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A mess of tangles Ep 2
It’s like 20 seconds longer 😂 I hope you enjoy love you guys!!!
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A mess of tangles Ep 1
Episode one, original story I really hope ya enjoy!!!!!! Also sorry for it being so short I hope to upload part two in the next few days and I’m hoping it will be longer!
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A mess of Tangles EP3
Episode three enjoy
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For me: a lesbian love story
Mini movie Photos taken: 135 Days taken: 3 Breaks taken: 1,0000000 Hope you enjoyed if you did press that like button and subscribe! See you guys in the next one!!!
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Halp meh
Shout out to my first fan and friend in middle school Shadow gaming. He’s a little( a lot) upset at me now and won’t text meh backkkkkkk! Anyways go show him support and tell him I sent you!
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Christmas break
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The last of my kind Ep 1
Tell me if you want a part two! I’ll talk to you later guys love you!
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Omfg I am so excited also is it just me or did episode one disappear for a mess of tangles???
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Sorry... (read Description)
I am really sorry you guys... my best friend’s parents might be getting divorced and he’s really upset. I really need to be there for him and I also have a lot going on at school it might be a week maybe two before I even start working on episode four... again I am so very sorry. I hope you understand guys...
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I couldn’t help myself
Oof you lucky duckies three videos in one day mostly cus I’m bored and I have no clue what to do in my randomness series... hope you guys will enjoy he new one too! Also again please tell me how to download music... ._.
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Sorry there is no music 😭
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Christmas look
New Christmasy look I like it what you think?
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A mess of Tangles EP4
Hey I made episode four! I am feeling a lot better so is my friend hope you enjoy guys!
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(Read description)
I’m really upset like I said, his name is... was Weasley I called him my weschester he was a light In my life and it’s gonna be hard without him. Thank you guys for understanding goodbye for a while.
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Please don’t take offense to this I’m not trying to brag or anything I just wanted to let ya know I’m upgraded no more iPhone! I really thank you all for your support can we get 15 subbies before New Years??? Love you gots marry Christmas!!! Or any other holiday you celibate! Good bye my lovely subbies and viewers! Talk to ya next time!
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Mini Movie forced marriage
Lololololol enjoy
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