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Rapid Casting in action by ARRK
Video demonstration of Rapid Casting by ARRK. Find ARRK on Fabbers Market.com http://www.fabbersmarket.com/rapidprototyping or at http://www.arrk.com.au
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Product Design Manufacturing Challenge
ARRK utilise it's 3D printing technology to prototype several design projects for Kangan and various secondary schools in Melbourne.
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Arrk Commercial
UPRM Mechanical Engineering Project for Creative Design Class
Optis Head Lamp Simulator - THEIA LS
Quick presentation of the new Night Driving Simulator by Optis. The simulator is based on the THEIA - LS Light Simulation technology, for physically correct rendering and measurable results. Development by SimplySim
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Understanding Formula 1: Factory Hinwil. Rapid Prototyping.
Rapid Prototyping provides assistance to speed the development of new components. As soon as such components have been designed on a CAD system, computer-guided machines can use laser sintering or 3D printing technology to create scale models from resin, plastic powder, acrylic, wax or metal.
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ANSYS VRX | ANSYS Headlamp Simulator based on the SimplyCube 2010
For more information about VRX, please visit https://www.ansys.com/fr-fr/products/systems/ansys-vrxperience
Webinar l Maximizing ANSYS SPEOS User Efficiency _Real Time Optics
For more information about ANSYS SPEOS, please visit https://www.ansys.com/fr-fr/products/optical/ansys-speossoftware/SPEOS
OPTIS Light Modeling CellPhone
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Rapid Prototype Machines, Ford Lab-UIUC
This was taken in the Ford Lab at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. This is an expert from the ME350 curriculum.
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Welding Certification Position 3G: Vertical Groove Weld
Groove welds are made in the groove between the work pieces and can take the shape of all the joint types. Watch as this video demonstrates welding certification position 3G, a vertical groove weld. To learn about Miller Training Solutions, visit: https://www.millerwelds.com/equipment/training-solutions?utm_campaign=social&utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=social&utm_content=description --------------------------------------------------------------- SUBSCRIBE to Miller Welders on YouTube: http://bit.ly/MillerWeldersSubscribe CONNECT with Miller Welders: Website: http://bit.ly/MillerWelds Miller Forums: http://bit.ly/MillerWeldsForums Facebook: http://bit.ly/MillerWeldersFacebook Instagram: http://bit.ly/MillerWeldersInstagram Twitter: http://bit.ly/MillerWeldersTwitter LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/MillerWeldersLinkedIn ABOUT Miller Electric Mfg. LLC: Miller Electric Mfg. LLC is a leading worldwide manufacturer of Miller® brand arc welding and cutting products. The Miller Welders channel provides the tips and techniques you need to tackle even the most challenging applications, and shares the stories of welders around the world who believe that together, WE BUILD. http://bit.ly/MillerWeldersYouTube
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Chandigarh(a beautiful city) - a road trip ft. I can fly
A visit to Chandigarh by road it an amazing experience.its an amazing and a beautiful city I have ever seen . U can visit once in life. Share ur experience after watching this video.Thanxx
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SPEOS Users Tips l SPEOS component alternante usage
For more information about SPEOS please visit https://www.ansys.com/products/optical/ansys-speos
SPEOS Users Tips l  Using the SPEOS Component
For more infomation about SPEOS , please visit https://www.ansys.com/products/optical/ansys-speos
Organizational digital maturity and the evolution of the IT pro - BRK1088
The unrelenting maelstrom of technological change touches every corner of every organization. With IT lying at the heart of the organization, the IT pro finds themselves in the eye of the storm and has to adapt or face being swept away. In this session, we discuss the skills needed by the IT pro and share the ups and downs of the digital maturity needed to build a modern, adaptive workplace that empowers every person to achieve more. Leave your sou'wester's at the door and come sail with us.
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What’s New in Android N
Note that there is a typo at 4:51. "CONNECTIVITITY_CHANGE" should be "CONNECTIVITY_CHANGE" Learn all about the Android N Developer Preview: http://goo.gl/44qIMd Check out the API Overview: http://goo.gl/xa204A And the Behavior Changes: http://goo.gl/Gsnlej And learn more about how you can build your apps for Doze, multi-window, picture-in-picture, Data Saver, newly-redesigned notifications (with Direct Reply and grouping), Direct Boot, Scoped Directory Access, background optimizations and JobScheduler. And more! #AndroidN Subscribe for latest releases! http://bit.ly/AndroidDevs1
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Gomutra Ark (Go Ark - Distilled Cow Urine) Information about distillation cow urine GoMataSeva.org
http://www.gomataseva.org/pure-cow-products/Distilled-Cow-Urine Ayurveda recommends GO-ARK to help lower cholesterol levels and reduce body fat. A gift of cow urine is its ability to balance the three doshas (mucous, bile, and air). It boosts the immune system, serves as a complete detoxifier, and as a health promoting anti-oxidant. It also enhances brain power and strengthens the heart while bringing your consciousness to a higher level of goodness. Generally, it repairs and regenerates damaged tissues and cells. Very effective in obesity, controlling cholesterol levels, reducing stones, swelling, and joint pains. Also cures respiratory problems. It is useful in all kinds of children's cough and other diseases. It gives strength and energy. Also serves as an anti-bacterial agent. GO-ARK is prepared by boiling cow-urine in an iron pot to which a vapor condensing device is attached. Cow Urine Benefits is achieved by using for long period. It can be given to children and ladies without any harm. It is more effective when mixed with honey. Directions: Take 2 tsp. diluted in water or mix with honey to your taste on empty stomach once or twice a day. Ingredients: Distilled cow urine.
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