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Techniques of seed production of important vegetable crops Part I
Students will study the techniques of seed production of important vegetable crops, and the loss which is suffered due to growth of weeds along with the vegetable crop.
Hot testing of mobile phones
Hot testing method of fault finding is use to repair mobile cell phone with instrument and tools.It is adopted when the fault cannot be found.
Interview with Wholesaler - IV
Interview with wholesaler video contains the discussion related to the sources of funds and sales promotions activities which the entrepreneur performs in their business.
Human Resource Planning Management
Planning means thinking in advance, in this session, students are going to learn the steps required in human resource planning
Job Analysis
This session provides a brief description of job analysis, job description, job specification which an employee has, while working in the organization.
Women Entrepreneurs
Students will study about the factors related to the growth of women entrepreneurs and the schemes introduced to encourage women as an entrepreneur.
Material Handling (Introduction to Carpentry)
Material handling is equipment used to storage goods and products which are classified in four main categories; here we discuss concepts of material handling. The focus on material handling work is to focus on mechanical equipment system which is used in carpentry. This video also discuss about the bulk material handling. We are also going to know what the planning principle of material handling is.
Job analysis, job description and job specification
This session provides a brief description of job analysis, job description, job specification which an employee has, while working in the organization.
Types of Cables - Learn to be an Electrician
Cables that are used in electricity is also called power cable. There are different types of power cable is used for an assembly of one or more electrical conductors, usually held together with an overall sheath. So in this lecture we are going to learn which cables are for audio and which cables are for video.
Mobile components identification
This topic covers learning of mobile components which plays essential role in repairing of a mobile phone such as camera module, LCD screen, plug in connector, speaker etc.
Introduction to Advertisement (Basic of Advertising)
This session entails the basic introduction of advertisement, where students will see how advertisement influences the nation.
Techniques of seed production of important vegetable crops Part III
Students will study the techniques of seed production of important vegetable crops, and the loss which is suffered due to growth of weeds along with the vegetable crop.
History of Carpentry (Introduction to Carpentry)
We can reasonably say that the carpentry is one of the ancient occupations and wood is one type of oldest building material used in Bronze Age, stone age and iron age. User of wood working tools is started in 8000 BC where stones were used to construct the shelters. Here we can study the history of carpentry and what are the major development occur in carpentry according to time .Also we discuss about what carpentry is for now days.
Classification of Small Industries
Students will study classification of small industries in our economy and what knowledge is required to run a small business.
Interview with Wholesaler- I
First step in any business is idea generation. This interview with Wholesaler will show you how the idea is generated to set up Wholesale business of suits.
How to Install Application Software
This portion tells you about the how to install application software for needed software like Antivirus, Ms-Office, Adobe Reader.
National Health Programs of India - Public Health
In this video we know about National Health Programs (NHP) of India, the relevance of national health programs and difference between vertical and horizontal programs.
Card Board Cutting - Learn to be an Electrician
Here we are going to learn how to do card board cutting. First step for card board cutting is marking of PVC board with the help of pencil. Scale is also used for measurement of card boards and after measuring the length cutting process is started. After that we use drilling machine to cut the PVC board. We make holes by the help of drilling machine and then after cut the card board. After that fit the sockets, regulator, switches etc on the card board then scale is used for adjusting the card board. These are the process for final card board cutting.
Introduction to Child Nutrition
Infancy is a stage where the development of child starts, eating pattern that begins at this stage affect health and well-being across the lifespan. The culture of eating has changed significantly in recent decades, especially in parts of the world where processed foods dominate our dietary intake. This course will examine the modern-day child nutrition and the impact of the individual decisions made by each family. The health risks related to obesity in childhood are also discussed. Students will learn what constitute a healthy diet for children and adults and how to prepare simple, delicious foods aimed at stimulating a lifelong celebration of easy home-cooked meals. This course will help the participants to be the leading health providers, teachers and parents of the present and future.
Pollution Control Methods - General Aspects of Energy Management
Pollution control is a term used in environmental management. It means the control of emissions and effluents into air, water or soil. In this lecture video we learn about the fundamentals of prevention and control of pollution.
Track checking on mobile board
Track checking on mobile phone is used to check a track of mobile phone circuit board using multimeter, types of circuit board, and different multimeter settings used to perform checking.
Prevention of Malnutrition in Children – Child Nutrition
In this session we will cover how prevalence of malnutrition occurs, what are the types, causes and steps to prevent malnutrition.
Introduction of all in one Printer
Description: you will study introduction of all in one printer. Also about printer technology, how to maintain the cartridges, the working of scanner and the functioning of various in built keys.
Nursery Production & Management - Basics of Gardening
This video defines about what is nursery production and management. Nursery is a place where plants are grown, nurtured and sold out. In nursery production nurseries are categorized in different ways as for examples temporary nursery and permanent nursery.
Laptop chip level fault & troubleshooting Part I
This division deals with various chip level faults like power supply problem, battery issues, drivers issues, display problems and also diagnostic of the same.
Introduction to tools and Equipment (Introduction to Carpentry)
Carpentry tools and materials are physical item that can be used to achieve a goal .Tools are used to particular field may have different designations such as utensils, machines. All hand carpentry tools and materials which are used in carpentry are discussed here and also discuss what is the purpose of these different tools as for example-Chisel(Carving, Framing etc), Files(Diamond files, Needle files and machine files).Shaping tools of carpentry are also discussed here like-planes which is used to flat and smooth timber or wood.
Assessment of nutritional status – Child Nutrition
In this last session we are going to study different methods for assessing the nutritional status. To understand the basic anthropometric techniques and evaluation.
Promotion of Immunization Programmes Part - I - Public Health
Promotion of immunization programs contains universal immunization program, national Immunization program, national leprosy eradication program etc all these are discuss in this video.
Earthing - Learn to be an Electrician
In this lecture video we are going to understand what is concept of earthing systems, objectives of the earthing and purpose of Earthing , and qualities of good earthling etc. There are basically two types of earthing methods are used.
Carpentry as a trade (Introduction to Carpentry)
Here were going to learn carpentry as a trade primary work performs is cutting shaping of building materials. Carpenter is a nationally designated trade. We also going to understand what are the employee responsibility and carpentry and human relations. We primarily focus on modern concepts of carpentry and what modern tools are used in carpentry according to customer demand.
Track reading in circuit diagram
This topic includes Track Reading Instruments & Tools used for track reading, Handling of Circuit Boards, Circuit diagram and Track search which are used to repair mobile phones.
Methods of performance appraisal (Human resource management)
`Employee working in an organization looks for growth. In this session, we have provided a brief about various methods of performance appraisal.
Hazard at Work place (Introduction to Carpentry)
Here we are going to discuss what the hazards at Work place are and what the methods for hazard prevention's are. Here we can understand identification of hazard risks and its prevention. What are hazard contribution factors and hazard reporting for maintain the safety system. Reporting is the part of internal sharing system so we learn what the employer and employee safety obligations are.
Electrical Accessories - Learn to be an Electrician
In this video we are going to learn about electrical accessories , like switch, cable , socket, MCB ,Bulb holder and lamp holder. Main aim of an insulating material is to separate electrical conductors without passing current from one to the other and to safeguard individuals from electrically energized wires and parts.
Introduction to Laser Printer - How laser printers works
In this section you will study about laser printer. This familiarizes you with the method to assemble and disassemble , precaution to be taken with the laser printer.
Laptop chip level fault & troubleshooting Part III
This division deals with various chip level faults like power supply problem, battery issues, drivers issues, display problems and also diagnostic of the same.
Mobile components testing
you will learn how to detect defects of a mobile phone component by applying testing methods. it includes verification and validation of hardware devices and software applications.
Media planning and scheduling message (Advertising)
In this session, student will learn about media planning and scheduling which includes exercise to find the best medium of media that will produce the best overall effect relative to the needs of the advertised brand.
Identification of Weeds & Methods of Weed Control - Basics of Gardening
Here we discuss about identification of weeds and methods of weed control .There are various weed control methods like chemical weed control, physical weed control, cultural weed control and biological weed control.
Types of Gardens - Basics of Gardening
There are many types of garden depending upon its size and types are defined in gardening. Types of garden is also be classified by country of origin and by historic empire. Here we also learn about history of different types of garden.
Energy Conservation - General Aspects of Energy Management
Energy conservation is the practice of decreasing the quantity of energy used. Energy conservation may result in increase of financial capital, environmental value, national security, personal security, and human comfort so we know all details about energy conservation.
Brief explanation of Laptop parts II
Designed to familiarize with the parts of the laptop like display, graphical processing unit, central processing unit, memory, internal storage, I/O devices etc.
How to Make Utility Box Part 4 (Introduction to Carpentery)
How to make a chocolate box-IV: In this video, student will see will see how box cover and partitioning is made in the chocolate box. Student will also see how blower is used clean the dust particle.
Service Level Setting Manual Reading of Inkjet Printers
This explains how to set the service levels accurately according to the printer. It also explains the steps to interpret the service manual correctly.
Environmental Hazards and Pollutants, Disaster Preparedness - Public Heatlh
This video lecture defines about the Environmental pollution and ways to prevent pollution also impact of environmental pollution on human health.
Printer Repairing - Laser Printer - II
This series is continuation of last video of printer repairing in which we are in process of disassembling the printer and finding fault with the help of multimeter.
Fault finding in mobile phone
This section provides you the understanding of how to find faults in mobile phones and its solutions.
Business Opportunity Identification
The entrepreneur conducts market research and they identify a new business opportunity. Steps in making selection of type of business
Intro to Carpentry (Introduction to Carpentry)
: In introduction to carpentry video we discuss course overview of carpentry, also you know learning objectives about the introduction to carpentry. This video also defines the structure of course (Introduction to carpentry )and study medium(English or Hindi).Introduction to carpentry videos includes syllabus categorized by week wise, quiz meter assignments and followed by capstone project .Some practical videos are also provided in Introduction to carpentry like, how to make chocolate boxes etc.
Establishing a Small Enterprise
Students will study the measures to be taken to establishing a small enterprise and role of entrepreneur in setting up of an industry.