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Touhou 11 SA Extra Stage! (Reimu A)
Ahh! This run was so good until the suvirval card- XD But this was my second clear so yeah. xD It's my best clear so far, but maybe I will have a better once in the future. x3 Finally beat Koishi again lol. Time to move on into Touhou 12 UFO Extra Stage. xD Extra Stages cleared as for today: 6.
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Touhou 10 Mountain of Faith Lunatic UNFAIR "1CC"(?) (Marisa B, Which stands for BUG)
I don't think this counts as an actual 1CC, but I was bored and wanted to try this Marisa glitch for a long time xD
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Touhou 11 Subterranean Animism REDO Extra! (ReimuA)
I was practicing to do a No-Miss on this stage, but I havent been able to do it, so I will just upload this run because it's the closest I have been on doing it. Next time I upload this Extra Stage is going to be a No-Miss (And hopefully no bomb lol xD) Btw I'm using a new video compresor, tell if it looks better than my other video. :3
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Touhou 8 Imperishable Night Normal Story 1CC (Mima & Yukka)
This patch is so cool! Excuse my bad play, I was just playing for fun lol.
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Touhou 11 Subterranean Animism REDO (Normal, Reimu A) w/ Alphes Styles Portraits patch.
Hahaha, so I had to redo Subterrean Animism because I lost my old save file. This is actually my best 1CC on a Touhou game. This was fun. xD Also I suicided in the beginning of stage 1 so I could have Full Power from the beginning. xD Also this 1CC is dedicated to @Tranceid in IG. You are the best x3
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Pokemon Prism vs Red. (Underleveled Gardevoir sweep)
The AI is so stupid sometimes. xD Some Pokemon stuff for a change. Don't worry, I'll upload some Touhou stuff this week. Sorry for being so inactive lol. Also sorry for the audio bugs.
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Touhou 12.3 Hisoutensoku Net battle - Youmu (Hazza) vs Patchy (Me)
This was one of many friendly matches I had with Hazza. Trying my second favorite character in this game, Patchouli! She is awesome! This was a silly match with an unexpected end. Seriously that end was funny. xD I have been quite inactive due to school and some idol games *cough cought* Bandori. xD But I will try to be more active now that I'm on vacations! PS: Gotta love that Discord notifications. ◕‿◕
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Touhou 12.3 Hisoutensoku Sanae Normal story mode (No deaths + Ending)
Just an avarage Normal run of Touhou 12.3. I left the ending too, since this isn't a Shooting game. xD
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[Princess Connect Re;Dive!] Dungeon Extreme boss trick (Avoid guaranteed KO at the end)
Tricky but easy to do once you get how it works~ You need to time the rage moment (I think its 50% HP) so it overwrites the KO move. I used a team that did about ~400k damage before using this team. Thanks to Alarisia#0862 on Discord for pointing this out~
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Touhou 7 Perfect Cherry Blossom Extra Stage REDO (Marisa A)
Well, just me clearing the Extra Stage again, capturing more Spell Cards and failing stupidly at the end as always xD I hope you like it. =3
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Touhou 11 Subterranean Animism Hard 1CC (ReimuA)
Wow! I'm so happy that I made this. I was just practicing today and then BAM, 1CC. Sorry for all the stupid deaths, I was blind after Satori's first spell lol.
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Touhou 16 Hidden Star in Four Seasons semi-blind Hard 1CC (Reimu Winter) / English patched~
Yay! I love this new game~ This 1CC is dedicated to a special person who I will reffer to as Starry. I love you Starry! ~~~ This was a semi blind 1CC on Hard mode! Stage 4 onwards obviously blind, because I played it 1 day after it got released teehee~ I love Satodo so much btw LOL. Also stage 4's theme is one of the best Touhou songs I have ever heard. I LOVE IT.
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Craziest thing I have done in Touhou so far. xD
wAT? It was on my first try with Reimu B. I see why people use her more, dat hitbox tho! xD
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Rabi-Ribi - Getting the pyramid egg 0.00% items run
Bunny amulet is a bless
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Touhou 东方夏夜祭 ~ Shining Shooting Star. No miss Normal. (Koishi) w/ Beta english patch.
***Reuploaded with a little less lag*** Today is an special day for me, so I decided to play this beautiful Fangame Touhou once again. x3 I didn't expect to 1CC without dying. xD Then again that's because Koishi's bomb is just so OP. xD You may see a little bit of lag, and Im sorry for that! Also I played with a English patch that is on beta, that's why sometimes you will see dialogue inchinese or on random werid symbols. xD Koishi ftw!
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Touhou 14 Double Dealing Character Hard 1CC (Reimu A, Blind/First try)
First try baby! Well since I already 1CCed all Touhou games in Normal, I decided to start doing Hard. This was my first ever attempt on DDC, and also blind, so expect a lot of death-bombs lol. Never expected to do it, but you know, DDC is well know for the way you get resources. (In other words, it's easy xD)
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2hou Broken Shooting Star Lunatic - (Touhou Shining Shooting Star glitch)
And then, Koishi abandoned her mission of going for the shooting stars, and stayed with the random Blue Fairy. THE END! Who needs more plot than that?. JK. So this is what happens when I patch the game with Yoshimo's compatibility patch. This is hylarious. xD I know his patch works, because I tried it myself on my friend's PC, but this is what happens in my PC. So this isn't a complain video, keep doing a great job man!.
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Touhou 7 Perfect Cherry Blossom EXTRA STAGE! (Sakuya A) (First Extra stage ever!)
Hahaha... so this happened in one day xD I finally Cleared an Extra Stage lol x3 I bombed a lot tho, but at least I had 2 lifes left at the end~~ I quite enjoy Perfect Cherry Blossom so much! I might try to 1CC it on hard... Or try Touhou 1´s Extra Stage? (Probably not, thats way harder xD) Anyway I hop you enjoy me (A noob) playing PBC´S Extra Stage! ^W^
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Touhou 12 Undefined Fantastic Object Extra Stage (Sanae B)
My second clear ever of this Extra Stage! Sorry for stupid deaths and bla bla bla. xD I'm practicing to do a No-miss no-bomb run of Koishi! I'm getting close x3 Soon I'll upload it. Touhou reliant patcher: https://www.thpatch.net/wiki/Touhou_Community_Reliant_Automatic_Patcher
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Touhou 7 Perfect Cherry Blossom - No miss Normal 1CC (Reimu B)
I did this a while back, but neve uploaded it hahaha. Now I'm woking on doing a no miss no bomb run~ But it will take a while... tehee~
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Satori Rush! Normal (ReimuA, Perfect)
I love this patch! It's so much fun. xD As you can see I got so many lucky dodges lol.
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[Princess Connect Re;Dive!] Extreme dungeon boss Part 3
And the last part~ I don't like using kamikase teams to lower the boss TP bar but has to be done lol
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Bang Dream! Band Girls Party | Second try to get Chisato's 4☆ ♡
Oops the screen stopped recording lmao. Sowwy about that~♡
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Lunatic spaaaam! Fueee...
It's been a while since I uploaded my last video. xD I'm back and ready for Touhou 16: Tanned Cirno! Also I changed my username. Pls don't mind me. Fueeee
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Touhou 7 Perfect Cherry Blossom 1CC Normal (Sakuya A)
There you have it! My best 1CC on a Touhou game! I did have some stupid deads and panic unnesesary bombs on Stage 4 and 5, and I did really bad at Youmus battle. But I did a almost perfect Stage 6! I even capture Yuyuko's Last Spell for my first time lol xD I hope you like it! ^^
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[Princess Connect Re;Dive!] Extreme dungeon boss Part 1
A Cute and simple team~ I luv Kyouka teehee
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[Bang dream! Girls Band Party!] Guaranteed 4☆ scout! (Jan 22th)
This is the most blessed scout i have seen in months♡♡ Sorry for the audio bugs btw, still learning how to use DU recorder lol.
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Touhou Shining Shooting Star Extra Stage (Koishi) [Semi-Blind] -Read Description-
Mhm, so this happened! xD This was my second try lol, Semi blind. That's why it wans't that good. ^^; The reason of why the is not History on the spell cards and no High Score is because I did this in my friend's house, we were doing a bet were the first to clear it without using continues will win! So I won and the saved my reply on my USB, then put it on my home PC. Thats why. xD I didn't want to go full Borders because I woud have fail in Rika's Last Spell, so... not thank you. xD I might practice it a little more and post a better performace. Maybe. ^^ Last thing, I'm so sorry for the lag! :,( I hope you enjoy! And have a great day. :3
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Touhou 7 Perfect Cherry Blossom - Perfect Stage 6. (Normal, Reimu B)
Hahaha, I was practicing Stage 6 after I did my Lunatic PCB 1CC. I guess I'm now a better Touhou player. because I still can remember how badly I did at Yuyuko the first time I 1CCed PCB in normal. xD I will upload my PCB lunatic run some day in the future, because I want to improve it a little. x3
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Touhou 7 Perfect Cherry Blossom Phantasm Stage cleared! (Sakuya A)
Yay! I'm so happy I did this! x3 It wasn't that bad, but could have been better. Since I did capture some of her spell cards but no in this run. xD Still... I'm happy I completed PCB! Oh Yukari... Good game! She is the best. xD I'm sorry for that stupid fail at Yukari's Arcanum... It was my first try at it and I forget what to do, so after I diead, I started using bombs.. xD Gomene!. Now with this out of the way, I will Redo the Extra Stage in better shape. Just wait and see... xD I hope you enjoy it! :D
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Touhou 12.8 Great Fairy Wars First try 1CC (Normal, A2)
This was my first try after memorizing the weird controls of this game, I saw a Lunatic 1CC and that's why I know some of the attacks, but some of them are different. xD I willl practice more so I can upload a better 1CC.
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Touhou 11 Subterranean Animism 1CC Normal. (ReimuA) (Not a pro lol)
To be honest, I did really bad at Stage 5 and 6. xD And I kinda freak out at the end! I merely practice them, so that's why. ;3 At least I made it! :3 Most intense moment of my life: 29:22
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Touhou 8 Imperashable Night 1CC Normal (Yuyuko and Youmu) (No pro playing xD)
Hehehe... another good 1CC XD With default lives too ^^ I had a lot of stupid deads at Marisa´s fight ^^; I'm sorry about that~~ Not to mention that I almost capture one of Kaguya's last spell, and I failed for a matter of miliseconds :( But overall, this run was fun! xD I hope you like it~~ ^^
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Touhou 13 Extra Stage clear! (Reimu)
I didn't know you can Death-trance lol xD
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