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In Loving Memory of My Mom
I made this video in the hopes that my mom will continue to inspire people like she inspired me. Also, I don't own the music, but it is important to the video.
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Death Wish: Part 1 (First Draft)
A fictional drama about two brothers and their father.
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Jeffrey and Europa in the bedroom
This is a video I made of storyboards for a romantic comedy / drama I'm working on. I don't have a title yet, but I know my leading man. His name is Jeffrey.
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The Trailer for GAS or the trailer to the most AWESOME FILM You Will Never See
This is a trailer to a movie that was never made. It stars Adam Dustman, Adam Dustman, Chris Price and Adam Dustman. It's brought to you by me, the editor, Luke McCall, the writer, director and producer, Kyle Daley. You can visit the Motion Picture Pirates website at http://www.piratespictures.com/
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Henry rescuing two damsels
It's after The Great Fall. This is the end of a very long action scene where our hero is trying to rescue two women locked in cages by 3 scumbags.
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Titanic Re-Release Trailer (Fan Made)
20th Century Fox and Paramount Pictures owns the rights. I hope you enjoy this full 5 minute trailer. I can't wait for everyone to be able to see Titanic on the big screen.
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