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Under the Dress - Victorian Secrets
On May 30, 2012, Civil War re-enactors from Company A, 3rd Maine Regiment Volunteer Infantry gave a very entertaining program highlighting ladies' fashion customs and necessities during the Civil War. Video courtesy of Norway-Paris Community Television
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Norway Lake Village
A 2008 trip from the head of Main Street to Norway Lake Village. Music by Mellie Dunham.
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OHHS School Song
The finale of the band reunion concert with AJ Walker on 8/7/04. This was shot with a hand held camera from the back of the audience. Many thanks to Muriel & the late Albert Dignan. The sound & picture aren't quite in sync, probably because this was converted from video tape to DVD to .wmv file. The music still sounds good.
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The Fierce Conflagration of 1894
Life in Norway before and after the Great Fire of May 9, 1894, which devasted much of Norway Village. We thank Pineapple Video Services for allowing us to use their program.
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NHS Museum
A short tour of the Norway Historical Society Museum, 471 Main St., Norway, ME.
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Herb Adams - General George Beal
Norway Historical Society program, October 2011. Noted historian Herb Adams presents a talk on Civil War General and Norway native George Lafayette Beal. Video courtesy of Norway-Paris Community Television.
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Norway in the War of 1812
To commemorate its bicentennial, historian Larry Glatz presents Norway's view of the often-misunderstood War of 1812. Program date August 21, 2012. Video courtesy of Norway-Paris Community Television.
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Trouble on the Oxford Central Electric Ralroad
Peter Hammond describes a good idea gone bad: plans to build an electric railroad from Norway to Waterford and beyond in the late 1800s, in this program presented on September 17, 2013. Video is courtesy of Norway-Paris Community Television.
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The John Roberts Legacy
John Alfred Roberts was an important Norway farmer, who is practically unknown today. Presented by Lee Dassler at the Norway Memorial Library, July 2010. Video courtesy of the Western Foothills Land Trust and Norway-Paris Community Television.
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Herb Adams - The Two Lives of Madame Scalar
In this program from October 19, 1996, historian Herb Adams discusses famous opera singer Minnie Plummer Scalar, who became the second wife of Norway author C.A. Stephens.
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Scuba Diving in Norway Lake
In our August 16, 2011 program, Chris and Dennis Yates talk about their hobby and the interesting things they find in the lake. Video courtesy of Norway Paris Community Television.
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The History of Hutchins Jewelers
In an NHS program on June 19, 2002, Mike Lovejoy presents the history of Hutchins Jewelers, a long time Main Street business.
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The Rural One-Room Schools of Norway
In our June 18, 2013 program, Susan Denison talks about the history of Norway's 14 rural schoolhouses. Video courtesy of Norway-Paris Community Television.
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Zilpha Anne Plummer
The life of Zilpha Plummer, mother of opera star Minnie Scalar and mother in law of author C.A. Stephens. Presented ny Wini Mott on June 21, 2000.
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