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Underrated Classics - A Goofy Movie
My review of A Goofy Movie (1995)
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We Need to Save Shia!
Shia LaBeouf has done it again. http://variety.com/2017/film/news/shia-labeouf-arrested-public-drunkenness-disorderly-conduct-savannah-georgia-1202490356/ Tru Confessions-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6zNJnWf_e4
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Barry - Season 1 Review
My review of Barry.
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Lost in Translation | An Unheard Whisper That's Understood
Lost in Translation - Video Essay
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Courtney Love vs Linda Sarsour
http://redalertpolitics.com/2017/06/08/courtney-love-takes-on-womens-marcher-linda-sarsour-on-twitter/ http://dailycaller.com/2017/06/05/linda-sarsour-has-raised-80k-for-a-anti-muslim-hate-crime-that-allegedly-did-not-happen/
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Biggest Losers of 2016-Hillary Clinton
Pat talks about the failures of Hillary Clinton and covers a Time Magazine article on her place in history. http://time.com/time-person-of-the-year-2016-hillary-clinton-runner-up/
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Spider-Man: Homecoming - REVIEW
Review of the new Spider-Man flick.
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SJW Marvel & Declining Comic Sales
Sales on Marvel comics are down.When asked about this, the company blamed it on the diversity within their books. https://milo.yiannopoulos.net/2017/04/marvel-comic-book-sales/ Capn Cummings-https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL6G3GZ0yhXkR1vl6BCPegw Twitter-https://twitter.com/Vameon Minds-https://www.minds.com/Patriarchy77
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Why Snoke Doesn't Work
What's the deal with Snoke?
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Girls-The Hit Show that Nobody Watched
Now that Lena Dunham's Girls has finally ended, we look back at the impact the show had and its ratings over 6 seasons. http://deadline.com/2017/04/girls-lena-dunham-jenni-konner-finale-recap-interview-1202070046/ http://ew.com/tv/2017/02/14/girls-ratings-final-season/
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James Corden & Lazy Comedy
I give my thoughts on James Corden and his unfunny show. Twitter-https://twitter.com/Vameon
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Why Finn Doesn't Work
What's the deal with Finn?
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How to Get a Girl
How does one get a GF?
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Biggest Losers of 2016-Obama
Pat looks back at the people who took the biggest hits in 2016, no list would be complete without the end of the Obama era. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/12/26/us/politics/obama-third-term-donald-trump.html?_r=0 http://dailycaller.com/2016/12/26/obama-says-he-would-have-won-the-election-against-trump/ http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2016/12/27/democrats-lost-over-1000-seats-under-obama.html
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SJW Goes After Samurai Jack
A student at Yale wrote about the homophobia, sexism and racism in Samurai Jack Season 5. https://heatst.com/entertainment/yale-herald-slams-samurai-jack-for-homophobia-sexism-and-cultural-appropriation/
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Why Solo Failed
What happened to Han Solo?
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Underrated Classics - The Brady Bunch Movie
My review of the Brady Bunch movie.
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Yale Dean Exposed as Hypocrite
http://nypost.com/2017/05/17/yale-dean-loves-diversity-except-for-white-trash/ Update-June Chu is now on leave and I didn't have this info at the time of making the video. Twitter-https://twitter.com/Vameon
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Stranger Things 2  Review
Spoilers for S2 of Stranger Things.
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I Don't Like Will Hunting
What's wrong with Good Will Hunting?
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Underrated Classics - My Favorite Year
Review of My Favorite Year (1982)
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Annihilation Review - Please Rewind
Movie Review - Annihilation Follow me on twitter! - https://twitter.com/Vameon
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My Red Pill Story
Let's get a little personal.
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Feminism and the Beast
Emma Watson had some feminist demands for the producers of the new Beauty and the Beast remake. http://www.stylist.co.uk/people/feminist-demands-emma-watson-disney-beauty-and-the-beast
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A Wrinkle in Time - Review
What happened?
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America: The Next 4 Years
This video is a sample of what I think the next 4 years will look like in America. This is satire, so please don't get upset and attack others because of the content featured.
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Star Wars: Return of the J.J.
J.J. Abrams is back to direct Star Wars: Episode IX.
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College Kids Exposed for Faking Hate Crimes.
I look at a few cases of hate crimes on college campuses that got revealed to be fake, and the persons involved who tried to claim it was Trump supporters. 'Intro/Outro music: Kent from the Patriarchy - Cunt Smasher Follow me on twitter!-https://twitter.com/Vameon http://www.campusreform.org/?ID=8445
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A Rough Night at the Box Office
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Underrated Classics - Ed Wood
Ed Wood - Video Essay
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Isle of Dogs Review - Please Rewind
My review of Isle of Dogs.
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Unbreakable is an underrated classic
My review of Unbreakable (2000)
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Thor: Ragnarok  Review
My review of Thor: Ragnarok.
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Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Spoiler Review
Live review of The Last Jedi.
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Batman Ninja - Movie Review
My review of Batman Ninja.
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Maganimation #1-Samurai Jack Season 5
Analysis of Samurai Jack Season 5-Episodes 1 & 2
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Feminist Accuses Beatles of ‘Making Pop Music Male’
http://www.salon.com/2017/05/29/against-sgt-pepper-the-beatles-classic-made-pop-seem-male-nerdy-and-important-and-that-wasnt-a-good-thing/ https://heatst.com/culture-wars/salon-feminist-writer-attacks-beatles-for-making-pop-music-male/
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Upgrade Review - Please Rewind
Movie Review - Upgrade
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Buzzfeed Fails Again
The last video got a strike, so I had to edit it and upload it again. Some buzzfeed cringe....again?
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Why Rose Doesn't Work
So what's the deal with Rose? Follow me on twitter - https://twitter.com/Vameon
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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Review - Please Rewind
Movie Review - Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
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Modern Storytelling with David Stewart
A conversation with David Stewart.
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The Kylo Show #5
My Dinner with Kylo
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Superheroes Don't Wear Ponytails
What is this trash? https://www.racked.com/2018/4/25/17275020/avengers-infinity-war-hair-mantis-black-widow-gamora-scarlet-witch
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What Happened to Will Smith?
I look at the recently poor career decisions of Will Smith and his new boxoffice bomb 'Collateral Beauty'. Why isn't the Fresh Prince so Fresh anymore?
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Star Wars Fans Did Nothing Wrong
Are Star Wars Fans Toxic?
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Bud Light Drops Amy Schumer & Seth Rogen.
Bud Light's SJW campaign has been ended due to lackluster sales. Twitter-https://twitter.com/Vameon FAIR USE NOTICE This video may contain copyrighted material; the use of which has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available for the purposes of criticism, comment, review and news reporting which constitute the 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. Not withstanding the provisions of sections 106 and 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work for purposes such as criticism, comment, review and news reporting is not an infringement of copyright.
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Box Office Addict #22 - Star Wars: The Last Jedi
Breaking down the weekend numbers.
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The Kylo Show
What's Eating Kylo Ren?
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SJW Fights Against Racist Food
http://dailycaller.com/2017/03/03/food-racism-is-the-latest-front-for-high-pitched-whining/?utm_campaign=atdailycaller&utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=Social Follow me for updates-https://twitter.com/Vameon
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