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CODE LYOKO - EP32 - Saint-Valentine's Day
CODE LYOKO - EP32 - Saint-Valentine's Day It’s St. Valentine’s Day! Yumi and Ulrich get into a fight about William. Aelita receives a pretty necklace which she is convinced is from Jeremy. Unfortunately, it’s really a poisoned gift from XANA. When Aelita puts the necklace on, XANA will be powerless to resist the urge to go to Lyoko and hand herself over to the Scyphozoa. Luckily, our heroes arrive just in time to save her…
CODE LYOKO - BONUS 1 - Ulrich The Training
Bonus stage from the first DvD of Code Lyoko (Low Quality because of old files). Hope you will enjoy it !
CODE LYOKO - EP03 - Holiday in the fog
CODE LYOKO - EP03 - Holiday in the fog Jeremy manages to get himself grounded for the whole school holiday period. He wants to be there in case X.A.N.A, the super-calculator, should decide to launch an attack over the break. Sissi, who suspects Jeremy has secret activities, works things out so that she is also at school during the holidays. The Headmaster has put Jim in charge of watching over the two young people. Jeremy’s fears are confirmed when X.A.N.A succeeds in spreading highly-toxic fumes throughout the school, posing a direct threat to Jim and Sissi who are holed-up in a tiny little room. Jeremy must face the X.A.N.A all by himself, so let’s just say that it’s a hopeless situation. He calls Yumi, Odd and Ulrich to the rescue. Will they get back to school in time to lend him a helping hand?
CODE LYOKO SPECIAL - 45min - Xana awakens
Part 1 00:00 Part 2 23:40
CODE LYOKO - EP02 - Seing is believing
CODE LYOKO - EP02 - Seing is believing While Odd is trying to form a new band, the X.A.N.A takes control of the school’s electricity supply. Leading the investigation, our heroes understand that the fiendish X.A.N.A computer is also planning on blowing up a nuclear power plant. A little concentration during gym class will help them make the right decision! In fact, the danger is so great that they decide to reveal the existence of Lyokô, the virtual world that only they know about, to the authorities. But it all seems so far-fetched that in the end, no-one believes them. Yumi, Aelita, Jeremy, Odd and Ulrich have only themselves to turn to stop a nuclear explosion from destroying the city.
Welcome to the official Code Lyoko channel ! Each week a release of a new episode. Let's enter the adventures of four students: Jeremy, Odd, Yumi & Ulrich ! Between reality and a parallel universe called Code Lyoko, they have to save both from X.A.N.A, a virus. Our students are joined by Aelita,a virtual being from Lyoko... They lead a double lives: ordinary boarding school students on Earth and action heroes on Lyoko ! Code Lyoko ™ © MoonScoop/ France 3 / Canal J – 2006. All rights reserved.
CODE LYOKO - EP04 - Log book
CODE LYOKO - EP04 - Log book Sissi uses Ulrich’s diary against him so that he will be forced to pay attention to her.The diary contains details of Ulrich’s secret activities and of the existence of Lyokô. She takes advantage of a school trip to the swimming pool to attack. But this is no time for Ulrich to get caught in a trap because X.A.N.A has taken control of the electric school bus he and the other students are travelling in. The bus, which has now become a kind of prison-on-wheels, is speeding towards the city’s chemical complex. Only the skills and daring of Odd, Yumi and Aelita on Lyokô can stop the crazy bus and save it from a deadly catastrophe …
CODE LYOKO - EP01 - Teddy Gozilla
CODE LYOKO - EP01 - Teddy Gozilla The X.A.N.A super-calculator has mounted another attack against our planet. This time, it has taken control of little Milly’s teddy bear. Milly is a student at the same junior high school our heroes. Not only does the teddy bear come to life and become very aggressive but he grows to be as big as a building before our very eyes. The safety of the whole city is in jeopardy. While Ulrich rushes off to help Yumi, Odd will have to fight on Lyoko alone – with Jeremy acting as his moral support and guide - so that their virtual friend Aelita can foil the X.A.N.A’s attack. In the meantime, Yumi and Ulrich, with Milly in tow, will have to pull off something pretty amazing if they want to escape the giant teddy bear’s terrible grips.
CODE LYOKO - EP24 - Ghost channel
CODE LYOKO - EP24 - Ghost channel On this day, as on many others, our heroes have successfully deactivated a tower. As usual, they are sent back in time… but this time, when Jeremy arrives in Mrs. Hertz science class twelve hours earlier, he realises that Odd, Yumi and Ulrich are not there. They have not come back from Lyokô. In a panic, Jeremy starts an inquiry and quickly discovers that his friends’ absence is due to one of Xana’s evil plans. Xana has managed to imprison Ulrich, Odd and Yumi – without their realising it – in a virtual universe. It’s a perfect replica of Kadic which doesn’t really exist… and where there is a virtual Jeremy who is trying to kill them! The real Jeremy must save his friends single-handedly…
CODE LYOKO - EP42 - A Fine Mess
CODE LYOKO - EP42 - A Fine Mess At the end of another successful mission on Lyoko, our heroes rematerialize in the scanners. But something’s not quite right -- the program has malfunctioned a put Yumi in Odd’s body and vice versa. They are forced to make do as best they can in unfamiliar bodies, while the rest of the gang looks on in amusement. But things take a more serious turn when our heroes realize that Odd and Yumi’s atomic structures are unstable and that they could both disintegrate for good…
CODE LYOKO - EP36 - Marabounta
CODE LYOKO - EP36 - Marabounta When Jeremy deciphers part of Franz Hopper’s journal, he comes across an interesting theory about multi-agent systems. It states that while a lone, small program working alone is incapable of the slightest imaginative response, a group of small programs working together is said to be capable of performing highly-complex tasks. Jeremy believes that a program of this nature would be a fantastic weapon to use against XANA! On the basis of this latest discovery, Jeremy creates a new program he calls, Marabounta! He launches it. At first, “Marabounta” is an effective weapon for our heroes against XANA’s monsters, but before long, things start going horribly wrong!
CODE LYOKO - EP13 - By a hair's breadth
CODE LYOKO - EP13 - By a hair's breadth After another one of Jeremy’s unsuccessful attempts to bring Aelita to life, the virtual, young girl’s computer programme bugs up: if she deactivates a tower, she will disappear from Lyokô once and for all! A race against time starts for Jeremy who must de-bug Aelita’s programme before Xana’s next attack, or else! Unfortunately, the super-computer jumps into action, sending destructive ultrasound-waves, which make the school building collapse and put Odd’s life in grave danger… Ulrich and Yumi join Aelita on Lyokô, but in view of the scale of the attack, they soon realise that Jeremy will not have enough time to solve the problem before the tower must be deactivated. They have no choice but to sacrifice Aelita…
CODE LYOKO - EP44 - Vertigo
CODE LYOKO - EP44 - Vertigo Ulrich is afraid of heights… but he’s never dared admit it to his friends. Until one day in gym class, he has to race William up the climbing wall and is humiliated by him in front of Yumi. Crestfallen, he goes off to brood in the woods. Yumi and Odd set off to find him and cheer him up… and that’s when XANA decides to attack. It sends a pack of wolves to wipe out our heroes! Jeremy and Aelita must act fast on Lyoko!
CODE LYOKO - EP25 - Code: EARTH This time he’s done it! Jeremy has finished the devirtualisation programme, which will bring Aélita to life. They can all be together at long last and put an end to the super-computer! It goes without saying that nothing goes according to plan. When everyone is at the factory ready to start « operation devirtualisation, Jeremy realises that he has left the CD with the programme on it in his room. He must go back to the school to get it. That’s when he comes face to face with Jim who is determined to find out what our friends are up to. When Jeremy tries to run away from the gym teacher, he falls and sprains his ankle. No longer able to walk, he must still somehow find his way back to the factory to start the programme and he has to do it fast, too, because Aelita is in trouble on Lyokô. Jeremy thinks he may have a solution: he will ask Jim for help. Jim agrees, but on one condition. Finally, Jeremy manages to get back to the lab and launch the devirtualisation programme. A few seconds later, Aélita is standing there in flesh and bone. Jeremy, visibly moved, whispers a few words in her ear: « welcome to Earth.
CODE LYOKO - EP56 - False lead
CODE LYOKO - EP56 - False lead A secret government agency known as The Division discovers that Jeremy has hacked into their computer system. Alerted to this infraction, the agency sends two men to Kadic Academy. In the course of their investigation, the two agents find the factory and the Supercomputer. Overwhelmed by their discovery, they plan to shut down the machine in order to better pore over its function. But at the same time, XANA launches an attack on Lyoko. Our heroes are forced to do battle on all fronts: in the computer lab, to keep the agents from shutting the Supercomputer down, and on Lyoko, to counter XANA’s attack…
CODE LYOKO - EP05 - Big bug
CODE LYOKO - EP05 - Big bug X.A.N.A has created a computer virus and sent it out on the Internet. All the city’s databases have been damaged. Although the problems this causes are quickly solved without major incident, the railway control centre has been hit very hard and can no longer stop two of its trains, which are on a collision course. Our heroes are faced with an urgent situation. They must counter X.A.N.A’s evil plan and stop this deadly collision from occurring. And to think that Sissi is going to go after Ulrich again and make our dream team’s mission even more difficult!
CODE LYOKO - EP87 - A space oddity
During a surprise dorm inspection, Odd begs Yumi to hide Kiwi at her parents’ house. The young lady reluctantly agrees… but in turn passes responsibility for the dog over to her brother Hiroki when she is called by Jeremy to go off on another mission. Indeed, Jeremy has found another Replika. Once the Skid is set up in the Replika, Yumi and Odd are energized to a location… out of this world. But Odd doesn’t seem to notice: his mind is elsewhere, worrying about his dog…
CODE LYOKO - EP31 - Mister Puck
CODE LYOKO - EP31 - Mister Puck Ever since the day Aelita set foot in the Hermitage, she has been plagued by increasingly frightening visions. For a few days now, she hasn’t been able to sleep a wink. Jeremy suggests going back to the house to put a stop to her nightmares once and for all. Once at the house, Aelita’s visions lead her to a strange, familiar-looking plush toy. When Aelita takes the toy to class, Sissi tries to snatch it from her and the two girls end up tearing it in two. A small key falls to the floor. Later on, our heroes discover to their delight that it’s the key to a locker containing Franz Hopper’s journal in the form of 13 CDs! Unfortunately, the CDs are encrypted. Jeremy has his work cut out for him now…
CODE LYOKO - EP37 - Common Interest
CODE LYOKO - EP37 - Common Interest The nuclear battery which powers the Super-computer is running out of fuel… Sensing the danger to itself, XANA possesses a criminal to steal some uranium. When our heroes find out what’s going on, they are forced to help XANA to carry out its evil plan as Aelita’s survival is also under threat!
CODE LYOKO - EP09 - Satellite
CODE LYOKO - EP09 - Satellite Right in the middle of science class, all the students’ mobile phones start ringing. But when they answer, there is no-one on the line. Mrs. Hertz confiscates everyone’s phone. Jeremy realises that X.A.N.A. is behind these ill-timed rings. The super calculator is using the communications antenna to take control of a very powerful military satellite, which it could use as an instrument of mass destruction! Only a victory on Lyokô can save the day and above all, Yumi, who is X.A.N.A.‘s first target.
CODE LYOKO - EP34 - Missing Link
CODE LYOKO - EP34 - Missing Link In an attempt to save Aelita from the Scyphozoa, Yumi finds herself engaged in a brutal combat against the monster. Shortly afterwards, Jeremy sees that, as a result of the combat, Yumi can no longer be devirtualized. In fact, it looks like a vital part of her is missing -- her virtual DNA code! How can he get it back to her? After numerous attempts at finding a solution, our heroes realize that the only way to help Yumi is to go inside of XANA and look for the missing link -- in Sector 5… danger ahead!
CODE LYOKO - EP21 - Zero-gravity zone
CODE LYOKO - EP21 - Zero-gravity zone Lately, all Ulrich can think about is the soccer final which is coming up at Kadic. His parents will be there and he hopes to impress them with his amazing ball skills. But he isn’t counting on the fact that XANA will show up at the wrong place… at the wrong time. And so, just a few minutes before kick-off, Xana manages to create an zero gravity zone. Before long, inside an ever-increasing anti-gravity zone, people and objects start leaving the ground. Our heroes have no choice but to go to Lyokô! Ulrich finds himself in a catch-22 situation. Does he abandon the match and disappoint his parents… or leave his friends to fight against Xana alone?
CODE LYOKO - EP29 - Exploration
CODE LYOKO - EP29 - Exploration Now that our heroes have discovered Sector 5, they decide to go and explore it in the hope of unearthing some of its secrets. First, they will have deal with a series of traps…but then they realize that this sector is in fact a part of XANA itself. It’s the perfect place to steal information from their enemy. Jeremy sees it as an opportunity to find out more about Franz Hopper, and about the anti-virus which will free Aelita from XANA. Back in the real world, Yumi's parents are worried about her nocturnal excursions and decide to keep a closer eye on her. How will she be able to help her friends now?
CODE LYOKO - EP73 - Replika
The Lyoko Warriors return to the Digital Sea on another mission, this time to explore a new virtual world that Xana seems to have created based on Lyoko. This could go more smoothly if Odd and Aelita weren’t constantly arguing with each other (each blaming the other for being sent to detention together by Headmaster Delmas) or if Hervé and Nicolas hadn’t accidentally seen our heroes entering the factory…
CODE LYOKO - EP40 - Attack of the Zombies
CODE LYOKO - EP40 - Attack of the Zombies XANA uses Kiwi to spread a virus which turns people into zombies. The zombies are all obsessed with doing our heroes in. The Academy becomes the scene for a real-life horror movie in which the character’s true personalities are revealed. Jeremy and Aelita are stuck inside the cafeteria, as much by the zombies as by William (who takes his role of protecting his fellow pupils a little too seriously). They must escape and get to the factory and deactivate the tower before it’s too late!
CODE LYOKO - EP35 - The Chips are down
CODE LYOKO - EP35 - The Chips are down Yumi and her family are going to move away. Her father, Mr. Ishiyama, has been laid-off work and they cannot afford to stay in their current home while he tries to find another job. Devastated by the idea of Yumi leaving, Ulrich gets an idea -- he plans to secretly use the return to the past program to buy a winning lottery ticket which he will give to Yumi’s parents. He carries out his plan and, to no one’s surprise, wins the lottery draw. But his friends realize what he has done. They know that returning to the past increases XANA's power. Jeremy and Yumi think that Ulrich has gone too far. How could he be so careless! Their minds are made up -- Ulrich is out of the gang. Meanwhile, XANA uses Nicolas to launch an attack. Our heroes are in real danger. Ulrich acts just in time to save them, and earns his place back in the team.
CODE LYOKO - EP48 - Is anybody out there ?
CODE LYOKO - EP48 - Is anybody out there ? When Sissi hears strange noises coming from the boiler room, she is convinced that Kadic Academy is haunted. When our favourite snob organises a pathetic seance in the basement, XANA sends out a specter. Panic spreads throughout the school! The pupils are all convinced that Kadic’s infamous ghost is making a come-back! Our heroes, on the other hand, know perfectly well that it’s just another of XANA’s schemes and that to destroy the ghost, they must deactivate the tower…but how will they get to the factory?
CODE LYOKO - EP79 - Bragging rights
A return trip to the Amazon laboratory for our heroes, determined to finally destroy once and for all the Supercomputer housed inside. But first, the Lyoko Warriors will have to get past an army of arach-androids created by Xana. As for Odd, he has a modest bet going with his friends…
CODE LYOKO - EP18 - Killer music
CODE LYOKO - EP18 - Killer music On this particular evening, it’s all too much for Ulrich to bear. He can no more stand living with Odd’s untidyness than he can hearing the song blaring on the radio while he is trying to finish his homework. Ulrich decides to spend the night at Jeremy’s. But Odd, left all by himself, goes into a strange trance-like state and stops moving…
CODE LYOKO - EP45 - Cold War
CODE LYOKO - EP45 - Cold War Using a national television relay station to its advantage, XANA’s sends his specters flowing out of antennae and transmitters all over the city. The specters blend into the low-hanging clouds covering the area. A snow storm breaks out, sending the temperature spiralling down to an outrageously cold 60°F below! Staying outside for more than a minute at a time has become impossible and anyone who does so risks having their respiratory tracts freeze up for good. In the midst of such extreme weather conditions, our heroes are faced with a serious dilemma -- How on Earth are they supposed to make it to the factory so they can virtualize onto Lyoko and deactivate the tower?
CODE LYOKO - EP69 - Wreck room
A recreation lounge room is unveiled for the students at the academy. William’s body double, created by Jeremy to replace the Lyoko prisoner, is elected student manager. Unfortunately, this version of William has a major flaw: he is absolutely daft. With the clone’s erratic stupidity attracting unwanted attention, Jeremy urgently runs a program to try and recover the real youth from Lyoko. But a bug stymies the program and Xana takes over the tower that controls William’s clone…
CODE LYOKO - EP08 - End of take
CODE LYOKO - EP08 - End of Take A movie director is planning on filming his next movie in our heroes’ factory. What a catastrophe! What will happen if they discover the lab, the super-calculator, and Lyokô? After a vain attempt to dissuade the director, Ulrich succeeds in getting a job on the film. Just the thing to be able to keep an eye on the director and his team and protecting the lab at the same time. Unfortunately for him, Sissi has managed to get herself cast in a minor role in the film and won’t let him out of her sight. Bad luck always comes in threes, and in this case, X.A.N.A wakes up and takes control of the film’s leading-man: a plastic alien with huge tentacles. Its goal is to get rid of Ulrich and our other heroes. The director, believing the alien has been stolen, gets messed up in all this to try and track down the thief, namely Ulrich, and get his creature back. Get ready to see breath-taking chase scenes in the factory and our heroes in grave danger.
CODE LYOKO - EP10 - The girl of my dreams
CODE LYOKO - EP10 - The girl of my dreams Can you imagine how surprised our heroes are when the new girl in school walks into the classroom and they realise that she is the spitting image of Aelita! It’s all the more troubling because there is no trace of their virtual friend on Lyokô. Jeremy is certain that this is no simple coincidence. The new girl must be a real, live version of Aelita. His friends are not so easily convinced and in the end they turn out to be right. Aelita is still on Lyokô but she is injured. And they’d better stay on their toes! This new girl is going to be a real wolf in sheep’s clothing…
CODE LYOKO - EP53 - Straight to heart
CODE LYOKO - EP53 - Straight to heart A new school year begins. Back from their relatively quiet summer vacation, our heroes quickly find themselves back at odds with XANA. The diabolical artificial intelligence has raised the stakes with a new strategy of attack: wipe Lyoko off the digital map by destroying a sphere located in a yet undiscovered chamber in Sector 5. In effect, to rip out the heart of the virtual world itself! Meanwhile, Odd finds to his dismay that he is not in the same class as Jeremy, Ulrich and Aelita. What a disaster! But Odd also stumbles across a little-known tidbit of historical information from Jim’s past that might help him out: Jim once starred in a disco dance film… and the gym teacher doesn’t want the students at Kadic Academy to find out. Armed with this secret, Odd decides to blackmail Jim to get himself reassigned into his friends’ class…
CODE LYOKO - EP19 - Frontier
CODE LYOKO - EP19 - Frontier Following a heated discussion with Aelita, Jeremy decides that he has to go to Lyokô in person to meet his friend and ask her to forgive him… Yumi is not too keen on the idea as Jeremy is the only member of the group to perfectly master the super-computer’s technology. Her fears are confirmed when she hits the wrong key, trapping Jeremy somewhere between the real world and the virtual universe. Part of the scanner’s memory has been lost stopping anyone else from transferring onto Look. While on the run from the creatures XANA has sent to get her, Aelita works on freeing Jeremy. Meanwhile, Yumi, Ulrich and Odd try and find a way to free up some memory so they can get to the virtual universe…
CODE LYOKO - BONUS 2 - Odd The Training
Bonus stage from the first DvD of Code Lyoko (Low Quality because of old files). Hope you will enjoy it !
CODE LYOKO - XANA Awakens - Part 01
CODE LYOKO - EP66 - XANA Awakens - Part 01 Every saga has a beginning… One fateful night, Jeremy Belpois, a solitary junior-high student at Kadic Academy, switches on the mysterious computer inside an abandoned factory he had discovered several weeks before near the school. Nothing could have prepared him for what he would find flickering on the screens - a virtual damsel in distress. Profoundly shaken by this extraordinary discovery, Jeremy starts researching the Supercomputer and its contents. Before long, he becomes the target of strange electronic attacks, undoubtedly linked to the newly-functioning machine. Realizing he is in over his head, Jeremy confides in his roommate, Ulrich Stern so his friend can help him against the electronic attacks…and rescue the girl in the virtual world! And so the adventure begins! Before long, the two boys join forces with a new student, Odd Della Robbia, and the serious-looking Yumi Ishiyama, a Japanese girl with a flair for martial arts. The gang finds themselves faced with an electronic offensive like none other – and, in an incredible journey into the virtual universe, penetrates into a world of danger never imagined. By the end of their first thrilling adventure, Jeremy, Ulrich, Odd, Aelita (the virtual girl) and Yumi become inseparable. They now realize that turning on the Supercomputer has inadvertently awakened a powerful enemy: XANA – an evil artificial intelligence which wants to destroy them. Yet despite the threat to their safety, they remain determined to find a way to free Aelita from her virtual prison. Together, our newfound heroes make a pact to continue the struggle against XANA and to keep their secret from the prying eyes of others!
CODE LYOKO - EP30 - A Great Day
CODE LYOKO - EP30 - A Great Day XANA has gained control of the Super-computer’s return to the past program. At first, our heroes struggle to understand why it would do such a thing… but before long, they realize that Sissi has been possessed by XANA. She is trying to wipe them out! Then finally, the penny drops; the returns to the past have been increasing XANA's power and now their enemy is strong enough to control human beings…New dangers in store!
CODE LYOKO - AMV - Secret Life
When I heard the call for AMVs, I knew which song I had to do. Secret Life is my personal favorite of the Subdigitals album. The lyrics and instrumentals express Code Lyoko's core ideas very well, so it was just a matter of choosing the best clips. This show has interesting and effective visuals, which makes it perfect for both emotional and action packed music videos. Code Lyoko as a whole, even with all its flaws, offers so much: relatable characters, compelling relationships, a unique combination of 2d and 3d animation, action, drama, even horror. I hope that its essence comes out in this video. - Elphaba Reyes
CODE LYOKO - EP16 - Claustrophobia
CODE LYOKO - EP16 - Claustrophobia There is a new kid in school. He becomes interested in Sissi immediately and must therefore deal with Hervé’s animosity, but he can count on our heroes who like him for his sense of humour. At lunchtime, the student-residents are subjected to a X.A.N.A attack in the canteen. The computer infests the metal siding of the school’s walls and transforms it into an electrified prison cell. None can get in, no one can get out. All the while, short-circuits are gradually destroying the metal siding. Only Yumi has the power to save her friends on Lyokô.
CODE LYOKO - EP27 - New order
CODE LYOKO - EP27 - New order There are new things in store for the gang on Lyoko: Jeremy has programmed some high-performance vehicles… and XANA has some new monsters on it’s not-so-welcoming committee. What’s more, Aelita moves to the Academy to live with her pals! However, life on Earth is no bed of roses for our young heroine: XANA has taken over a house in the neighborhood (the Hermitage) and lures the gang there to destroy them! Not only is the Hermitage a dangerous place, it seems to be home to a mystery: when Aelita enters the house, she is overwhelmed by troubling visions…
CODE LYOKO - EP06 - Cruel dilemma
CODE LYOKO - EP06 - Cruel dilemma X.A.N.A doesn’t ‘t let a single detail of life at the school get by him. The Headmaster has decided to make extensions to the gymnasium and the super-calculator wastes no time before turning the bulldozers from the construction zone into weapons. Our heroes must nip this new attack in the bud before the metallic army has a chance to destroy the factory, thus making it impossible for them to get to the secret laboratory. During the battle taking place on Lyokô, Yumi falls into the digital sea and turns into a virtual character forever. It ‘s a cruel dilemma for Jeremy who has just accomplished his life’s work by working out how to make Aelita into a real person. But he can only bring one person to life : will it be Yumi or Aelita?
CODE LYOKO - EP60 - Temporary insanity
CODE LYOKO - EP60 - Temporary insanity Returning from a mission in Sector 5, Ulrich and Odd find themselves victims of a peculiar phenomenon: even though they are back in the real world, they believe they are still on Lyoko, fighting against XANA’s monsters. To them, the Headmaster appears to be nothing but a horrible Megatank which must be eliminated; in their eyes, Jim, Sissi and the other students are just Krabs or Roaches that must be wiped out… Jeremy finds a way to return the pair to their senses but the two crazies have been hospitalized and getting them out of the hospital will be no small feat. To make matters worse, the clock is ticking as XANA has launched an attack in Sector 5 to destroy the Heart of Lyoko…
CODE LYOKO - EP49 - Franz Hopper
CODE LYOKO - EP49 - Franz Hopper A strange man turns up at the computer lab claiming to be… Franz Hopper. Our heroes can’t believe their eyes. But in truth, the man is just another of XANA’s spectres which has taken on a human appearance. He cleverly, yet relentlessly sows dissension in the gang so he can wipe out our heroes and lure Aelita to Lyoko so that the Scyphozoa can steal her memory.