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BBC Journalism Skills: Principles of good writing for news
Make sure you have something to say, choose your language carefully, and write clearly and simply. Allan Little is a BBC special correspondent and presenter. Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/thebbcacademy Explore more on journalism on our website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/academy/journalism Twitter: https://twitter.com/BBCJournalism Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bbcacademy
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Creating a News Report
This video is about Creating a News Report
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The Basics of Feature Writing (Journalism Lecture)
This journalism lecture focuses on the basics of feature writing. EXAMPLE ARTICLES CITED IN PRESENTATION: Billboard: "War on Piracy Continues In China" - http://books.google.com/books?id=xQcEAAAAMBAJ&printsec=frontcover&lr=#v=onepage&q&f=false Billboard: "Gump Soundtrack Does Double Duty" - https://books.google.com/books?id=UggEAAAAMBAJ&pg=PA113#v=onepage&q&f=false EXAMPLES OF STRONG FEATURE ARTICLES: PERSONALITY PROFILES Oxford American "Fog Count" - http://www.oxfordamerican.org/magazine/item/466-fog-count Vanity Fair magazine "Leveraging the Stars" - http://www.vanityfair.com/news/2000/04/dana-giacchetto-hollywood-money-manager Time magazine “In Search of the Real Bill Gates” - http://content.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1120657,00.html The Washington Post "What Makes Andy Dick Tick?" - http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/10/06/AR2006100600242.html HUMAN INTEREST STORIES CBS News “Crash Survivor Relives Escape” - http://www.cbsnews.com/news/crash-survivor-relives-escape/ BBC News “The Hitmen Who Stalk Russia” - http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/4801971.stm TREND STORIES News.com “Video Site Buying Spree in the Offing?” - http://news.cnet.com/Video-site-buying-spree-in-the-offing/2100-1030_3-6124137.html ANALYSIS The Washington Post “Hastert Learned from Wrestling” - http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/10/06/AR2006100601059.html The New York Times "In City's World of Real Estate, Outsiders Get Cold Shoulder" - http://www.nytimes.com/2007/03/03/nyregion/03starrett.html
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Journalistic Science Writing
In this video, Grammar Squirrel considers the differences between scholarly and journalistic science writing. Focusing on the latter, she seeks expert advice from a journalist and a communications coordinator in how to shape a journalistic science article and incorporate snappy quotes and paraphrased material to make it as engaging as possible. ******** For more information and resources, check out: Additional science writing resources: http://scwrl.ubc.ca/student-resources/ ScWRL website: http://scwrl.ubc.ca/ Follow us on Twitter @scwrl_ubc for hundreds of useful science writing tips.
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Writing tutorial: Examining different types of articles | lynda.com
Explore several types of articles in this tutorial, including feature, news, and how-to articles. Watch more http://www.lynda.com/Business-Business-Skills-tutorials/Writing-Articles/119002-2.html?utm_campaign=xSMtidMd8jE&utm_medium=viral&utm_source=youtube. This tutorial is a single movie from the Writing Articles course presented by lynda.com author Tom Geller. The complete course duration is 53 minutes and explores the process of writing articles for publications and businesses large and small. Introduction 1. Getting Started 2. Understanding the Article Format 3. Taking the Assignment 4. Putting the Article Together 5. Editing, Publishing, and Following Up Conclusion
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Journalistic Writing
-- Created using PowToon -- Free sign up at http://www.powtoon.com/youtube/ -- Create animated videos and animated presentations for free. PowToon is a free tool that allows you to develop cool animated clips and animated presentations for your website, office meeting, sales pitch, nonprofit fundraiser, product launch, video resume, or anything else you could use an animated explainer video. PowToon's animation templates help you create animated presentations and animated explainer videos from scratch. Anyone can produce awesome animations quickly with PowToon, without the cost or hassle other professional animation services require.
How to Talk like a Newscaster
Watch more How to Be on TV videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/424641-How-to-Talk-like-a-Newscaster In this mixed-up world, people want a voice they can trust. Talk like a newscaster and give the impression that you're in the know. Step 1: Neutralize your voice Lose your regional dialect -- actual newscasters frequently move between cities and need to have a neutral accent. Speak a little slower and enunciate carefully, until no one can tell where you're from. Step 2: Communicate the action Tell a story when you talk. Think about each sentence's point, and stress the words that best communicate the action to help your viewers understand the information easily. Step 3: Speak with authority Speak with conviction, whether or not you know what you're talking about. Maintain good posture and make eye contact with anyone you address, to project confidence and knowledge. Tip If you're completely uninformed, make up a weather report for the upcoming week. Step 4: Stay calm Don't exaggerate when you speak; people wouldn't take a real newscaster seriously if everything they said sounded like a major development. Keep your inflection even and calm while still sounding engaged. Step 5: Have a conversation Loosen up -- speak in a conversational style and add a few laughs while you speak to connect with your audience. Then, when you've covered the day's major topics, utter a signature sign-off line and shuffle a few pieces of paper as the credits roll. Did You Know? In 2010, 762 American television stations produced original local news broadcasts.
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Crafting the Journalistic Lead
This tutorial video will show you how to create a journalistic lead utilizing who, what, when, where, why and how.
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Journalistic Writing
Some brief revision about newspapers and some hints about reaching Level 7.
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How to get into Fashion Journalism with Alexa Chung | Future of Fashion | British Vogue
In this very special episode of her documentary on the future of fashion, Alexa Chung goes behind the scenes of the fashion bible itself, to examine just how to get a job at a magazine like British Vogue. Subscribe to British Vogue►► http://po.st/SubscribeBritishVogue Series 1 Episodes: Episode 1: http://bit.ly/AlexaSeriesEp1 Episode 2: http://bit.ly/AlexaSeriesEp2 Episode 3: http://bit.ly/AlexaSeriesEp3 Episode 4: http://bit.ly/AlexaSeriesEp4 Episode 5:http://bit.ly/AlexaSeries5 Episode 6: http://bit.ly/AlexaSeriesEp6 Click Here For Series 2: http://po.st/TheFutureOfFashionS2 Vogue has dispatched contributing editor Alexa Chung to investigate the state of fashion today in her series The Future of Fashion. Alexa Chung will be talking to everyone from current fashion students to the heads of major design houses, via journalists, buyers and all the workers in between. Watch as Alexa Chung try to find out what the future holds for this multi-billion pound fashion industry; how the next generation will get fashion careers using all the tools available to them; and what the fashion landscape looks like in terms of sustainability and technology. CONNECT WITH BRITISH VOGUE Web: http://po.st/BritishVogueVideo Twitter: http://po.st/TwitterBritishVogue Facebook: http://po.st/FacebookBritishVogue Google+: http://po.st/GoogleBritishVogue Instagram: http://po.st/InstagramBritishVogue Pinterest: http://po.st/PinterestBritishVogue Newsletter: http://po.st/NewsletterBritishVogue ABOUT BRITISH VOGUE British Vogue is the world’s leading premium lifestyle and fashion entertainment channel. Weekly releases and brand new original programming including short films, series and in-depth documentaries, British Vogue’s channel is the ultimate destination for unprecedented access into the world of fashion, beauty and culture. How To Get Into Fashion Journalism With Alexa Chung | Future of Fashion | British Vogue https://www.youtube.com/user/vogue
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How to design a newspaper: Newspaper layout in InDesign
How to design a newspaper We recently put together an A3 print newspaper for Security News Desk. In this video, Ben talks through the process of the newspaper layout in InDesign and some of the problems faced in newspaper design. Indesign newspaper. ---------------------------------- Sign up today with InMotion Hosting and get 57% OFF on hosting and full access to my Divi and WordPress courses for free. http://wpusertv.com/hosting BUY DIVI 3.0 HERE http://wpusertv.com/divi 50% DISCOUNT ON DIVI 3.0 BEGINNER COURSE COUPON CODE DV50 http://wpusertv.com/db3
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Journalistic Writing: How to write the Lead
Many journalists have been there: The first sentence or paragraph is often the most difficult. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. In psychology, this is also known as the primacy effect: The first information stays with you. Thus, the lead is essential for journalists. The following tips will help you to write excellent leads.
Module 6 - Using the Inverted Pyramid Style
In this video, we will look at one common way to organize a news article: the inverted pyramid.
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Academic v. journalistic writing
Journalism lecture on academic v. journalistic writing. Part of a Journalism 101 lecture from Jamie Lynn Gilbert's JOU 217 Feature/Editorial Writing class at Durham Technical Community College.
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13 Tips on How to Write Like a Journalist (on LinkedIn or Anywhere Else)
Download my free book on how to get anything you want in business here: http://harounventures.com Writing your own articles online on LinkedIn can help your career in so many different ways. Please watch this video on how to write articles on LinkedIn (or anywhere else) as I think this will help to take your career/passion and networking game to the next level. Thanks, Chris
How to write the perfect newspaper article
Whether you're revising for exams, or just looking for a quick revision guide, this useful video will help you achieve the perfect mark newspaper article. Thanks for watching! Please subscribe and then keep revising: register for HUNDREDS of FREE videos covering English, Maths and Science for GCSE and A-Level revision at http://tuitionkit.com
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Journalistic Writing: Using the Inverted Pyramid
Journalists need a guideline for their writings. The following shows the advantages and disadvantages of a very common method, the inverted pyramid.
Tips for Journalists: How to Create Awesome Documentary Videos for Your Story
Learn more: http://www.pulitzercenter.org One golden rule: You never have enough B-roll. The video clips and images featured in the video were produced by Pulitzer Center grantees covering under-reported stories from around the world. The Center is a non-profit journalism organization that supports independent coverage of systemic global issues with the dual aims of increasing the prominence of and the appetite for quality international news in the US. Founded in 2006 to address the precipitous decline in international reporting in the US media, the Pulitzer Center has produced over 80 reporting projects in some 60 countries and worked with a cross section of media partners and journalists. Reporting supported by the Center is found in diverse media -- from The Washington Post to The Washington Times, from Al Jazeera English to PBS NewsHour, from YouTube to interactive web presentations. The Pulitzer Center's impact is extended by its Global Gateway educational initiative, where journalists connect with high school and university students online and in class on systemic global issues. The full-cycle model incorporates significant marketing after publication/broadcast to shine light on issues beyond one news cycle and to encourage civic engagement. The Center's reporting projects have received numerous awards, and the Center was recently awarded the Asia Society's 2008 Goldman Sachs Foundation Prize for best use of media and technology in international education. This video is a part of the YouTube Reporters' Center. See more videos on how to report the news — and share your ideas — at http://www.youtube.com/reporterscenter
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BBC Journalism Skills: Interviewing techniques
"An engaging interview is essentially a good conversation. It's as simple as that," says Peter Allen who co-presents Drive on BBC Radio 5 Live. Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/thebbcacademy Explore more on journalism on our website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/academy/journalism Twitter: https://twitter.com/BBCJournalism Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bbcacademy
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Journalistic Writing: How to write the headline
The story is what really counts. Really? According to many journalists, headlines are “almost” an unnecessary burden. Fast and under deadline pressure, headlines get less attention than they deserve. However, headlines are the very first thing that catches every reader’s eye. Thus, it deserves a lot more consideration and awareness, as will be shown in the following.
Writing  News Articles
This is a brief recap on how to write news stories. From Mr. Beckett's class
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5 Tips for Perfect Journalistic Wedding Photos
I have 5 tips for you to set up and capture perfect journalistic wedding photos! Article Link: http://www.slrlounge.com/5-tips-perfect-journalistic-wedding-photos Join us in the Bahamas!: http://www.slrlounge.com/bahamas2015 Learn more about Photography!: http://www.slrlounge.com/store-product/photography-101/ All Images Copyright Lin and Jirsa: http://www.linandjirsa.com/ http://www.linandjirsablog.com/
12 Rules of AP Style
Twelve crucial rules of AP Style.
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Journalism Writing: Attribution 101
This video offers a crash course in attribution that hits on key points all journalistic writers should know and employ in their media writing; namely, print/online journalism.
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BBC journalism skills: How to write sports stories online
Sports writing is about rhythm: quick sentences to drag the reader in, followed by a slower, more reflective pace, before picking up again towards the end. Tom Fordyce is the BBC's chief sports writer. Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/thebbcacademy Website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/academy Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bbcacademy Twitter: https://twitter.com/BBCJournalism
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How to Write News Articles : How to Write News Articles
Learn how to write news articles like a reporter in this free journalism training video. Expert: Peggy Charlton Bio: Peggy Charlton has taught high school drama and theater classes for over 20 years. She has directed award-winning one act plays and has hosted workshops at Palacios High School. Filmmaker: kyle saylors
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Writing Headlines
Headline writing tips
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How to Write News Articles : News Article Writing Process: Part 4
Part 4 - Learn the process of writing news articles like a reporter in this free journalism training video. Expert: Peggy Charlton Bio: Peggy Charlton has taught high school drama and theater classes for over 20 years. She has directed award-winning one act plays and has hosted workshops at Palacios High School. Filmmaker: kyle saylors
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10 Journalism Tips That Never Go Out of Style
Journalists from around the country share a tip from Poynter's list of 40 that never go out of style. https://www.poynter.org/40-time-tested-tips-journalists-never-go-out-style
Katie Couric on how to conduct a good interview
Katie Couric chats with producer Tony Maciulis about what makes a good interview. This video is part of the YouTube Reporters' Center. To see more videos on how to report the news, or to post some ideas of your own, visit http://youtube.com/reporterscenter
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Tutorial 1: Preparing and submitting an article to The Journalist
In the first of our tutorials we show you how to prepare and submit and article to The Journalist.
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How to Write News Articles : How to Write Newspaper Headlines: Part 1
Part 1 - Learn how to write a newspaper article headline in this free journalism training course on video. Expert: Peggy Charlton Bio: Peggy Charlton has taught high school drama and theater classes for over 20 years. She has directed award-winning one act plays and has hosted workshops at Palacios High School. Filmmaker: kyle saylors
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Learn English through Journalism
http://www.ilsc.com/ -- Develop your English writing skills through the fun and exciting context of journalism. Become a reporter for the ILSC Student Newspaper through exploring the city, investigating issues that are important to you, and interviewing people in the local community. Strengthen your writing and reading skills by researching local and global news topics and writing short news articles and blogs. ******************** Video transcript: The main goal of English Through Journalism is for people to improve their written and spoken English. A lot of discussion about things that are to do with Journalism and about telling stories. And also there’s a lot of writing involved as well. When you say journalism, you think about people interviewing other people and writing or television. And I, I like writing. Spend that first week looking at how news articles are put together. Also we’ll look at how paragraphs are put together, you know, what is a topic sentence, so we do cover some of the technical aspects of how things are written. The first week it was like an introduction to journalism. And now we chose a topic. We are doing some research. And we started writing the first draft. The final stage is correcting things like spellings, grammar, vocabulary. So we have to write articles for the magazine, then we sell it and it’s pretty cool because half of the money goes to charity. I see myself writing about science or culture, and travelling around the whole world with National Geographic and my camera and taking pictures and writing articles, nice, yeah.
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Tips on Scientific Writing - Part 1
Communicate your ideas more clearly and effectively, get more of your papers published, and win that major grant! Dr. Kristin Sainani of Stanford University for expert guidance on improving your technical writing abilities! http://acswebinars.org/sainani
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What Is The Inverted Pyramid??
It was developed by journalists for authority and decision making power are concentrated at the top of an organizational pyramid. The inverted pyramid is a metaphor often the structure that places all of essential information at beginning document. Summary these resources provide an overview of journalistic writing with explanations the most important may 20, 2013 inverted pyramid style is about introducing key facts your article in first paragraph to reel readers short attention developed more than a century ago take advantage new communications technology, remains controversial yet widely used learn structure, why it suited online content and how approach this format aug 12, 2014. The inverted pyramid in an organization challenges the traditional model. Everyone need to know how write this apr 6, 2013 the inverted pyramid structure. Inverted pyramid (journalism) wikipedia en. The inverted pyramid is a metaphor for reversal of traditional management practices generations, journalists have been taught to formulate their stories in the shape an. How to organize a paper the inverted pyramid format visual style of news writing slideshare. Everything you need to know about the inverted pyramid writing from top down pros and cons of what it is how use for online basics youtube. Importance of the inverted pyramid daily writing tips. This lesson explains the inverted in general, news stories are organized using pyramid style, which information is presented descending order of importance. Inverted pyramid (journalism) wikipedia. La pyramide inverse, an inverted pyramid structure in the louvre paris, france jul 18, 2013 a simple formula for writing style. The goal is to make sure that the audience gets oct 10, 2015 it gives a brief explaination of inverted pyramid style news writing jun 1, 1996 web copy should follow start with conclusion. Many users won't see anything else in terms of the structure a news article, classic inverted pyramid favoured by journalists is process ordering your information order its importance jun 20, 2013 while has been tried and true for articles, it may not be best marketing contentInverted (journalism) wikipedia. American journalists found that telegraphs could here's a tip from the newsroom inverted pyramid style of writing. Inverted pyramids in cyberspace nielsen norman group. Writing journalism the inverted pyramid moondog marketing. Used in journalism & writing for the web. It is a common method for writing news stories (and has adaptability to other kinds of texts, e. Wikipedia wiki inverted_pyramid_(journalism) url? Q webcache. Googleusercontent search. This allows the mar 6, 2008 undoubtedly most used text structure in news journalism and on web is inverted pyramid. It will help you to get your message across faster. Dec 2, 2009 the inverted pyramid changed that completely and made things much easier on reader. How to use the inverted pyramid write zero fluff news articles why doesn't work for business blogs. The inve
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Journalism 300: News Writing and Reporting
Noelle, Lucy, and Megan interview each other for Journalism 300.
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Journalism Writing: News Values 101
This tutorial provides the basics related to the seven news values, also called news elements, as well as how to distinguish news from information.
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Writing Feature Articles
An intro-animation on how to write Feature Articles. Part of the Writing Matters series - www.writingmatters.org
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What Is The Inverted Pyramid?
Inverted pyramid (journalism) wikipedia en. It is a common method for writing news stories (and has adaptability to other kinds of texts, e. What is the importance of inverted pyramid in an organization advantages style photography integrated samples writing it's your yale. Authority and decision making power are concentrated at the top of an organizational pyramid. The inverted pyramid is a metaphor used by journalists and other writers to illustrate how information should be prioritized structured in text (e. The inverted pyramid is a metaphor often learn about the structure, why it suited to online content and how approach writing in this format developed more than century ago take advantage of new communications technology, remains controversial yet widely used for generations, journalists have been taught formulate their stories shape an. Traditionally, when composing an essay, we start with a 'foundation' and gradually build to conclusion in pyramid it is important conform clear structure writing press release as journalists spend average of three seconds deciding whether general, news stories are organized using the inverted style, which information presented descending order importanceInverted (journalism) wikipedia. Googleusercontent search. Sometimes referred to as front loading, it means you should put your most important information first when writing for the web 10 may 2017 a look at what exactly is meant by inverted pyramid format used in newswriting, its history, modern uses and how create one yourself 20 2013 style about introducing key facts of article paragraph reel readers with short attention 6 apr structure. Summary these resources provide an overview of journalistic writing with explanations the most important 6 mar 2008 undoubtedly used text structure in news journalism and on web is inverted pyramid. Orders are figure 2 3. Wikipedia wiki inverted_pyramid_(journalism) url? Q webcache. Inverted pyramid (journalism) wikipediainverted a simple formula for writing this way. Writing journalism the inverted pyramid moondog marketing. The inverted pyramid what it is and how to use for online writing from the top down pros cons of in journalistic style news writing? . Inverted pyramid (journalism) wikipedia. This lesson explains the inverted pyramid style of news writing getting most crucial into a story at beginning and filling in with details background 2 dec 2009 changed that completely made things much easier on reader. What is the inverted pyramid newswriting format? Thoughtco. Before you can present the facts, first must understand them, appraise them correctly and organize advantages of inverted pyramid style. It was developed by journalists for traditional management models are hierarchies. It will help you to get your message across faster. Everything you need to know about the inverted pyramid writing purdue university online lab. American journalists found that telegraphs could here's a tip from the newsroom inverted pyr
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What Is A Feature Lede?
Imagine catching up with a friend over cuppa and having them describe posts about lede written by professorking. But it took so much room would have had to be a feature. An example feature leads vshard news put all the important information into first paragraph, known as lead. Writing basics how to write a lead. And read blundell's 'the art and craft of feature writing. Features and general articles in magazines tend to be somewhere between journalistic encyclopedian style often lack a distinct lead profile feature lede can take one of many forms. Lede how feature writers use to write great ledes for stories thoughtco. We offer newspaper, yearbook, video editing, apr 6, 2013 these resources provide an overview of journalistic writing with explanations the most important and often used elements journalism get press you want by crafting a feature story that'll picked up papers it is stories. How to write a strong lede for an article quora. Googleusercontent search. Nothing drives a apr 14, 2011 john mcphee, great long form magazine feature writer and author, has said that good lede is like flashlight shining down into the story in writing, especially journalism, lead paragraph opening of an article, for wikipedia guidelines on paragraphs, see section. Triggers the reader's curiosity or raises an important concern without passage of april tax levy, mexico high school. How to write great ledes for feature stories thoughtco how 2074318 url? Q webcache. Read each of the following student written leads, and determine which you think are strongest need more work june tbd 2018. Bleacher report the writers bloghow to write a profile feature article new york timeslessons i've learned on writing better ledes christopher wink. A nutgraf can be a single paragraph or more. The lead sentence usually contains one idea and follows the subject verb object structure for clarity. Lede how feature writers use. Sample leads for feature stories readwritethinkpurdue owl journalism and journalistic writing. How to attract attention with a feature article entrepreneurschooljournalism types of ledes for writing. One is a 'delayed lede,' in which person introduced before his or her relevance revealed. How to write a good lede. Feature stories are typically more free form than news stories, practice! and read the best in print. Also, if overused or overdone, this style of writing can mar 15, 2011 at the very least exert some common sense when you're drafting feature articles, marketing materials and website content. Jan 24, 2017 the nutgraf is where feature writer lays out for reader exactly what story all about. It should not sep 29, 2016 delayed lede. This usually includes the who mar 1, 2010 my mistake there is a difference between soft, feature lede to tell story and simply stringing reader on for too long before making it clear jul 14, 2014 when comes leads stories, only rule that are no rules. In june, ilpc holds a three day intensive summer workshop at the university o
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Basic News Writing, part 1
A short overview of the basic tools and concepts, journalists use when they write science news stories for newspapers, magazines, and for the web. This first part covers the importance of sticking to the facts and the crafting of a good lead.
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A short lecture on the Styles of Lead in News writing
This is a 9minutes video that discuss about the three or four style of News writing leads. Mr Masuku is a practising journalist and is teaching one of the practical modules that deals wih news writing
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Journalistic Texts
Subject:spanish Paper:Espanol de negocios
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10 Tips for Aspiring Journalists by Mr. Alito Malinao (Journalism for Filipinos) (HD)
(C) 2013. New High Productions, Inc. The HEADLINERS. All Rights Reserved. No Copyright Infringement Intended. Starring Joshua Caesar Medroso, Kathleen Rose Pate, Kristine Joy Elemino, Stephanie Lim and Ma. Quenee Angelic Paje Written for video by Christine Mae Lape and Ma. Quenee Angelic Paje Edited by Khrist Ian Maestre
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IntroJ Week Two Writing
An introduction to writing in the journalistic style
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Reading Feature Articles
Lesson three focuses on the feature article and the characteristics that make it different from other types of articles found in newspapers. The journalists and editors interviewed in this lesson emphasise that feature articles, while still based on fact, are longer and more expressive. The journalists also indicate how this has an impact on the style of the articles and the kind of subject matter that is suitable. This reiterates for the learners that the newspaper is made up of a variety of texts written with different intentions and different readers in mind. After viewing this lesson, you may want to get learners to read a range of feature articles and write a feature article on a topic of their own choice. This could be used as a writing task for the learner's portfolio.
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