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9. The Doors - The Soft Parade (LYRICS)
LETRA EN ESPAÑOL EN LOS COMENTARIOS. LYRICS ENGLISH: When I was back there in seminary school, there was a person there who put forth the proposition that you can petition the lord with prayer. Petition the lord with prayer, petition the lord with prayer. You can not petition the lord with prayer! Can you give me sanctuary? I must find a place to hide, a place for me to hide. Can you find me soft asylum? I can't make it anymore, the man is at the door. Peppermint, miniskirts, chocolate, candy, champion sax and a girl named Sandy. There's only four ways to get unraveled: one is to sleep and the other is travel, one is a bandit up in the hills, one is to love your neighbor 'till his wife gets home. Catacombs, nursery bones, winter women, growing stones, carrying babies to the river. Streets and shoes, avenues, leather riders selling news. The monk bought lunch. He bought a little, yes, he did. This is the best part of the trip. This is the trip, the best part, I really like. I'm proud to be a part of this number. Successful hills are here to stay. Everything must be this way. Gentle streets where people play. Welcome to the soft parade. All our lives we sweat and save building for a shallow grave. Must be something else we say, somehow to defend this place. Everything must be this way. Everything must be this way. The soft parade has now begun. Listen to the engines hum. People out to have some fun. Cobra on my left, leopard on my right, yeah. Deer woman in a silk dress, girls with beads around their necks kiss the hunter of the green vest. Who has wrestled before with lions in the night? Out of sight. The lights are getting brighter, the radio is moaning calling to the dogs. There are still a few animals left out in the yard. But it's getting harder to describe sailors to the underfed. Tropic corridor, tropic treasure. What got us this far to this mild equator? We need someone or something new, something else to get us through. Yeah, c'mon. Callin' on the dogs. Callin' on the dogs. (But it's gettin' harder). Callin' on the dogs. Callin' in the dogs. Callin' all the dogs. Callin' on the gods. (You gotta meet me). (Too late, baby). (Still a few animals) (At the crossroads). (Too late). (All in the yard). (But it's gettin' harder). (By the crossroads). (You gotta meet me). We're goin', we're goin great at the edge of town. Tropic corridor, tropic treasure. (Havin' a good time, got to come along). What got us this far to this mild equator? Outskirts of the city, you and I. We need someone new, somethin' new, somethin' else to get us through. Better bring your gun. Better bring your gun. Tropic corridor, tropic treasure. We're gonna ride and have some fun. When all else fails we can whip the horse's eyes and make them sleep and cry. The Soft Parade - The Doors - The Soft Parade 1969 Album
VA - A Psych Tribute to the Doors (2014)
========================================== 01) Elephant Stone, ‘L.A. Woman’ (00:00) 02) The Black Angels, ‘Soul Kitchen’ (07:20) 03) Psychic Ills, ‘Love Me Two Times’ (10:51) 04) Dark Horses, ‘Hello, I Love You’ (15:06) 05) Camera, ‘People Are Strange’ (20:03) 06) Dead Meadow, ‘The Crystal Ship’ (23:06) 07) Sons of Hippies, ‘The Soft Parade’ (26:55) 08) Dead Skeletons, ‘Riders on the Storm’ (35:29) 09) Wall of Death, ‘Light My Fire’ (39:43) 10) Clinic, ‘Touch Me’ (45:17) 11) VietNam, ‘Roadhouse Blues’ (48:35) 12) Geri X, ‘Love Her Madly’ (52:45) 13) The Raveonettes – The End (56:24) ==========================================
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6. The Doors - L' America (LYRICS)
LYRICS ENGLISH: I took a trip down to L' America to trade some beads for a pint of gold. I took a trip down to L' America to trade some beads for a pint of gold. L' America, L' America, L' America, L' America, L' America, L' America. C'mon people, don't you look so down, you know the rain man's comin' to town. He change the weather, change your luck and then he'll teach you how to find yourself. L' America. Friendly strangers came to town, all the people put them down, but the women loved their ways. Come again some other day, like the gentle rain, like the gentle rain that falls. I took a trip down to L' America to trade some beads for a pint of gold. I took a trip down to L' America to trade some beads for a pint of gold. L' America, L' America, L' America, L' America, L' America, L' America, L' America. LETRA TRADUCIDA ESPAÑOL: Hice un viaje hacia La América para intercambiar algunos rosarios por una pinta de oro. Hice un viaje hacia La América para intercambiar algunos rosarios por una pinta de oro. La América, La América, La América, La América, La América, La América. Vamos gente, no miren tan hacia abajo, saben que el hombre de la lluvia viene a la ciudad. Cambia el clima, cambia tu suerte y luego te enseñará a encontrarte a ti mismo. La América. Unos extraños amistosos llegaron a la ciudad, todos los menospreciaron, pero la mujer amó sus modales. Vuelvan algún otro día, como la suave lluvia, como la suave lluvia que cae. Hice un viaje hacia La América para intercambiar algunos rosarios por una pinta de oro. Hice un viaje hacia La América para intercambiar algunos rosarios por una pinta de oro. La América, La América, La América, La América, La América, La América, La América. L' America - The Doors - L.A Woman 1971 Album
Esham - TRIP THRU HELLs doors studios
Bill Yen here, Esham has decided to take you guys thru the portal once again..This time we take a walk thru hells doors studios as Esham goes thru some of his child hood stories ... His new full length album Dichotomy In stores ....... summer 2015!
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Trip to Jalang in Doors.
Doors in North Bengal.
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I made this video with a painting by Tom Noll, a great artist.
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Cellar Doors - The Trip (Live)
Footage from The Trip (1967) facebook.com/cellardoorsinstereo www.cellardoorsinstereo.com
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Best part of the soft parade - The Doors
LAUNCH! This is the best part of the trip
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7th Doors - The Trip
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Roadhouse Blues by The Doors Trip
The Wall Taksim sahnesinde Roadhouse rüzgarı
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The Doors on a Boat Trip
Here you can see the Doors with their Girlfriends and some other Friends. The music is Albinoni's Adagio in G Minor.
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The Doors New Live Poetry Trip.m4v
The Doors - New LIVE Poetry Trip feat: James Douglas Morrison's Poetry Created By E.H Ravencraft
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Industrial Sectional Doors with Wicket Door and Trip-Free Threshold
The unique Hormann trip-free threshold used on the optional wicket door in the SPU42 and SPU67 industrial sectional doors. Eliminate the problem of tripping or struggling to pull heavy wheeled items in and out your warehouse or factory thanks to Hormann's innovative trip-free threshold not found in any other manufacturer of sectional doors.
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Talking Graphics & SEE THROUGH DOORS || **ROAD TRIP**
Thank you so much to the guys at StoneMotorsport for finishing the paint on the very late arriving parts from around the world ! ! Sat with Seamus of MOOSE DESIGN, to talk graphics and planning for how we will attack the wrap on the 249SX !!
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The Doors Poetry Trip - universal mind
the doors perform universal mind, and selections from jim morrisons poetry
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1980 300D X-Country Road Trip Prep: Inside the Doors Lubrication and Repair
This is something you will definitely want to do on any Mercedes Benz over 20 years old. Over 30 years old you neglect and you will regret! Link to lube kits https://mercedessource.com/store/search?keys=lube%20kits Door panel removal manuals and parts: https://mercedessource.com/store/search?keys=door
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Fixing Car Doors Before Trip To California (aka how I scrached up my hand)
Pulling up to a toll booth and having to open the door is a real pain and so I fixed the problem.
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Dead Cats Dead Rats - The Doors Trip
Alabama Song, Back Door Man, Five To One Pátio do Sol, Barcarena - 16 dez 2017
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Behind Closed Doors - The Acid Trip
Sophia and Kylie have catch their residents doing some weird shit... And have to make sure their fellow RA doesn't find out. Produced by Eden Strassburg and Remy Love Directed by Eden Strassburg Edited by John Carrature Written by Dakar Morris, Solange Luftman, and Remy Love Starring Claire Romansky and Sydney Pastor-Poe
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Dead cats Dead rats -  The Doors Trip
Dead cats Dead rats - The Doors Trip RCA - 20.01.2017
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European Travel Skills: Finding Back Doors
Europe's big cities are wonderful, but they're also very popular. Make a point to venture beyond the famous stops and the spiffed-up commercial zones. Explore. Subscribe to http://www.youtube.com/ricksteves for weekly updates on more European destinations. For more information on the Rick Steves' Europe TV series — including episode descriptions, scripts, participating stations, travel information on destinations and more — visit http://www.ricksteves.com.
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The End - The Doors(Psychedelic Trip)
"Viagens psicodélicas na Terra onde encontra-se o Rio Verde das percepções,que abre portas para o desconhecido a caminho do infinito,que é a paz de Deus,da qual preciso muito para viver."
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Travel with Open Doors | Iraq: Persecuted
A group of men and women traveled to Iraq to spend time encouraging and fellowshiping with the persecuted Christians living in the war-torn country. Over the span of the trip, these were their observations about the situation in Iraq and their personal revelations about what God is doing in that difficult context. To find out more about traveling with Open Doors, please visit: www.opendoorsusa.org Video created by: Movingworks.com
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A Train Journey through the Doors , North Bengal
Dooars is the gateway of Eastern Himalaya. The largest city in this region is Siliguri (Nearest Railway Station is New Jalpaiguri and nearest airport is Bagdogra). In this video I am travelling in the train 13149 Up Kanchankanya Express, which runs from Sealdah Station (Kolkata) to Alipurduar Junction Station. It runs through beautiful tea gardens, dense forest and one can enjoy the glimpses of Eastern Himalayan ranges on a bright sunny day. If you like the video, please share it with your friends. Also don’t forget to subscribe my channel .
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malaysia trip [three doors down]
we had an awesome time on our trip there...thank you to everyone who made it possible. credits for the video: FirePillar my sister and I for the pictures. She made the video and posted it on her account as well.
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Box Freestone Mine - A trip to Burlington Bunker Red Doors
Sorry for the poor quality, this video was shot back around 2013 with my crappy Fujifilm camera. I previously uploaded this several years ago, however youtube muted it. This is the re-edit. Box freestone mine contains around 35km of surveyed tunnel, it is huge and very dangerous. Not for the inexperienced explorer. The whole trip took around 6-7hours, these are just the highlights. Do not venture inside without a survey, a compass, and a good set of torches! People have been lost for several days inside this mine, it is not a playground! Some foolish teenagers had to be rescued from here quite recently after looking for Pokemon. They were extremely lucky and managed to get mobile phone signal in the vast cavern known as the cathedral, had they not managed to get signal they would still be in there now.
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Earth Leakage Trip - The Doors (Edit Mix)
Earth Leakage Trip - The Doors 1992
Trip to Toledo 2-Marzapan and Big Doors- LightSpeed Spanish
Here at http://www.lightspeedspanish.co.uk/ we are pleased to offer you a further insight into our lovely trip to Toledo. Who can answer why the doors in the old town are so big when the Spanish were so small?
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Through These Doors - 711 - Euro Trip
Joel Janatuinen and Ludvig Hoff discuss their roots, meanwhile, the team gets 2018 underway against Omaha.
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Trip Chatia The Doors - Break On Through (To the Other Side).wmv
Break On Through (To the Other Side) de The Doors, interpretada por Trip Chatia, en el festival Itzel, realizado en Chalchuapa frente a las ruinas de El Tazumal este 31 de Marzo.
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hey you lot, So this is something thats really personal to me, how dancers and performers everywhere at some point in their life have ups and downs trying to get work in this industry and its something that is hidden behind positive doors! so i wanted to share it with you guys! Hope you enjoy it, it was great fun and i would love to re visit Hamburg and hopefully one day work in Germany! See you guys soon sam x
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KINK BMX - Storm Doors and Subways: East Coast Road Trip with Kink BMX
Darryl Tocco, Tony Hamlin, Dan Coller, Jake Petruchik, Josh Pascasio and Matty Miller hit the road recently riding spots in Rochester, NY, Philadelphia, and Long Island. Filmed by Dan Coller and Darryl Tocco Edited by Dan Coller
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THE DOORS - THE END-less trip over Zentralfriedhof Vienna meeting Jim Morrison
Impressions of Zentralfiedhof Vienna - one of the greatest graveyards in the world - Autumn 2012.
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"President Obama's Trip To Kenya Opened Doors To Potential Dialogue" -Yvonne Kamau
SaharaTV's Kwesi Baako interviews Yvonne Kamau founder of “MY AFRICAN VOICE” as she talks about moving back to Africa and what it means to her. She also talks about what she hopes to achieve as she makes her transition.
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Mr. Grandin - Seven Doors (feat. Patchwork Band & KatCross) (trip hop)
Mr. Grandin - Seven Doors (feat. Patchwork Band & KatCross) Album: The Electric Horseman & The Dancing Movie (2013) https://www.facebook.com/monsieurgrandin Monsieur Grandin aime cavaler hors des sentiers battus. Il nous invite donc à la rêverie autour de mélodies sombres et de sonorités mécaniques envoutantes sur ce deuxième opus. Les sonorités industrielles et électriques nous rappellent le Bristol des 90's mais baladent également nos oreilles à travers le monde en évoquant différents décors. Atterrissage dans une lointaine galaxie avec "It Came from Outer Space", un détour dans la savane africaine avec "Kieng Tiriga" ou encore une balade dans le saloon d'un western avec "Raccogliera la pistola". Ce sera sans doute "Price of Sanity" que vous retiendrez le plus sur cet album magique, il suffit d'entendre cette voix douce et feutrée pour ne jamais l'oublier. Si l'on ressent l'influence des Massive Attack, Portishead, Amon tobin ou encore Bjork, il est clair que Monsieur Grandin a su créer un son sans concession et envoûtant qui nous transporte dans un univers bien défini : personnel, inimitable et cinématographique ! Sur les 15 titres originaux que comporte son deuxième opus, on retrouve des featurings astucieux, au-delà des touches instrumentales du Patchwork Band, il s'est entouré d'une véritable cavalerie d'artistes ! Musiciens, chanteurs et MCS : Art Melody et sa voix si particulière, le flutiste Hugo Kant, Ghostown, N'diaye Pape Amath, KatCross ou encore R. Otchakowski. Des horizons musicaux multiples qui contribuent à la richesse de cet opus et apportent à chacune de ces chansons une originalité singulière. #TripHop #chillout #downtempo #MrGrandin #PatchworkBand
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Shani Shingnapur - Vlog Yatra Trip – Village with no doors/ locks
"शनिदेव से डरे नहीं, उनसे प्यार करे ।।" “Shani Shingnapur - Village with No Doors, No Locks, No Crime” Today, we take you to a complete guide of Shani Shingnapur Mandir and Village located in Maharashtra accompanied with location, story behind the same, customs and awesome songs. Please do watch and give your feedback. Further, please do let us know in case we have missed anything. Also, please forgive in case we have inadvertently hurt anyone's sentiments. Like and Subscribe to channel “Travel Simplified” and click the Bell Icon !!
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SMART opens the doors to your next vacation with Airbnb
Video and editing by Shaira Olaya and Noah Lapuz. Blog articles: 1. http://www.jayandsabaroundtheworld.com/posts/smart-opens-the-doors-to-your-next-vacation-with-airbnb 2. http://www.jayandsabaroundtheworld.com/posts/3d-2n-ilocos-sur-and-ilocos-norte Follow us on our social media accounts: - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JayAndSabAroundTheWorld - Instagram: @jayandsab_aroundtheworld or https://instagram.com/jayandsab_aroundtheworld/ - Twitter and Snapchat: @jayandsab_atw Don't forget to subscribe to our blog and YouTube channel! :)
Haymes Kauai trip 2017. Doors off helicopter
Our trip including highlights from Jack Harter helicopters, Napali coast, Waimea canyon falls, Tunnels beach, queens bath
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THE DOORS - RIDERS ON THE STORM (Bodha - Desert Trip Remix)
A trip to the desert. A bag of green. And the result is this. For best enjoyment I recommend using stereo speakers or headphones. Also, I'm very new at mastering so please bare with me. Enjoy. If you like this please "like" and leave a comment.
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Hawke's Bay road trips: Cellar doors
With a well-deserved reputation as 'wine country', no list of Hawke's Bay road trips is complete without including a jaunt around our cellar doors. There's more than 30 to choose from, so your biggest problem is likely to be deciding where to go! Our best suggestion is to pick a geographic sub-region and focus your efforts on exploring it in more depth. You've also got loads of options for transport - self drive (with designated sober driver of course), hire a bike to navigate the Hawke's Bay Trails, or join an organised tour. Our feature road trip takes in the well-known sub regions of Bridge Pa and Gimblett Gravels - home to some of the country's most celebrated vineyards. Video by Suden Lakshmanan https://www.facebook.com/sudenvideos/ Check out more road trips at https://www.hawkesbaynz.com/summer-road-trips/
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3 Doors Down - Kryptonite
Music video by 3 Doors Down performing Kryptonite. (C) 2000 Universal Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
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Pilots Reveal 16 Nuances That Make Your Flight Safe
How to Travel when Flying on a Plane? You’ll get some pretty unexpected and useful insider-knowledge directly from different airline crew members. We'd like to share them with you before you set forth on your next trip! Each profession has its own tricks of the trade that aren’t usually shared with anyone outside the professional circle. Aviation has always been a fascinating and mysterious line of work, and this makes it even more interesting to learn about all the secrets that we aviation outsiders have no idea about. If you’ve never heard of at least one of these facts, hit that “like” button! TIMESTAMPS Pilots are prohibited from having a beard 0:44 It's cold on planes for the sake of your health 1:14 Planes never fly in straight lines 1:46 It's better to wear sturdy shoes on a flight 2:33 Pilots and dispatchers aren’t always formal with each other 3:15 The average person will never manage to land a plane 3:42 Flights delays affect not only passengers but flight attendants as well 4:26 Pilots have to take turns going to the bathroom 4:50 Airplane food is bad, and nobody’s to blame for it 5:27 Comfortable clothes help you stay healthy 6:14 Pilots communicate with flight attendants through a bulletproof door 6:38 The smoothest place to sit is over or near the wing 7:28 There’s a secret signal if the plane has been hijacked 7:56 A hard landing is sometimes done on purpose 8:14 Cabin lights are dimmed during a nighttime landing for a reason 8:50 There’s only 15 minutes worth of oxygen in the masks 9:15 SUMMARY - Some airlines forbid their pilots from having beards. The reasoning behind this is that a beard can prevent an oxygen mask from securing to the face tightly in the event of an emergency situation. - If the air in the cabin is too warm, it can trigger this problem, so that's why the air temperature is kept cool. - Why curved lines? That’s because the Earth is round, but the map on the screen is flat. But what’s the zigzagging all about? That’s due to special flight regulations requiring pilots to stick to certain routes in order to have enough time to reach an airport in case of an emergency landing. - Take it from experienced flight crews from around the world: they beg you to leave your backless sandals and high heels at home and go for sturdier shoes. - There’s a tradition that dispatchers congratulate pilots on all holidays. Just imagine: around Christmas time, a pilot can have up to 4 flights a day, which means about 2,000 people wishing them a Merry Christmas. - Even if someone is a genius, hooked on realistic flight simulators, or ready and willing to follow all the instructions from ground control, he’s still likely to fail due to one simple thing: stress! - Flight attendants are paid only for in-flight hours. Time spent on the ground doesn’t count. The only thing that airlines offer is a small allowance for every hour spent at the airport. - When one pilot needs to use the restroom, a flight attendant must join the other pilot in the cockpit and wait until the first one returns from his bathroom break. - Tasteless airplane food is nobody’s fault but science. At high altitudes, our taste buds and sense of smell can play tricks on us. - When on a plane, go for comfortable clothes with breathable fabrics. It’ll help you tremendously when you’re trying to fall asleep. - Did you know that the door to the cockpit is bulletproof? It’s true! It’s designed to stop bullets and even small grenades. - The freshest air is near the front of the plane, and the warmest temperature in the back. - Pilots give a special signal to the airport when they’re landing: they leave the plane’s wing flaps up. It’s one of the ways to show that there’s something bad happening on the plane. - When you experience a hard landing in bad weather, it doesn’t mean that the pilot is a newbie or lacks the know-how. In fact, sometimes they do it intentionally. - Dimming the cabin lights helps passengers’ eyes adjust from the bright light of the cabin to the dim nighttime light on the ground. - There’s only enough oxygen in the masks for just a quarter of an hour, but you shouldn't panic. This is plenty of time for the pilot to take the plane to a lower altitude where you can breathe normally. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ SMART Youtube: https://goo.gl/JTfP6L 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC Have you ever seen a talking slime? Here he is – Slick Slime Sam: https://goo.gl/zarVZo ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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