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GTA 5 - Property Management Missions
Grand Theft Auto V New Gen - All Property Management Missions Walkthrough \ Guide Video in Full HD (1080p) GTA V Achievements / Trophies and Side Missions Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQ3KzJPBsAHkmIIrAv_sd_UwoA4FhdUCG =================================== PROPERTY MANAGEMENT MISSIONS: ● 0:03 - Intro & Guide ● 0:48 - Smoke on the Water - Weed Delivery ● 2:15 - Smoke on the Water - Recover Van ● 4:20 - Smoke on the Water - Lose Cops ● 6:45 - Bar Properties - Booze Delivery ● 8:10 - Bar Properties - Gang Attack ● 9:15 - Bar Properties - Paparazzi ● 10:28 - Bar Properties - Bar Takings ● 11:31 - Cinema Properties - Aerial Promotion ● 16:45 - Cinema Properties - Cinema Takings ● 17:48 - Scrapyard Defence ● 19:53 - Car Towing =================================== Video recorded on: Sony PlayStation 4 =================================== GTA Series Videos is a dedicated fan-channel keeping you up to date with all the latest news, video walkthroughs and official trailers of the most successful video games published by Rockstar Games, including Grand Theft Auto series, Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne, L.A. Noire, Bully and many others. This channel is in no way tied to Rockstar Games or Take-Two Interactive. Follow GTA Series Videos on: || YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/GTASeriesVideos || Google+ - http://www.google.com/+GTASeriesVideos || Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/GTASeriesNews || Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/GTASeries For more info and videos visit: http://www.GTASeriesVideos.com | http://www.GTA-Series.com | http://www.GTA-Downloads.com | http://www.Games-Series.com
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Property Management Acquisitions, Growth and Marketing: The Renters Warehouse Strategy
How can you increase your lifetime customer value and maximize the marketing dollars you spend to attract those customers? Kevin Ortner, CEO of the largest single-family focused property management company in the U.S., has some ideas. In fact, he’s found a way to continue managing the properties that he convinces his owners to sell. You won’t want to miss the first podcast of 2019. Renters Warehouse + Own America = Better Business and Better Service Renters Warehouse acquired Own America, a company that allows owners of single-family rental properties to sell those properties with tenants in place through an online marketplace to new investors. What’s in it for Renters Warehouse and their customers? Well, a lot. Buyers can shop in new markets and acquire an investment with cash flow already in place. Sellers have access to an engaged market of interested buyers and can sell with tenants in place. Tenants don’t have to move. Renters Warehouse continues to manage the property, even after it’s sold. This model is new and innovative and exciting, and something you can follow if you want to find a way to attract new business while holding onto your current business. Roll Your Eyes if You Want, We’re Still Talking about Customer Experience Kevin and Alex will discuss themes that aren’t new to anyone in property management. You cannot focus on the next best thing without making sure your current customers are happy. You have to add value and provide the best possible service. Otherwise, your new tech and your new products and your new ideas don’t matter one bit. List to one of the leaders in property management talk about how the industry is changing, and what we can all do to make the delivery of property management and investor services better. The full article is right here: http://fourandhalf.com/renters-warehouse-2019-strategy Contact us at Fourandhalf to ask any questions or tell us about your marketing plans for the New Year. We’re all ears: http://fourandhalf.com/contact
Starting A Property Management Company: How Much to Charge & Build a Team
Our guest today is Kathleen Richards, President of Portola Property Management and PropertyManagementCoach.com. Our interview is geared towards a newer Property Management company that may need help establishing their pricing and hiring people. However, this interview contains plenty of useful advice for both newer and seasoned Property Management business owners. VIEW THE TRANSCRIPT: http://fourandhalf.com/starting-a-property-management-company-how-much-to-charge-and-how-to-build-a-team/ Transcript of the Podcast: Hello and welcome to The Property Management Show. I am your host, Alex Osenenko. My day job is serving as the CEO of Fourandhalf, a marketing company working exclusively with fee-based property management companies. I have spent the last seven years of my life helping property management companies become more successful by improving sales, marketing and operational efficiencies. In this show, we’ll deconstruct success down to its key components and invite subject matter experts to help you improve every facet of your business. The topic today is starting a property management company, and how much to charge for your services and how to build a team. To help me talk about this is Kathleen Richards, the CEO and President of Portola Property Management and the founder of ThePropertyManagerCoach.com. She has journeyed from property manager to property management coach. Q: Kathleen, thanks for being with us. Why don’t you introduce yourself and tell our listeners what you do. Q: So when someone is starting a property management business, how do they determine their fee structure and how do they create it for future growth? Most new managers want to make sure they can help their company grow, and be competitive without giving away too much. Do people change their fees very often? Q: They have to win the business somehow. A new property management company needs a price point that is low enough to attract a buyer. So maybe they can also have auxiliary services where they make money. Some successful property management companies have contracting business as well. They do remodeling and they lead with that service, providing rehab services for investors. So that’s an incredible opportunity for new companies to charge a flat fee and then have additional revenues. It comes down to strategy, doesn’t it? Q: So the people who are just starting out with no experience can’t say they’ve been doing this for 20 years. So how do they set up a price matrix? Q: So you charge a general management fee, you have a pet program, a preventative maintenance walk through; what else do you charge for? Q: So this is a different product? You have a management product and lease up product. Q: So you have a competitive management fee. Then, depending on the level of involvement or service, clients can buy other services from you. Or, they can just pay the management fee and opt for nothing else. Q: So location is important and so is the makeup of your clientele. That’s the beauty of property management. You have a territory or region that you know. When you understand the socioeconomic makeup, whether there are students, high tech professionals or retirees or factory workers in the area, you can get ahead of the curve, review competitor pricing and be innovative with your pricing strategy. Q: That’s a good framework for people who need a pricing matrix. Let’s talk about building a team. Now, we have pricing and a website and still just one person running the shop. With momentum, business is looking good and gaining properties, how do you build a team? Where and when do you start? Q: So you hire an assistant, and they shadow you. Did that person become a property manager? Q: There are a few struggling Realtors willing to augment their careers. Q: It also means you have a happy tenant who may be willing to give you a 5-star review. Q: Maybe our next conversation will be to invite someone who is pro-portfolio models. There are property managers who think that’s the only way to scale the business. You are departmental and I can see both systems working, but each structure fits certain people better. Would you agree it depends on personality, the amount of time you’ve invested in the business and how fast they want to grow? Q: We really appreciate your time, Kathleen. If property managers want a coaching session, where can they find you? And if you need help with marketing for property management companies, please contact us at Fourandhalf. Thank you for listening, and we’ll see you next time.
How to Shop for ILS - Property Management Technology Workshop
http://fourandhalf.com/shop-ils-property-management-technology/ Our passion here at Fourandhalf is helping Property Managers connect with the latest Property Management Technology. Our business, however, is Internet Marketing and Social Media for Property Managers. But, it's all about passion today, as Alex sat down with Robbie, President of FloridaRentalAds.com, to discuss the best ways to shop and evaluate Internet Listing Services (ILS) for Property Managers. Here are few tips and tricks that Robbie offered -- watch the video for the full interview. Customer Service Look for a company that will give you great service in a timely manner. If you're wondering how you judge a company's customer service, just think about how long you have to wait for an issue to be resolved. Whether there is a technical problem such as vacancies not feeding or a question on the billing, you shouldn't have to wait more than one day. If you have to wait longer than that, you might want to consider how you're spending your money. Property managers need to have these issues resolved quickly and should expect their ILS company to be responsive. Value Evaluating your cost per lead is important. A lot of single family property managers don't consider this, but it helps you determine which ILS will offer you the best Return on Investment and the best value for your owners. The math is really simple: take your monthly payment and divide by the number of leads you receive per month (phone and email). For single family property managers, a good range is between $1-$3 per lead. Features In 2012, there has been a huge increase in the number of property managers who are using video to show their properties -- it makes sense, right? If a renter is looking at your listing, they can view the video, which cuts down on the number of calls and questions because everything is covered in the video. Your ILS should definitely have a video embedding option. For instance, FloridaRentalAds allows their customers to embed their video directly into their property listing.
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How to effectively manage conflict in Property Management with Sarah Bell Part 1
Introducing Property Management Transform 2016 featuring four teams from around Australia, Zelle, Harcourts Adelaide Hills, Richardson & Wrench Hurlstone Park and PM HQ. This is Episode 9A featuring Sarah Bell, Chief Operating Office of Link Learn, coaching on understanding conflict resolution; the process and its outcome. This lesson is brought to you by LinkLearn: linklearn.com.au. Visit eliteagent.com.au for more Transform videos.
Property Management: How to Work with Tenants
Join the Syrios brother's to learn the basics of property management and how to work with tenants!
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The Future of Property Management  and what you can do to prepare now
In this webinar you will learn: • The new client • New Communication • Lemons for Market Theory • Sharing Economy
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How to use video for property management inspections
Introducing Property Management Transform 2016 featuring four teams from around Australia, Zelle, Harcourts Adelaide Hills, Richardson & Wrench Hurlstone Park and PM HQ. This is Episode 16 featuring Helen Mitchell, Co-Founder of Busivid, coaching on using video to help clients, create a point of difference and demonstrates its ease-of-use on smartphones. This lesson is brought to you by Busivid: busivid.com Visit eliteagent.com.au/transform for more Transform videos.
The Internet of things (IoT) in Real Estate and Property Management
Do you understand what the "Internet of Things" is and how it will change the homes you sell and manage in the future? Alister Maple Brown from Rockend explains further.
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"Lawn Care" Vs "Property Management Company" ► Marketing Other Services To Grow!
Most of you guys know I read pretty much every comment and I love hearing the feedback you guys have to say. Well the other day on one of the videos "thomas g" left a good one, and it really got me thinking about what he said. Thomas mentioned that getting a lawn maintenance customer just for the sake of mowing grass, can be a huge mistake. He suggested that just providing lawn care and nothing else can be a lost opportunity on being able to provide a "full maintenance solution" to that customer, and pick up serious revenue in the process. I realized this myself over the last 2 years, as we've started to branch off and spread our wings with our business model. Initially I was always a "lawn maintenance" company, mowing grass, doing the whole deal. But I soon quickly realized that we had so much money left on the table, that the solutions to my financial goals was right in front of my face. I use the example of comparing a company with just 100 lawn customers, to a "property management company" with the same 100 customers, and how different the revenue goals can be. One company can do $75K in sales for example, and the other one can tackle 3-4X that in sales when you add in all the extras. I hope this analogy helps some of you guys realize that, sort've like what Thomas G said: getting customers just for the sake of lawn maintenance work alone could be a huge mistake. Don't forget to clean up on the other dozen services that make up a full property management company! Pumpkin Plan Book I mentioned on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2T3EQS7 Keep Up With Us! ► Subscribe To Our Channel: http://tinyurl.com/jjtlsb8 ► Smash The Bell To Be Part Of Notification Squad! ► Follow Us on Instagram: http://tinyurl.com/jbf9y7p Want To Send Us A Product Or Piece Of Equipment To Review? Email Us: [email protected] **Brian's Lawn Maintenance is powered by Yardbook.com** Check out these other favorite videos from Brian’s Lawn Maintenance! ► EPIC Mower Wars - DEMOING a DOZEN Mowers w/ Ed Wright and The Dirt Monkey [Part 1] https://bit.ly/2W1GW6A ► Blower Wars 3.0! Testing The New STIHL BR800 & ECHO PB-8010 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8tj_q285mA ►QUITTING His Job! 1 YEAR Later ► Chasing His Dreams & First Season Debrief! https://bit.ly/2RBpzLB ► Check Out Our Second Channel! Our Daily-ish Behind The Scenes Vlog Channel! Fullerton Party Of Two!** https://tinyurl.com/ybqwo4as ________________________________________________________ Hope you guys are enjoying the videos and the channel. It’s awesome getting to create content for you guys. I truly hope our videos entertain and provide benefit to you guys with your businesses. If you’d like to support our channel, the best way to help us monetarily is by using our affiliates links and purchasing your gear online with us through our online partners. Don’t forget to save money with our promo codes down below as well! Thank you again in advance for the support. ***NEW MERCH!*** *Lawntrepreneur T-Shirt and More!* https://teespring.com/stores/brians-lawn-maintenance ***Visit Our New Amazon Affiliate Store!*** https://www.amazon.com/shop/brianslawnmaintenance Our Affiliate Partners: www.EquipmentDefender.com (Brians10 Save 10%) www.KujoYardwear.com (Brians10 Save 10%+Free Shipping!) www.ISOTunesaudio.com (Brians10 Save $10!) www.Sprayers-Plus.com (BriansLawn3Ship) (Free Shipping) www.VoltHeat.com (Brians10 Save 10%) www.ProvenLocks.com (Brians10 Save 10%) www.FenceArmor.com (Brians10 Save 10%) ______________________________________________ Thank you for watching! If you enjoyed this video, please shoot it a big Thumbs UP and LIKE! If you haven’t done it already, make sure you SUBSCRIBE! That way you can get the latest and greatest when our newest videos release! ***Visit the Lawntrepreneur Academy for Training Programs To Start A Lawn Care Business Of Your Own!*** https://bit.ly/2GAhAbM
How to Prevent Negative Tenant Reviews - Property Management Education
ARTICLE IN FULL: http://fourandhalf.com/prevent-negative-tenant-reviews/ OUR WEBSITE: http://fourandhalf.com/ OUR MANAGED REPUTATION PRODUCT: http://fourandhalf.com/reputation-management-property-management-companies/ Online reputation might just be the difference between your property management company getting chosen as opposed to another. Additionally, negative reviews can cause four out of five consumers to reverse purchase decisions. Nothing is more frustrating than being the owner of a property management company and seeing that a tenant has left you a crippling negative review, especially when it’s not really a direct reflection of your business. Today, we go over proactive measures that can help you weed out negative tenant reviews before they’re showcased online for all the world to see. Common Bad Experiences for Tenants For example, you might receive a bad review based on a maintenance request that goes wrong. If you contract with a vendor to fix a leaky toilet and the maintenance guy does not show up on time, and then he doesn’t fix problem on the first visit, and has to go back to the property for multiple trips – you’re going to have a frustrated tenant. This leaves you at risk for a potential negative business review…a dreaded one star. This situation can also apply to: An application fee was charged and you didn’t end up choosing the tenant The tenant didn’t earn back their full security deposit If you have administrative fees or increase rent after a lease renewal Tenants leaving a review for the wrong property management company The tenant simply doesn’t know that the property manager serves the property owner Your property management company is vulnerable at any moment to receive these reviews on websites such as Google+, Yelp, AngiesList, etc. What Happens If I Receive a Negative Review? Once it’s there, all you can do is take reactive measures instead of proactive measures – You can try to reach out to Yelp and Google all you want, but the reviews are most likely going to stick (unless you’re lucky and the Yelp review gets filtered out!) The only thing you can do on your end is to respond, apologize, and genuinely try to make it right. If you aren’t sure how to do just that, ask the reviewer what you can do for them. The next course of action is to bury the review with positive ones. In the end, doing damage control ends up taking up more of your time and effort. So What Do You Do to Prevent Negative Tenant Reviews? Take proactive measures before an incident like this happens to you. A common theme we notice in negative reviews is that it stems from poor communication. Let’s go back to the maintenance scenario. Your goal should be to obtain feedback from your tenants before it gets displayed online. Have someone in the company send an email after every maintenance request on how their experience was with your vendor. Something short and simple will be the most effective; there is no need to be overly complicated with the email. If you get a positive response, this is a great opportunity to send them the link to your Google+ page or your Yelp page and ask for a review. If they provide you with negative feedback, then you can at least be glad that it’s in a private email between you and your tenant. There’s no damage to your online reputation. This is a great method to use to screen out negative reviews and get positive reviews at the same time. If you have an office that tenants visit, make it a point to ask how things are going. If they have constructive things to say, follow up with an email requesting a review. If you hear something negative, dig a little deeper and try to resolve the conflict. Then, follow up. Reach out to ensure they are happy with whatever you did to meet their needs. Ask them to post their thoughts online. If they respond positively, you’ve just essentially turned around that negative review into a positive one. Capitalize on Owner Reviews Reaching out to your owners four or five times a year is a great business practice. Find out if they are pleased with your business, happy with the new tenant you placed, or grateful for lease renewals. Any time there is an area of opportunity where you have gone above and beyond their expectations, you should capitalize on that experience and ask for an online review. The most successful property management companies take it upon themselves to ask for reviews and don’t just leave it up to luck. If you have any questions about how to solicit positive reviews or respond to negative reviews, please contact us at Fourandhalf, and we’d be happy to help you.
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Setting good KPIs in property management with Sophie Lyon
Introducing Property Management Transform 2016 featuring four teams from around Australia, Zelle, Harcourts Adelaide Hills, Richardson & Wrench Hurlstone Park and PM HQ. This is Episode 12 featuring Jellis Craig's Sophie Lyon, who spoke to the teams about managing for growth, and the role of KPIs in contributing to your business goals and vision. This lesson is brought to you by ConnectNow. Visit eliteagent.com.au for more Transform videos.
5% Management Fees: Are They Worth It? | Property Management Advice
For over 45 years Warner Quinlan, Inc has been the leading name in leasing & property management in the Greater Orlando area. This longevity means we have the professionalism, knowledge, and experience to meet your needs as a property owner or resident seeking a rental home. Visit Our Website: WarnerQuinlan.com Call Us: 407 250 4800
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How to get property managers to use your cleaning
Roger Lloyd explaining how to market cleaning services to Property Managers.
Introduction   Property Management Tips and Tricks
Our Business Development Manager Charlotte Murphy will be providing market updates and useful tips monthly for investors or anyone that is thinking about buying an investment property. Comment below with topics that you would like Charlotte to cover! March Topic: Smoke Alarm Legislations If you need further assistance while looking to rent or renting your property, please contact us today on 09 555 9100.
Odoo -  Sale of Real Estate Property Management
Odoo - Sale of Real Estate Property Management Sales of Property Online Website Shop/Ecommerce https://www.odoo.com/apps/modules/10.0/real_estate_property_app/ This module provide features to allow your customers or vistors to request for quote from website shop/ecommerce for property you are selling and manage Sales Commission by Sales/Invoice/Payment to Internal Users and External Partners/Agents/Brokers.
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Property Management Dubai, UAE
Property Management Dubai, UAE - We are a one stop shop agency that gives our client a hassle free and fast solution to unexpected property and tenant issues. We focus in managing the residential property asset of our clients from all angles. • Marketing of the Property and finding most suitable tenant • Facilitating pre-move in cleaning of the Property • Collecting required documents and issuing Tenancy Agreement • Handling Tenant's concerns • Providing check-in inspection of the Property and handing over the keys to the Tenant • Collecting rental payment form the Tenants and ensuring prompt payments • Reviewing rent as per the market value and renewing lease • Arranging repairs and general maintenance for the Property through obtaining quotes and overseeing repair works • Assisting is connection/payment of utilities of behalf of the owner • Assist in payment of developer's service charge fees. Call Royal Home Real Estate and let us share with you our reliability, real estate knowledge, market savvy and friendly property management service. Call Us for Property Management Service in Dubai, UAE :+971 4 3 990 990 or Visit our website: http://royalhome.ae/contact.php
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Interview with Real IQ on the Property Management Industry
Our BDM Charlotte Murphy, introducing the Director of Real IQ - David Faulkner! These property management experts speak about the relevant topics affecting the industry and landlords. They discuss the following: - Changes to the residental tenancies act and the key ones that landlords need to be aware of - Pets - No cause convictions - Mistakes made by landlords - What to look for in a Property Manager - Is it worth being a Property Investor? If you have any questions about the topics discussed, feel free to send us a message or call Charlotte today on 0800 RENT SHOP if you need assistance with your invesment property.
How to Pick the Best Property Management Name for Your Business
For the Full Article and More Info on Choosing a Name, check out our blog post on this - http://fourandhalf.com/property-management-names/ This week, we want to talk to you about choosing a property management business name. In a lot of cases, of course, it's up to what feels right to you. Let's just take a couple of moments and go through some of the things that might help you make a decision and avoid some problems down the line. Before Choosing a Property Management Company Name We referenced the Small Business Association for what you want to consider when choosing a name. Here are some questions that you will need to ask yourself when choosing a property management company name. 1. How will it look? This also goes for questions like, How's it going to look on the logo? How's it going to look on signs on the front of your building or the rental signs that are in front of your units, etc.? You do not want to make your name too long, especially in states like Washington, where you must put your entire business name on all of your communications. If you have made your company name Joe's Real Estate, Gourmet Hot Dogs, and Property Management, Incorporated, that's a lot of stuff to put on there. Keep that in mind. 2. What connotations will it bring up in the viewer's mind? If your company name is "Bob's Totally Cool Property Management" then it's probably not going to give the professional attitude that you want to have. 3. Is it unique? This is important on a number of levels. You want people to think of you, and only you, when somebody encounters your business's name. There are also legal issues to consider; for instance, usually you cannot have a business name within your state that's the same as another company (or even too similar to another entity in the same industry.) You're going to want to do your research by going online to see if some other business is using it. Then, you can check with your state to see if that business name has been registered with them - which is likely, and very time consuming. Here in California, the home of Silicon Valley, it has to be done by mail. You're usually better off just choosing another name before going to that trouble. 4. Is it available as a URL? We've done this as a blog before, where I talk about what you want to choose for your business's URL. I have suggested before that you shouldn't use your business name, but let's say you want to anyway. That's fine, but then you have to make sure it's available. You would rather have it available as a ".com" than trying to work around something else. What You Don’t Want to Do When Choosing a Property Management Company Name 1. Don't use your name. If you have a common name - (or even not that common - I'm not the only John Bykowski in America, and two of the others were being indicted at one time) you company could be mistaken for another company in another location. Also, it is going to be more difficult if someone wants to take over your company. If it has a generic name, great, then they could take it over. 2. Don't have it the same name as another company you own. For instance, if you have a real estate agency that is the Super Awesome Real Estate Agency, if you have Super Awesome Property Management, there's a chance that the reviews of one will affect the other. Usually, it's going to be bad reviews on your property management company (simply because of the way the property management business works) that is going to then possibly affect the real estate agency. We heartily suggest in having two separate names. 2. Even though it will help your SEO and name recognition, we don’t suggest in using a town name. If you choose the name of a small town and you want to move to other towns in that area, you will find it hard to get found. You will get some local SEO benefit out of calling yourself Roseville Property Management Company should you be in Roseville, CA. But if you want to expand to Sacramento somebody in Sacramento may think that you are not the appropriate company for them or maybe not big enough. Additionally, having the name of another town for your business will now work against you, SEO-wise. So, you ideally would want to avoid that. 3. Finally, take it from a person who works at a company called Four-and-half. Make it easy to spell and understand. The amount of time that I have spent correcting people about the way our company's name is spelled/pronounced/emailed is a lot of time that I will never get back. Don't use homonyms - a word that sounds the same as something else. That is just going to cause you trouble later on down the line. Our name, Fourandhalf, does come with a fun origin story that we can use and get people to remember us by, but keep that in mind when you're choosing your own company name. We hope this has helped you out. If you have any other questions, feel free to give us a call, or reach out to us at Fourandhalf.com - Internet Marketing for Property Managers.
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How To Start Property Management Company Online - Business Marketing Review
http://www.123marketingtips.com - How To Start Property Management Company - Welcome to this informative conversation! Over the next 6 minutes what you'll learn is really a brief overview of runnning and learning how to start property management company. I'll be covering briefly why the first best thing you or anyone needs to understand is the profit to overhead ratio regardless of the approach to starting the business whether it's buying and owning your own buildings or taking over other established ones. If you enjoyed this video on "how to start property management company" make sure you check out my site linked above to learn how to build a highly leveraged business on the internet without the crazy overhead of buying a building or dealing with employees even!
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Property Management - The Rent Shop
The Rent Shop Ltd is Auckland's leading property management agency with over 1100 rental and investment properties. We are currently running a promotion offering 2 months free management fees to any new landlord! For more information call now on (09) 253 9190 or 021 405 891
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96- Noble Real Estate Services: Your One-Stop Shop for Property Management Needs!
Click http://NobleProperties.info to visit Noble Real Estate Services for your #ChulaVistaPropertyManagement needs! Check out http://nobleproperties.info/properties/for-rent/ to see other available #ChulaVistaHomesForRent today. You can also call us or visit our office at: Noble Real Estate Services 1371 Presioca St, Spring Valley, CA 91977, USA Phone: +1 619-246-0715 For Management Services Welcome to #NobleRealEstateServices Property Management and Sales. We've been proudly serving San Diego County for a combined over 50 years. At Noble Real Estate Services, we are committed to being your one-stop shop. From painting, cleaning, drywall repairs, hauling, landscaping, whatever you can imagine your property needs, we can address those needs and get them done quickly and at a reasonably affordable price. We are also licensed general contractors. We are insured and bonded for your peace of mind. We have the knowledge and experience that you are looking for to keep your cost down and maximize the return on your investment. We make sure that all prospective renters are pre-screened. We'll provide you with an owner web access portal that allows you to take a look at your account at any given time at your leisure. Give us a call! Noble Real Estate Services is committed to being your one-stop shop when it comes to your property management needs. At Noble Real Estate Services, we are committed to providing our clients with only the highest level of service and reliability. We are a professional real estate and property management company serving the greater San Diego area as well as Chula Vista and all of South Bay. We know how important it is to choose the right agent to ensure the results you want. You want the peace of mind knowing you have hired someone to look out for your best interest. Whether you are buying a home, selling a home, or renting an investment property, call us today for a free, no-pressure conversation about what is best for you and your family. By renting with us, you can only experience the most outstanding and professional property management in Chula Vista! Learn more about us by visiting http://nobleproperties.info. Can you imagine yourself living in one of our lovely houses for rent in Chula Vista? Visit http://nobleproperties.info and give our professional Chula Vista property managers a call today! Check out our other available properties here: http://nobleproperties.info/properties/for-rent/. Know someone who might want our Chula Vista homes for rent, instead? 'Like' and share this video with them, and help a friend or family get their dream home! Visit our site today and view other available houses for rent in Chula Vista: http://nobleproperties.info/properties/for-rent/, or learn more about our team here: http://nobleproperties.info. Your reviews help keep our business thriving. Please take a moment and share your experience at: https://goo.gl/fhi2EF. This video tour is edited and optimized by http://VirtuallyinCredible.com/, offering video training and outsourcing solutions for property managers around the world.
Charging Rent to Tenants: Tenant File Property Management Software Training Videos
This videos will take you through the steps of charging rent to your tenants. This can be done automatically, semi-automatically or manually. See how easy it is to charge rents with the Tenant File for Rental Property Management.
How to Compensate a Salesperson for your Property Management Company | The Property Management Show
How long did it take you to get to 300 doors? - It took about three years. I decided to hire someone because I was a good salesperson but not a great one, and I was doing business development and sales 10 to 20 percent of the time during the day. I knew if I could find someone to do it better than me full-time, I would grow. I was averaging 100 units a year when it was just me, and then when I brought in a salesperson, that growth went to 300-plus units a year.. WEBSITE: http://everythingpropertymanagement.com/ Property Management Marketing: http://fourandhalf.com How to Compensate a Property Management Salesperson The topic today is how to compensate a salesperson for your property management company. If we have a chance, we’ll talk about when you should hire that salesperson and shed some light on how to find and interview and retain the best salespeople for your property management shop. Our guest is Duke Dodson who runs Dodson Property Management. He has one of the fastest growing property management companies in the U.S., and he’s uniquely positioned to talk about this. Q: Thanks for joining us, Duke. Tell us a little about your company and your story. When did you first decide to hire a salesperson? How far along were you in your growth trajectory? A: I started my company in 2007. It was just me, so I was the business development person and the salesperson. When I got to the point that we had 300 units under management, I hired the first salesperson. Q: There is something to be said about setting up systems to be able to accept this kind of growth. For most property managers, growing by 10 properties a month is a good goal. So 300 a year is a great launching pad. I don’t know of any information in NARPM or the general property management industry that talks about sales compensation. So how did you come up with a strategy? A: There was no roadmap early on, so I had to make it up. I looked at the type of person I wanted in the role and then I had to figure out the compensation model that person would be comfortable with. It’s rare to find someone with property management experience and sales experience. So unless you’re going to poach this person from another company, it’s going to be difficult for a property manager to find a salesperson with experience in single family management. I looked at other salespeople I might want to attract. Pharmaceutical and medical sales seemed the way to go because these are high energy, results-driven professionals. So I looked at those models. Some had a small salary plus commission and others worked solely on commission. I liked those models. So with our first salesperson, I provided a straight commission and no salary. I built it so that if he did well in the first year, then his compensation would increase in the second, third and fourth years, so it would be hard to walk away. He could earn a great income if he performed. Q: So you used a recurring compensation plan. He got to eat a bit of what he killed over time and each account brought him a percentage. A: Right, if he brought in a single family home for us to manage, he earned 25 percent of all the revenue associated with that property for one year. Then if he retained the property under our management in year 2 and 3, he’d continue to earn 15 percent. In year four, the commission would drop off. Q: That’s a lot of money. A: I learned that the industry standard was similar to that, and I also learned that you get what you pay for. If you want that top notch rainmaker, they will need to make a good living and you’ll have to compensate appropriately. But you may not need a rainmaker. If you’re getting a lot of warm leads from SEO and content, you don’t necessarily need a rainmaker, you need someone with good sales structure and organizational skills who can do presentations. That person doesn’t need to make $150,000 a year. You’ll find a good salesperson who can earn $60,000 or $80,000 a year. If you’re paying high rainmaker numbers, make sure they are bringing in a lot of business. Q: So for a younger company, it made sense to pay your salesperson a full commission of 25 percent
Marketing Matters Part 1 of 3 - Elite Property Manager Magazine Dec/January 2016
Fiona McEachran of Console asks four leading PM Professionals "What are the marketing programs that have worked for your property management business in the past 12 months
The future of property management: Principal round table Part 8
What's next for our up and coming leaders in property management? In our finale of our industry round-table, we discuss strategies to implement moving forward.
From property manager to property owner with Ken McElroy
In this episode, multifamily powerhouse Ken McElroy shares his thoughts on the current market, property management, and his overall investment strategy. Ken's books and approach have been a great resource to us and we recommend them to anyone looking to get started in multifamily. Highlights from this episode: -Property management -Appreciation -Refi and roll -Mindset of an investor -Your RE network -Tax benefits to RE investing -Why good deals fund quickly -Skating to the puck -Market research -Exit cap rates -Ken's journey -And much more! About Ken: Ken McElroy is the epitome of the word entrepreneur. For over two decades, Ken McElroy has experienced massive success in the real estate world–from investment analysis and property management to acquisitions and property development. With over $700 million investment dollars in real estate, Ken offers a unique perspective on how you will get the biggest return on your investments. Whether you’re starting a business or interested in investing in real estate, Ken will show you everything you need to know about raising capital, negotiating contracts, and how to keep the profits coming in strong. Bottom line: no matter what your entrepreneurial dream, Ken works with you to gain the necessary skillsets required to raise more capital and build wealth. For a broader picture on how Ken McElroy has changed the real estate game into one you’re sure to win, look no further than his many books and media appearances. Ken is the author of the best-selling books The ABC’s of Real Estate Investing, The Advanced Guide to Real Estate Investing, The ABC’s of Property Management, and most recently his book on entrepreneurship: The Sleeping Giant. As the Real Estate Advisor to Robert Kiyosaki of The Rich Dad Company, Ken and Robert have co-authored several audio programs including How to Increase the Income from your Real Estate Investments, How to Get your Banker to say “Yes!” and How to Find and Keep Good Tenants. Ken is also a chapter contributor in the newly released, The Real Book of Real Estate. A champion and advocate for entrepreneurs and real estate investors, Ken has spoken worldwide at top industry events. With media appearances on television and radio, Ken also host Entrepreneur Magazine’s Real Estate Radio program, where he helps listeners navigate the financial and legal arenas of real estate. Never taking life for granted, Ken is active in the community and has served on advisory boards for Child Help and AZ Food Banks where he conducted the largest food drive in the state of Arizona. Ken and his family reside in Scottsdale, Arizona. Source: https://www.spreaker.com/user/jakeandgino/ken-m-8-31-17 Check out the podcast for iTunes: iTunes Store - https://itunes.apple.com/pt/podcast/wheelbarrow-profits-podcast-multifamily-real-estate/id1025080737?l=en&mt=2 Check out the podcast for Android: RSS FEED - http://jakeandgino.libsyn.com/rss Thanks so much for joining us again. Have some feedback you’d like to share? Leave a note in the comment section below! If you enjoyed this episode, please share it using the social media buttons you see at the top of the post! Also, please leave an honest review for our Podcast on iTunes. Ratings and reviews are extremely important to our show and help in our rankings. Please leave a review if you find value in our show! Click here to learn more about our multifamily educational platform: Multifamily Mastery - https://jakeandgino.mykajabi.com/offers/tw3qfTWN If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected] If you would like to partner or invest with Jake & Gino, please fill out this form: Investor Form - https://form.jotform.us/72094810684157
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Investing in the Orlando Real Estate Market from Canada | Property Management Advice
Today, we are talking specifically to investors from Canada who are looking to buy a property here in the Orlando rental market. A few of the same things come up time and time again, so we thought we would save everyone some time and make your search more efficient. Canadians like the Florida market, especially Orlando, because they can easily fly down, spend a weekend at the theme parks, and shop for property. There’s a great opportunity for..... To read more, go to: http://www.warnerquinlan.com/orlando-property-management-blog/investing-in-the-orlando-real-estate-market-from-canada-property-management-advice
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My Property Shop - Property Management
My Property Shop Property Management Specalists. Redcliffe QLD & Surrounds. 6% Property Management Fees. View our website at: www.mypropertyshop.biz Our business is run By Investors, For Investors. You deal directly with the business owners -- available 7 days a week. We know what its like being in your shoes, we are local, dedicated, and long standing. Not every property manager is the same and we are here to look after your property, as if its our own. For us, the effective management of your property stretches beyond 9 to 5 Monday to Friday, a difference that sets us widly appart from our competition. We will save you money with our low, 6% Property Management Fees Unlike traditional real estate agencies, who lack passion for property management, we have created a purely mobile property management service. The benefits of not having huge overheads like most agencies, means we can offer our landlords a reduced management fee, by still providing an unbeatable level of service. You reap the benefits, and not to mention all of our fee's are completely tax deductible. We understand you need to maximize the returns on your investment, that's why we have one of the lowest management fees available. We will Maximize Your Returns We have a strong emphasis on delivering results and improving returns to the investors whom we service. Contact us for a free apprasial to ensure you are recieving top dollar rental income. We ensure Quality Tenants Every tenant checked against TICA database guaranteed. Securing fantastic tenants makes life easier for you, and us! View www.mypropertyshop.biz for more information or email us at [email protected]
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Safety Tips for Property Managers with Fiona Blayney - PART 1
In our 3-part video series, Fiona Blayney shares her tips on staying safe in the workplace for property managers.
NYC Property Management: Can A Board Change The Prop Lease Or Bylaws On Their Own?
Sometimes a Board of Directors in a Cooperative can overstep their bounds. Whether it's from a lack of knowledge of what they can or can't do or just a lax outlook on adhering to the building's documents, Boards need to keep their limits in mind when making changes. Recently, someone posed the question to the Habitat Magazine (http://www.habitatmag.com) forums asking if the Board can change the terms of the Proprietary Lease, to allow for Shareholders to now be responsible for the upkeep and replacement of windows. This was, according to the poster, done without the approval of the Shareholders at large. The Proprietary Lease usually calls for a supermajority of Shareholders (either 66.6% or 75%, depending on the documents) to approve any changes to the Proprietary Lease or Bylaws. If there wasn't a special meeting for this purpose or if it was not included on the agenda of the Annual Meeting, then the Board most likely made this change illegally. We always advise our Boards to follow the law with regards to handling building documents to ensure that the rules and policies set forth are enforceable to the end. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/excelbradshaw Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/excelbradshaw EBMG: http://www.ebmg.com
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Getting the right property management team: Principal round table Part 5
In this episode of our industry roundtable, we discuss the performance profiles of the Transform teams, as conducted by Agent Dynamics, and why identifying one's innate talent is beneficial for overall team performance. By matching your profile to the role, you are matching your passion to the industry
Just A Thought: One Stop Shop for Intellectual Property Management
Stories and the creators of story ROCK! Creators have in the past utilized a multitude of individuals to manage their IP but with the convergence and emerging IP markets why not bring the representation into one place?
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How to improve communication in your property management business: Principal round table Part 3
As a property manager, do you understand what your clients value when it comes to communication and negotiation? Find out why it's important for property managers to build a strong relationship structure with their customers, and to treat each customer experience as a positive one.
Heat pump or ventilation system? - Property Management Tips & Tricks
Heat pump or ventilation system? We've recently been asked this question a lot by landlords who are wanting to invest into improving their properties. Check out Charlotte's answer in her tips and tricks video! If you would like to know more, call Charlotte today on 0800 RENT SHOP
Commercial Space For Rent Brunswick Melbourne: Brunswick Unit by Property Management in Melbourne
Click http://www.melbournerealestate.com.au/ for more information on #MelbourneRealEstate and if you need property management in Melbourne. Go to http://www.realestate.com.au/rent/by-mfgsou/list-1 to see our available listings! You can also call us or visit our office at: Melbourne Real Estate Ground Floor, 12 Yarra St South Yarra Melbourne 3141 Phone: 03 9829 2900 Fax: 03 9829 2966 This walkthrough tour of 2/300 Victoria Street, Brunswick, VIC 3056 is brought to you by the industry leader in #PropertyManagementinMelbourne -- Melbourne Real Estate! As with our rental property in Melbourne, this commercial property in Brunswick gives you an opportunity to put your stamp on a brand new shop front. It features 120 square meters of mixed-use space, tall ceilings, large windows, and two car park spaces. This is a brand-new retail unit and is all ready to be fitted out. Located adjacent to the bustling Sydney Road shopping precinct, this property has close proximity to a public car park and public transport, making it a foot traffic magnet. Think our wonderful rental property in Melbourne is right for you? Visit http://www.melbournerealestate.com.au/ and call our professional Melbourne property managers today! Check out our other available properties here: http://www.realestate.com.au/rent/by-mfgsou/list-1. Know someone who might be interested in our #UnitsforRentinMelbourne instead? 'Like' and share this video with them and help a friend or a family get their dream home! Experience the best in Melbourne property management with us at Melbourne Real Estate! Learn more about us at http://www.melbournerealestate.com.au/cms-property-management/index.phps or get to know more about Melbourne property management here: http://www.melbournerealestate.com.au/blog/. Your reviews help keep our business thriving. Please take a moment and share your experience at https://plus.google.com/+MelbournerealestateAu. This video tour is edited and optimized by http://virtuallyincredible.com/, offering video training and outsourcing solutions for property managers around the world.
Safety Tips for Property Managers with Fiona Blayney - PART 2
In our 3-part video series, Fiona Blayney shares her tips on staying safe in the workplace for property managers.
Redcliffe Property Management
My Property Shop Property Management Services. 6% Property Management Fees. Visit www.mypropertyshop.biz for more information.
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N R K Property Management
If you are looking for a place to live in Owensboro, check out N R K Property Management.
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Why Hire Gulf Coast Property Management to Manage Your Bradenton Vacation Rentals
http://gcvacationrentals.com/hire-gulf-coast-property-management-manage-bradenton-vacation-rentals/ At Gulf Coast Property Management, we manage vacation homes in Florida’s Manatee and Sarasota Counties. Advertising vacation rental properties in Bradenton has gone through a series of changes over the years. Travel Agencies and Magazines When vacation homes first came on the market, management companies would market the properties through travel agencies and industry-specific magazines. People would reach out to.. To read more go to: http://gcvacationrentals.com/hire-gulf-coast-property-management-manage-bradenton-vacation-rentals/
Property Management: Traditional Marketing vs Digital Advertising
Link to Full Article: http://fourandhalf.com/property-management-traditional-vs-digital-advertising/ WEBSITE: http://fourandhalf.com/ Advertising through commercials and billboards have been regarded as the major form of advertising since the 1960s. But what about in 2016? Property managers might see their competitors running ads on billboards or hear them on a radio ad but is it a good idea to spend marketing dollars on these channels? Today we look into the pros and cons of advertising on traditional methods (TV and radio commercials, billboards, bus ads, etc.) versus advertising digitally. The investment you make and the results you get can be different for local property managers. Do Commercials Make Sense for Property Managers? When you pay for traditional advertising, you’re paying for people to view your ad, no matter the target market. This applies to a billboard on a busy highway, a television commercial, and a radio advertisement. You're not necessarily able to effectively target the investors and landlords that you are looking to reach. The traditional advertising model is great if you’re a company like Coca Cola because the potential customer is anyone with a mouth. But in property management, your potential clients are a small subset of the populace. Do you want to pay for a campaign that targets a wide range of the population, even if it doesn't pertain to your audience? Digital Advertising for Property Managers Advertising on a busy road or a popular station is expensive. However, on a side road with only 50 people a day driving past your ad, you’ll pay less. But what if that side road and its 50 people were all landlords? That makes spending money on ads worth it. Being able to highly target your audience is one of the main benefits of digital advertising. Now, there are opportunities in the digital realm that allow you to advertise to landlords and investors. AdWords, if done right, will only show your ad to people searching for the topics that surround what you do for a living. You don’t pay for your ad until they click on it. Measuring Digital Advertising Success The drawback with traditional advertising is that it is incredibly hard to track your return on investment. With digital advertising, you can. We live in a digital age where we can test out advertisments, analyze engagement, and track results in real-time. These are things that traditional ads cannot do. So if you hear your competitor’s ad on the radio or see their faces on a billboard, think about all the impressions they are paying for that aren’t going to earn them new business. With your digital advertising strategy, you are doing more targeted work. The goal is not to get in front of as many people as possible, it's about getting deals in the smartest way for your property management business. If you have any questions about traditional and digital advertising, or you’d like to talk about marketing your property management company, please contact us at Fourandhalf.
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How to market to property managers featuring Ricky Edwards
In today’s episode Mike coaches Ricky Edwards of Burlington Janitorial Services http://www.burlingtonjanitorialservice.com on how to market to property managers. First you have to decide on whether or not you want to niche with property managers. There are benefits and disadvantages with every niche so you have to weigh them out against your financial and lifestyle goals. The good thing about property managers is they represent a huge opportunity. They can be a great way to get many big accounts with one point of contact. The flips side to that opportunity is it can be slow going. Generally you get a property manager who controls a million sqft of property, you aren’t going to be able to walk in and expect them to make a quick decision to use you for all or even some of their properties. They are going to take their time, get to know you, build a relationship before trusting you enough to give you a crack at a tiny job. That job is basically an interview for a larger job and so on. It make take a year or two before you have built up enough goodwill and trust to get the big accounts with them. They are also a lot more price sensitive typically than building owners and business owners. Business owners are going to have more first hand experience with how clean a facility is, how it affects them, their employees, their customers..their everything. They are going to be more in tuned to the value you bring as a cleaner to their business and day to day. Property managers are more geared towards the bottom line and cleaning their facilities is more a matter of ‘it has to be done’ than ‘I really want this done’. They are held accountable to numbers and profit margins for the building owners. So anyway they can cut expenses they will do that. However, the work with property managers can come like an avalanche. You may work for months or years with a property manager to build up to a level of confidence they have with you, but once you have that confidence you may get a mountain of work. Property managers are a small community. Once you build rapport with one property manager you may be referred to other managers. Now that we have that settled and if you are still on board with property managers, let’s get on to the technical side of How to Market to Property Managers. First and foremost you have to understand the lifetime value of a client. A typical property manager could have a million square feet of commercial space they need cleaned. They could absolutely bury you in contracts. You have to be OK with spending 9 months and $5,000 to woo that client knowing that down the road the return on that time and money could be massive. BONUS TIP: Step one is to attract them, not chase them. The way that you are going to attract them online is to use a lead magnet. It isn’t going to be about you, it’s going to be about what’s interesting to them. Find out what they want, their hopes and dreams and create something for them that solves their pain and passion. Then you want to also create a lot of content. That can be a blog you write every week and they subscribe to, it can be a podcast or even interview property managers. Content can come in so many forms, written word, video or audio, the important thing is to find out where property managers like to get their information and create content for them on those mediums. So if they are watching youtube, create a channel for them. If they listen to podcast, make a podcast, if they read magazines, write an article there that serves them and their interests. BONUS TIP: Property Managers aren’t interested in cleaning and your company. They are interested in things that benefit them. Look at it as a long game tactic. If you are creative and consistent you are going to be miles ahead of your competition. There is something very different from calling every few weeks to offer services and inviting them to a party at Mortons where you buy them food and drink and give them great content they’re interested in. BONUS TIPS: This tactic works for every niche. Links you should have: YouTube- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChxfA97D5XdOD4WWwHYrM FB Group- https://www.facebook.com/groups/growmycleaningcompany/ Website- www.GrowMyCleaningCompany.com iTunes- http://www.growmycleaningcompany.com/itunes Stitcher https://www.growmycleaningcompany.com/stitcher Twitter- https://twitter.com/CleaningCoGrow -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Cleaning Business,Thanksgiving and Growth featuring Mike Campion" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSByypURcCk -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
Are you including this in your tenancy agreements? - Property Management Tips & Tricks
Check out Charlotte's latest Property Management Tips and Tricks video to find out what you MUST include in your tenancy agreements. If you have any questions, call Charlotte today on 0800 RENT SHOP.
2018 PBA Xtra Frame Port Property Management Maine Shootout Finals
The championship match of the 2018 PBA Xtra Frame Port Property Management Maine Shootout features Dick Allen facing John Furey in a best-of-three match. Originally webcast live on Xtra Frame April 18, 2018 from Bayside Bowl in Portland, Maine. Subscribe to Xtra Frame: http://www.xtraframe.tv Follow the PBA via the PBA Network: http://www.pba.com/PBAnetwork
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Property Management Tips: Diane Bukowski of Eezirent
Most important during the application process to do diligent reference checks on own (um) tenants so we like to explain it as though to landlords. Imagine you are conducting a job interview when you're going to hire that person. So you wouldn't hire an employee without verifying their background and contacting previous employers. To read the transcript of this video, visit the website of Your Investment Property Magazine: http://www.yourinvestmentpropertymag.com.au/video-guides/property-management-tips-diane-bukowski-of-eezirent-176697.aspx
Sales Techniques - Selling to commercial property management - Ask Evan
http://www.evancarmichael.com/Masters/ - NEWEST VIDEO Like this video? Please give it a thumbs up below and/or leave a comment - Thank you!!! In this video I answer a question from one my readers who asked: "Hi Evan, I hope you're doing well. I saw an article posted on my friends FB page, Steven Jasmin. Glad I checked it out b/c I was able to gain some valuable insight into angel investors and am looking forward to learning more. My biggest challenge right now. Hmm, I have several but sure you don't want to hear them allJ My newest venture is a two sided mktg company, one is contracting with commercial property owners to build an attractive portfolio to shop to advertisers, two is to sell product to advertisers. I've learned that property is necessary to sell product. This said, I have no experience in commercial property and the REITs we're targeting are typically 'a tough nut to crack'. I feel I need someone with this skill-set/expertise but can't afford to hire anyone until getting into revenue. Everyone that works with me to-date is doing so on a profit sharing basis but I haven't been able to get the experienced commercial real estate person to 'buy in' to this methodology. I appreciate any feedback you may have. You can learn more about my company by visiting www.popdynamics.com. Thank you in advance and enjoy your evening. Best regards, Gary"
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Facilities & Property Management
Have your say on the 2018 City Budget. Visit mississauga.ca/budget to learn more about the services that impact you.
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Rental Property in Melbourne: Armadale Home 3BR/1BA by Property Management in Melbourne
Click http://www.melbournerealestate.com.au/ for more information on Melbourne Real Estate and if you need #PropertyManagementInMelbourne. Go to http://www.realestate.com.au/rent/by-mfgsou/list-1 to see our available listings! You can also call us or visit our office at: Melbourne Real Estate Ground Floor, 12 Yarra St South Yarra Melbourne 3141 Phone: 03 9829 2900 Fax: 03 9829 2966 This walkthrough tour of 20 Hume St, Armadale, VIC 3143 is brought to you by the industry leader in property management in Melbourne -- Melbourne Real Estate! Like our another house for rent in Melbourne, this lovely home features the following: a spacious bedroom facing the front of the property which has robes, a fireplace and a pull-down door to access a storage space in the ceiling and a secondary bedroom with an ornate fireplace and modern built-in robes. A third bedroom has a built-in robe installed. There is a good-sized living area with a fireplace as well as a well-appointed kitchen with a Smeg gas cook top, a dishwasher, stone bench tops and plenty of storage space. This property has a meals area, a European laundry with a dryer already installed, and a newly-renovated modern bathroom with an over-sized shower and ample storage space. A toilet is conveniently separated from the bathroom. You will also love this property's manicured backyard with synthetic grass for a low-maintenance outdoor living. Think our wonderful house for rent in Melbourne is right for you? Visit http://www.melbournerealestate.com.au/ and call our professional Melbourne property managers today! Check out our other available properties here: http://www.realestate.com.au/rent/by-mfgsou/list-1. Know someone who might be interested in our #RentalPropertyInMelbourne instead? 'Like' and share this video with them and help a friend or a family get their dream home! Experience the best Melbourne property management with us at #MelbourneRealEstate! Learn more about us at http://www.melbournerealestate.com.au/cms-property-management/index.phps or get to know more about Melbourne property management here: http://www.melbournerealestate.com.au/blog/. Your reviews help keep our business thriving. Please take a moment and share your experience at https://plus.google.com/+MelbournerealestateAu. This video tour is edited and optimized by http://virtuallyincredible.com/, offering video training and outsourcing solutions for property managers around the world.
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Sydney Real Estate Residential or Investment Property Management
http://www.epspropertysearch.com.au How to select a good Property Manager to make sure your interests and property is well looked after. Topics covered are; make sure they are experienced, at least 2 Property Managers, not too large a company or you become a number, regular rent reviews, regular inspections with inspection report, mystery shop Property Managers, treat your tenants well, is your Property Manager a property owner?, proper detailed financial reports, can Property Manager assist with renovations?, renovate to increase rental return and property value, fees for Property Management.
Views: 419 EPS Property Search