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Mechanical seals types and installation part 2
Mechanical seals types and installation part 2 our blog our facebook page . Mechanical seals types and installation part 2. Mechanical seals types and installation part 1 our blog our facebook page . it is intersting videoo Mechanical seals types and installation part 2 our blog our facebook page . Mechanical seals types and installation part 2. Mechanical .
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Mechanical seals for pumps. www.avtokomtg.com. Analogs of mechanical seals.
AvtokomTehnolodgy - Mechanical seals for pumps: APV, Grundfos, Ebara, Fristam, Hilge, Tuchenhagen, KSB, Lowara, Wilo, etc. Analogs of mechanical seals: Alfa Laval, AESSEAL, Burgmann, Roten, John Crane, Vulcan, etc. http://www.avtokomtg.com/en/catalog/tupl
mechanical seals catalogue
this is our mechanical seals MV catalogue , anythings,please contact me anyitme. tina whatapp:0086-18658260067
Catalogue (Mechanical Seals section) starts from the left and moves to the right as follows: D1 - Shaft Diameter T2 - Seal Head Type D3 - Seal Head O.D. L1 - Seal Head Operation Height (OP. HT.) T1 - Seat Type D2 - Seat O.D. L2 - Seat Thickness Material Code SUPPLYING THEPACEOFINDUSTRY
Chesterton 442 Split Mechanical Seal Installation Video
This video details covers both both the standard and enhanced 442™ Split Seal installations. The enhanced 442™ Split Seal uses installation spacers that are attached to the holder, allowing hands-free setting of the holder. The standard 442™ Split Seal uses the Y-shaped spacer that must be held in place. Understanding and following the simple steps described in this video program and installation instructions are the keys to achieving a quick seal installation and reliable seal operation Brochure: http://chestertondocs.chesterton.com/Rotating/EN23193_442C_Brochure_.pdf#search=442c%20brochure
Mechanical Seals Basics from EagleBurgmann
Learn more about how EagleBurgmann mechanical seals work and interact for maximum performance. Mechanical seals can now be found in almost every industry. In aerospace they are used to seal propellant pumps. In an automobile they are used in the water pump to seal the coolant. In petrochemical plants they seal a variety of hazardous and nonhazardous liquids in pumps, mixers and reactors. In many homes they are used in the water well, washing machine, dishwasher, and garbage disposal. Mechanical seals have become a part of our everyday life. Before we can understand the importance of mechanical seals to industry, we need to consider the fundamental problem of preventing leakage around a rotating shaft that enters a chamber, for example in a pump.
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How Do Magnetic Couplings Work?
UK Flowtechnik discusses the working principles of magnetic couplings. What are the benefits of magnetic couplings? Give us a call for more information on pricing & stock: (+44) 0115 9017 111 Discover more: http://www.ukflowtechnik.com/catalog/magnetic-couplings Traditional sealing methods such as packing, lipseals and mechanical seals on rotating equipment have their benefits, but also their limitations and will always require an element of maintenance and eventual replacement. If leakage, or more over the 'risk' of leakage could cause a major issue, cost or down-time a DST Magnetic Coupling is the best solution. Discover how our humble magnetic couplings are aiding a record-breaking attempt - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2xBKyMdi38
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Omega seal for bored tunnels and other applications
Applications for the Omega seal have now expanded to bored tunnels, aqueducts and ship lifts. Using the same construction techniques and materials as utilized in the original Omega shaped seal; the range has been expanded to flat seals.
Back-to-Back seals on CR pumps from Grundfos – explained
Description: A Grundfos CR multistage, inline pump with Back-to-Back Seals is for applications that require handling the following: toxic, aggressive or flammable liquids, where no leakage to the atmosphere can be accepted; or abrasive or sticky liquids, which can either wear out, damage or block a mechanical shaft seal. A back-to-back seal describes two shaft seals mounted back-to-back to provide a higher level of safety and reliability. Our application manager, Peter Ørsted, guides you through this solution, taking it apart and showing how the Back-to-Back seals work and why Grundfos designed the solution that way. A back-to-back double seal protects the people working in the vicinity of the pump and the surrounding environment. It is designed for operating pressures up to 25 bar and 120°C with the aim of minimising the risk of leakage from the pump to the environment. For more information on sizes, materials, data booklets, service manuals, etc., please visit the Grundfos CR family page in Grundfos Product Center: http://product-selection.grundfos.com/catalogue.product%20families.cr.html?%2525253Ftime=1457440220276&%25253Ftime=1457440220429&custid=GMA1&familycode=CRFAM&lang=ENU&%253Ftime=1457506014597&%3Ftime=1457506014706 The Grundfos CR family data booklet (pdf download) – please see page 29 for the Back-to-Back Seals: http://net.grundfos.com/Appl/ccmsservices/public/literature/filedata/Grundfosliterature-937.pdf
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How to replace the mechanical water seal. Kawasaki er6f er6n
This is a detailed video on how to change the mechanical water pump seal on a Kawasaki Ninja 650 er6f / er6n / Versys. Parts: Follow this link for official part numbers : https://www.partzilla.com/catalog/kawasaki/motorcycle/2006/er-6n-australian-er650a6f/water-pump The parts to replace are as follows: SEAL-MECHANICAL,WATER 49063-1055 SEAL-OIL,SC12 28.555 92049-1259 RING-O,CASE-HOUSING 92055-0082 RING-O,HOUSING-PUMP COVER 92055-0083 RING-O,33.2MM 92055-1155 and optional but recommended in the service manual (the bolt that holds the impeller) BOLT,6X22 92002-1154 Remember, you'll need to press the old water seal out and press the mew one in. Below is a list of the tools and things you will need: 1 x TORQUE WRENCH 1 x Workshop manual 1 x Paddock stand 1 x 17mm socket 1 x 10mm socket 1 x 8mm socket 1 x 75mm socket extension driver 1 x Torch/headlamp 2 x Pairs latex/vinyl gloves Rags 1 x Flat head screwdriver 1 x Phillips head screwdriver 1 x 4mm hex key 1 x Oil filter wrench 1 x Small funnel for oil 1 xOil collection pan 1 x Container for used oil 1 x Small Bucket for coolant 1 x Large funnel for coolant 1 x Paper Coffee filter/ Fryer oil filter Mechanical water seal and gaskets Bearing grease Clean oil 1 x New oil filter Degreaser
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Cat® Seals
Learn more at http://www.cat.com/cat-seals. To ensure dependably over the long term, metal face seals must perform as promised. The quality and reliability of Cat Duo-Cone™ and Heavy Duty Dual Face - HDDF seals are designed to match the lifespan of the systems they protect. Cat Seals are sometimes referred to as Maintenance Free Seals, Face to Face Seals, Toric Seals, Mechanical Face Seals, Heavy Duty Seals, Lifetime Seals, Floating Seals, Duo Seals, DO Seals, DF Seals...
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Sanitary Mechanical Seal
http://www.wmprocess.com White Mountain is supplier of sanitary mixer and agitator mechanical seals.Right here we have a typical top entry mixer mechanical seal. It is a cartridge style mechanical seal with an aseptic debris well.Therefore any theoretical shredding of seal faces go into debris well instead of into your mixture. Seal faces are readily available in FDA and USP VI aproved materials. This video shows a working installed mechanical seal with a shaft coming out running at 600 rpm. This is a squealess seal design. Alot of folks out in the industry know mechanical seals on mixers especially in biopharm clean rooms where its humidity controlled tend to squeal and shriek. What we have is a proprietary , FDA and USP VI seal face material which runs through the range 500-600 rpm and you hear no noise whatsoever. As video displays, when speed is wound down through the range of 50-60 rpm you will not hear any noise other than the tc motor. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cmq4V3Sed0Y
KSB Etanorm -- Standardised Water Pump to EN 733
KSB's Etanorm is an energy-efficient, reliable and easy-to-maintain water pump for industry, building services and other applications. From its great reliability and diversity to its efficiency: this generation of the Etanorm water pump (EN 733) offers many winning innovations and benefits. Follow us: FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/KSB.Company TWITTER: https://twitter.com/KSBcompany LINKEDIN: http://www.linkedin.com/company/ksb GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+ksbcompany NEWSLETTER: https://www.ksb.com/ksb-en/Newsletter/
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KSB_Etanorm Thermal Oil Pump in detail
When it comes to Heat Transfer KSB's Etanorm SYT is the optimum solution. It ensures maximum operating reliability by means of a highly effective venting contour and is also available with a double-acting mechanical seal for safe operation with all heat transfer media. The sturdy discharge cover is designed so that less heat is transferred to the bearing bracket -- good news for both the bearings and the mechanical seal. What is more, variable-speed operation and IE2 motors as standard make for energy efficient operation while the Etanorm SYT's easily dismantled bearing bracket ensures straightforward servicing. Combining Etanorm SYT pumps with the KSB PumpDrive offers even greater operational flexibility and potential energy savings of up to 60%. For the ultimate in pumping system solutions, KSB recommends Etanorm SYT + PumpMeter + PumpDrive. Range, transparency, efficiency and flexibility. To find out more, contact one of our KSB Australia branches or head office on (03) 9314 0611
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Cassette Seal CSL 1500 - Advanced solution to maximize performance
Cassette Seal CSL 1500 from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is featured in this video. Learn more: https://www.tss.trelleborg.com/en/news-and-events/films-and-animations?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=2017-cassette-seal-csl-1500 Download our Brochure: https://www.tss.trelleborg.com/-/media/tss-media-repository/tss_website/pdf-and-other-literature/brochures/cass_csl1500_en.pdf?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=2017-cassette-seal-csl-1500 Contact us: https://www.tss.trelleborg.com/en/contact/contact-form?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=2017-cassette-seal-csl-1500 It is an advanced solution to maximize performance in off-highway, agricultural & construction applications. Join us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TrelleborgSealingSolutions Join us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TrelleborgSeals Join us on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/Trelleborg-Sealing-Solutions
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Flowserve Seal Failure Analysis App
Learn how to visually identify and prevent mechanical seal failures with this easy-to-use reference tool. Accessible via desktop, tablet and mobile devices, this app is an invaluable resource for maintenance personnel and reliability engineers tasked with troubleshooting seal failures and maximizing equipment uptime. With high-quality original photographs of more than 60 seal failure modes, you’ll learn the tell-tale signs for visually identifying each as well as the typical causes and options for prevention. And, if you need additional help or want a second opinion, you can fill out the Ask an Expert form and your local Flowserve seal expert will contact you
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Our IB seals will send to my clients,if you have any inquiry of mechanical seals ,please contact me anytime. tina :my whatapp is +86-18658260067
Mechanical Seal Teardown and Inspection Best Practices - Part 5
(Part 5 of 7) EagleBurgmann's John Merrill illustrates how to properly index, examine and evaluate mechanical seal components. Part 5 of the EagleBurgmann Mechanical Seal Teardown and Inspection: Best Practices video series is the meat and potatoes. The actual disassembly process is demonstrated, emphasizing how to index and orient parts so that the mechanical seal can be assembled JUST AS RECEIVED so other engineers can repeat and add their expert opinion to the final analysis. These practices are critical for between-bearings pumps that have two seals rotating in different directions and dual seals which have inboard and outboard parts. If these parts get mixed up, well, good luck.
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Alfa Laval LKH centrifugal pumps – double mechanical shaft seal
In this Alfa Laval 360° Service & Maintenance video we will demonstrate how to change product-wetted seals and how to change a double mechanical shaft seal on the Alfa Laval LKH centrifugal pump range. With Alfa Laval service you maximize the reliability and uptime of your equipment. The result is superior performance throughout the equipment life cycle – performance that puts you ahead of competition. http://www.alfalaval.com
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10-Duramax Marine Shaft Sealing Systems
* Rugged construction offers dependable performance. * Water supply connection to lubricate rubber bearings. * Grease fittings and lantern ring for lubricating compression packing. * Innovative "air-seal" design allows packing change-out without dry docking vessel. * Several models available for propeller and rudder applications. * Choose from bronze, aluminum or steel. * Air, water and grease services.
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How to Service Banjo Poly Pumps with Wet Seals sp
Contact Springer Pumps today for more information, a quote or a consultation to find out how Springer Pumps and Banjo can improve your process and bottom line. http://catalog.springerpumps.com/category/banjo Instructions on how to service Banjo Polypropylene Wet Seal Pumps. Complete dismantle and assembly instructions. M332PBIW, M332POIW, 201PBIW, M222PBIW, 301PBIW, M222PIE51W, M222PIE5W, M332PIE101W, M332PIE10W, 201POIW, 301POIW, 201PI6PROW, 201PIH5W, M222PI6PROW, M222PIH6W, 301PIH13W, M332PIH13W, M222PIHYW, M332PIHYW, M300PBW, 300PBW, 200PBW, M220PBW, 300P11PROW, 300PH6W, 200P6PROW, 200PH5W, 300P6PROW, 300PH11W, 300PH13W, M220PH5EW, M220PH5W, M300P11PROW, M300PH11W, M220P6PROW, M300PH6W. This video is not a substitute for reading and understanding all instruction manuals and warning labels supplied with the equipment. This video is also not a substitute for reading and understanding the MSDS supplied by the material supplier. Failure to do so could cause serious injury or death. Always read, in their entirety, all product documentation before installing or performing any work involving industrial/commercial equipment or materials. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "BLACOH SENTRY Chargeable Air Control Conversion" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMwGIFva_oY -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
Questo video � stato caricato da un cellulare Android.
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replacement of the mechanical seal on the water pump
replacement of the mechanical seal on the water pump замене механическим уплотнением на водяного насоса inlocuire etansare mecanica la hidrofor replacement of the mechanical seal on the water pump. etansare mecanica se defecteaza in cele mai dese cazuri de la functionarea fara apa Este o pompa centrifugala autoamorsanta, avand capacitate optima de aspiratie si in prezenta bulelor de aer Poate fi utilizata si pentru apa cu particule de nisip avand dimensiuni mici. . Folosita uzual pentru alimentarea hidraulica din instalatiile de uz casnic, aplicatþii mici din agricultura si gradinarit, uz industrial in cadrul unor fabrici de dimensiuni mici si acolo unde este necesara functia de autoamorsare. Este o electropompa autoamorsanta prevazuta cu manometru, presostat, cablu de alimentare cu stecher si racord din alama cu trei cai de utilizat pentru legarea la un rezervor. Corpul pompei si suportul motorului sunt din fonta. Suportul motor este din aluminiu turnat sub presiune. Rotorul, difuzorul, tub venturi si aparatoarele de nisip sunt din tehnopolimer. Inele de uzura sunt din otel inox. Are etansare mecanica din carbon/ceramica. Motorul este de tip asincron, inchis, racit cu ventilatie externa. Rotorul este montat pe rulmenti cu sfere, lubrifiate pe intreaga durata de functionare si supradimensionate pentru a garanta silentiozitate si rezistenta. Protectia termoampermetrica este incorporata, iar condensatorul este cuplat permanent. Fluidul pompat trebuie sa fie curat, sa nu contina contaminanti solizi sau uleiuri, sa nu fie vascos, sa fie neutru din punct de vedere chimic, sa fie apropiat de proprietatile apei. Pompa se instaleaza cu arborele motor in pozitie orizontala Temperatura maxima ambientala este de 40 grd C.
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Grundfos Small CR Shaft Seal Repair
This video demonstrates the replacement of a mechanical seal for a Grundfos CR Series vertical multistage pump. This applies to CR/1/3/5 Series pumps. http://www.phoenixpumps.com Thanks to BlumenauerCorp for the use of this video. BlumenauerCorp is the Grundfos rep for Florida. http://www.blumenauerpumps.com http://www.phoenixpumps.com
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Genemco's Used Waukesha 130 Positive Displacement Pump
Waukesha 130 Positive Displacement Pump. Model: 130. S/N: 79587 SS. Displacement per revolution: 0.254 gal. Nominal capacity: 150 gpm. Maximum rpm: 600. Seal option: double mechanical with flushing. For more information, visit: http://www.genemco.com/catalog/positivedisplacementpumps.html The 130's non-galling '88' alloy rotors provide minimum breakage on fluids with discrete particles such as diced tomato products. Waukesha sanitary pumps feature easy cleaning and disassembly. Typical products handled by Waukesha pumps include products from bakery, beverage, canning, confectionary, cosmetics, dairy, meat packaging, and pharmaceutical industries. Inlets/outlets: (2) 3 in. dia. S-line fittings. Overall dimensions: 20 in. L x 11 in. W x 14 in. H.
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Seal Removal to the top
EKATO offers a lift and swivel device for easy removal of the mechanical seal for inspection and maintenance without requiring any additional Overhead Lifting gear. More Information about the EKATO mechanical seals on www.ekato.com.
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Zurcon® Glyd Ring® D - Reliable Sealing in High-pressure Hydraulic Applications
Zurcon® Glyd Ring® D in Z13 from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is featured in this video. An innovative seal design from a completely new material for hydraulic sealing applications subject to increasingly higher pressures. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions: https://www.tss.trelleborg.com Zurcon® Glyd Ring® D brochure: https://www.tss.trelleborg.com/-/media/tss-media-repository/tss_website/pdf-and-other-literature/brochures/zurcon_glyd_ring_d_en.pdf Worldwide Contacts: https://www.tss.trelleborg.com/en/contact/contact-form Machines, equipment and motors fitted with hydraulic cylinders are becoming more powerful, and that means the hydraulics are subject to higher pressures and temperatures. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has responded by creating a unique seal in a material specially engineered for it: the Zurcon® Glyd Ring® D. Manufactured from Zurcon® Z13 polyurethane material, the Glyd Ring® D in Zurcon® Z13 offers an excellent combination of wear, extrusion and hydrolysis resistance, giving unrivalled durability. With its innovative profile, Glyd Ring® D is able to operate at high pressure without any risk of blow-by effect.
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SKF sealing solutions
Seals have a crucial impact on system performance. Life and reliability of what is often considered a simple component can make all the difference to your products and operations. SKF has more than 100 years of experience in various industries and applications, and is the only company that can support key aspects of the sealing system through its knowledge of bearings, seals, lubrication and associated science and technology. For more information contact Marat Group at +48324328783, or email us at [email protected] You can also SKYPE with us at grupa.marat
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Hagen's Auto Parts - How to order from our online catalog.
Hagen's Auto Parts 1526 River Road Puyallup, Washington 98371 http://hagensautoparts.com [email protected] A parts store for YOUR old car. We deal in mechanical automotive parts from 1924-1970; engine, suspension, brakes, seals, tune-up parts etc. The shelves, in our 33,000 Square feet of buildings, are stuffed full. New-old stock to the latest reproduction can be found at Hagen s Hiway Auto Parts, Inc. Many of our parts have been on the shelf 20+ years waiting for the right home. So come take a look.... no extra charge for the dust.
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Home appliance, pump, Fan Motor, transformer, electronics adapter, Seal Pump by Coreindus
*Pump Low vibration and noise are realized by the high lift design of the impeller and the entire balancing of the Motor. * Motor The structure is simple and the reliability and efficiency are high. Compact size, light weight and low noise operation are realized. * Fan Motor Compact size and light weight are realized by the high efficiency design, The control is easy by ratio, static pressure and speed controls, and the motor is designed with high precision and low noise driving unit adopting the ball bearing. * Trans The specifications and characterisics of lead type or reactor, etc. can be modified in its dimension or others according to customer's request. * Company Name: Coreindus Co., Ltd. / 코아인더스 * Country/Territory: Korea * Business Type: Manufacturer For more information - e-catalog: http://pure.en.ec21.com - Inquiry: [email protected] - Keywords: motor, pump, Fan Motor, transformer, electronics adapter, cable modem, Mechanical Seal Pump
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Super T Series Pump Maintenance Pt. 5: Cartridge Seal Removal
The fifth video in a series on Gorman-Rupp Super T Series Pump service. This part covers the removal of the cartridge seal. REVIEW THE PART 1 SAFETY VIDEO before servicing your pump.
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Seal Materials
Jim Dwyer discusses the many materials used in seal manufacturing at the Cleveland SKF Solution Factory.
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System Seals 442 Rotary Seal Installation
Quick installation video of the 442 Rotary Seal Series. www.systemseals.com 216-220-1800
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Conquest Engineering | Parker Seals,O-rings,Hydraulic Seals,Gaskets, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
http://www.conquest.citybusinesspages.in Conquest Engineering in In Ahmedabad, Parker Seals & O-rings In Ahmedabad, Parker Seals & O-rings In Gujarat, Hydraulic Seals In Ahmedabad, Hydraulic Seals In Gujarat, O-rings In Ahmedabad, O-rings In Gujarat, Gaskets In Ahmedabad, Gaskets In Gujarat, Rotary Seals In Ahmedabad, Rotary Seals In Gujarat
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Goulds Water Technology - e-SV vertical multi-stage pump at AHR 2013
Energy saving, eco-friendly and efficient! Available in a wide range of sizes, e-SV design allows easy service and safe maintenance, featuring a mechanical seal that can be replaced without removing the motor from the pump.
JEC Pump General Brochure
Kindly visit our website www.jecpump.com for further information and download.
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Panerai Radiomir Black Seal Ceramic Manual Mechanical Watch
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How To Rebuild WPG Rotary Vane AC Vacuum Pump 66127
How to replace gaskets for Rotary Vane Type Vacuum Pumps - 4 SCFM [113 liters/minute] - 100/120/240 VAC - 50/60 Hz http://www.wpg.com/catalog/66127 http://www.wpg.com/catalog/66175 http://www.wpg.com/catalog/66175ab
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Txuan- Knuckle Joint - Mechanical Joint
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Oil Seals by Size & Dimension
If you're in need of an oil seal for your industrial or commercial application, you've come to the right place. Emerson Bearing had been in business for decades and offers an expansive line of oil seals including inch and measurement sizes, as well as Garlock Klozure seals. Visit our online catalog by clicking the link posted below: http://products.emersonbearing.com/category/oil-seals
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Goulds Water Technology - e-SV stainless steel vertical multi-stage pumps
Xylem has enhanced its line of stainless steel, vertical multi-stage pumps with its new e-SV models. The e-SV pumps feature an innovative hydraulic design and highly efficient motor that lowers lifecycle costs and increases energy savings. The pumps are suited for many commercial and industrial applications. The new design also reduces maintenance time by eliminating the need to remove the motor. The mechanical seal can also be replaced without dissembling the pump. The e-SV pumps' stainless steel construction and NSF certification meet municipalities' requirements for pure water while providing corrosion resistance and easy installation. The e-SV pump can be used in a wide variety of applications including water supply and pressure boosting, water treatment, light industry, heating, ventilation and air conditioning and irrigation and farming.
Security seal Carat, 3D
security meter seal setup process http://gst-group.com/en/product-catalogue/security-seal-carat/setup-process Carat seals are moulded in polycarbonate with 2 sets of locking arrows. Applicable with sealing wire in: electric, gas & water meters, payphones, calibration valves, monetary safe deposits in banks, cash bags, storage rooms, reservoirs, vans, containers, fuel stations, offices, cash boxes, game machines, etc. - Transparent body - complete visual of locking mechanism and clear indication of tampering. - Withstands extreme weather conditions. - Etched with permanent laser marking - Logo, Number, Barcode 128, EAN8, 2D-code, QR-code. - Easy to use. Insert wire thru the hole and insert anchor into capsule. Using thumb to apply pressure and it's locked. - Designed for single use, destruct when open. - Cannot be easily open - cutting pliers needed for removal. - The unique eight-digit number identifies the seal. - Laser marking of the number and logo offers the highest level of security as it cannot be removed or replaced. - Temperature resistance --50°C...+150°C (-58˚ to 302˚ Fahrenheit). Cost-effective Easy Application - Special material of the seal, combining spring power and frangibility characteristics, doesn't allow opening the seal after placing it without breaking the body. - The presence of two grooves in the locking node provides reliable information about the integrity of sealing wire. - Essentially new design of an anchor with use of an element of type "wedge" allows to fix reliably an anchor into the capsule, excluding any mechanical and thermal manipulations. - Special cuts at the heart of an anchor promote its destruction at pulling attempt. - The hat form on the anchor provides convenience of closing of a seal and is the indicator of attempts of access to the locking mechanism. - Diagonal irrevocable shift of apertures for a wire in the anchor closing the seal provides the improved fixation of the seal material. The own glowing in UV light Having glowing effect in UV light, CARAT seal allows control of keeping the sealed object intact in hard-to-reach and darkened places.
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Disassemble John Crane seal on Alfa Laval agitator
Service and maintenance video for the Alfa Laval Agitator. A demonstration of how to disassemble a John Crane seal on an agitator, and a recommendation on which tools to use.
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Replacing Pump Seal on JB Industries / Harvest Right - Eliminator DV-6E
For those interested in what it takes to replace the rear seal on the pump used by Harvest Right (JB Industries - Eliminator series DV-6E), it can be done if you have some tools and mechanical ability. My vacuum pump started leaking oil out the rear seal a month or so ago. I talked with Harvest Right and they said they would replace the seal (no charge) but I asked if they would just send the parts so I could do a video for our YouTube channel. They agreed to send the parts at no charge. I also ordered a spare pump so I would have one to use while repairing the first one. It's always nice to have a spare. This video is kind of long but I know some people will be interested. Feel free to skip around. Since I shot this video I've completed 4 batches and the pump does not leak. Anyway, if your pump is under warranty I recommend you just send it back for repair. One thing I ran into was that the bolts holding the motor had too high a rating of thread locker, and one of the bolts broke while trying to take it off. Also, Harvest Right told me that new pumps shipping with their freeze dryers now have the stainless steel splash guard already installed, so be sure to check your pump before ordering that item. If you need one, I bought my stainless steel splash guard and bolts from frozenright.com. Cost was $20 including shipping. Benefits of Home Freeze Drying: https://theepicenter.com/home-freeze-dryers Introduction to the Harvest Right Freeze Dryer: https://theepicenter.com/blog/in-home-freeze-drying Details and Prices: https://theepicenter.com/food-storage/home-food-storage.html
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The CR Air-Cooled Top pump from Grundfos – explained
The Grundfos CR Air-Cooled Top multistage, inline pump is for applications that require handling very hot liquids, from 120°C to 180°C (248-356°F). The pump has a special air-cooled shaft seal chamber, ensuring that the liquid temperature around the shaft seal does not exceed the level it can withstand. Since the Air-Cooled Top chamber keeps the liquid under 120°C, it uses a standard Grundfos shaft seal. And it does not require any external cooling. Our application manager, Michael Laustsen, guides you through this pump, taking it apart and showing how the Air-Cooled Top functions and why Grundfos designed it that way. See how simply it works! For more information on sizes, materials, data booklets, service manuals, etc., please visit the Grundfos CR family page in Grundfos Product Center: http://product-selection.grundfos.com/catalogue.product%20families.cr.html?%2525253Ftime=1457440220276&%25253Ftime=1457440220429&custid=GMA1&familycode=CRFAM&lang=ENU&%253Ftime=1457506014597&%3Ftime=1457506014706 The Grundfos CR family data booklet (pdf download) – please see pages 34-35 for the Air-Cooled Top: http://net.grundfos.com/Appl/ccmsservices/public/literature/filedata/Grundfosliterature-937.pdf Applications • Boiler feed • Temperature control • Circulation of transmission oils
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shinmaywa pump catalogue  review -  ShinMaywa Norus
2" Discharge - 10 Amps - Max Head Height: 48' - 6,780 Gallons Per Hour 115 Volt Single Phase Motors 1-1/4" Solids Handling Cast Aluminum Bearing Housing Anti Vibration Bearing Technology The ShinMaywa Norus Series submersible pumps are some of the most reliable and durable pumps sold today. On the outside it has a unique corrosion resistant hardware design made of stainless steel and poly amide fiber reinforced resin. In addition, it features a cast aluminum bearing housing, and a vibration reducing bearing design which provides superior heat dissipation and structural integrity in comparison to competing pumps. The Norus series pumps are the most reliable, highest efficiency, lowest lifetime cost of any pump in its class. 2" Discharge 115 Volt Single Phase Motors 1-1/4" Solids Handling Cast Aluminum Bearing Housing Anti Vibration Bearing Technology Dual Mechanical Shaft Seals: Silicon Carbide Lower, Carbon Ceramic Upper 33' Power Cable ETL Listed Continuous Duty High Efficiency Corrosion Resistant 2 Year Warranty
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Goulds Cyclone seal chamber for solids handling
Goulds Cyclone seal chamber for solids handling
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Grundfos Medium CR Repair in Real Time
Here we show how to repair a Grundfos Medium CR, CRI, and CRN pump. This includes the 10, 15, and 20 series pumps. This video shows how to change the mechanical seal, impeller/chamber "stack kit" assembly, and o-rings. The model shown is a CR10-10. We are a factory authorized service center for Grundfos for the state of Florida with a warehouse in Orlando. This is for instructional purposes only. For more information see our website at www.blumenauerpumps.com
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