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Norwegian ceremonial guards in London
This video was captured at Hyde Park in London. I used Fuji HS 10 still camera to capture this clip in High Definition video.
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London Rush-hour bus ride
This is a typical taste of the London Rush-hour on a weekday evening in the city of London. In order to preserve the full viewing experience, I haven't removed the original audio track of this clip. What you hear are the voices of passengers and grinding break sounds of the bus. At one point you will see an ambulance and an accompanying car stuck in traffic desperately trying to proceed ahead.
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Join The London Eye flight
The London Eye carries 32 sealed and air-conditioned passenger capsules attached to its external circumference. It rotates at 0.26 metres per second about 0.9 km/h so that one revolution takes about 30 minutes. According to the London History, there was a predecessor to the London Eye called the "Great Wheel of London". Capable of carrying 1200 people, it was built in Earl's Court in 1895 and closed in 1906 after a problem trapped 74 people for four and a half hours.
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Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace
Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace 22/05/2017
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A walk through Hyde Park towards Buckingham place
A walk through Hyde Park towards Buckingham place
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London Fireworks for the New Year's Eve 2012!
London Fireworks for the New Year 2012. Almost 11 minutes of continues fireworks as it happened -for you!
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Fire Works 2008 London
Fire Works 2008 London- near the river banks of Themes.
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Christmas Eve - London
Last minute shopping at Oxford Street, London. Trafalgar Square Christmas tree and people enjoying the fresh air!
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Loyalty Marketing - Q and A
Managing Brand Loyalty and Customer Retention a book by Nazimudeen Saleem
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Loyalty Marketing By Nazimudeen Saleem
In this book the author takes a different view about customer loyalty altogether and considers it as a 'product' for exchange. This means it requires us to commoditize the concept of brand loyalty and sell it to customers. In this regard, in order to retain the customer through bonding, it requires the firm to offer something extraordinary in exchange for their long-term relationship. Such exchanges are not mere transactions and considered different to the traditional exchanges of goods and services for money. The title of the book therefore reflects the deep meaning of the concept of brand loyalty as a product. Here the author sees this as something of an affinity and bonding that comes from the bottom of the heart of customers. Loyalty therefore does not come suddenly but may takes years to build up through meaningful relationships. Loyalty as a product therefore is said to have a life-cycle with stages of growth, maturity and decline.
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Follow the Bee!
Have you ever tried to follow a bee from flower to flower? This is how I did it on a rather windy day in London.
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Loyalty Marketing - Brand Loyalty Life Cycle
Brand Loyalty Life Cycle By Nazimudeen Saleem
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