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Wii Shop Channel Music
From Nintendo's Wii, the Wii shop channel's music.
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Mii Channel Music
From Nintendo's Wii, the Mii channel's music.
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Weather Channel Music
Nintendo's Wii, the Weather channel's music.
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Photo Channel - Slideshow (Calm)
From Nintendo's Wii, the Photo channel's music.
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Photo Channel - Slideshow (Fun)
From Nintendo's Wii, the Photo channel's music.
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Don't Want You No More
[EDIT]I officially call this my crappiest recording Don't Want You No More by Koji Kondo arranged by Gori Fater If you would like the sheet music please go to: http://www.gamemusicthemes.com/. Gori Fater's version, visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tx9ycvHQ8CI.
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Sakura Con 2008 Dancing
A cosplay of Bleach + more at Sakura Con 2008 doing the Macarena and Breakdancing.
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My Cousin Snoring
My cousin is sleeping on my couch. He just came back from a lock-in from his church. He went to bed at sunrise and woke up around 9am. The current time is around 1 pm. All who subscribe to my vids...this is completely random. But I wanted to show other people^^
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AOI G Productions - Fun Beat
I composed this piece, and it has a fun beat. 2 guitars and 2 bass. I still don't what to do with it...maybe add some lyrics.
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Digimon Savers
This is the Digimon Savers Japanese opening with season's 4 english song...Yeah I was bored...
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