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The Golden Sea
IFK - Internet The Shadows Club - Poland, instrumental guitar, lead guitar Ryszard Szczudłowski band Ryszardy 1962-1967 - Kraków The Golden Sea comp. Lennart Clerwall
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The Golden Sea - Ellert Nordmark
My rendition of Lennart Clerwall´s tune The Golden Sea Backtrax Roger Paulsson
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The Ryders - The Golden Sea
The Ryders played "The Golden Sea" by Lenny Clerwall at ShadowDania in Denmark Sept 7 2013. Video by Gerhard Wuepper
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Golden Sea - Sea Lion Lyrics
Chanson mignonne La HD la rend tout aussi mignonne d'ailleurs
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1961 - The golden sea
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The Golden  Sea
Another lovely composition by Lennart Clerwall - Backing track by Roger Paulsson.
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La Brasa - The Golden Sea
This video is for recreational purposes only. Music group La Brasa was established around the year 1990. Today La Brasa is composed of: Enrique Marquetti (guitar, vocals, author and composer), Julian Michaels (guitar, violin and choirs author and composer), Osvaldo Roca (aerophones, reed instruments; flutes, sicus, panpipes, moxeños), Martin Alcorta (drums), Claudio Raimundi (percussion) and Jorge Ledesma (bass and vocals).
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the golden sea
Another lovely composition by Lennart Clerwall - Note: This song is the property and copyright of its rightful owner(s) Trapanner claims no ownership of the lyrics,BT, or the song. This is a non-profit video made solely for the purpose of study, review or critical analysis purposes only
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The golden sea
BT made by Roger Paulsson.
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The Golden Sea
Shadowcompany Recorded Live at CLIFF RICHARD & THE SHADOWS FanMeeting 2004
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The Golden Sea
The Golden Sea - Tune written by Lennart Clerwall
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Majestic - Golden Sea
Majestic was a Neoclassical Power Metal band from Malmö, Sweden. Founded by keyboardist Richard Andersson in 1997, this band released couple of albums ("Abstract Symphony" in 1999 and "Trinity Overture" in 2000) after which Andersson put it on hold and formed Time Requiem. Later members of the last line-up founded the Power Metal band Reptilian. This song is from the first album. Lyrics: Before the curtain of the judgement day was here I, now will tell you all the tales from hell and darkness Lightning has no end The fear of Lucifer has brought this simple game In to the place were ice turns into flames my enemy From seventh sky... I'm on my way to golden sea All the love shall burn During mention of this war They can't resist there's nothing they can do to me Inside this silent wind I must remain inside The sky of golden sea I'm on my way to golden sea All the love shall burn During mention of this war To a place of destiny Into flames my enemy I'm on my way to golden sea All the love shall burn During mention of this war My war...my war... ------- This band also has connections to: Adagio, Agretator, Arch Enemy, Armageddon, Darkane, Electrocution 250, Evil Masquerade, Expedition Delta, Firewind, Gardenian, Grimmark, Iron Mask, Meduza, Non-Human Level, Old Man's Child, Optimystical, Pestilence, Pole Position, Sadwings, Sandalinas, Silver Seraph, Space Odyssey and Vagh.
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The MARVINGERS - The golden sea
Written by Lennart Clerwall.Use low volume when listening
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[Thapster] (Mirror) Golden Sea (Together We Walk) - Pepper Peach
Information! ============================================= Player : SEENSSS Game : Thapster Song : Golden Sea  (Together We Walk) Artist : Pepper Peach Difficult : ☆☆☆☆☆☆ Mode : Standard Level : Expert Level Designer : DJ Pop Items : Mirror ============================================= Enjoy!
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Sound of the golden sea
via YouTube Capture
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French Films - Golden Sea
French Films - Golden Sea 2010 Gaea Records http://shop.gaea.fi/PublishedService?file=page&pageID=9&itemcode=GAEALP0021 https://itunes.apple.com/fi/album/golden-sea-ep/id390375142?l=fi
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French Films - Golden Sea
French Films - Golden Sea Felt like strangled in my own bed But stood up Nothing, nothing instead Of staying out of the last hours Put it all in my endless debt I'm taking everything I can get See us trying to hold on to what's left of our souls Now would you believe me If I said Felt like crying in my own head But laughed like nothing Nothing instead Of staying out of the last hours We're young but already so old Our hearts are filled with doubt and sold For the highest bidder in this mess we live & die Now would you believe me If I said That it was only a dream To get stuck in between Then paint back the rainbow Through the golden sea It was only a dream It was only a dream now It was only a dream It was only a dream now It was only a dream It was only a dream now It was only a dream It was only a dream now WWW.MYSPACE.COM/FRENCHFILMSOFFICIAL
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CutiePieMarzia Tribute | Golden Sea
A tribute to CutiePieMarzia. Music - Golden Sea by Sea Lion. I hope you enjoy this video :)
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The Golden Sea - Bali
facebook.com/infinitylist twitter.com/InfinityList infinitylist.com One of the Infinity List boys ventured to Bali for some sun, surf and seafood. Together with his girlfriend they captured the relaxing beach lifestyle that Bali leads. One week under a thatched roof on the beach, waking to the sound of the waves and rolling to bed after seafood BBQ. Shot from Uluwatu, Balangan and Bingin. Special thanks to Scotty Kennon, Oliver Mestitz, Raff Baker and Raffael Oliveri Here is The Golden Sea - Bali. Music: 'My Ambition' by The Finks from the album Things Work Out store.milkrecords.com.au/album/things-work-out Gear used: 5D mrk 3, 60D, Canon 100-400mm, Canon 24-105mm, Tokina 11-16mm InfinityList loves to create unique short videos across all genres of action sports. Our background and ability to create intriguing stories & concepts lets us see sports based projects in a new light. Also, our involvement in the daily curation of our action sports video showcase InfinityList.com means we are always on the pulse on the latest trends and developments by creators and brands worldwide
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Black Space - Golden Sea (feat. Yann Menge)
► Chill Masters on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/thechillmasters# ► Artist Page : https://soundcloud.com/blackspacemusic ► Picture : http://dnzys3ilb7hau.cloudfront.net/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/dude.jpg We do not claim the copyright of this music. Nous ne revendiquons pas les droits d'auteur de cette musique. ► + d'infos : http://www.ChillMasters.fr http://www.ClementLovera.fr
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Rhizoma Golden Sea
Rhizoma Worldwide 'www.rhizomaworldwide.com' video by; www.indi-production.com
Views: 3010 Yudhi Ginanjar
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Ellert Nordmark - The Golden Sea - by Fender Fiesta Studios
Ellert Nordmark - The Golden Sea
Views: 13019 Mats Lindahl
cover the golden sea
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Lennart Clerwall - The golden sea
Another wonderful tune by Lennart Clerwall with a Roger Paulsson backing. I hope you enjoy my rendition. Guitar: Fender Special Stratocaster Amplifier: VOX VT20+ Effect: Alesis Quadraverb GT with EFTP
Views: 17642 Tibor Slamovits
The Ryders - The Golden Sea
Shadowsnostalgi 6 på Glenghuset, Sarpsborg 21. oktober 2016. Arr. Nordic Guitar Club v/ Biørn Arnesen
Views: 522 Fredrik Martinsen
THOR - On Golden Sea (Official Live Video)
THOR - On Golden Sea (Official Live Video) From the Beyond The Pain Barrier album Get the CD here: https://goo.gl/WJCiGf Download Full album Now on Apple Music: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/beyond-the-pain-barrier/1256222336 Watch the new video featuring footage from the “Return Of The Thunderhawk” documentary: https://youtu.be/xHZfboRTfgg Connect with Deadline Music Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DeadlineMusicRecords/Twitter: https://twitter.com/Deadline_label Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/deadline.music/ Website: http://cleorecs.com/ Connect with Cleopatra Records Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CleopatraRecords/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/CleopatraRecord Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cleopatrarecords/ Website: http://cleorecs.com/ Subscribe to our Channel for Latest Cleopatra Release @Cleopatra-recs _________________________________ @THOR #Thor #OnGoldenSea #Official #Live #MusicVideo #DeadlineMusic #CleopatraRecords #HardRock #HeavyMetal #Rock #Metal #Finland #MetalThunder #CleopatraEntertainment #Canada #Band #Music #RockMusic
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The Golden Sea
i do not own this song or video this is a great song from a great film the film is called another gay sequal- lyrics drip drop driperty drop a drip drop a dripety drop a drippa drippa drop drop driperty drop drip drop whenever i feel dower i dream and count the hours till i dance in golden showers with you we spent less than an hour but our love will never sour while i dance in golden showers with you whenever nature calls break down your fears and walls and let your water fall on me (on me) so cast aside your sorrows and dream of yellow rainbows relax and let your love go weewee (wee wee wee wee) so come follow me where the manatee's swim free down under the golden sea some call our love taboo but your words keep shinning through you said to thy ownself be true underneath cascading streams i remember all my dreams and now it clearly seems im born again so come follow me where the manatee's swim free down under the golden sea THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!!
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Richard Andersson (feat. Göran Edman) - Golden Sea
'The Ultimate Andersson Collection' (Progressive/Neo-Classical, Sweden, 2005) -Richard Andersson: keyboards -Göran Edman: vocals -Magnus Nilsson: guitars -Andy Rose: bass -Jörg Andrews: drums
Views: 4992 Rodrïgo Mättus
The Golden sea
Views: 137 James Lau
The Golden Sea. Lennart Clerwall & friends. Scarborough Gala 2016
Filmed at Scarborough Guitar club Gala Sat 2nd July 2016 Lennart Clerwall (Playing Bass) over from Sweden playing one of his 3000+ ! compositions along with :- Kurt Froburg (Lead) Martin Verrill (Drums) Steve Longdon (Rhythm)
Views: 1495 Philip McGarrick
The Golden Sea - Lennart Clerwall - cover by Dave Monk
This lovely tune is by Lennart Clerwall. Here is my version of it using a great backing track from Roger Paulsson. I hope you like it. Dave
Views: 2594 OldGuitarMonkey
Stingray - Suite From "The Golden Sea"
Music from Stingray
Views: 6386 Razza1091
Black Space - Golden Sea (feat. Yann Menge)
MorningCoffeeMusic - We kickstart your day! Youtube: http://goo.gl/23CyPi ||Google+: http://goo.gl/pw3xsl Soundcloud: http://goo.gl/TsGNOi ||Facebook: http://goo.gl/DEHhX7 Song: Black Space - Golden Sea (feat. Yann Menge) Please like, favorite & subscribe to stay updated with daily uploads. Submissions to: [email protected] • Free Download » https://soundcloud.com/blackspacemusic/black-space-golden-sea-feat-yann-menge • Follow Black Space! » https://soundcloud.com/blackspacemusic » https://www.facebook.com/BlackSpaceOfficial » https://twitter.com/BlackSpace5 » http://hypem.com/search/black%20space/1/ • Follow us! » Youtube: http://goo.gl/23CyPi » Soundcloud: http://goo.gl/TsGNOi » Facebook: http://goo.gl/DEHhX7 » Google+: http://goo.gl/pw3xsl Picture http://ringmale.deviantart.com/art/the-golden-light-of-friendship-430937342 Second channel http://goo.gl/htIxDm For any Copyright issues, please inbox me and I will remove the video immediately on request. So there is never a need to strike a video down when you can get it removed within the same day and keep the channel and yourself happy!
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French Films - Golden Sea - EP
French Films are a Finnish Band that originated back in 2010. The name of the band was chosen when one of the band members was speaking to another about a French foreign film he had just seen. Personally, I love all of these tracks. they are fast pace, catch, and very danceable! i enjoyed every bit of this EP while hearing it the first time :) my favourite tracks are 'Take You With Me' and 'Drop Out Jr.'. Thier First album title "Imaginary Future" has songs similar to the ones in this EP. the French Films are also coming out with a new album if you want to check it out called: White Orchid :) 0:00 Golden Sea 2:28 Take You With Me 5:00 Lift Me Up 7:36 Drop Out Jr. if you enjoyed this album, feel free to subscribe for more content like this!
Views: 7687 Red Vega
Golden Sea Shipping Presentaion
Golden Sea Shipping Presentaion
Views: 244 TCITV TH
The Golden Sea - Ellert Nordmark
My rendition of The Golden Sea. Composer Lennart "Lenny" Clerwall Backtrax Roger Paulsson Film & video editing "Gran Canaria" Rune Göransson
Views: 4103 Ellertz51
Отель "Golden Sea Pattaya" 3*** (вид снаружи, ресепшен, лобби)
Отель "Golden Sea Pattaya" 3*** (вид снаружи, ресепшен, лобби)
Golden Sea Pattaya Hotel
http://go.asianhotelsearch.com/Hotel/Golden_Sea_Pattaya_Hotel.htm The Golden Sea Pattaya Hotel offers comfortable accommodation, 216 spacious guestrooms and 7 storey building on the private area. Excellent facilities and services provide a perfect accommodation for the business and leisure traveller alike to explore the fabulous city of Pattaya. Centrally embraced at the heart of South Pattaya with the 3 entrances (South Pattaya Soi 22, Central Pattaya Soi Buakwao and Pattaya 3rd Road). Only a few steps from the hotel you will meet the night life of Pattaya in Soi Buakwao (one of the main area in Pattaya for pub and restaurant) and only 2-3 minutes the community mall "The Avenue" and the biggest shopping beach front department store "Central Festival Pattaya Beach" are waiting for your coming. It's very easy and comfortable to reach anywhere in Pattaya while staying here. Each room type is decorated with the Thai - Lanna Style. Every rooms make you sleep tight by the spacious bed and high quality bedding. A large private balcony and full facilities in each guestroom. You can enjoy on the pool bar and get a beautiful suntan on the outdoor swimming pool. Relaxation with the Thai massage (a fee). Each morning we serve up a full buffet breakfast. Only 90 minutes from Suvarnabhumi Airport, or 30 minutes from U-Tapao Pattaya Airport. We are located on South Pattaya, the main entrance is on Pattaya 3rd Road (Soi Chalermprakiat 33) or you can take a public transport opposite the TUKCOM building (South Pattaya Soi 22).
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Beautiful puri golden sea beach
Puri sea beach
Views: 316 Gautam Misra Misra

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