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Porter Robinson - Sea of Voices (Live Edit)
Lyrics: We'll see creation come undone These bones that bound us will be gone We'll stir our spirits 'til we're one Then soft as shadows we'll become
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Porter Robinson - Sea of Voices【VISUAL REMAKE】
Sixth part of a video series of visual remakes for all the songs played at Porter Robinson's Worlds Tour. In collaboration with Rex Spoof & Dexter Pearce. If you'd like to use this video, or parts of this video, in a project of your own, please contact me first. 【AUDIO DOWNLOAD】 https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1Lj6Up9FKyERmJfXzVWZ2hmUGc 【CREDITS】 -Produced By- Huntroxic - Lead Editor https://youtube.com/HuntroxicMusic Rex Spoof - Lead 3D Animator/Editor https://youtube.com/RexSpoof Dexter Pearce - 3D Animator https://youtube.com/channel/UCaBQj1rHrMZJ6Hf04kr3lNw -Music By- https://soundcloud.com/porter-robinson https://soundcloud.com/weldeon https://soundcloud.com/huntroxic NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. IF ANY OF THE LEGAL COPYRIGHT OWNERS HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THIS VIDEO PLEASE CONTACT ME DIRECTLY AT THE EMAIL PROVIDED BELOW. [email protected]
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Porter Robinson Live at Lollapalooza Chicago 2017 Part 1 - Sea Of Voices
Porter Robinson still is to this day probably one of the most incredible sets I've ever seen. I literally cant watch videos of this set without crying. Everything about that set was absolutely incredible. Everyone who would have made it worse was over at Lil Uzi crammed in like sardines waiting for him until he played for 10 minutes and got canceled. Meanwhile literally every single person at porter was laughing, singing, and dancing. Even these 2 gay guys from Portugal offered to let me stand under their umbrella so I could film without getting water all over my stuff. Just an amazing crowd, and an incredible experience. Forgive me for this horrible tracklist as I'm really not 100% sure and it's kind of hard to ID a Porter set because it's all being played live and it isn't quite the same as the original song but anyways here ya go: 0:00 - Porter Robinson - Sad Machine (Anamanaguchi Remix) (Audio) - https://youtu.be/RghJVF7ZSfQ This is also the Worlds Live Edit but I can't get an official link for that but here is visual remake - https://youtu.be/jpGPGTqW0us ORIGINAL : Porter Robinson - Sad Machine (Lyric Video) - https://youtu.be/HAIDqt2aUek 1:45 - Not Sure :( 2:40 - Porter Robinson - Sea of Voices (Audio) - https://youtu.be/lSooYPG-5Rg
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Porter Robinson - Sea of Voices (Audio)
download ‘Worlds’: http://smarturl.it/WorldsAlbum?IQid=vevo.SOV order the ‘Worlds’ collector’s edition: http://smarturl.it/WORLDSVinylCD?IQid=vevo.SOV download ‘Worlds Remixed’: http://smarturl.it/WorldsRemixed?IQid=vevo.SOV follow Porter Robinson on Spotify: www.smarturl.it/PorterSpotify?IQid=vevo.SOV http://www.porterrobinson.com/ Subscribe for more: http://bit.ly/1yadLgv Music video by Porter Robinson performing Sea of Voices (Audio) © 2014 Astralwerks Records.
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Porter Robinson Sea Of Voices/Sad Machine/Easy Worlds Live Intro
Well, I was looking for just the intro to the Worlds album live set and saw nobody uploaded the full intro, so I decided to do it myself :) Enjoy! I own nothing all rights go to Porter Robinson and Invisible Light Network
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Porter Robinson- Sea of Voices Moonrise Festival 2015
RAW compressed file of Porter Robinson playing sea of voices during his Worlds set at Moonrise Festival 2015
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Porter Robinson - Sea of Voices @ Future Music Festival Melbourne 2014
Porter Robinson - Sea of Voices www.pulseofmotion.com
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Porter Robinson - Sea of Voices (Grand Piano Cover)
Find me here: ✹ Twitter - http://goo.gl/myB8As ✹ Facebook - http://goo.gl/9RdqqZ ✹ Soundcloud - http://goo.gl/OMHwYo ✹ Spotify - http://goo.gl/qwncCf ✹ Spotify playlists - http://goo.gl/FnK2B9 ✹ Instagram - http://goo.gl/V0IGBj Porter Robinson - Sea of Voices FREE SHEETS - http://josiahwilkinson.com/sheets/ I read all your comments and answer questions when I can. “Two years ago,” remembers Porter Robinson, “I only had the inkling of the idea that I wanted to do something different. I needed to do something that was honest and real,” Porter explains. So he turned down countless DJ offers in 2013 to spend the entire year devoting himself to a process of introspection and reinvention. “I figured that one way to develop a unique identity as an artist would be to combine all my favorite things in music — it would result in something that is really personal, a collective expression of my taste and experience. Something nobody else has.” And thus begat worlds (Astralwerks/Virgin EMI), a cinematic excursion that commingles Porter’s technological prowess with his love of evocative melody. His first studio album, it finds an unlikely common ground for Porter’s diverse inspirations: Kanye West’s Graduation, Daft Punk’s Discovery, The Postal Service, and an array of orchestral movie scores. “Sea of Voices,” for instance, is just that: gauzy, feather-light vocals that float above an ethereal-shoegaze soundscape. That track trickles into the “Years of War,” which transfers those levitating vocals onto radiant synth pop propelled by a fuzzy beat. He prolongs that pop euphoria with the anthemic “Lionhearted,” which pushes-and-pulls between ambient sighs and power chords, further rewarding the listener with the glitched-out “Fellow Feeling,” an avant centerpiece that swells from violin-driven sentiment to industrial static, before settling into palpitating chords. Not surprisingly, there’s never been anything conventional about Porter’s introduction to music. The artist’s first foray into music came through the arcade-stomping game Dance Dance Revolution. (These days, he’s graduated to StepMania, which, yes, he totally dominates.) “A huge amount of music that I listened to for a long time, like 200 people have probably ever heard these songs,” he says. “And a lot of it was bad, C-grade emulations of dance music being made in Europe. But something about the tempo was super-interesting to me.” At age 12, the autodidact started futzing around with cuts and beats on his mom’s computer using pirated software. (He’s since paid for and repped everything he nicked, as an act of voluntary reparation.) He came into his own in 2010, when he scored a No.1 Beatport hit with his crunchy, twitchy single “Say My Name,” which lead to his first gig at a tiny club in Santa Cruz, Calif. “It was very much baptism by fire because I had never seen a DJ,” Porter says of the lack of any discernible scene in Chapel Hill. “I had to more or less do it based on what I had learned on the Internet.” Needless to say, he was a quick study. His grassroots following exploded through the release of a successful EP and series of high profile DJ gigs. Then, in 2012, Porter scored an iTunes No.1 with the shimmering “Language.” Porter found himself touring five days a week, crashing at his parents’ house when he was in town. “It took me to a place where I wasn’t writing music. And I was DJing a lot of other people’s music,” he says. “I think that helped speed up how sick I got of dance music and all of its tropes.” Making worlds was an intriguing artistic challenge for him. “A huge part of my work has always been this effortful, expedited self-discovery,” Porter says. For worlds, “I would pick three things and say, ‘This song is going to have these three traits.’ And then I would start writing, and halfway through the song it would become something that I’d never heard before,” he says, citing the first track he recorded for worlds, “Divinity Made.” The voluminous, ethereal hymn was born of his seemingly impossible self-challenge to write a song that was beautiful (“I really like pretty music, almost to the point of sappiness,” he admits), loud, yet vintage-sounding. That, in turn, calibrated the overall aesthetic for worlds, for which he also recruited fresh, unknown vocalists.
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[Orchestral] Porter Robinson - Sea of Voices (Starlyte Cinematic Arrangement)
We'll see creation come undone These bones that bound us will be gone We'll stir our spirits 'til we're one Then soft as shadows we'll become 【=◈︿◈=】 DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/2hQRaVz _________________________________________ ► Starlyte https://soundcloud.com/starlyte https://www.youtube.com/c/Starlyte https://www.facebook.com/ST4RLYTE http://starlyte.bandcamp.com
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sea of voices (shelter live tour edit)
i wish i could hear this edit as a full version san franciso @ bill graham 11/24/2016
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BTS x Stray Kids - SEA x Voices (mashup)
Sorry if it's bad quadlity (which is actually is) cries. AND I HAVE TO CHANGE UP THE DAMN OUTRO THING AKNDADKASNDAKSDAK FML. btw all credits to the legend Jose for making an amazing fmv of SEA - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x22JASKLEps
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1. Porter Robinson - Intro, Sea of Voices, Easy, Sad Machine @ Anime Expo 2015
Porter Robinson - Worlds Live Anime Expo 2015 Microsoft Theatre July 3rd, 2015
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4. Porter Robinson - Sea of Voices @ Worlds LA
4. Porter Robinson - Sea of Voices Porter Robinson - Worlds Tour Shrine Auditorium & Expo Hall September 13th, 2014
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Porter Robinson - Sea of Voices live
From Seasons festival in Vancouver, BC. March 25th
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Porter Robinson: Sea of Voices (Live)
Rapids Theater, Niagara Falls.
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HARD Summer 2015 - Porter Robinson - Worlds - Sea of Voices (Live)
A clip of Porter Robinson's set from HARD '15. My favorite set of the night.
Porter Robinson & Madeon - Sea of Voices x La Lune (Shelter Live MixMatch Remake)
[SEIZURE WARNING] Premiered on MixMatch on 17/03/2017: https://soundcloud.com/aaron-aragon-216809754/porter-robinson-madeon-sea-of-voices-x-la-lune-shelter-live-mixmatch-remake A seizure-inducing video for my new Shelter tour remake that took me multiple times to render due to one of the scenes losing frames. A total of nine hours to make this video and apart from that glitch which has been fixed in this version, I honestly love how I made this video. It fits so well with the music. I've also added some Easter Eggs in this video. Oh, and for the videos, I've made a list so you can see which videos are featured. *Lots of stock videos (dust particles, light streaks, clouds, VHS effects) *Shelter short film with A-1 Pictures and Crunchyroll. *Flicker (Music Video). *Sad Machine (Lyric Video). *The City (Music Video). And that's it really, hope you like it! :) DISCLIAMER: "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use." Tags: #seaofvoices #lalune #porterrobinson #madeon #sheltertour #shelterlive #mashup #remake
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Worlds LIVE [Intro, Sea of Voices, Sad Machine, Song of Storms, Easy] REPRINT
Edit: I'm really sorry for getting it wrong! Also, i don't update much on this channel anymore..! I'm so sorry D: music: Porter Robinson, Worlds LIVE audio: Pierre from SoundCloud. ( https://soundcloud.com/pierrecharlie29/porter-robinson-worlds-live-intro-sea-of-voices-sad-machine-easy-hq-remake ) Thank you so much! Porter Robinson: https://www.youtube.com/user/PorterRobinsonMusic
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Sea of Voices - Porter Robinson Live @ Stereosonic Sydney 2014
Sea of Voices - Porter Robinson Live @ Stereosonic Sydney 2014 Thank you Porter Robinson for an unforgettable experience :3
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Porter Robinson Ultra Japan 2017 LIVE - Sea of Voices
Porter Robinson performed at Ultra Japan 2017 at the Live Stage - September 16th, 2017. This song is for his amazing segment for Sea of Voices! It was raining super hard that it almost looked as if the rain came on queue with the light effects lol.
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Porter Robinson & Madeon - Sea of Voices / Natural Light / La Lune - Shelter Live Tour (Seattle)
Porter Robinson & Madeon - Sea of Voices / Natural Light I filmed this part of the Shelter Tour at WaMu Theater in Seattle on December 10th! More about Porter Robinson, Madeon, and the Shelter Live Tour http://shelterlivetour.com/ FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram: @jgregdarling Twitter: @jgregory808 Like what you see? Like, comment, subscribe for more Life in the 808 (and 617)!
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1. Porter Robinson - Sea of Voices Intro & Sad Machine & Legend of Zelda + Easy Medley @ Worlds LA
1. Porter Robinson - Sea of Voices Intro & Sad Machine & Legend of Zelda + Easy Medley & Sad Machine Anamanaguchi remix Porter Robinson - Worlds Tour Shrine Auditorium & Expo Hall September 13th, 2014
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Porter Robinson - Sea Of Voices (Live Edit) (Backwoods Music Festival 2015)
Powerful part of Porter Robinson's set at BMF 2015 in Oklahoma!
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Porter Robinson - Easy/Sea of Voices @ The Shrine, Los Angeles 2014-09-13
Porter Robinson dropping "Easy" and "Sea of Voices" at The Shrine during his Worlds tour!
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"Sea of Voices" Remix Shelter Live Tour @ The Tabernacle
Wild Sea of Voices Remix last night at The Tabernacle last night.
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Ekali playing Would You Ever x Sea of Voices x Leaving @ The Novo, LA
Skrillex & Poo Bear - Would You Ever w/ Porter Robinson - Sea of Voices (Instrumentals) & Illenium ft. EDEN - Leaving Ekali - Babylon Tour The Novo, Downtown Los Angeles December 23, 2017
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Sea of Voices Live - Porter Robinson
Short clip of Sea of Voices Rapids Theater Niagara Falls, NY October 5, 2014
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Porter Robinson - Sea Of Voices (ORLO Shelter Flip)
Download: https://orlo.bandcamp.com/track/porter-robinson-sea-of-voices-orlo-shelter-flip Follow ORLO: ✚ https://www.instagram.com/orlomark/ ✚ Twitter ✚ https://soundcloud.com/orlomusic
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Porter Robinson - Sea of Voices x Shelter x Divinity (Resaixo Mashup)
(Technically Divinity is the Technicolor x Divinity mashup and I also used Goodbye to a World and She Heals Everything, but whatever) Hope you guys enjoy this! Just a mashup of my favorite elements from my favorite Porter Robinson songs into one. Bit of an homage. :P Songs Used: Porter Robinson and Madeon - Shelter Porter Robinson and Madeon - Technicolor x Divinity x Innocence Porter Robinson - Sea of Voices Porter Robinson - Goodbye to a World Porter Robinson - She Heals Everything (just the arp, and it's a recreation that I made). Oh yeah... I love Sad Machine, Language, and Fellow Feeling too, but couldn't fit them all in the mashup. Oh well. :(
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Sea Of Voices Live @ Shaky Beats 2016
Porter Robinson
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Porter Robinson - Sea of Voices x Sad Machine (Worlds Edit /w Visual)
▬▬▬▬▬Use Headphones For Better▬▬▬▬▬ ♫Track: Sea of Voices x Sad Machine ♪Artist: Porter Robinson ♫Genre: Electro ►Free Mp3 320kbps: Updating.... ►Enternal Music Visualizer: https://goo.gl/ps5Ntp ★ Porter Robinson: Youtube → https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKKK... Soundcloud → https://soundcloud.com/porter-robinson Page → https://www.facebook.com/porterrobins... Instagram → http://instagram.com/porterrobinson Facebook → http://www.porterrobinson.com/ Twitter → https://twitter.com/porterrobinson ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ★Background Source: Shelter → https://youtu.be/fzQ6gRAEoy0 Gif by Chacky → https://youtube.com/ChackyProductions ★ Original Visual Effects Remake by HuntroxicMusic https://www.youtube.com/user/HuntroxicMusic
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La Lune x Sea Of Voices
this is my absolute favorite edit of the entire show, but it had a lot of different variations, so i mashed a few of them together to get a version that i really like, enjoy. also video and audio belong to their respective owners (s/o to huxontronix)
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Porter Robinson Madeon Sea Of Voices x La Lune (Shelter Live Tour Edit) (My Version;Mi Version)
Song: Porter Robinson Madeon - La Lune x Sea Of Voices (Shelter Tour Edit)
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Porter Robinson & Madeon: "Sea of Voices" Live in Denver
Video of Sea of Voices performed live from the Shelter Live Tour at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver, CO.
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sea of voices
get the song here: https://soundcloud.com/orlomusic/porter-robinson-sea-of-voices-orlo-shelter-flip special thanks to huntroxic, lostdexter, and rexspoof for the remake of the little bit of fellow feeling visuals. check them out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZQor7aOBos&list=PLAF9YEj--eyhOBfBI1LD92CoYoR6EZYP-
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Porter Robinson - Sea of Voices/Sad Machine (Live at Hard Summer 2015)
Porter Robinson Live at hard Summer
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Porter Robinson - Sea of Voices (Shelter Version) live @ ACL 2016
Porter Robinson - Sea of Voices (Shelter Version) live @ ACL 2016 Weekend 1
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Sea of Voices (Porter Robinson) and La Lune (Madeon) Shelter Live Tour @ The Complex on Dec. 2
Sea of Voices (Porter Robinson) and La Lune (Madeon) Shelter Live Tour @ The Complex on Dec. 2
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Porter Robinson x Madeon - Sea Of Voices (Noblisse Shelter Flip)
I saw Porter and Madeon during their Shelter Live Tour in Amsterdam last month. Was so impressed that I decided to remake and flip my favorite song of the whole tour. Hope you enjoy! Full version: https://soundcloud.com/noblisse/porter-robinson-x-madeon-sea-of-voices-noblisse-shelter-flip Much thanks to pim939 for his recording of the Shelter Live Tour in Melkweg! You can check out his channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoi6hhHdqx43nI9T6GlNmng
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Porter Robinson - Sea of Voices (Antics Remix)
Antics: https://soundcloud.com/your-antics http://www.anticsofficial.com/ https://www.facebook.com/yourantics https://twitter.com/yourantics http://www.youtube.com/user/yourantics Porter Robinson: https://www.facebook.com/porterrobins... https://twitter.com/porterrobinson https://soundcloud.com/porter-robinson http://www.porterrobinson.com Like & Sub
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Porter Robinson  - Sea of Voices (Music Video)
A Music Video to accompany a beautiful song by Porter Robinson. https://soundcloud.com/porter-robinson https://twitter.com/porterrobinson I made this as a school project for my Intro to video class.
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