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myStarbucks Rewards - Customer loyalty programme
Our email communications programme for Starbucks welcomed new and existing members to a reinvigorated myStarbucks Rewards and turned a preference into a passion.
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Building Customer Loyalty Programs (Strategic Tuesday/Promotion)
http://www.onceadaymarketing.com Are you taking care of your loyal customers? Jim Glover, That Branding Guy, looks at ways to develop loyalty programs to show your customers that you appreciate their repeat business in his Once a Day Marketing video advice. Quick Glimpse: Loyal customers deserve your full attention.
Hip Hop Music Marketing: Brand Loyalty
http://www.presidentialbeats.com Hip Hop Music Marketing: Brand Loyalty
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Customer Loyalty Research: How Cult Brands Build Brand Passion
http://602communications.com/ Great brands are usually great customer cult builders. These savvy companies create a tribe of brand evangelists who adopt the company brand as a badge of personal identity. In this three-minute emotional marketing lesson video, customer loyalty researcher Graeme Newell shows how some of the most powerful brands dominate their category by tapping the passion of the tribe. See how these big brands achieved dominance by handing their brand over to their fans.
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07 - Culture of Success - Brand Loyalty
Matt Schoenherr of the web design and web hosting company, Dreamscape Multimedia, discusses brand loyalty and how a company or nonprofit may obtain it. More small business marketing ideas may be found at http://marketingideas101.com.
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Building Brand Equity Through Marketing Automation. IO Integration
Your brand is everything. Join your enterprise marketing, brand communications, and advertising production management peers to see how top brands are using marketing automation technologies and production best practices to boost sales and customer loyalty while reducing costs. Learn how to take control of your brand across channels — mobile, social, print, web, video — from local, targeted campaigns to global media.
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Brand Loyalty V2
Consistent execution will foster brand loyalty. Identify what your company naturally does better then your competition and where it intersects the non-articulated needs of your target. Then, stay right there. A company that knows and tells the absolute truth about themselves will easily meet or exceed customer expectations thereby generating brand loyalty. A company that tries to be something they are not will undoubtedly be far less profitable and far less satisfying to their customers, decreasing brand loyalty. Find the place where your strengths overlap your customer needs and your competition cannot own.
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The Beginning of Brand Loyalty
Explore the new trend toward brand loyalty and the power of telemarketing. This short video explains how you can get 20X the dollar return just by changing the way you look at marketing.
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Product / Brand Loyalty
Talking technology (product and brand loyalty)
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Brand Loyalty and the Sales Funnel | Scott Pechstein | Automotive Digest
According to a recent study, consumers will choose a specific brand and vehicle two days before making a purchase. Scott Pechstein, Senior Director, National Sales, New and Used Leads, Autobytel. For more automotive news, information and videos go to Automotive Digest at http://www.automotivedigest.com Follow us on Twitter! @AutoDigest
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Why mobile is becoming more about customer loyalty and lifetime value than customer acquisition - wi
Mobile often gets thrown into the marketing mix as an afterthought - an item on a checklist - but it takes effort to know what mobile means to your business and how to fit it into a multi-channel marketing strategy. So when does the tide turn when mobile isn't shadowing the other marketing initiatives or being led by the desktop? According to John Orlando, EVP Worldwide Marketing and Business Development at a href="http://sixthsensemedia.com/" target="_blank"Sixth Sense Media/a, the time of reckoning is near when we all look at the mobile phone as a point of sale in your pocket and the key will be who understands what that really means and adapts the fastest. Mobile is set to change consumer and marketing behaviours and the companies that look to engage through mobile will be well positioned to take advantage of this medium. This was recorded at the a href="http://www.mefamericas.com" target="_blank"MEF Americas/a where UNTETHER.tv was the official North American media partner. For more episodes, head to http://www.untether.tv
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What is Customer Relationship Marketing: Building Motherhood Brands
http://602communications.com When branding to moms, is it better to market to mom's head or to her heart? Do mothers react better to scenes of maternal love, or to more practical lists of functional features? In this three-minute emotional marketing lesson video, emotional marketing speaker Graeme Newell shows when it's best to market with emotion, and when a more pragmatic sell makes sense. See how some of the world's top brands hit their customers' heart while still selling the product's best new features. When positioning a brand there is always a fight between selling a product emotionally, and taking a more pragmatic approach that lists product features and sellable product value. The Best advertising campaigns manage to find a balance between these two. The best television ads have a clear understanding of the ubiquity of the product. For products with exemplary features, the decision is quite easy. All they need to do is roll out the product, and show it in action. Branding accomplished! But the hard truth is that most products are not that different. Soap is pretty much soap. There is not that much difference between beers. One airline seat is pretty much like the next. Once a product reaches this level of ubiquity, the best television ads will leave product feature marketing behind and take a more customer emotion focus. These brands begin by asking themselves, what is customer focus? Then, they build a brand from the customer's identity out. What is customer relationship marketing? It is being smart enough to know that your customers relationship with the product is not based solely on its features and benefits. Customers want a relationship with their products. They don't just want the job done, they want acknowledgment that this product shares their values, their priorities, and that using it is in harmony with their own identity. The best television ads find a balance between these competing priorities of product feature selling, and customer identity marketing. Positioning a brand requires a clear understanding of just how common your product has become. The best television ads will create an aura that makes us feel better about ourselves. This is one of the most important lessons when positioning a brand. The problem is that many manufacturers have a tendency to fall in love with their product. They have spent so much time, energy, and money creating this incredible product that it has become their baby. They find it hard to imagine that anyone could not be in love with their product. They feel as though the features are exemplary even when they are lackluster. These are companies that forgot to ask themselves, what is customer focus? Their own love affair with the fruits of their labor have swayed them and made them doting parents who have lost their objectivity. The best advertising campaigns take a hard, unflinching look at their product category and quickly acknowledge when their product has matured and the product features have become a commodity. The best television ads will try not to sell a feature that is not exemplary. Crowing about not that special features only reinforces the fact that the product is just one of the herd. Companies that are great at positioning a brand will continually do a gut check on their own ego. The best advertising campaigns understand that we are all proud parents who have lost our objectivity. This is an ad agencies greatest duty is to make sure that the customer understands that their product is usually not that different. The difference in the best advertising campaigns is created when the customer's identity is the foundation of the sell, not just general features. What is customer focus? It is a focus on a reflection of the user's identity. It is like holding up a mirror and showing the customer herself so that when she uses the product, she feels an affirmation of her own identity. The best advertising campaigns center the sell around her. The best television ads will show her on camera at her best when using the product. Positioning a brand is about understanding this balance. The key is to let the product features be a secondary driving force. When positioning a brand let the customers own ego be the central theme of the commercial. But this does not mean leaving out the product features. The best advertising campaigns will skillfully combine a great product feature with a wonderful emotional sell. They understand what is customer focus. They ask themselves, what is customer relationship marketing, and then build a dual purpose campaign around both ego and product features. These are the attributes of the best television ads. This is what positioning a brand is all about, and the best advertising campaigns will clearly establish a dual purpose. See more Emotional Marketing videos at 602communications.com. See more Emotional Marketing videos at http://602communications.com.
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Bartosz Demczuk, Consulting Director, Loyalty & Marketing Solutions, Comarch S.A.
Bartosz Demczuk, Consulting Director, Loyalty & Marketing Solutions, Comarch S.A. presented at Loyalty World 2011. During the show, I asked him 3 key questions; What is the key trend changing the customer loyalty landscape? What do you beleive is the secret to true customer loyalty? What is the most valauble thing you will take away from Loyalty World? For more information about Loyalty World, visit our 2012 website here: www.terrapinn.com/loyalty
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Webinar: Measuring Online Brand Loyalty & Benchmarking websites: Cartier, Gucci & Tiffany
In this webinar you will hear: • Which brand performs the best and the worst on their website experience? • How brand perception is affected by exposure to the luxury brands' websites and Facebook pages • Do these luxury brands provide enough product information on high value goods to enable a potential purchaser to buy? • Detailed results on likelihood to recommend a brand's website and likelihood to 'like' a brand's Facebook page (Net promoter score - NPS)
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Psychology Project - Brand Loyalty
Our psychology project on brand loyalty
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Rethink Loyalty Solutions & The Power of Cause Marketing
http://rethinkloyalty.com, http://rethinkvetsolutions.com So how do you pick a customer loyalty vendor that will assure proper design and maximum benefits right away? Here are a few simple things to look for. 1. Is it a "points based program" or a "cash back program". Here is the quick answer. Recent studies show that you will get 70% better results using cash currency as your method of rewarding your customers. Your customer rewards program should be a "cash back" program and rewards should be instantly loaded on a customer's card in the form of real money that is able to be used within the business. People don't think in terms of "points" and they are hard to keep track of. This makes it less effective due to the fact that many customers will miss the point completely. This fact will eliminate most loyalty program vendors right away. Just because the airlines have done this does NOT mean that it's ideal any more than a computer that was designed 10 years ago would be. It's not ideal for customers and you can find out yourself by just interviewing a few random people what type of a reward they would prefer, cash back or points? 2. It must be simple and convenient. We live in the most over marketed too and over hyped generation in history. People are suffering from information overload so it better be simple and easy to understand. Setting reward thresholds that are hard to track and unreasonable to achieve will cause a loyalty program to stay in it's parking spot all day long. Make it simple by asking yourself if it would motivate you and get it going! 3. Data is essential and how you gather it is critical. People don't want to be bothered with "stuff" so there needs to be creative strategy to gather data in a way that the customer enjoys. People are sensitive to companies attempting to gather their data these days, so this must be done right. If your loyalty company doesn't offer a way to do this well, it's time to get a new one. It's too important to not be done right and the results of poor implementation can cause brand damage rather than increased customer loyalty. 4. Offering paperless solutions will impress even the most critical customers. We want to appeal to all generations with a loyalty program, but filling out paper forms is a thing of the past and the digital age has arrived. Yesterday! I believe an actual "card" is required for those that are not up to speed with smart phone technology, but gathering data and communication with your database should be completely paperless. Using social media, text messaging and email to spread the word is not only more efficient, but less costly as well! There are ways to collect a database and get people to activate their cards in a way that excites them. I'm not going to give those away in a blog though! If you feel like you're pulling teeth to get people to participate in your loyalty program, then you can be rest assured that proper design is not being utilized. 5. RESULTS WIN. The last way to know if you are utilizing the latest research in regards to consumerism is to measure the results. If you can't measure it you can't manage it. A properly designed customer loyalty program not only empowers you with the ideas to implement engagement strategies, but also offers the technology to measure it. Who are your best customers? What is their favorite meal? What are the dates for special events like birthdays? Anniversaries etc. All results should be measurable and the database should be easy to use. You should be able to teach Fred Flintstone how to query a database and come up with relevant, timely messages that make his customers feel like a million bucks! There is no replacement for personal and relevant information to be delivered in a timely manner. This should be done ideally with a few clicks and away she goes! I'll wrap up this post with making sure you have the ability to measure the results, calculate ROI and have the data that continuously gives you the insights to make your customers so loyal that the latest "deal" won't make them flinch. Good Luck! Rethink Loyalty Solutions We have just launched our Loyalty programs specifically designed for Veterinarians. We offer Veterinary customer engagement strategies and complete design of Pet Wellness Plans and memberships
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INNOSPACE - Build Brand Awareness & Customer Loyalty with Mobile Apps for Australian Businesses
Increase your brand awareness and customer loyalty by hiring INNOSPACE Mobile Apps Australia. Need expert help to build your business an app? Don't have the time to manage all the technical hassle of having one? INNOSPACE have a team of dedicated mobile app developers, mobile marketing and graphic design specialists to help you get your app LIVE in the app stores and promote your business to your existing clients by offering them digital loyalty programs and other interactive marketing solutions. See what a mobile application can do for your business with a FREE mobile app demo featuring your company logo integrated with over 50+ advanced industry-specific mobile application features Goto : http://www.innospace.com.au
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Brand Loyalty Survey - Man On The Street Video
We survey hundreds of consumers to see what makes them loyal to a certain brand. This video captures some unscripted responses from the "man on the street". Survey results released on 4/11/12 at: http://web.clickfox.com/2012SurveyResults-BrandLoyalty.html. Also check out the infographic here: http://www.clickfox.com/insights/consumer-surveys/brand-loyalty-survey/ What brands can't you do without? What brands go above and beyond to get your business?
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SMT: Brand Loyalty
What constitutes brand loyalty to Millennials? Does loyalty even matter? Go inside the mind of Generation Y: http://www.vergepipemedia.com/category/blog
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DVD #1 - Segment 9 Customer Loyalty Programs
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Putting a Price on Customer Loyalty
Marco Bertini, assistant professor at London Business School, outlines how to price goods so customers will buy them—and stay an advocate for your brand.
Example of loyalty to a brand
Great experience with Bosch
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Using Results Driven Loyalty Programs to Build Consumer Relationships
What would you do if you wanted to create loyal buying behaviour with your consumers but don't have years to establish that foundation? We can help make that happen. As your consumers engage with your brand, they earn and win great stuff just by getting involved.
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Identity Loyalty Branding vs. Brand Awareness
Samuel Botts of Persona Partners, discusses why Identity Branding creates loyal customers
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Earning Customer Loyalty (Strategic Tuesday/People)
https://www.facebook.com/onceadaymarketing Gaining customer loyalty is critical to your success? Jim Glover, That Branding Guy, gets you thinking about earning customer loyalty in his Once a Day Marketing video advice. Quick Glimpse: It's all about expectations and delivering on your promise.
Loyalty marketing increases sales by inviting customers in for one or two additional visits
Kyle Williams, Owner of QpINs.com, talks about how loyalty marketing improves customer satisfaction, retention, & loyalty thru the use of the touchscreen loyalty kiosk. By building a database of customers cell phone numbers who have opted in to receive limited time offers or special event notifications a business can add to their bottom line by just having those customers come in for one additional visit this year and reward them for their loyalty.
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What is Customer Loyalty?
https://www.serviceskills.com | 800.882.9911 What is Customer Loyalty? America's Favorite Brand of Customer Service Training
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iPhone 5: Why Does Apple Have Strong Brand Loyalty?
http://www.finishercreative.com/ http://www.facebook.com/finishercreativeofficial http://twitter.com/FinisherCre8ive Haroon Rashid of Finisher Creative discusses the iPhone 5 release. Even thought the iPhone 5's release was lacklustre, it still sold out the pre-orders. Why is this? Why does Apple have such a strong brand loyalty? I want to hear YOUR thoughts! Finisher Creative is an online marketing and social media marketing company based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK.
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UPCOMING WEBCAST: Ensure Brand Loyalty, Delight Your Customer Every Time
Please join TSIA and ServiceMax for a webast: Ensure Brand Loyalty, Delight Your Customer Every Time Date: January 19th, 2012 Time: 10am PT/1pm ET Register: http://j.mp/A525WB http://www.servicemax.com
The Mobile Experience - How To Enhance Your Brand and Build Customer Loyalty
Don't let the mobile web jeopardize your brand. Learn how it can enhance it. Today's mobile strategies are about creating better interactions between people, brands and businesses. Leverage the mobile web and you can: • Build Brand Awareness • Broaden Marketing Campaigns • Manage Online Reputation
Francois-Yves Caya, Head of Loyalty Marketing & Customer Relationships, VIA Rail
Francois-Yves Caya, Head of Loyalty Marketing & Customer Relationships, VIA Rail presented at Loyalty World 2011. During the show, I asked him 3 key questions; What is the key trend changing the customer loyalty landscape? What do you beleive is the secret to true customer loyalty? What is the most valauble thing you will take away from Loyalty World? For more information about Loyalty World, visit our 2012 website here: www.terrapinn.com/loyalty
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Wine Intelligence Think Tank Sessions - LIWF 2012 - Building Brand Loyalty in Wine
This session was part of the Wine Intelligence Think Tank Sessions held at London International Wine Fair 2012 on May 23rd in London, UK. Brand loyalty is often seen as the Holy Grail of wine marketing. As brand managers struggle to hold on to consumers in a tough economic climate, loyalty has become more important than ever -- but are we up for the challenge? In this hands-on session, we will take a close look at whether brand loyalty still matters in the wine industry, what brand loyalty means, and how it may be achieved. The session is targeted at brand owners, managers and communicators, and will be packed with insights from our latest data and views from leading wine industry professionals. Featuring Guest Speaker: Robin Copestick, Copestick Murray Wine Intelligence is a global company dedicated to supporting wine businesses and associations through consulting, branding & market research. For more information, please visit our website www.wineintelligence.com
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Customer Loyalty Program
Project for business communications, onine presentaation on Customer Loyalty Programs
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Customer loyalty programs and Retail Industry, Michael Binger, CEO of Retail at Minor Corporation
Interview with Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Retail at Minor Corporation (Thailand), Michael Bing on customer loyalty programs and the retail industry. WWW.BRANDNOW.ASIA For information about Marketing/PR services in Thailand contact: [email protected]
Views: 492 Brandnow Asia
Gamification: Gamified Loyalty and Rewards Programs
Founded in June 2009 by Keith Smith (@ChiefDoorman) and Jeff Malek (@jpmalek), http://www.bigdoor.com is a gamified loyalty platform that powers social engagement through the use of game mechanics. Our goal is to help publishers grow and engage their communities. We provide an instant loyalty solution that creates deeper brand affinity through innovative user incentives, including sharing, ability to earn rewards, points and badges as well as participation in quests, earn virtual currency and more. We work with over 300 partners, from small independent bloggers to Dell, Major League Baseball and Nickelodeon. Check out our blog for the latest gamification news! http://mygamification.com
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Building customer loyalty
Building customer loyalty by showing loyalty to your customers.
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What is Digital Marketing?
Digital marketing employs strategies to engage visitors, build brand loyalty, and help online customers take the next step. Visit www.midwestdigitalmarketing.com to learn more.
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How To Develop A Restaurant Customer Loyalty Program - Dennis Duffy - Loyalogy
This 8 step process is helpful for restaurant companies who are planning to develop a customer loyalty or customer rewards program. It starts with loyalty objective, then customer research, loyalty program concept development, loyalty technology, financial forecasting, naming your loyalty program, planning for marketing and operations and launching your restaurant loyalty program pilot. There's no better icon for loyalty than a dog, especially a German Shepherd dog. You'll see a few cameo appearances from Sasha the German Shepherd dog (plus Chloe the wonder cat) in this informative video, shot at Acorn Hill in Asheville, North Carolina.
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Brand Equity - Apple's loyalty beyond reason
Brand Equity - Apple's loyalty beyond reason
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Bryan Pearson, author of "The Loyalty Leap", talks to BizMedia's King of Content
The King of Content talks to Bryan Pearson, author of the book "The Loyalty Leap", at the Art of Marketing Conference in Toronto. He is also the CEO of www.loyalty.com. Bryan Pearson talks about his book "The Loyalty Leap", brand loyalty, and how you create meaningful relationships with customers. He answers questions like "how to create brand loyalty", "what do companies have to do to create loyalty", and "what drives consumer decision making?". He suggests companies need to shift focus from aggressively marketing a product, to being more committed to the customer. JOIN our Facebook community: http://www.facebook.com/BizMediaAgency Send us a TWEET: http://www.twitter.com/bizmediaagency To learn more about BizMedia, visit: http://www.bizmedia.com Special thanks to our King, K Trevor Wilson. Follow him on Twitter: @KTrevorWilson
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Training Social Media Marketing : Strategy for Customer Loyalty Engagement
Aryaduta Suites Hotel Semanggi | Untuk jadwal 2015 klik link http://powerpointslider.com/training-social-media-marketing/ | Early Bird: Rp 1,950,000 | Bersama Praktisi Marketing dari Singapura | Hotline: (021) 7919 8730 | email: [email protected]
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iMedia Brand Summit 2013: "How Do Brands Measure Toward Loyalty-Oriented Objectives?"
Want to know what brands think about "Big Data?" They think that small nuggets of insight are worth a lot of heavy lifting. When it comes to measuring loyalty campaigns, you might be surprised how precise some companies at the vanguard have become in terms of measuring their campaign successes. Join what promises to be a provocative roundtable discussion facilitated by former Mediacom CEO and industry gadfly Jon Mandel, who now runs PrecisionDemand. Jon will be joined by Mark Keeney, VP Marketing at Rhapsody, Quinn Kilbury, Sr Brand Manager & Innovations, PepsiCo, and Robin Opie, SV for Analytics at Datalogix, to look at measurement on different platforms and within different consumer marketing environments, with an eye toward developing loyalty. This session will examine how the marrying of purchase data to media consumption data, as a practice, is being leveraged to glean insights on loyalty. Two client cases will be woven into an informal roundtable discussion -- with concrete illustrations are provided. Mark Keeney, VP, Marketing, Rhapsody Quinn Kilbury, Senior Brand Manager and Innovations, PepsiCo Robin Opie, SVP, Analytics, Datalogix Moderator: Jon Mandel, CEO, Precision Demand
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How to develop a brand promise | lynda.com tutorial
This tutorial discusses how to build your brand's story by developing a credible brand promise that delivers value to your customers. Watch more at http://www.lynda.com/Business-Business-Skills-tutorials/Building-Your-Brand/101957-2.html?utm_medium=viral&utm_source=youtube&utm_campaign=videoupload-lynda-101957-0201 This specific tutorial is just a single movie from chapter two of the Building Your Brand course presented by lynda.com author Lorrie Thomas Ross. The complete Building Your Brand course has a total duration of 25 minutes and explains the basics of branding your business or yourself through consistency, communication, and effective collateral Building Your Brand table of contents: Introduction 1. Defining a Business Brand 2. Building a Brand 3. Succeeding by Avoiding Common Mistakes Conclusion
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L'Oreal USA's CMO on a New Path to Purchase
At the BRITE '12 conference, Marc Speichert, chief marketing officer of L'Oreal, discussed how his company is building customer loyalty through strategies that attend to a new path to purchase that includes consideration, evaluation, buying, and advocacy. The BRITE conference on brands, innovation, and technology is hosted by the Center on Global Brand Leadership at Columbia Business School. For more information, visit http://www.briteconference.com or http://www.globalbrands.org.
Tribe City Trick! Build community & customer loyalty around your brand @BrandNew_Show
Brand New Nation - http://getbrandnew.com In this video, Dani & Kriss share examples of individuals and brands successfully cultivating a community and customer base around a common purpose. We started Brand New Nation to help you, the boundary-breaking generation of creatives, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, build a brand and business right alongside us. We're here to help you #getbrandnew and evolve into a more authentic, dynamic, and profitable version of your brand and business. Join us! Visit http://getbrandnew.com to subscribe. Follow: http://twitter.com/BrandNew_Show -------------- Track: "Get it on" by Peter Jay Listen and Download here: http://soundcloud.com/peterjay/get-it-on Track: "Rack City" by Tyga
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Mobile App Marketing by BlueLabel Apps
Fun video about mobile app marketing for small business - mobile apps designed specially for customer engagement and brand loyalty.
Views: 173 Brendan Jayagopal
Business Marketing Strategies featuring "Brand Real..."
Brand Real: How Smart Companies Live Their Brand Promise and Inspire Fierce Customer Loyalty by Laurence Vincent. For more information, visit www.cdtv.net. This Marketing Strategies interview is part of the complete marketing strategies interview available to our members. About Marketing Strategies. Marketing Strategies is a section where we discuss different marketing strategies for your business and your professional career. Our guests are authors of books about Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations. The extended Marketing Strategies interviews for our members covers more topics, ideas and more marketing strategies. We have contact information about the marketing authors so you can contact them for more details about their marketing services. For more information, visit http://www.cdtv.net/users/content/tip-jar
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How to use mobile to increase brand loyalty -- with Alexis Rask of Shopkick
This is a clip of a longer episode that can be found at http://untether.tv/2012/how-to-use-mobile-to-increase-brand-loyalty-with-alexis-rask-of-shopkick/ In this episode Alexis Rask, VP & GM of Brand partnerships for Shopkick, walks us through how they help move customers to become brand advocates for their clients and offers a number of simple techniques that companies can start using today. Loyalty is about attention to detail and understanding how a customer thinks and deserves to be treated. The process Shopkick uses to help their customers deepen their relationship with their own customers is the starting point for success in commerce. We also talk about the process Shopkick uses to decide what features to add to their product, why Shopkick is at the hub of all mobile activity, where she sees this industry progressing towards and why she took the gamble to pack up from New York and head to the Bay Area to work with Shopkick. Here is a quick reference of what we covered in the show. Click on the link and the video will take you to that clip 1. Why Shopkick is at the epicentre of mobile 2:30 2. Why is Shopkick relevant today 4:50 3. Why start Shopkick 6:00 4. Is loyalty fleeting due to mobile 9:00 5. What is the difference between deals and loyalty 10:00 6. What was the appeal to get involved with Shopkick 12:00 7. How does Shopkick shift consumers from home shopping to in-store shopping (e-commerce to m-commerce) 17:30 8. How does Shopkick help drive loyalty 19:42 9. How Shopkick drove footfall during Black Friday 21:40 10. How does Shopkick differentiate from the competition 24:15 11. How do you decide what features get into the product 27:00 12. The impact of new feature LookBooks (mini magazines) 31:15 13. Retailers need to focus on brand loyalty and engagement 32:00 14. How to personalize sales for VIP customers based on buying behaviour 36:45 15. How can businesses create loyalty 40:00 16. Solving the "Banana Republic" discount conundrum 42:00 17. How to use scarcity as a benefit for brand loyalty 46:00 18. What is the Shopkick future 48:00 19. Mobile retail is NOT about recreating the ad network 51:30
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