno, house, trance, etc, you should try. wishing you success !
Tom Hades (9 months ago)
haha! next time we do a 10 second vid ! :)
shoogyboomstar (9 months ago)
Hi Tom, What is the name of the MAx Sequencer you use? Can't find it
Tom Hades (9 months ago)
you should buy it here : https://hy-plugins.com/hy-seq16x3v2new/
K G (9 months ago)
The product is not available on website.. only the pic of the device.. please another way¿ thanks
Tom Hades (9 months ago)
see link above in these replies !
K G (9 months ago)
Do you know where to buy/download it? The official web doesnt appears..
Brocken Spectrum (9 months ago)
Can't find part 2 in download section. Any idea where it is? cheers
Brocken Spectrum (9 months ago)
You're the best. Cheers
Computer Music Magazine (9 months ago)
Read p43 of the magazine.
RockstahRolln (9 months ago)
This looks and sounds EXTREMELY complicated... there is absolutely too much going on. Production should be to the point. Using all these vsts to generate random sounds and add them on as grooves makes no sense.
MrSTAYUP33 (9 months ago)
i think everyone but you knew this already, thats why they slagged u
RockstahRolln (9 months ago)
@Tricky Sixteen: Stupid for you perhaps, not everyone can like the same workflow.
RockstahRolln (9 months ago)
@Tom Hades: You are one of my favorite producers, I play several of your tracks but in all honesty, I was lost in an ocean of vsts and sounds. I believe that is your workflow and it works for you. Thanks for taking the time to respond :)
Tom Hades (9 months ago)
thanks buddy ! good to hear you have the same feeling on this ! :) At least music is a free choice and we can all do what we want ... especially in techno ! just let your imagination work !
Cindy Dopesmoker (9 months ago)
SKOV BOWDEN (9 months ago)
The kick sending to the return track applying the delay filter and convolution reverb is awesome and extremely easy. Very good !!!! Thnx Wim !!!
LIL UNCLE SUCC (3 months ago)
starting out in the techno scene, major help! Thank you.
Tom Hades (9 months ago)
Lamont Stigler (9 months ago)
Thanks for the kick drum designing...great tips!
son-Of -dubya (9 months ago)
Have you seen this too, you may not like the style of music, but great info here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDHNENIhrwk
Lamont Stigler (9 months ago)
Goe gedaan!!! 👍😊
Tom Hades (9 months ago)
pleasure !!

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