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FUNNY Irish Drinking Songs - Beer, Beer, Beer
FUNNY Irish Drinking Songs - Beer, Beer, Beer want to see more? go here: http://adf.ly/AVrC if you want to subscribe! go here: http://adf.ly/AXh9
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F**k You I'm Drunk - Irish Drinking Song - Lyrics ,
I bang on the door but you won't let me in, 'cause you're sick and tired of me reeking of gin. Locked all the doors from the front to the back, And left me a note telling me I should pack. I walk in the bar and the fella's all cheer, They order me up a whiskey and beer. You ask me why I'm writing this poem, Some call it a tavern but I call it home. F**k you, I'm drunk F**k you, I'm drunk Pour my beer down the sink I've got more in the trunk. F**k you, I'm drunk F**k you, I'm drunk And I'm going to be drunk till the next time I'm drunk! You've given me an option, you say I must choose, 'tween you and the liqour, then I'll take the booze! Jumpin' on Western down to the south side, Where I'll sit down and exercise my Irish pride. F**k you, I'm drunk F**k you, I'm drunk Pour my beer down the sink I've got more in the trunk. F**k you, I'm drunk F**k you, I'm drunk And I'm going to be drunk till the next time I'm drunk! ----- **No Copyright Infringement Intended.** -----
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Whose Line Is It Anyway? Top 3 Irish Drinking Songs
The Best Irish Drinking songs performed on Whose Line? In my opinion anyway! Hope you enjoy! Comments and ratings appreciated
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Slovenian Drinking Songs Translated Funny Lyrics Part 1 Comedy
so funny to sing along Translated to English Includes song "My Brother is Drunk"
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Caribbean Rum-- DRINKING SONGS Funny Songs Videos, Relaxing Music Inspirational Video- Laughing Bird
http://MusicToFeelBetter.com The perspective of "the morning after" can sometimes be a real eye-opener. Sometimes not. Regardless, the real value is in the experience, and whatever is learned from it, if anything. Here's a party-on drinking song with a twist. Funny songs on funny songs videos like this one are an entertaining way to hear relaxing music and provide a different perspective on drinking songs. Inspirational songs and inspirational videos are where you find them, and even funny comedy songs can be inspirational. Positive songs and cheer up songs can also be get drunk songs. Lyric Excerpt: Can't help but wonder how I got there and how I returned, And how I got laid so low, and how I got burned, And how in the world did I end up there flat on my back, I remember distinctly thinking, "I can do better than that!" Caribbean Rum, Caribbean Rum, Whoa-oh, chalk it all up to Caribbean Rum. Laughing Bird is Tupelo and Janey Kenyon, performing singer-songwriters inspired to play original music with uplifting lyrics. Their inspiration is happy music, funny songs, relaxing music, positive songs inspirational -- cheer up songs, funny comedy songs and empowering music. This is MUSIC TO FEEL BETTER, inspirational video of inspirational songs. This song, "Caribbean Rum" is from the two-and-a-half hour, live-in-concert, inspirational music video called, "Celebrate the Journey" by Laughing Bird -- Janey and Tupelo Kenyon. The song was written by Tupelo Kenyon. © (P) MM. All Rights Reserved. The studio version of this song is on the album titled, "Anthology, the First 20 Years" by Laughing Bird.
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Pure Irish Drinking Songs | 18 Of The Best Irish Pub Song Collection | #IrishDrinkingSongs
Pure Irish Drinking Songs https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/pure-irish-drinking-songs/id426499614 1. Seven Drunken Nights - The Dubliners 2. Jug of Punch - The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem 3. The Craic Was Ninety In the Isle of Man - Paddy Reilly 4. The Moonshiner - The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem 5. Whiskey in the Jar - The Dubliners 6. Finnegan's Wake - Ronnie Drew 7. The Rare Auld Mountain Dew - The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem 8. Moonshine - Hugo Duncan 9. Whiskey You're the Devil - The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem 10. Dicey Reilly - The Dubliners 11. Róisín the Bow - The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem 12. I'm a Man You Don't Meet Everyday - The Dubliners 13 . Preab San Ól - Brendan Behan 14. The Moonshiner - The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem 15. Quare Bungle Rye - The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem 16. The Wild Rover - The Dubliners 17. Whiskey In The Jar - The Dubliners 18. The Parting Glass- The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem
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Irish Drinking Songs Top 20
http://celticmusicpodcast.com/197 Irish drinking songs were my introduction to Celtic music. In show #197, I’m gonna share my pick of the Top 20 Irish drinking songs by some of the best indie Celtic bands online including: Dun Aengus, The Sorry Lot, Stout Pounders, The Poxy Boggards, Brobdingnagian Bards, Terry Griffith, Bedlam Bards, Doggy Dike, Bourbon & Shamrocks, Jonathan Ramsey, The Irish Balladeers, The Wild Clover Band, Jim Brannigan, Melanie Gruben, Hair of the Dog, Danny Carthy, Blaggards, Siochain, The Bog Hoppers, Marc Gunn. If you enjoy this show, then subscribe to our Celtic Music Magazine. This is our free newsletter and your guide to the latest Celtic music and podcast news. Subscribe today to download 34 Celtic MP3s for free. Remember to support the artists who support this podcast: buy their CDs, download their MP3s, see their shows, and drop them an email to let them know you heard them on the Irish and Celtic Music Podcast. Today’s show is brought to you by Celtic Invasion Vacations Every year, I take a small group of Celtic music fans to exotic locations around the world. We don’t travel in big tour buses and see everything. Instead, we stay in one area. We get to Know the region through its culture, history, and legends. Plus, I bring you some great Celtic music by me and other Celtic artists. The 2015 trip is now full. You can help us decide where we will invade in 2016. Subscribe to the mailing list to join the invasion at http://celticinvasion.com Notes: – Your guide to the Best indie Celtic music online – Thanks to the Patrons of the Podcast. Your kind and generous support keeps this show running every week. Become a Patrons at http://celticmusicpodcast.com/patron/. – This week on Celtic Interviews: Dublin Harpers – St. Patrick’s Day Songs for Kids Now On iTunes. It goes officially on sale on March 1st. – St. Patrick’s Day Internet Music Festival: See the latest artists performing for the frestival. http://stpatricksdayparty.net/festival/ – Vote for your favorite songs in January 2015 – Irish Drinking Songs Shows from the Pub Songs Podcast #131: Funny Irish Pub Songs #114 – St Patrick’s Day Pub Songs Playlist #98 – Funny Irish Drinking Songs #115 – St Patrick’s Day Pub Songs Playlist #133: St Patrick’s Day Irish Drinking Songs – #176: September Reels with more music from The Irish Balladeers http://celticmusicpodcast.com/2014/176-september-reels/ – St Patrick’s Day Pub Songs on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_f8SyS-DtM – I WANT YOUR FEEDBACK: Post a comment on our Facebook fan page or call 678-CELT-POD to leave a voicemail message. That’s 678-235-8763. This Week in Celtic Music 0:42 “Whiskey in the Jar” by Dun Aengus from Fortified 5:20 “Black Velvet Band” by The Sorry Lot from The Sorry Lot 8:25 “Rocky Road to Dublin” by Stout Pounders from 3 Drink Minimum 11:35 “All For Me Grog” by The Poxy Boggards from Bawdy Parts 14:13 “Seven Drunken Nights” by Brobdingnagian Bards from The Holy Grail of Irish Drinking Songs 19:13 “Risin’ of the Moon” by Terry Griffith from Songs from the Pub 22:36 Celtic Music News 24:40 “Johnny Jump Up” by Bedlam Bards from Furious Fancies 27:53 “Spancil Hill” by Doggy Dike from Live Singles 31:31 “Wild Rover” by Bourbon & Shamrocks from Craic! 34:36 “Night Paddy Murphy Died” by Jonathan Ramsey from Jonathan Ramsey 38:15 Celtic Music Feedback 40:38 “Sons of Molly” by The Irish Balladeers from The Molly Maguires 43:47 “Biddy Mulligan” by The Wild Clover Band from Behind the Blarney 47:31 “I’ll Tell My Ma” by Jim Brannigan from The Hills of Margaree 49:09 “Fiddler’s Green” by Melanie Gruben from Market Day 53:28 “Tim Finnegan’s Wake” by Hair of the Dog from Release the Hounds 55:56 “Drink It Up Men” by Danny Carthy from Stand Look Around You 59:11 “Drunken Sailor” by Blaggards from Standards 1:01:43 “Keg of Brandy” by Siochain from Peace By Peace 1:06:47 “Irish Rover” by The Bog Hoppers from Top Shelf 1:11:11 “Beer, Beer, Beer” by Marc Gunn from Kilted For Her Pleasure and Best Irish Drinking Songs Remember too, when you buy through our affiliates at CD Baby, Amazon, or iTunes, you support the artists AND the podcast. The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast was produced by Marc Gunn, The Celtfather. To subscribe, go to iTunes or to CelticMusicPodcast.com where you can also join our mailing list. You can post feedback in the shownotes, on social media use the hashtag #CelticPodcast, or email me [email protected]
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Drinking songs at Oktoberfest
A typical drinking song at Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. Click for 5 tips for surviving Oktoberfest! http://globeguide.ca/2015/09/top-5-tips-surviving-oktoberfest/
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Martin Clunes - Drinking Songs
Martin Clunes on the Harry Enfield TV Programme
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The Rumjacks - An Irish Pub Song (Official Music Video)
The Rumjacks 10 Year Anniversary Tour begins October 10, follow the link for details: https://therumjacks.com/shows/ Buy "Gangs Of New Holland" (album) here: http://itunes.apple.com/au/album/gang... Like us on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/TheRumjacks An Irish Pub Song is the 2nd "single" of The Rumjacks debut album 'Gangs Of New Holland'. It is a piss take at the explosion of Irish Pubs in Australia and the bastardisation of a culture. The video was directed and filmed by Nathan Macdonald of Fatboy Films Australia. LYRICS: Theres a county map to go on the wall, A hurling stick & a shinty ball, The bric, the brac, the craic & all, Lets call it an Irish pub, Caffreys, Harp, Kilkenny on tap, The Guinness pie & that cabbage crap, The ideal wannabee Paddy trap, We'll call it an Irish pub, Whale, oil, beef, hooked! I swear upon the holy book, The only 'craic' you'll get is a slap in the ear, Whale, oil, beef, hooked! I'll up & burst yer filthy mug, If you draw one more shamrock in me beer! We'll raise the price o' beer a dollar, We'll make em wear a shirt & collar, We'll fly a bloody tri-colour, And call it an Irish pub, Jager bombs & double shots, The underagers think its tops, We'll spike the drinks & pay the cops, We got us an Irish pub. The quick one in the filthy bog, The partin' glass across the lug, O' the lady-O, the dirty dog, We got us an Irish pub, It's over to me and over to you, We'll skip along the Avenue, And who t'hell is Ronnie Drew? We got us an Irish pub. Plasma screens & neon lights, Kara-farkin-oke nights, The bouncers they can pick the fights, We'll call it an Irish pub, Plastic cups, a polished floor, We'll hose the blood right out the door, And let the knucklers back for more, We got us an Irish pub, Oh top o' the mornin', Garryowen, Kiss me I'm Irish, Molly Malone, Failte, Slainte, Pog ma thon, We got us an Irish pub, Spike the punch & strip the willow, Strike me up the rakes o' Mallow, The Liffey never ran so shallow, We got us an Irish pub.
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3 Keys to Making Funny Music (ft. Marc Gunn "Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers")
Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/marcgunn/irish-drinking-songs-for-cat-lovers-pawt-3 Listen to "Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers" -- the album I produced http://celticmusic.org/cats/ Making music funny has its own set of rules and challenges. While it's not my calling to make music that makes people laugh, I once worked with a talented Celtic musician who had a knack of doing just that. As the producer of hilarious "Irish Drinking Song for Cat Lovers" album, I focused on bringing out the best in my artist / client Marc Gunn, and together we created an indie comedy music hit. Here are a few thoughts on what I learned from that process, and sharing my favorite song off of that album, with Marc's permission. The Cat Came Back​.​.​. Cat's Perspective (traditional, lyrics by Marc Gunn) I was a crazy cat for many a year, My years are advancing. Now I sleep in my chair. But old Mr. Johnson still wants me to play If I don’t get active, he’ll send me away. I’m a yellow tabby, kinda flabby. And I’m coming home. And if you don’t like me, then leave me alone! I’ll eat when I’m hungry. I’ll sleep when I’m tired. And if you try to wake me, you’ll wish you had died. His neighbor ambushed me with shotgun and dynamite. My cat senses warned me. So I put up a fight. I clawed at his cigarette. It fell to the floor. It lit the dynamite as I ran out the door. KA-BOOM! He gave me to a boy with a dollar and a note To drown me in the river when we were afloat. I saw the rope come towards me and let out a yowl. The boat tipped on over. The poor boy was drowned. GURGLE! He gave me to a man going up in a balloon. I clung to his head. I am no buffoon. The man tried to free me, but then lost control. I stole his parachute as he crashed ‘gainst a knoll. KER-SPLAT! He took me to the mill where the meat was ground. He left off the lights, so I wouldn’t look around. But I saw that food processor come closer to me, I jumped to the floor. He tripped bloodily. CRUNCH! Mr. Johnson, Mr. Johnson, I know you hate me, But I have nine lives and you haven’t even three. Blessed are the cat lovers. Blessed are all kitties So love me or leave me alone for to sleep. PURR ** Please read this bit ** Hey, thanks for checking out my video. I'm Ari Koinuma. I'm a Japanese-born, Minnesota (USA) based rock songwriter / guitarist /singer. My mission is to spread "impactful" music -- songs that hits you somewhere deep inside. Go here to download FREE eBook about the biggest lesson I learned in life, and my latest epic single (10+ minute progressive rock opus) http://arikoinuma.com/free-gifts/ If you enjoy what I do, I can use your help! Please consider becoming my patron at https://www.patreon.com/arikoinuma YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/AriKoinuma (SUBSCRIBE!) Blog: http://arikoinuma.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/arikoinuma Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AriKoinumaMusic/ Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/arikoinuma/ SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/ari-koinuma BandCamp (personal profile): http://bandcamp.com/arikoinuma BandCamp (Minnasia): http://minnasia.bandcamp.com/ Look forward to connecting with you -- enjoy!
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Slovenian Drinking Songs Translated Funny Lyrics pt 2
sing along with these funny drinking songs includes song "My Girl is My Wife"
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dirty drinking songs with gus, hilarious!
The vocal stylings of goo goo gus, singing some funny songs for us.
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Beethoven's drinking songs
I stumbled upon these two fabulous drinking songs, composed by Beethoven in the early 1790's, when scooping around my Beethoven collection of lieder, or songs. The first one is a traditional drinking song called "Erhebt das Glas mit froher Hand", and the second one is a "Punschlied", or Punch song. Be sure to bring these along to the next party!
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Johnny Cash Beer Drinking Songs
J.Cash- beer drinking songs
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Funny Drinking Songs Song  Music yo Drunken Aspirations Country pop b
Special discount bundle on full album https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Matt_Moran_s_Contra_Band_Unicorns?id=Bbnl3cy6uep7s37nrzy5s4jd5vq&hl=en Funny Drinking Songs Song Music = Drunken Aspirations Country pop hilarious comedy laugh lol beer folk drink
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Slovenian Drinking Songs Translated Funny Lyrics Pt 3 comedy humor
Sing along with these drinking songs. Includes the song "Santa gave me a whip"
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Whose Line - Colin Mochrie - Best of Irish Drinking Songs
The Best of Colin Mochrie as he never fails to Provide a Laugh at the end of some Classic Irish Drinking Songs. Please enjoy and prepare to laugh as the Whose Line Team provide top class comedy viewing. Credit to 12medbe for the clips. I Claim no copyright to the Clips ive used, they are totally provided for Viewing Pleasure.
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German Drinking Songs (Recording from Vinyl Record)
Side 1: 1.(a) Aber Heut' Sind Wir Fidel (0:00 - 1:46) ...(b) Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit (1:46 - 3:42) 2.(a) In Mainz am Schönen Rhein (3:42 - 4:58) ...(b) O Du Wunderschöner Rhein (4:58 - 5:51) 3.(a) Warum Ist Es am Rhein So Schön? (5:51 - 6:44) ...(b) Kleine Winzer in vom Rhein (6:44 - 7:49) 4.(a) In Rüdesheim in der Drosselgasse (7:49 - 8:58) ...(b) Von Rüdesheim nach Assmannshausen (8:58 - 9:45) 5.(a) Gib Acht auf den Jahrgang (9:45 - 10:49) ...(b) Kornblumenblau (10:49 - 12:03) Side 2: 6.(a) Solang der Alte Peter (12:03 - 12:47) ...(b) Große Gaudi im Münchner Hofbräuhaus (12:47 - 14:00) ...(c) Hopfen und Malz (14:00 - 15:06) 7.(a) In München Steht ein Hofbräuhaus (15:06 - 16:23) ...(b) Durst Wird Durch Bier Erst Schön (16:23 - 17:36) 8. O Alte Burschenherrlichkeit (17:36 - 19:11) 9. Tausend Fässer Bier (19:11 - 19:48) 10. Die Schönsten Überstunden (19:48 - 22:29) 11.(a) 'S War Immer So (22:29 - 25:28) ...(b) Humba-Humba-Täterä (25:28 - 26:12) None of this is my work, and all copyrights belong to their respective owners and Everest/Tradition.
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Oktoberfest Drinking Songs PoshPorts
Drink em if you got em. Just some of the fun songs we heard at Oktoberfest. Visit us at http://www.foodtravelist.com to learn more
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Whose Line Is It Anyway — Best of Irish Drinking Songs Part 2
Whose Line is it Anyway? Best of Scenes From a Hat Whose Line Colin Mochrie Whose Line Ryan Stilles Note: This is not my content. Content credited to Warner Brothers Entertainment.
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Jabardasth Rajamouli Parody Songs Performances
☛ For latest updates on ETV Channels | http://www.etv.co.in ☛ Subscribe for more latest Episodes | http://bit.ly/12A56lY ☛ Like us on | http://www.fb.com/etvteluguindia ☛ Follow us on | https://twitter.com/etvteluguindia ☛ For latest updates on ETV Channels | http://www.etv.co.in ☛ Subscribe for more latest Episodes | http://bit.ly/12A56lY ☛ Like us on | http://www.fb.com/etvteluguindia ☛ Follow us on | https://twitter.com/etvteluguindia
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Irish Drinking Songs - 16 Of The Best Irish Drinking Songs  | Full Album
Irish Drinking Songs - 16 Of The Best Irish Drinking Songs To Purchase CD Version Of The Album Visit: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Irish-Drinking-Songs-Various-Artists-Compilation-NEW-SEALED-CD/192514542227?hash=item2cd2c2ca93:g:bPAAAOSwMKBa13kJ https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/irish-drinking-songs/150322530 1. Back Home in Derry - John Close 2. Whiskey in the Jar - The Dubliners 3. Johnston's Motor Car - The Dubliners 4. Grace - Shamrog 5. The Rare Old Times - Pat Woods 6. Galway Shawl - Brier 7. Mountains of Mourne - Pat Woods 8. Carrickfergus - Jim McCann 9. The Rocky Road to Dublin - Paddy Reilly 10. Farewell to My Own Native Land - Margaret Barry 11. Irish Ways and Irish Laws - John Close 12. Ringsend Rose - Tara Folk 13. Spancil Hill - The Corrib Folk 14. The Auld Triangle - Luke Kelly 15. Castle of Dromore - Seán O'Sé 16. Avondale - The Corrib Folk #IrishDrinkingSongs #IrishPubSongs
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Irish Drinking Songs
The entourage of shit-faced drunkards. (UMR) *ahh... my first St. Pats...
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Beer Drinking Songs  Johnny Cash
Johnny Cash Beer Drinking Songs
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Johnny Ca$h- I Hardly Sing Beer Drinking Songs
I'm an avid Johnny Ca$h fan since i was a young'n. I brew my own beer as well, so I took one of my favorite songs and put some funny and sexy pics to it. Hope you enjoy it!
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Irish Drinking Songs - SNL
In this commercial parody, patrons at a pub (Kevin Nealon, Jan Hooks, Conan O'Brien, Mike Myers, Nora Dunn, Jon Lovitz) sing Irish drinking songs from a new CD collection released just in time for St. Patrick's Day. [Season 15, 1990] #SNL Subscribe to SNL: https://goo.gl/tUsXwM Get more SNL: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live Full Episodes: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-liv... Like SNL: https://www.facebook.com/snl Follow SNL: https://twitter.com/nbcsnl SNL Tumblr: http://nbcsnl.tumblr.com/ SNL Instagram: http://instagram.com/nbcsnl SNL Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/nbcsnl/
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Funny Songs - Beer Song
Funny Songs - Beer Song
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"13 Drinking Songs" -- Musical Comedy CD -- Trailer
http://laughinghyenarecords.com https://www.facebook.com/arnie.hoffman.7?fref=ts "13 Drinking Songs" -- Musical Comedy CD -- Trailer This is a trailer for the CD "13 Drinking Songs" presented to you by Laughing Hyena. Downloads Available at iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/13-drinking-songs/id309307278 CDs Available at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/13-Drinking-Songs/dp/B001F0TS4I/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1395438298&sr=8-2&keywords=13+drinking+songs Listen to songs such as: - Hey Bartender - Red Red Wine - Jose Cuervo - My Liver Hates My Guts - Hair Of The Dog Laughing Hyena brings you a comical music CD for all the people out there who love funny drinking songs. Laugh and drink all at the same time with this hilarious CD. You'll be laughing all night long, even as you pray to the porcelain God! Let us know what you think about our Trailers in the comments! Please Subscribe and spread the word about Laughing Hyena's channel! Visit the Laughing Hyena website for all our great stand-up Comedy! Friend Laughing Hyena creator, Arnie Hoffman, on Facebook! And always remember to keep on Laughing
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St Patrick's Day Irish Drinking Songs
http://pubsong.com/133-st-patricks-day-irish-drinking-songs/ Imagine you've been out all night partying for St. Patrick's Day. It's the wee hours of the morning. The fun may be over, but it doesn't have to be. You can enjoy a few more fun Irish drinking songs for St. Patrick's Day with The Celtfather. I will continue my series of St Patrick's Day drinking songs videos and podcasts from now until St. Patrick's Day. If you enjoy the music, become a member of Song Henge (http://www.songhenge.com), the official fan club of Marc Gunn (http://marcgunn.com) and the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast (http://celticmusicpodcast.com). Or just buy one of my CDs from the Celtic Music CD Store. http://www.celticmusic.org This show is brought to you by Best Irish Drinking Songs. Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with the Best Irish Drinking Songs ever! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/best-irish-drinking-songs/id613385470?uo=4&at=10l6a9 Songs Featured This Week - I'll Drinking From Dusk Til Dawn - Beer, Beer, Beer - Irish Ballad (Tom Lehrer) - Jedi Drinking Song Prequel - Mingulay Boat Song (Sir Hugh S. Robertson) - Whiskey in the Jar Celtic CDs Featured This Week - Best Irish Drinking Songs - Not Every Day Is St. Patrick's Day - The Bridge - A Faire to Remember by Brobdingnagian Bards - Sci Fi Drinking Songs - Scottish Songs of Drinking & Rebellion
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The Swede explains: Snapsvisor / Drinking songs
In Sweden it's common to sing songs together before drinking schnaps together with a meal. In this video I will teach you 3 of the most common ones, so that you can amaze your friends on your next "kräftskiva" - Crayfish party. Did you enjoy this video? Please give me a thumbs up, I would appreciate it! 😍 ----------------------------------------­------------------- For more free material for learning Swedish, check out www.sayitinswedish.com Follow us Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/sayitinswe Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sayitinswedish Google+: http://plus.google.com/+SayItInSwedish Follow the Swede Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/joakimbertil
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Top 10 Songs About Alcohol
Shooters, shots, draft, or on the rocks, these are the songs we think about when it comes to booze. Welcome to WatchMojo.com, and today we'll be counting down our picks for the top 10 songs about alcohol. Check us out at http://www.Twitter.com/WatchMojo, http://instagram.com/watchmojo and http://www.Facebook.com/WatchMojo Special thanks to our users Muppet_Face and aldqbigsquare for submitting the idea on our Suggest Page at WatchMojo.com/suggest Check out the voting page here, http://watchmojo.com/suggest/Top%2010%20Songs%20About%20Alcohol If you want to suggest an idea for a WatchMojo video, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at http://www.WatchMojo.com/suggest :) We have T-Shirts! Be sure to check out http://www.WatchMojo.com/store for more info.
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Whose line is it anyway - Season 5 Irish Drinking Songs
All of the Irish drinking songs from the fifth season of Whose line is it anyway? I forgot one song so I had to upload it again just now.
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Mulatság - Austrian – Hungarian drinking songs
Provided to YouTube by Hungaroton Mulatság - Austrian – Hungarian drinking songs · Katalin SZVORÁK · Monarchia Orchestra Stafírung - Közép-Európa lakodalma ℗ 2002 HUNGAROTON RECORDS LTD. Released on: 2002-01-03 Auto-generated by YouTube.
Best drinking songs ever made | Telugu | Most Dangerous
Best drinking songs ever made
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"The Answer (is BEER)" - video for funny drinking song
http://theAnswerIsBEER.com A song about getting drunk and flushing your life down the toilet! Cheerz. Here's the words: When you're feelin' sad and blue and you don't know what to do When it's just too much to take and your bills and rent are late No matter how bad things are you know that hope is never far There's a friend you can run to who'll be there to see you though! It's BEER! Thought the question isn't clear THE ANSWER IS BEER! Help is always near When your fridge is loaded with beer When you have to give a presentation in front of the CEO Your hands and knees are shaking you don't want to go You don't have to try to do it by yourself There's a friend that you can count on on the liquor store shelf! It's BEER! Thought the question isn't clear THE ANSWER IS BEER! Help is always near When your fridge is loaded with beer (phone message) Hey a yo, it's your landlord, Frank Lupo, callin' for a numnuts stayin' in apartment 9. I don't know whatchu do! Rent is late again! It's the tird time in tree munths. Do it again and I'm gonna throw you out on your ass. You gonna be out on your ass by Tuesday, like yesterday's garbage. Alright, that's it. I'm done. (end message) When you finally lose your job and all your money's spent Your wife's been gone for weeks and you don't know where she went The reason for your problems is not so hard to see It's just a deficiency of vitamin B! It's BEER! Thought the question isn't clear THE ANSWER IS BEER! Help is always near When your fridge is loaded with beerIt's BEER! When the question isn't clear THE ANSWER IS ALWAYS BEER! Yeah you've got nothin' to fear When your fridge is loaded with beer
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Whose line is it anyway - Season 3 Irish Drinking Songs
All of the Irish Drinking Songs from the third season of Whose line is it anyway? There is no Irish Drinking Songs on the first and second season.
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Whose Line Is It Anyway — Best of Irish Drinking Songs Part 1
Whose Line is it Anyway? Best of Scenes From a Hat Whose Line Colin Mochrie Whose Line Ryan Stilles Note: This is not my content. Content credited to Warner Brothers Entertainment.
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Best Tavern Epic Music: Bard Songs Compilation Mix - Medieval and Fantasy Inn Epic Music 2017
Best Tavern Epic Music: Bard Songs Compilation Mix - Medieval and Fantasy Inn Epic Music Thanks for watching.. Go give these composer some real love for their amazing work. 1.Music and Lyrics by Raney Shockne, Vocals by Elizaveta Khripounova- Dragon Age Inquisition[Sera Was Never]- 00:00 Link* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7Zku... 2. Inon Zur-Dragon Age 2 Tavern Music- 01:45 Link* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndBwv... 3. Brian Tyler-AC Black Flag[Trooper and the Maid]- 02:35 Link* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nedFS... 4. Marcin Przybyłowicz- The Witcher 3[A Story You Won't Believe]- 04:33 Link* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7ivD... 5. Malukah- The Dragon Born Comes- 06:06 Link* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4z9Td... 6. Raney Shockne- Dragon Age Inquisition[Rise]- 08:05 Link* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mfznz... 7. Marcin Przybyłowicz- The Witcher 3[Tavern Song]- 09:20 Link* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ye3z... 8. Paweł Błaszczak- The Witcher Music[Inns & Taverns]- 10:30 Link* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyG_m... 9. Malukah- Age of Opression- 12:33 Link* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzHXt... 10. Marcin Przybyłowicz- The Witcher 3[Tavern Song]- 15:12 Link* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ye3z... 11. Raney Shockne- Dragon Age Inquisition[Enchanter]- 16:15 Link* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gtFt... 12. Sarah Greene(Anne Bonny)-AC Black Flag[The Parting Glass]- 19:33 Link* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8xeZ... 13. Hearthstone Main Theme- 21:51 Link* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXxy3... 14. Michael Ghelfi- No Home For The Bard- 24:02 Link* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKXgS... Best Tavern Epic Music, Bard Songs, Compilation Mix, Medieval ,Fantasy, Inn ,Epic Music 2017
Billy Joe Roberts - Chug A Lug 1966 - Country Beer Drinking Songs
The best of 1960s classic country music. This Chug A Lug cover is a country pop song originally by Roger Miller in 1966.
Matt Elliott - Drinking Songs [FULL ALBUM]
Matt Elliot's brilliant 2004 album Drinking Songs, released on Ici, d'ailleurs... A marvelous folk album capped off on one end by a 20-minute electronic epic that encapsulates the entire journey that preceded it, and may be the greatest piece of music Matt Elliott has recorded under any of his many aliases. Available for purchase on bandcamp (http://mattelliott.bandcamp.com/album/drinking-songs) along with many other releases by Matt, including The Broken Man and Howling Songs, both of which are also highly recommended. I also highly recommend the album Only Myocardial Infarction Can Break Your Heart, which is unfortunately not available on bandcamp, but can be heard in its entirety here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eb60Z8tA6XY). If "The Maid We Messed" isn't Matt's best song, "The Right To Cry" definitely is. Again, I cannot recommend Matt's work enough, please support him and his work.
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Whose line is it anyway - Season 8 Irish Drinking Songs
Only one Irish drinking song. I should have put this on with 7th season irish drinking songs and named that one Seaons 7&8 Irish drinking songs. But oh well.
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Talking Tom funny Songs 27 ||Heavy Drinking|| Created by TeluguMitrudu 😂😂
Talking Tom funny Songs 27 ||Heavy Drinking|| Created by TeluguMitrudu 😂😂 Tom funny video songs, talking tom telugu, talking tom songs in telugu, talking tom video songs, telugu talking tom, talking tom songs, tom songs telugu, Telugu Mitrudu, telugu Mitrudu Youtube channel, tom funny songs, talking tom funny videos, talking tom funny songs, Singing Tom telugu, Singing Tom, Telugu mithrudu, telugu spoof songs, telugu parody songs, Created by Trinadh Kasa Just for fun If you enjoyed it So plz Like, Comment, Share to your family and children. Don't forget to Subscribe our channel for more fun. Click Subscribe Button and press alarm to get regular updates & notification. Singer & Created by : Trinadh Kasa Category : Comedy & Parody SUBSCRIBE & SUPPORT to Our channel Telugu Mitrudu. Our Youtube Channel Home Page Link www.youtube.com/c/TeluguMitrudu Talking Tom funny Songs Play List #1: Talking Tom funny Songs Play List #2: Subscribe & More Videos: https://goo.gl/DrHsz3 Thank for watching, Please Like Share And SUBSCRIBE!!! #telugumithrudu, #telugumitrudu
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Funny Animals Learning And Drinking ColorFull Milk | Toddler Nursery Songs
Funny Animals Learning And Drinking ColorFull Milk | Toddler Nursery Songs The Finger Family Kids Song Nursery Rhymes: Daddy finger, daddy finger, where are you? Here I am, here I am How do you do? Mommy finger, mommy finger, where are you? Here I am, here I am How do you do? Brother finger, brother finger, where are you? Here I am, here I am How do you do? Sister finger, sister finger, where are you? Here I am, here I am How do you do? Baby finger, baby finger, where are you? Here I am, here I am How do you do?
Funny Cat Songs #167
I have a new album up on Kickstarter. It's Sea Shanties for Cat Lovers. I have an extremely ambitious goal. So I need your support and I need your help sharing the project. You'll find a link in the shownotes. For that reason, today's Geek Pub Songs is dedicated to funny cat songs. With two albums of Irish Drinkings for Cat Lovers, I have quite a few cat songs. But I also found a few funny cat songs by other artists. This week in the Geek Pub, you'll enjoy music from Marc Gunn, Jamie Anderson, Ed Miller, Sarah Donner. If you enjoy this show, LIKE it, SHARE it, post in the comments, or tell a friend. Then subscribe to the podcast and my mailing list at http://pubsong.net/ WHO'S PLAYING IN THE PUB TODAY? 0:12 "Kitty at the Door" by Marc Gunn from Whiskers in the Jar 4:46 "What Shall We Do With a Catnipped Kitty" by Marc Gunn from Whiskers in the Jar 7:51 "When Cats Take Over the World" by Jamie Anderson from Never Assume 11:16 "The Old Woman and Her Cat" by Ed Miller from Live at the Cactus Cafe 13:54 "The Rebuttal of Schrodinger's Cat" by Sarah Donner from That Is a Pegasus 17:10 MEMORIAL FOR TORRE GUNN 17:36 "Catnipping Green" by Marc Gunn from Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers 22:02 PUB TALK 24:32 "The Cat Came Back... The Cat's Perspective" by Marc Gunn from Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers 27:41 "Cat Mat Combat" by Sarah Donner from Hairball: Songs from the Depths 29:45 "Lord of the Pounce" by Marc Gunn from Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers 35:29 "When the Dairy Farm Caught Fire" by Marc Gunn from Whiskers in the Jar Geek Pub Songs was produced by Marc Gunn. Special thanks to all of my patrons in the Gunn Runners Club. If you enjoyed this episode, please support the musicians who support this podcast, buy their merch, follow them on Spotify, and share the show. You can get regular updates of new videos, podcasts, lyrics, stories behind the songs, plus 21 songs for free. Subscribe to the podcast and newsletter at www.pubsong.net. THANK YOU PATRONS I want to thank everyone in the Gunn Runners Club on Patreon. I have 141 patrons who pledge a $1 or more per month so that I can keep creating new music and entertainment for you. I updated the levels last month. Now there's a $5 per month Behind-the-Scenes level and the new $10 level allows you to get a bonus CeltfatherLive streaming internet concert every month. I want to thank my newest Gunn Runners: Darlene Kane, Valerie Petrovits, Ian Gifford, Steven Polunsky, Jenn Evans, Ed Powell, Philip Kennedy, Jerrie Adkins, Karen Cox, Andrew Lee, John Lude, River Godbee, Lisa Dalton, Dan, Erika Poole, Mike Mestemaker, Tina Good, and also Paige who raised her monthly pledge Go to marcgunn.net to become a patron today! PUB TALK I released three episodes of Celtfather Music & Travel last month. You can hear how my Firefly Drinking Songs came to be, learn ten fun St Patrick's Day facts, and hear the story behind "The Long Arm". The next CeltfatherLive concert is scheduled for Sunday, April 15 at 8 PM CST. Register at Celtfather.com/watch to join me for this free concert on YouTube. My old band, the Brobdingnagian Bards, launched our own Nagians Only Club on Patreon last month. As a result, we have started working on new music together. We released our first single at the end of March. And have more planned And of course, the Bards' patrons will get those tracks first. I have a brand new single that should be out very soon. It's called "Why Do You Torture Me?" And it's all about people requesting old songs that I no longer remember the lyrics to. The single will come out next month. But it'll be available to my patrons very soon. If you love my music, please follow me on Spotify. Add my songs to your playlist. If you're looking for a great playlist to get started with, check out Top Irish & Celtic Music of the Week. I know some musicians complain about how Spotify doesn't pay, but ye know what, streaming music is the future of the music industry. Yes, I would LOVE for you to buy my music too. But I'm honored that you would stream my music on Spotify as well. Please add it to your Spotify library and playlists. Spotify is great for sharing. Watch this video: What do you think of Spotify? March is over. So As Long As I'm Flyin', my new album of Firefly drinking songs is no longer available as a CD... or is it? I have left ONE way open for you to buy the album, that is through the Deluxe Package. Check out my Bandcamp page. You can get a Songbook, T-Shirt, tote bag AND a physical copy of the CD while they last.
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